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tv   [untitled]    July 27, 2014 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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diminished and there's a thulg mentality so it's available. >> we'd maps and we'd maps. >> okay. thank you. >> >> next speaker. >> people standing by that door need to find a seat please or move away from the door. >> okay. good evening board of appeals i'm a policymaker for over a decade i want to say in article 33 there's more broad government than just checking boxed so i suggest everybody take a look at
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article 3 it's a broader discretion today, i'm going to ask you not to ward bad behavior and look at it your decision today and the message it send. i've done a press conference for a parent that operated a cannabis on ocean street he suffered himself to federal custody for money structuring the wrecklessness from this address transcends who on paper is operating a this collective this has been one of the problematic addresses the violations extend to 2011 and are not just in 207 i want to say that they're the worst on
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revolved nobody has been granted a permit to consult elevate they were asked not to do this in a residential structure they committed a felon with a loaded weapon and under the pressure view of president obama's regarding the medical cannabis oversight. when we are looking the current members that are paying their cooperative paying their rent with a $48,000 security deposit to formerly disgraced supervisor east side trust that's concerning to me and there's indications of critically minded maneuvers a touch of con artist
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try going on here that is important to protect the patients nobody in this room will agree to paying double market rate in san francisco. we should, you know, really take into consideration for patient xoiths i have a petition of another 70 folks and want to ask everyone here who's in agreement for the patients well-being to raise their hand or stand. thank you. >> >> next speaker. >> i have a question so your concern primarily is the fact and you have to go to the mike i'm sorry. your concern overall is no matter the perspire ownership will be in control of this
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cooperative >> i'm wondering why the ocean area had the federal interference with money structuring and a resolution that were from people that are associated. >> my question is more like that's in the past our concerned with the new owners it will still be the same. >> this transcends the cooperative on the paperwork and there's a decade of concerns regarding that. i think that should weigh here >> okay. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please >> hello, i'm mike goldman i am not in my business relationship with waterfall wellness or greg i'm a member of access of love been on the committee of the medical
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cannabis when it excited. i found out through that my connections in the community about the connections of the management of waterfall well business ownersness but as a member of that collective i not not informed of the change i thought that was distressing they have a change of management if you're doctor is retained with another doctor you'd be unhappy people should know who you're doing business with. i don't understand the family business this is not supposed to be business it's about safe access for patients and about, you know, medical cannabis for patient if you don't have trusted providers if you don't know who you're providers are if you don't know know whatever is
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going on between the businesses this is not about figuring out who owns what this is is this permit a valid permit we can trust this operator to be concerned with the safety of the people of san francisco if we have an irresponsible operator that has been known to have firearms and know fires in this location i don't know what's going on i don't go inside but a lot of patients do they didn't know it changed ownership other than they're being treated less well and the maps you have to figure out do we want random people to take over a permit without concern for the public safety >> next speaker
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>> hello board i'm mike. i'm just another concerned patient. i've looked over some things and i don't believe history is history and it stays with you wherever you go. you know, that's like our resume of your past it is who you are so anything i've done in the past that's how it should happen you can't say it's old history this stuff is in the patients them everyday we're concerned and want a safe operator not daniel mendez at waterfall wellness >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello.
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hi, i'm heather i'm a dialyses patient and resident of san francisco. as the user the derpdz i have two concerns to be treated properly and be safe when i here about fires i firearms i don't feel safe how i feel safe you guys to make the right decisions because you have our health in your hands i can't make the decisions but i can feel safe if you make the right decisions thank you >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm raul i'm an old hippie it's the boards function to protect the public we say not about greed and about killing
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people nobody should die from marijuana. now people, you know, nobody is tattoo a gun it's the boards function to protect the public from gangsters entering into this field. if there's a hint of impropriety that has been taking into consideration seriously thank you very much >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening. my name is paul. i know that there's been a lot of talk in the background will the pettyness and the rivalry that has happened recently, i found american people article in the paper in 2011 that talks
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about how the cannabis was run before and we know all aspects of business there are good and bad players and greg is a good player i've known him along maybe you have not heard of we'd maps but yelp. people - my grandmother used to say the more things change the more they remain the same i know of a song some see the light some get saved because they see the light and other because they feel the heat. greg deserves to continue the work he needs to do and i think
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revoking this permit for this proven bad mr. mayor will be in everyone's interest >> thank you. we'll tank our next speaker anyone in the overflow room who wishes to speak come now. >> good evening. i'm gregory ledbetter i once participated in constructing the indoor grow guidelines for the city here. i also represent the cannabis policy. i've personally known mr. shep as being an upstanding person and i mean not only in the medical cannabis community but in the community as he's been instrumental in drug rehab for several people in the east bay.
