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tv   [untitled]    May 21, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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the economy grow we have to make sure we're going to make sure the great outreach organization and encouraging residents to get jobs in the growing city so i want to thank everyone who's been part of the effort and thanks to the mayors task force and construction committee where a lot of the recommendations have coverage including the ideas of the owners itself. with that, we can go on to public comment or colleagues, any questions about this owners we can entertain those right now >> colleagues, any questions or comments. any city departments that are here wish to comment on this. all right. open this up for public comment oh, we have a
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city department. >> donna labor of office standard enforcement i thought i'd add to the discussion about prevailing wage san francisco will be the first charter city in california to make changes to its administrative code or city governing code to come into compliance with sb 7. i wanted to appreciate supervisor avalos for your leadership around that >> okay. if no other city departments is there anyone who wishes to speak on the item? on item 7. please step forward >> mac. ladies and gentlemen, the board of supervisors in san francisco with the leadership of joovms
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have done a proposal that will make san francisco better. it will be a you've set a line of integrity that this city will look back some years into the future and saying wow. they think in just an. thank you john and the mayors committee. and i want to thank oewd but i really want to take my hat off and thank where's pat. pat mulligan why don't you come on up here i want to thank patty he dealt with a real circus and got everything done and rachel upper fantastic that's ends it
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let's cut the cake thank you very much >> okay. >> next speaker. >> with briekt line with the mayors we have a quorum construction committee if we're going to get the data around the local hire and the local success we're seeing an average of 38 percent a year ago it was 34 pictures but let's do something we've done something great this is the strongest prevailing wage law perhaps in the western united states and beyond now an expansion of the successful local hiring model that guarantees success for the community and it's been a lot of work, work eave proud to be part of that i want to shout out administers naomi kelly she's
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been working with the staff and working with supervisor avalos and rochelle that's not much to add you have the organizations first, the warriors he made a mandatory local hiring commitment and waterfronts through this process they've made the ordinance better and upped the commitment to supervisor avalos said to increase that to thirty percent meaning more jobs dedicated for the community members thank you for doing that. one thing he's going to get embarrassed but a lot of us have been through here for pat mulligan thank you to city
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director pat mulligan a round of applause. thank you all supervisors this is great >> just in time. >> next speaker. >> jake representing forest city with the development working on pier 70 we're proud to be following the leadership of the board of supervisors in particularly supervisor avalos. and his staff in taking what has been a local hire component that was primarily structured around public works ideally because we get to build things quickly and being the first project to build now housing and parks and places where people live and work. i also want to second all the partnership and support that's come if 9 task force from pat
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mulligan we've had the task force from the intersection v o and bright line and, of course, the unions mike who we work with quite a bit and we'll make the jobs happen >> thanks thank you very much is there anyone who wishes to speak on the item? on item 7. seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisor avalos >> thank you mark farrell. >> again, thank you to all the parties involved definitely to pat mulligan you've worked well, that the office and with rochelle and her you can tremendous delineates and, of course, deputy city attorney ron flynn for your commitment to make that a solid piece of legislation colleagues, i urge our support. >> you think we have a motion
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on the floor by supervisor avalos to accept the amendment as a whole trademark by our city attorney and john gibner, deputy city attorney yeah. i don't believe there's an a second and we have a second by supervisor mar and colleagues, can we take those motion without objection and the underlying item can we take that without objection? do so as well thank you madam clerk item 8 >> item 8 is an ordinance to amend the prevailing wage code for work on the on-site assembly that's temporary inhabits delayed and module especially inference for covering the deck ratify materials with conventions and others special
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events on city property. okay supervisor wiener. >> thank you, mr. speaker, colleagues this legislation will help insure that workers who are involved in the set up and take down of trade show on city property are paid a living wage. we want to make sure that the people living in san francisco, california live here we have a history of making sure that people are paid a decent wage. this legislation that is endorsed by san francisco labor council says that workers will be paid for take down and set up and others special events when this work happens on city property. the legislation is clear and explicit that street fairs run
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by nonprofits and other community event are not included in this legislation. the legislation is about insuring with the large corporate events the advertising of a product product and service pay a living wage they spill out into the city streets are include like the pride and folsom in free public access are not. when the legislation was introduced there was concern raised they'll be saddled with a new financial obligation they couldn't food that's not the case. colleagues this is the right thing to do and will have a
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benefit to the workers. today i'll be making a cynicism non-adjective action after the board of supervisors adapts the wage so we have a prevailing wage rate created by the commission so colleagues, i ask for your support and i would like to call up joe the business representative from local 10. >> thank you to the board and to supervisor wiener. also to andreas power who has worked with us for quite sometime. this is a big deal furs. i've been with local 510 for 42 years grew up in san francisco
