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tv   [untitled]    June 5, 2014 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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together soidz towards a common person on harvey milk would have made things possible. in the years that followed mr. anything expanded his coalition to include senior citizens and young people and ethnic minority and more. there was practical reasons, of course, mr. milk was a politician. and he knew he needed folks whether or not we could find them but people from different backgrounds that got to know each other discovered how much they had in common the most important alonzo lesson he taught everyone has something that makes them different and one group that has held down the he thought rest of us have the ron responsibility to stand up and fight back we all have a
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stake in equality that's why mr. milk spent time you're going lgbt people to come out of the closest we knew when more straight people economy more gay people sense would prevail over division and hope would conquer fear and more than anything mr. milk gave people hope. there's one of the reasons he ran for office in the first place but showing the world he wasn't afraid to be himself he helped other to take pride in would and who we were that was easier said than done there were many dangerous times for the lgbt gay people were harassed and no one understood that
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better than harvey milk as one of the nation's first openly gay elected officials we lived with that death threat everyday analytic a year before it's death a fascination he said if a bullet should enter my brain then let the bullet destroy every closest door almost 40 years later (clapping) almost 40 years later there are far fewer closets doors today left in america. i spuktd everyone in this room knows someone that's a lesbian, gay or 11th hour people teach
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our children and help keep us safe and deliver our mail (laughter) (clapping). >> and represent our interests on school boards easy city council and statehouse and in congress they're part of our everyday lives and our lives are better nor it i'm pursuing proud to be here and decade the stamp on behalf of the united states post office this is our long standing commitment to diversity and he joined others pioneers including molecule and caesar chavez who have both been honored on stamps you'll see the harvey milk stamp is a black and white image of him in front of the castro story it was taken by
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daniel (clapping) now interesting enough that picture was for his 1977 campaign but was rejected because his tie was blowing in the wind it's extremely appropriate that that picture today is now on a post office stamp. so today my post office colleagues will share this image with you through the harvey milk forever stamp let that be a power reminder of the lessons he taught us when you're not afraid of being yourselves and give others encourage let this stamp
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remind us of fundamental truth behind under imagines milks message let this stamp inspire a new generation of harvey milk legacy to keep working toward a world that gives one way or the other way to acceptance and where fear gives way to hope thank you for being here today (clapping) and now i'd like to invite all the honored gifts to join me in the dedication of the harvey milk forever stamp.
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(clapping.) >> so i have the great honor of introducing my uncles campaign manager a dear friend of not only any usage of the san francisco days but thought milk family that was chosen in a political will to fill the seat that was vacated by my uncle's death from the assassination
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she's your executive director of medical emergency services but ann like me has the belief that my uncle's message is needed globally and so when we were at the white house 5 years ago and december man too-too through those speckle glasses pointed at me and said you've got to do more. he's a martyr and there's a lot of lgbt heros but there are very few that knowing put their lives on the line evidence and took bullets and that his message can free lgbt people across the world i said i would only do that if ann joined me ann is an inspiring leader and will bring forgot humor i didn't inherit if
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my usage but that you could my uncle's humor please welcome my uncle's heart and soul of those days going forward please welcome ann (clapping) >> i think we should start a new campaign perhaps you'll all join me and make the harvey milk stamp a permanent exhibit in city hall wouldn't that be great (clapping) i know that's something that harry would have loved. harry changed my life. i mean with one phone call from harry said come and talk to me and mob maybe you can work with
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me on the campaign i've dedicated my life to public service if i hadn't hooked up with harvey i have no idea what direction i would have taken he instilled the hope we've talked about and it's like absolutely such a part of my core that i am here to serve the citizens in what ever role i'm in to serve the public and that's something that's an honorable job something that's a profession illicit proud of and harvey milk did that for me (clapping) harry did instill hope in us telephone pole hope for the future and hope for lesbians and gay men will be treated equally
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with dignity and respect he said his message was come out of the closet he was the first to say publicly you have to counted out of the closet because i knew his friends and family knew upper gay or the neighbor next was a bio sex all would change the norms and standards in our culture he said within those they realize we're tare children we are there ever myth and lie and unyund would be destroyed once and for all. harry was right. i mean look at you tell 35 years later his legacy of hope is taking fruition and becoming a reality.
