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tv   [untitled]    May 18, 2014 1:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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hundred and 15 questions theirs in your packet. based on the input from the list of questions we made changes to the legislation. they're listed in your 3 page table in your packets i'm going to do one slide. there was initial confusion this might include the property under the rec and park department that he amended it to state clearly no project shall be under here. we've heard the impact so we amended it for the weight
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addressed the concern through the add minute and planning code and do admin code we added the bulk decision requirement under unless the board of supervisors says that's not feasible for the plaza. in the planning code additional language is included. and there are several new layers to address this continued. we amended the legislation including a 3 hundred foot marital to neighborhood groups and residents we'll draft the procedures to make sure that no neighborhoods are left out that will include those on the planning department's neighborhood notification system. in order to give the communities for sustainability tools the legislation will preoccupying propose up to 8 events that could restrict access if any are
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proposed will require the board of supervisors approval per plaza. we've not obey clear for the private events to last more than one day we clarified not more than one day and spread throughout the calendar years and clarified the steward proposal any drafts for the directors orders to be filed. and since then we may lose quorum can we go to the elective summary >> so that's slide 11. so i showed you some of the tools. that will be used in the program i can tell you about the legislation palm it's a new chapter to establish chapter 94, 3 amendments to support the
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program. to delve into the legislation passage i'll start with the admin code to establish the goal and functions and prophesies for both the plazas for example, it establishes the respiratory that each plaza can be established by board of supervisors and this is the criteria and going into the detail. for city plazas the admin code described the code i'm happy to go over all of them in detail. the function of the free supporting elements are listed in the site the planning code established the public use zone district without the update it's difficult to connect the non public access to the plazas like
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the farmer's markets. in addition the planning staff will explain the other part of the amendment that address much needed technical amendments to the p zone section. this establishes the plan force is street plaza nate's that's in the public workings code the next encroachment permit is a new past that better encourages the underutilized spaces. there are fee wafrdz and noticing allow for the involvement of time stakeholders and lastly the police code amendment is is a type of lim l. if the plaza is adapted into the
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plan the stew ward could apply for the l lp and lower the fees. in conclusion. the plazas program supports the stewardship and continues to strengthen >> thank you for the presentation i know that you unifying and dpw has spent on this and supervisor cowen i know has been through a planning commission and a lot of the neighborhood groups i really appreciate the thoughtful amendments that were made to the admin code and the supporting elements thank you for your presentation. >> cohen. >> thank you in the interest of time supervisor kim while you were away we've got a long line
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up and i'm going to go ahead and skip to our city attorney to discuss the amendments just briefly sir, and if the colleagues have questions for john unjohn gibner, deputy city attorney or dpw staff we'll cover but no need for the formal presentation. >> john i'll keep this short i i think you inadequate described the amendments i could go into them in greater detail you there's things about additional public notice provisions were added and rob addressed the things in the presentation as well. >> perfect. mr. chair. maybe what i'll suggest is we take public comment on this
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item. >> okay. so we'll now proceed to public comment public comment will be two minutes. any public comment cards mr. clerk? and this is from before. okay. i'll call the public comment cards. (calling names) >> good afternoon and thank you for giving me a chance to speak i'm paul i'm here on behalf of the telephone graft folks. we've been working recently to get comments recommending to notices primarily to residents and neighborhood groups and
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number 2 to create some quorum where interested persons could come prior to submission to the board of supervisors of a lease or license to give comments on the proposed use of the property, and, secondly, on the proposed sewer. my understanding is i haven't seen the legislation but it was briefly subscribed that probability accommodates what we were getting at but the earliest will be tomorrow morning and get back to robin assuming those changes were made 10 telephone graft hill dwellers will not and a have at about objection >> for clarification you wanted to know about the clarification. >> to have a quorum i suggested
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the term public forum prior to submission to the board where the decision making department public works or planning will have a representative who's working on the project listens eileen to pmdz. >> thank you very much. i'd like to direct it to the city attorney. mr. weber you're going to get our question swrz >> from the sfoofs i'll bring up the amendments but the nose provision adams the tenants e attendance within 3 hundred feet of the plaza will receive notification and all the neighborhood organizations that want to get the notification to
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be on the alloys low receive notice for the city plaza that is under the real estate jurisdiction there's a new requirement they need to throwing an additional notification process to announce the public forum for the proposal so i think that's a way to respond with the request to include the provisions amongst others. >> thank you very much. thank you. next speaker. and i have 3 more cards (calling names) sorry you have a public comment, sir. okay. were you - >> oh, okay. great. >> good afternoon 3 agenda items for me to speak on. in regards to the plaza program i think the mayor's office
