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tv   [untitled]    September 10, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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have the economic resources to bail themselves out and as a pretrial, too, i think that electronic monitoring is the best way to go and 100 percent support it as a taxpayer and as a service provider to the sheriff's department to probation and to the superior court, thank you. >> thank you, sir, the next speaker? >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is martha roots and i am here today as an ankle monitor success story. san francisco sheriff department assessed me, and put me on an ankle monitor for 75 days. and that time, i was electronically monitored through all of my walk of every day and i was also home detained after 9:00 p.m., in that time, i got my high school diploma, received an internship through the sheriff's department and have now been working for three years. and so, this does work for low
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level criminals. it has nothing like, i don't see them letting a murderer go on home detention, i don't see them letting anybody that has 3-d uis with may hem going on electronic monitoring but for those low level criminals that do deserve the second chances it does work. >> i want to thank you for sharing your story. and very inspiring and congratulations. thank you. >> next speaker. >> my name is kevin pull son and i am assigned to the community programs which means that i manage the deputies and the men and women who manage the electronic monitoring system for the department. >> i wanted to say just a few short things, one, i want to make sure that we know that in addition to knowing where people are, we also have the ability to monitor their alcohol consumption, and so we know whether they are putting themselves more at risk. and the other thing that i wanted to mention is to make sure that we know that this is
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a relationship that we do electronic monitoring and not just putting the person, or a person in an electronic jail. but, it is a calculus of interviewing the person and working with the person to provide them the resources that they need to successfully reintegrate with the community. and this means providing them educational services, and substance abuse services, and a variety of violence interventions so that we give them the tools to succeed in the community at the same time as letting them know that we are watching them and working with them for their success. thank you. >> thank you. captain. thank you for what you do. >> thank you. >> next speaker? >> good afternoon, supervisors, my name is nick and i am the director of the legal services in jails in san francisco and i am an attorney and i am also an ex-offender. and one of the things that i have been working here for 15 years that mike hennesse pointed out to me when i started working here is people who go to court from outside
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from the street, usually stay out of jail. i was one of those lucky people many years ago. i came from a family who was able to bail me out of jail and i was able to get out, and eventually get my life together and show the court that i was worthy of staying out, part of that was the color of my skin and part of that was the socio economic family that i came from, the majority of the people in our jail don't have those resources. they don't have the opportunity to bail out and we can and then on the other issue that i want to talk about was the district attorney brought up the people with prior serious crimes. now, someone could have a prior serious crime from 20 years ago, not have money, and not be able to get out of jail. if for something minor today. whereas someone can have a prior serious crime and a current serious crime and have money and still get out of jail, and so, it really does, even though the public safety
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is a big issue, it comes out to people with money are able to get out of jail and the people without money aren't and it comes down to that simple and do we want to keep the people in jail, solely because they don't have the resources? thank you. >> thank you, very much. is there any other member of the public that would like to speak on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. again, i want to thank everyone for their thoughts and comments, and it is clear, that all of us even if we have disagreement, you know, we all agree that the main thing here is that we want to maintain the public as safe as possible and in the process of making sure that we explore the alternatives to incarceration and i think that it really is about striking the right balance. and we have a motion, and to amend the ordinance, and we also have to include in the amendment, the annual report. and i want to turn it to supervisor yee. >> thank you very much.
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>> i really, i guess that the last speaker that just spoke, hit the point very clearly to me, in that, with this is going to do is continue to look at vehicles to even out the playing field for everybody regardless of what socio economicks that people come from. and i, again as i said earlier, i think that this is just a little too... for us to help people get back to their lives, and so, with the annual evaluation reporting to the board of supervisors, and you are even stronger to maybe, to get this passed to the full board. and >> great, so can we take, and i just want to make sure that we are clear on the amendments to
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our deputy city attorney and our clerk and we are clear on the amendments and a motion to amend the amendments and so we can take the motion to amend without objection, and now on the item as amended, if we could have a motion to move this forward with a positive recommendation, as a committee report? >> so moved. >> we have a moved by supervisor yee if we could take that without objection. >> without objection. item passes. and mr. clerk, do we have any other items before the board. >> i believe that is today's business. >> meeting is adjourned. thank you.closed.
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>> good morning. thank you for coming to our celebration to recognize the start of the construction for the intrastate a 80.