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i see harvey's legacy everyday in our changing society. a break off men and women like michael sam and like elaine page and mary lamborghini had the courage to 125u7bd and declare their love while we made really good strives here in the united states for equal rights for lesbians and lgbt lgbt the message is needed harry's message of hope is needed around the world. right now more than one sixth of the world's populations has been recripple listed in the last year because their lesbian or gay that's absolutely wrong. that's why stuart and i founded the harvey milk foundation to take this message globally around the world where people
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really need us as stuart as said when we speaks in foreign countries, you know, he sees the conditions that people live in he sees the real the chains that are on people they can't live their lives and be true to them he when we leaves the people that go in those countries continue to live and structural for the equality we take for granted certainly in san francisco we live in a bubble it's a bubble we love and san francisco is a tremendous place but the world is not like us here in san francisco. there are many people here today, i would want to acknowledge too many to acknowledge as i said many of
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you worked with harry during his campaign and upper my volunteers for the successful campaign for supervisor and rose marie talked about the image on the harvey milk stamp. i had an opportunity to talk to our friend frank robinson a colleague of harry and he's not doing so great right now i spoke with him this morning but frank said, you know, through tears look at what we've done i never thought in my life i'd see the day when this kind of quality would be here and we'd have the
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harvey milk stamp. (clapping.) it's rather than eir relic i think that harry is on the postage stamp i think it's wonderful and i thank you. the post office for allowing this to happen, if you will, but during our campaign we printed one brochure but we didn't have the postage to be able to mail it so we had to hand-deliver all the brochures around the district with the hilton san francisco who knows how many of those actually got delivered. i think harry is with us here today shining down on us and i
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think it's absolutely wonderful that harry is going to show up in mailboxes around the country and as mayor ed lee said it's going to be forever. thank you. (clapping.) >> thank you, ann. you know, in 1979 we had our first memorial recommends for my anile i was in school in washington i went to a memorial at the land rising an lgbt bookstore and there were a lot of protesters the protesters about my uncle's legacy have
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died down by the way, there's a research council small voice and minds are protesting this the protester there was a woman taller than me hungarian than life i met for the first time dr. mia angelo and we lost her today and she swore that being i lost my usage she reached you tell to me and made one of the first quotes that's she's quoted on but she ever say there to support my uncle's legacy she said i am gay. i am lesbian i am black, i am white, i am chickening i am jew
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and muslim i am human. this has stayed with me to this day (clapping) she didn't rehearse that it flowed so we get to meet people that justice and righteousness flow from we get to meet people when in a position of authority and power like being the attorney general of the state of california have a choice do i defend a discretionary law that put people as second class citizens or do i say, no i won't defend that. supreme court decision was stricken down because you have
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our next speaker the attorney general of california cam la harris. >> thank you for mentioning mia. thank you stewart. thank you, thank you. (clapping.) frail i want to say it's wonderful to be home. thank you stewart for your leadership to keep harry's memory alive and ann you inspire us to keep the hope alive. that's extraordinary thing that is associated you've got to give folks hope when he spoke those words it was an extension of
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what he authenticity in his heart and soul and mind he saw it as a verb it meant action hope meant action so that was the life that harvey milk lived. he lived a life that was about recognizing that through that action he would be a voice for very voiceless and often voiceless and often helped less people. harvey milk was somebody who understood the strength of holding a position of public trust in those public offices and embodied was it meant to be encouraged in doing work that need to be done unburdened by popularity of the work at hand and in that way i know i speak
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for myself and all the elected and leaders here in saying we like this stamp are part of harvey milk legacy. (clapping.) and it has been mentioned but i think it needs to be repeated often that part of harry's genus was the commitment that he had to the importance and the influence of coalition building. as many have you knew and know i'm a daughter of a civil rights movement my parents met while in oakland and berkley i grew up knowing of and about harvey milk. i grew up in an investment as did we all understanding that there is so much that binds us all we must make a commitment