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woechltd or entertaining the many questions i had with the coalition of san francisco neighborhoods. i have very much appreciated the change in notification requirements through going there to process of the planning department i'm not sure if part of the vesting would include something like a preoperative notification or this is a part of the planning process that would help the neighborhoods get together with the nonprofit stewards. so that's all i have to say thank you very much >> thank you very much. >> next speaker >> supervisor dennis. thank you so much for holding the hearing i want to particularly thank robin and ken for the responsive way they've
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dealt with public concerns. the most important thing when this legislative camped it can have read city plazas would have houses for profit making businesses like formula retailer businesses and that was the probability the most major concern that people had when this legislation came forward and by providing those plaza accept the extraordinarily circumstances to be zoned as open space they have a zero type limits on what can happen and on the street plaza that was never an ability to build the structures they would have been prohibited, and, secondly, was a big concern about the programs
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in some of the cities public assess has been restricted up to 10 months a year in new york and this has been written there's 8 events a year to close to free access to the public so over 3 hundred and involving days a year the public will have unfettered access which is a concern for public land and the restrictions of the 8 days and set up and clean up time would have to be spread throughout the year that makes it even better in terms of public access. lastly there's concern about an ambiguities in the charter we could have one the rec and park land and ken and robin have amended the legislation to make
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it very clear this doesn't apply to rec and park department so all in all the improvements elective is very major and really improve it greatly >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please >> hi i'm james i represent the festival i want to say i agree with robin it would be great to have more events in public spaces and the amount of the process makes it difficult to use the for events because a lot of vice presidents are involved this will help to coordinate this in the underutilized in more vibrant neighborhoods so
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thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker. . >> good evening supervisors and thank you, ken and robin for putting this together i'm lynn the executive director for the concert series the pay any attention mission so 0 activate public spaces i've been producing about 3 thousand live public events all open to the public all free. i can flu at the beginning of my career i'll be walker away a crying because the process was so hard base of all the different agencies involved. so i've activate spaces including trans american pyramid park and jane warren plaza. i urge you to approve that this plan because this program is
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needed to you run and manage the new or old open spaces that are small we're not talking about big parks but small open spaces in san francisco. i live across the streets from the new placing a small public space that niece actuation because it's new. it cuts down the permit process and it kits down the process for community groups and other kwafrts to present events and more events will be put down on if the process is simplified >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm the streets and skriept process for the improvement district and speaking on behalf of the this go legislation i have had two
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meetings so we're happy to be here. i'm not going to speak on specification i wanted to give a shout out to robin they've been especially to work with in creating a vibrant san francisco through the vibrant public spares this is an enabling legislation reducing barriers for liveable vibrant public is that a we need this obviously, we have plaza within our jurisdiction but it's great for the city in terms of a gateway to san francisco and creating a prospective as a clean and safe and attractive discount area that's our focus where it's
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vibrant there are sociology and health benefits and shouldn't be lost in the benefits of the public spaces. and as we can plaza is in need of basically, it is not working or functioning well, we're looking at legislation that creates plazas that are underutilized to well-used for san franciscans and visitors. so we hope you support this legislation we appreciate our time as well >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening supervisors i'm steve with the san francisco parks alliance we're you're going you go u you to support this legislation that helps to streamline the process for plazas we're currently
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partnering with the city with our pavement to parks and very excited to have this additional space for perm or permanent spots. there's a strong need to the 40 in the city more housing created and along with that the need for new gathering places and there's also a need to repurpose much of the extra land area that's in dpw or center street right of ways that can be used to creates new spaces. the plazas program and the street parks and our pavement to parks helps to get people engaged it's got great outreach for the community design and implementation of the spots along with the stewardship and
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we have over one hundred and 40 street parks throughout the city and see that growing as the strong demand to sign up for new spaces. thank you, very much for your consideration >> mr. star. >> good evening aaron star planning department staffer i'll make my comments brief you've heard this on may 1st and voted to adapt it. i will take questions i'll leave it at that >> thank you. >> afternoon supervisors this is the main reason i came here robin invited the action for the last two months.