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i also know nor a fact he's participated in constructing our policies here in the male cannabis community and therefrom i feel that you guys need to relook at the person that is running waterfall well unless at this point. the allegations that were directed to reinforcing greg are not founded if i look at into it further you'll find out the thugs are holding the shop down. please folks take a look at this and revoke that permit our patients need better service than they're receiving out there. thank you >> thank you. is there another speaker please step forward and. >> good evening, commissioners.
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thank you for allowing me to speak i first met greg shep a number of years ago we participated in community outreach in the central district when he was working at opening an dispensary in that area as a teacher i unfortunately met people that needed medical cannabis so fast forward my present experience with medical cannabis is my 94-year-old father-in-law who has a disease i find relieve from medical cannabis we don't receive an effect we get the medical relieve we found we expect a
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clean and professional well run dispensary and when greg shep was involved on ocean avenue our were met the environment was smokey and messy when the other person took over we stopped going. there's no room for unprofessionalism when health is the issue. greg shep is the epitomize of the honest medical cannabis provider it's my understanding that greg shep has been given the run run around and it's my sincere hope and belief that the commission will error open the do of the kind of professional we need and president in the medical cannabis field. thank you very much.
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>> thank you duo do you care to state your name for the record. >> i'm susan tip of the iceberg even. >> any public comment on that item? >> okay. thank you mr. pacheco can you switch to the other microphone if we're going to use that other microphone if you like and hello, everyone. >> my name is brenda r vi suffer from various medical problems but yo go into that. i was a member of the waterfall and there was a supervisor running that and i can't tell you all the names it got so terrible to bad that i left and i said i don't want to go into there there were employees
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engaging into their own products so i left and went simplifier i went to ocean street it was rebuilt and there was a person there they were very, very nice i went into the store and explored think medications you can take you don't have to smoke it you can put it into our tea or bread and butter whatever helped you to eat so like i said i left and came back and walked if and said oh, my gosh i was surprised by the medical professionalism i was impressed to help the other patient so anyway, i something happened i wasn't there are a person called
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me on the phone telling me do you want to be there compassion person i don't know what was going on so the person i guess has the license now wrote me a letter dlefr my compassion telling me things about what was going on and i knew there were lying they were calling me on the phone and barging me to be their patient and where i was before they didn't take care of me not only with that but your personal needs make you feel like our at home and everything like i said, i got letters saying things that were not true about the former people working
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there. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you any other speakers step forward please. okay >> hello. my name is robert ricci guess the only point i was coming up here to make it seems like on the application that you have one person saying they're the main party to the permit and the operations the collective it appears very evident and mr. mendez will be involved and if you see fit when you hear that's the case and i still - that wasn't what was represented in the first hearing i believe that
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needs to be take into account and at least clarified that's not been the case of what's been prepared but it seems like it is the fact so you thank you >> is there any additional public comment? >> hello, i'm larry blnt we are at washington, d.c. this is a staff pompom in the first world series the defense ramps city college is on the ocean and i'm here because i was asked to be at the police meeting they've rescheduled that but the acts of love they're here advocating for us san francisco sometimes, i feel like berkley colorado
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everyone has left us behind. you know, washington and cannabis is something we need and should be known for cannabis if that's where it started 215 started here and the crown on my head see the crown i got this at the aids walk on sunday i'm a person that's undid he terrible cannabis is the reason i'm here today it is like eviction this is someone know that americans need and god made cannabis all over the world like sea we'd it's important that i'm supporting people that i know need cannabis i need cannabis, you know, and the president was in town today. the - our climb will be step we
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may not get there in one year ever one term but america i've never been more hopefully than i am 20e79 we as a people will get there >> he was in town on howard. >> we can't have a 5 wall street. >> we'll asking you. >> the support i've yet to earn i may not have earned your vote tonight but you tell need our help. >> so today like i voted for him the last two years, yes we can cannabis was part of my spirit so i know today in san francisco i am a person that used to be a in a medical marijuana americans safe access
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and access of love we need to let the leaders 125u7d and we're not the laughing stock of american. >> thank you is there any public comment? >> i'll leave my card up here. >> so we will take rebuttal now there if there's no accountability public comment mr. shep you can spank or it will go to our lawyer. >> hello just a couple of facts to you know what was heard tonight and in the briefs.