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and to work together in a accreditation toward our collective goals for justice and equality for all harry lived that life i didn't know harry personally, however, i worked with and stand here before i today because of a man named jim reinvolve voluntary he was my campaign manager when i decided to run for district attorney of san francisco when i decided to run for the district attorney we started out at a healthy 6 fold and no one it out to it co- could be done and jim sat down with me in his office and tell me we can get it done and he would tell me over and over and over again about the stories
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and the work of harvey milk. he would talk about harvey milk's commitment to justice and to civil rights and to believing things can get done in spite of how the world is burdened. when i stand here in city hall today as your attorney general the top cop of the biggest state in the country (clapping) i stand on the shoulders of many people including harvey milk. and so then when i was able to be here on june 28, 2013, to perform the marriage of an extraordinarily couple christen and sandra and perform the
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marriage on the balloon i stood there obtain on the shoulder and legacy of harvey milk and in doing the work that we have accomplished i know we all have a great reason to fill f this applying place this san francisco city hall with celebration. but we also know and this is the beauty of everything that's being done we also know implicit dedicating this stamp it's about rededicating ourselves to the ongoing struggle for civil rights and equality for all i join everyone in being humbled a part of this celebration humbled to be part of the legacy of harvey milk and dedicated and rededicated to the fight for civil rights and equality for all. thank you
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(clapping) >> attorney general harris that was very inspiring percentage it's my pleasure today to introduce two of our current supervisors on the board of supervisors scott wiener who is the supervisor from harry's old district district 5 and supervisor david campos attorney general harris spoke of the legacy of the harry when i see all the electives that have been elected over the years the numbers are tremendously huge throughout the country really it is on harry's shoulder i feel very proud of the fact we were there with him when he was the ferries gay elected official here in san francisco and possibly throughout the country
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openly gay so supervises would you like to come up and say a few words? (clapping) >> thank you, ann. let's here it for ann (clapping) and i want to acknowledge a few of our colleagues sxhoovmz and london breed and supervisor yee and our treasurer and our public defend defender. so i was 8 years old in suburbia new jersey when harvey milk and george moscone were murdered you heard at least i heard negatively about the lgbt and the bad things happening and all the challenges so fast
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forwarding to 2014 and having harvey milk on a stamp that's going to be bought around the world people are going to pick up the envelope i'll put it into context of what we've achieved around marriage equality and through the united states congress the legislation we have so many challenges of the communicated. we know that hiv is not over that people have still struggling and getting sick and our transgender brothers and sisters are struggling with health care and their personal safety but if there is no one thing i've learned about your community this lgbt community
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knows how to take a punch and keep moderating they've skiefrd the aids epidemic and harry's tragic measured and shepherds murder and this stamp is another step forward i'm proud of where this community is come from and where it's going so let's keep fighting thank you. thank you >> thank you supervisor wiener i want to thank you all for being here not only, of course, the post office and our mayor and the incredible hard work with stewart milk and other thank you for continuing to spread the message worldwide. i know that supervisor wiener
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acknowledged a couple of foreperson folks but thank you carol who served with harvey milk (clapping) and, of course, bev who represented the district that harvey milk represented. (clapping.) i'm very pleased that attorney general harris mentioned jim ray involving because harry getting to where he was possible i agree the best way to honor harvey milk is to and decade his work for social justice and equality will but i want to be clear about equality under the law it's important we want everyone to have the same legal rights but that's in th equality that harvey milk was talking about this equality was when it comes
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to the social and connective conditions under which people live in this city my country (clapping) and by - by that when it comes to social economic equality we have a ways to go. we in san francisco have accomplished be a lot yet i stand here before you living in a city that has the fastest growing equality we're second behind atlanta being the second unequal cities and soon, we'll overtake atlanta we need to redecade ourselves inform closing the inequality gap it's not consistent with the quality that harry died for there's a
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big diverse within the have and have not's so the lgbt community its not enough to have equal rights we have to stop the gap 40 percent of homeless youth in san francisco are be lgbt 29 percent of homeless people in san francisco are lgbt and many of the people are being evicted from the community we want a society that is fully an equal but equality goes beyond the law if he wanted to give them hope let's redecade this so it works for everyone not just san francisco (clapping) >> when