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very impressed even with the original proposal and now the new changes in proposal. we're very impressed because housing the population is increasing we definitely need open space it has a huge impact with the people on disabled it's better for health and socializing and getting us out the housing a fantastic idea which robin did this years ago but i know she was busy building bikes instead this is fantastic and i really highly recommend for you to move this forward and recommend this to the full board 53 and have it passed we highly, highly recommend this. thank you very much. >> thank you. is is there any
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additional public comment on those items. seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisor cowen >> thank you very much. i'm glad to hear that people who didn't like the original version of the legislation is now pleased with that, i want to be clear i didn't ask the planning department or any department heads to speak during public comment but i'll offer since we have staff here if there's any last minutes comments. okay. seeing none. so mr. chair how are you i think we should entertain a motion to move forward after supervisor kim's comments >> mayor ed lee and deliberation and premeditation of the minutes. >> happy to move the amendments
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forward. >> we'll take that without objection. >> thank you and i'll be brief thank you to ken and robin for all your work and also supervisor cowen's office. i know it was a heavy lift and a lot of elements to the piece and glad to see the folks come out not only open the comments but the support it's an important part of the legislation. there's a lot of ways this could have begun wrong and we were able to address the issues by particularly ken and robin in particular the ma copy i think hub is important to activate that part of the city. so bring the straight and this will be a tremendous boon to the neighborhood and thank you. again to supervisor cowen
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>> okay. so supervisor cowen would you like to make a motion >> sure i wanted to make a motion but acknowledge my staff that's been helpful in getting this through and working closely with robin and ken and john you had a piece of the action so thank you nick and john updike as well and dpw and rec and park and everyone give you irs a wonderful pat on the back we're going to make a motion to move this for the record or forward with positive recommendations. >> move items 3, 4, 5 and 6 we'll take that without objection. mraild madam clerk, is there any other business. >> no further business. then we are
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>> mr. president you have a quorum. we have the director of office of citizens complaint. joyce hicks. >> thank you very much and ladies and gentlemen welcome to the may 14, 2014 san
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francisco police commission meeting. we have an agenda to deal with close session matters and we have a report from ccoc tonight. i want to thank you for allowing the young students to go forward. thank you. >> thank you very much. it was my absolute pleasure to hear from the young people. they were amazing. they were more than amazing. it was really incredible. >> please mention the consent calendar. >> occ status of again orders/policy proposals first quarter 2014. >> are there any concerns,
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any corrections to be made? >> no. is there any public comment? no public comment. do we have a motion? >> i move to approve consent calendar. >> all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> city clerk: general public comment. items not on the agenda but subject matters within the commission. during public comment neither police nor commissioners are required to respond but may provide a brief response. individual commissioners and police and
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occ personnel should refrain from entering into any debates or discussions with speakers during public comment. >> any public comment? >> no. >> next item. >> reports and announcements. chiefs report. >> my report is brief as well. crime in san francisco as we close out april violence crime is down 14 percent. property cloo crime is flaut -- flat and over all partner crimes are down 2 percent, homicide are down about 58 percent and homicide by gun are down 63 percent. so it's all the numbers that we are working on are going in the right direction as folks would light to have them go as far as traffic safety. again the numbers from last week collins