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and the sign delay work is my trade it's allowed me to stay and make a good living in the city. my primary you don't say was tree crossroad with the local i see what it's like to have opportunity to live and make a decent living in a city like san francisco that's tough. we fall in any local a sort of a strange inch we're not part of san francisco building trades but our inch is a service industry in the trade shows some of the corporate events closings down t down the oracle shows there's
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been confusion about it for us whether or not whose jurisdiction is that. it's been in question we took what we saw from our colleagues with local 16 and the teamster's and took that as a prime model to follow suit and avoid conflicts in the future we're working with getting along with each other for the benefit of the city and industry. i really appreciate the opportunity be to be able to put forth this language. i'd like to call forward a couple of members from our union that by the end from the work we do >> why don't they come up
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urging during public comment we appreciate the remarks. >> thank you. mr. chairman at this point we can open up for public comment >> is there anyone who wishes to speak on the item? >> good afternoon, everyone i'm affordable housing phenomena's i'm a local 510 sign and union member he i was born and raised in san francisco and recently completely that i apprenticesship program it's made it tougher than ever for the san franciscans to stay here now as a journey mammal it allows me to make a decent living wage for my 65-year-old
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mother and i to live here. i'm concerned that one day i may not be able to afford living here that's why i feel it's important to continue to train and provide living wage jobs for san franciscans so that our community and our local communities my delivery and keeping san franciscans in san francisco we keep our culture alive thank you very much. >> next speaker >> i'm a second year apprentices with local 510 when i started my apprenticeship i had 5 dogs now widow he would it down to 3 to afford to live
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lessor for the first time i have health care and a pension and money in a savings account please approve that measure so we can continue to live here and support our community. thank you. >> thank you is there any further public comment mr. chairman may we close public comment. >> colleagues at this i mentioned that is a good step forward in our city's commitment to earn a wage where we can live in the city and i would like first to adapt a minor amendment i mentioned and ask we moved with a positive recommendation. >> we have a motion on the
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floor it's bs'd been circulated a second by supervisor mar without objection and the underlying item. >> a motion to move forward are a with a positive recommendation. >> okay is there anyone who wishes to speak on the item? >> no, mr. chair. >> okay. we're >> hi i'm a assembly member ting i'm running for re-election representing districts 19th street which includes the
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western neighborhoods of san francisco and daily and part of south san francisco thank the league of women voters and the voters of districts 19th street by electing me. upon my swearing in john appoint me the caucus chair i'm pursuing proud to put san francisco business owner back on track when democratic's one the two hours the legislation working with governor jerry brown we've spent our tax dollars wisely by paying off our debts and the results speak for themselves. our states economic is approved our unemployment is going down and revenues are up my priorities are vesting in public
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education and jobs and building a clean and green economy and giving the money to state governments to insure the equal rights and opportunities for every californian. in any first year in the motional 8 of my bills were signed by governor jerry brown my bills created a tax center for the upper center in yerba buena gardens and the health benefits for the same sex couples and made our streets safer for pedestrians for sign and saved accident tourism business and in my roll on the budget subcommittee own finance i'm fooirthd for more money because our categorically system is the key to our strong economy i lead the fight to reallocate
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sources to non-english is it so. starting in of all the local control that about empower student population and they're fighting to keep city college open. city college has touched the lives of almost every san franciscan to help people it must stay open. as the chair of the committee on asian promotion i'm continued to work in china sf bringing people here we go to create jobs. additionally my office we're proud to be part of the history to enroll people in california. the states program to offer quality equality of affordable
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housing. i'm working to make it better for the bicycling structure by allowing them to install bike lanes that are safe. oakland i'mic to increase the use of working vehicles and increase health care and streamline financial add for high school students. and lastly we must do everything to make sure that housing is assessable and affordable i'm working with the landlord to assist protecting citizens and tenants during the changing times. my background in finance making multiple government work for citizens has allowed me to hit the ground running in my first term it's being a privilege to serve as your representative i'm looking forward to work together in my second term if you give
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him the honor of realecky me i hope you join the nursing and firefighters and public safety officers support my re-election. invest wwwphillip and follow me on facebook and twitter in the 189 district. thank you very much so much for your9 district. thank you very much so much for your
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>> good morning. this is the regular building of the building inspection commission. i would like to reminds everyone to off all electronic devices. first item on the agenda is roll call. mccarthy. >> here. >> lee. >> here. >> mcray. >> present. >> walker. >> here. >> commissioner melgar is expected. we have a quorum. the next item is item 2 bt's announcement. >> welcome to the big meeting, ma 2