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i never 92 knew danny mendez before the fire. the union was we were going to sign with the union as waterfall wellness and as danny menu suicides and people started to come back people were asking what was going on they chose to go a ways. when i got my permit present with larry kessler and the doctor we were in a hearing given the permit and it was told it if danny mendez came back into waterfall my permit would be revoked i tried to get ahold of the doctor they couldn't find
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the tape in the meeting we had so. i decided to get a spot that was city legal and federally legal which is a thousand feet away from the school and the waterfall is not i found a spot up the street that's when they tried to take over to keep me from largely itself found a spot and in japan they came in and actually took over, you know, the misunderstood and all this stuff it's internal but they took my lease went to the family i negotiated the 17 lease for 15
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years and he went to howard jew and the rent should have been 2 thousand and mendez was paying 11 thousand for a nonprofit and took my lease the jews took my name avenue and he paid over 12 thousand a month the lease went into his name i never asked to take my name off the permit they pushed the paperwork. the spot up the street was 4 a much larger location he skroonl of waterfall is 8 hundred and this spot is 22 hundred square feet for our compassion. the last thing i wanted to say
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about, you know, our dispensary waterfall wellness i built with christine we ran a compassion driven dispensary giving back to our collective members that's what i'm about the vets and our aids patients and the low income patients i work with mr. magee working to get the medicine to the people that need it >> sir your time is - >> we can hear the rebuttal from the permit holder. >> thank you it's been a long day and the hour is getting late i'll be brief i'll ask you to take a look at exhibit h there's two sides to every story there's
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the premium on time and the premium open our time for consideration of the different views but again, the focus should be is there a problem was on a error made in the orients e issuance of the permit i've heard different things nothing nor current it seem like if there were such everyday you would have heard about it thank you unless there's any questions. thank you very much >> i have a question who's our client. >> waterfall wellness the corporation there's the permit holder a corporation and whose it's a nonprofit; right? >> it's a in the. >> is there an executive director? >> it's t r mitchell and is
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daniel on the board. >> i'm not corporate attorney. >> your representing the corporation but - >> i represent the corporate's. >> you don't know who's on the board of directors. >> i'm - i don't know. >>. i can find out if it's critical thank you very much. >> we can hear from the department if there's rebuttal. >> i would simple is that much has been made about the one time incident involving the fire and
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the gun. this is not the first time that's happened with the dispensary and, in fact, no one was bard mr. mendez was not barred from further participation at any level rather the permit was suspended for thirty days while all the conditions were abated in the variety of departments that are typically involved which is the police and fire, etc. confirmed that indeed the conditions had been abated so that's a one-time incident. since that time mr. - the gentleman has been involved in one capacity or another in operating this dispensary.
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he is currently on the permit with mitchell and has been since 2011. what you're hearing is really a spit between two business owners and it's been heard over in superior court and heard before the director of health and it's also here now before you. so i would respectfully request that you uphold the directors decision that mr. mitchell submitted all the necessary paperwork that's attached i believe as exhibit b signed under penalty of perjury and that she is, in fact, the permit