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tv   [untitled]    September 3, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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welcome home, man.
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>> we're here to raise awareness and money and fork for a good accuse. we have this incredible gift probably the widest range of restaurant and count ii destines in any district in the city right here in the mission intricate why don't we capture that to support the mission youths going to college that's for the food for thought. we didn't have a signature font for our orientation that's a 40-year-old organization. mission graduates have helped me to develop special as an individual they've helped me
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figure out and provide the tools for me that i need i feel successful in life >> their core above emission and goal is in line with our values. the ferraris yes, we made 48 thousand >> they were on top of that it's a no-brainer for us. >> we're in and fifth year and be able to expand out and tonight is your ungrammatical truck food for thought. food truck for thought is an opportunity to eat from a variety of different vendor that are supporting the mission graduates by coming and representing at the parks >> we're giving a prude of our
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to give people the opportunity to get an education. people come back and can you tell me and enjoy our food. all the vendor are xooment a portion of their precedes the money is going back in >> what's the best thing to do in terms of moving the needle for the folks we thought higher education is the tool to move young people. >> i'm also a college student i go to berkley and 90 percent of our folks are staying in college that's 40 percent hire than the afternoon. >> i'm politically to clemdz and ucla.
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>> just knowing we're giving back to the community. >> especially the spanish speaking population it hits home. >> people get hungry why not eat and give >> good afternoon, everybody. thank you, everyone for being here and i want to thank you for joining me and the board of supervisors for this special occasion to sign our next two year budget 8.6 he million dollars this city is worth it. it is as i may say an historic time and budget navigate as i signed this budget i'm reminded and i think the supervisors know this as well it is really the first time in 6 years we've had
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a budget deficit under $100 million the supervisors feel it as we've gone to every district and 4ri7bd to the needs of the district and make sure the budget reflected not only citywide values but our neighborhood as well i want to thank you president chiu and supervisor farrell all the members of this year's budget committee who are standing here and the entire members of the board of supervisors. i want to thank and department heads many who joined us in our neighborhood and thank the commissioners for your hard work with checking in with our department heads to make sure we're producing this budget this year's budget reflected a lot of good hard work between the city government and the people we
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serve we've should with our city family and left-handed to hundreds of community leaders and the people that get the work down you our labor force they were a great part of this year's budget we should to get the contracts with literally all our city employees thanks to our labor leaders this is a strong reflection of carried out services i want to thank all the elected officials not only do we represent the department argue as elected officials they give us a lot of good advice well beyond their divisions. twoeth together with the board we've made smart investments and the budget is fiscal pursuant
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that is a keystone to our city we've increased the services to our recipe are the input they've been critical in transportation and education and our social net and infrastructure that is recorded in the cost of living increases we make sure we did for our nonprofits and their an incredible part of our delivery we've made fair wage increases to our city employees an, an historic investment in our housing. i would say i think we all truly building that the big challenges of our economic challenges are behind us but we don't want to deviate what is has gotten us here to be the fiscal success
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the continued commitment to our fiscal responsibilities to make sure our budget balances all the needs of diverse communities and we'll continue to invest in our infrastructure and most importantly in the people one hundred percent of all the people in san francisco. again thanks to the board for working together with us for creating the budget. in his second year supervisor farrell thank you for your steadfastly leadership and commitments to building this collaborative process (clapping) i want to say thanks to dan roman field to make sure not only his capacity as controller he keeps us on a due course (clapping) and the people that helped me to make sure i've got all the
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issues in hand and that's my chief of staff and kate howard both from the controller's office and the mayor's office for their excellent work thank you very much (clapping) budget whiz wards i call them. but i'd like to an opportunity to specially niefrt david for a few words he's been watching this in his district and the whole board of supervisors. supervisor david chiu >> thank you mr. mayor just a couple of words first of all, those of us who were here when i came into office we had half a billions of we were debating whether to close down first
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stations and trying to figure out where to cut hubt i publicity and services i want to thank dan roman field in 149 we passed two year bushlt. >> hydrahave a healthy budget due to our budget wizards i want to congratulate us was likely the easily budget to move forward because our economy is healthier but we're working together to fourth our top priorities and what we're going to invest in i want this thank obviously there's a tremendous amount of work that happens at the board of supervisors i want to thank the staff and the budget committee their hard work led lbe their fear also leaders
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supervisor farrell and he can go home earlier to spend time with his kids in the evening supervisor farrell. >> (clapping) >> thank you president chiu and mayor ed lee it's maiming two years in a row we've passed this out of the committee and the board of supervisors. when we started this process i think mayor ed lee and i had a commitment to have an open and transparent process that did as is mayor ed lee respect to every be district to meet with the committee heads and we had a town hall online meeting so people could weigh in we want to make sure our budget protects us for the future it's not talked about we're the only city in the united states that passed pension reform and things at the
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battle we're setting ourselves up in terms of our physical headquartered we wanted to make sure we worked with the board of supervisors and my colleagues, i want to shout out to all my committee members supervisor avalos and supervisor mar and supervisor london breed and conserving who pickup truck in the countless hours and lastly we wanted to make sure that the budget we passed was also rehabilitate of the things in our entire city the mayor prioritized things in his budgeted a lot of money towards affordable housing or continue the road repaving making sure we invest in our infrastructure critical things we've done and the board of supervisors coming on top of that food security so our seniors and protecting
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residents don't sit home hunger i think we can be proud of you want to say a special thanks first from 0 my staff katherine to the mayors team kate howard she is indescribable to our team and the whole city of san francisco for her entire team thank you kate for all you do (clapping) and as was mentioned to the inspire controller's office dan rosen field and late nights they're here past maintained this doesn't happen so thank you ben and your entire staff for all you've done
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(clapping) and from the boards prospective obviously hearing rose thank you for your hard work this was haurz 40th budget inside city hall thank you favoring and to our own city attorney's office john gibner, deputy city attorney and all their hard work and certainly to the mayors other team and staple jason and the entire team that works closely with the board of supervisors. thank you all we're all proud of the budget two years running we passed it this year earlier and on time and passed consensus on time thank you and thank you to all for being here (clapping) >> and let me add my personal thanks to harvey i asked for the
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county of los angeles we question got it. this is just a budget document i know it reflects a lot of what we worked hard at planning for. what we do do outside this budget document can challenge the dedicate balance but i have faith the people that carry out the budget most of who is standing here are going to do us proud i ask not only celebrate the budget but the people who are going to carry out the budget to the city departments you're going to make sure we carry this out. are we ready to sign. all right. let's do it
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(clapping) want up close? (laughter) all right. and today is july 23rd >> 23rd. there you go done
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