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i have the prim for the contractor i've been breathing this for the last five or six year. this has a timeline there's a program in the back that gives a timeline and talk about the people that have made that a reality. it started in 2007 effort spearheaded but our form director and cowen to go ahead and get the state funding in the field 163 thank you for your effort. over the years we've day and night with hoof process approved and back in the 2007 timeframe the person that lid it was gak
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jack but if the early days in 2007 and i've had the pleasure of working with jack you get a process report we quota it in december of 2007 that helped to us start the process and to get it approved by december of 2011 in about a 3 year period we've got to approval and i want to give a special thanks to affidavit from a e coming and his staff and surging and from caltrain's. they were structurally in us getting the environmental approval and it can take some time. we went through our design effort this takes over 2
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thousand plan sheets go into that for the advertising and bids and thanks to the folks at e come and particularly sam from 2007 also. we were lucky enough to get approved for right-of-way certification and a lot of you don't know about this that's itself part where the engineers don't know about the real estate end so we hired spectacular from the social from folks who led the effort for the federal land transfer it maples a transfer of land from the first-degree to the local agency we got a lot of pope hope from caltrain's and
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mark and others from the transportation authority. the coast guard is had a aphasia a basis and they own the island and we've about that working with the coast guard 81 thank you for helping us goat the license if the coast guard you need the appropriate license agreements that's part of the agreement. by july of intuitively we got the construction funding approved and allocated which for us what a happy at a we started up new year's attorneys in 2013 we got the folks from the golden
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gate bridge we're happy to be with them. i want to recognize the construction transportation team their here in the audience and managing the efforts and overseeing the team and >> the subcontractors we're happy to have them here special thanks to the consulting group in particular paul payroll everything has been r0ir7bd and cooperated through paul and his staff and also barbary coast staff thank you in terms of the hard work over the last week. i want to get to acknowledge some very special the treasure island team bob is working as the new director we've been
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working with him and city and counties his staff and some of the former staff the office of workforce and development michael and others. they were all part of the effort in terms of us coming together as locals to work and strategize how to get this work in high visibility in terms of obtaining the funding. a sincere thank you to caltrain's and h f w they had a lot of the folks thank you both for working with me in a manner be that was the best project management team i've worked with. and jeff was a big support his
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project is 96 prts funding. we have a number of key individuals you'll hear from but let's talk about itself history the island itself in particular the name of the island it had a interesting name it was called wood island and even goat island if you can imagine that the gold rush days there were a bunch of goats on accident i'd like and that's why but it was chingz changed in june of 1981. that was the original name the connections to the past is important but the connection to the future is a lot more
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important and the other speakers will discuss that and i have the pleasure of introducing our first speaker who's the mc for the event chang is the transportation authority person she fester the local sales tax and they're the congressmen management agency for san francisco so, please well billy chang (clapping.) thank you very much i need to grow a couple of photo for this job. thank you for you're opening remarks you and our deputy directors have done magic and the expanded partnerships on this project it's made smooth and rapid movement so i want to
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recognize our hard work in bringing this to this today let's give eric and his team a round of applause >> thank you paul for this fantastic weather and your team for really helping us with the beautiful event. so good morning, everyone on behalf of the agencies it's my pleasure and how were you to welcome you and to thank you for taxing the time. i don't know who us who had the least of this project to be here but i'm permitted for the honored. i want to recognize special gifts if nancy pelosi's office we have her person. we deeply appreciate elapse
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pelosis long partnering and helped with our plan. hose not here today but caltrain's director i'd like to thank him and recognize his support in the $9 million of state prop 1-b those were not easy to come by and thanks caltrain's and the director representing cltsz we'll her in bejohn today. from the metropolitan transportation commission i'm not sure if randy is here and andy we want to recognize their partnering and caltrain's allowing us to hook into the san francisco bay bridge. we have the honor of the president of the board of ida we'll hear from and, of course,
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current and past project directors as eric mentioned and michael kelly from the beginning when michael cowen was trying to make this work and we were led through the entire process and now bob we're lucky to have worked a strong team at the it'd district attorney now from the corporation we have other gentleman you may not know about the treasure island development project included a management program that the transportation authority will be proud of. and from my tropics authority board supervisor avalos supervisor in district 11 and supervisor jane kim be couldn't
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be here she had to leave for the domestic conventional but we have sunny anglo from her office so thank you sunny for being her. i'd like to recognize other folks grateful to dianne feinstein who led at this constitutional right i critical area and senator leno and have the support of governor schwarzenegger and other is in the past who helped us move through the project development process and, of course, thank the cpc. finally the mayor's lee and past and present always board of supervisors past and present deserve our thanks for the overall treasure island development. i'd be remiss if i didn't thank
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the former executive director for the original sponsor for this project. because of their and your efforts we're here to celebrate those projects as long as the east side project so as a colloquy project we recognize that couldn't have been made possible without the help of the people in this beautiful event. as with most projects of this field those days that's a product of a host of projects. the next few speakers will talk about the projects and the partnerships that made it possible with caltrain's and the treasure community members as well. the w b i east side ramps project is a $50 million project
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that's part of a larger overall one hundred million project that will enhance the safety for the tdr and the promise will replace the development of the island and we'll also insuring that the ramps are radio grateful addition and with the investment felt $50 million we'll be creating 14 hundred jobs in our local economy. suffice it to say for the caltrain's folks as well. i want to say thank you to the folks who get our project duplicate. for the golden gate bridge team dave we're happy to have other folks thank you, brian for your
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leadership. the golden gate bridge will construct a new ramps to the san francisco bnl and we've been on time and under budget through the design and phase and confident they'll continue. we're thrilled and grateful that the golden gate bridge company has pledged to finish this we want them to know we're they've for their proclamation. we look forward to hearing from mayor folks. by the way, all the trucks were bought by one or more of our dbi firms. many of you are here from the dbi side of the house.
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thank you very much. this is what economic development looks like a so thank you and paul i don't know if there's a way to keep all the machinery here i think my four yearly and others would be ecstatic to look like this. now without further ado, let me electro a champion our leader at the transportation authority and that is supervisor avalos (clapping) thank you, kelly. >> it's great to be here. i live in a land log district of san francisco the excelsior district we don't see water but we can see the top of bay it's great to see the new city and the bridge and the ramps go up
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and the equipment that will be doing the work. and it's an amazing site for the tropics. as chair of the transportation authority i want to thank you all for being her and want to thank you for your efforts so far in bringing up in project to fruition we have a ways to go but i'm happy to know we're on target. the construction of the westbound ramp simplified this the yerba buena island development. 17 years ago the u.s. navy closed it's basis and since then we've worked to approve 0 responsible and thought fulfill plan that will meet the needs of this area as a city as a whole.
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the future plan we at the board of supervisors approved hours for 20 thousand residents and new and upgraded roads including ferry terminal and extend bus services. this will expand the number of resident who will go live here. there's a planned transportation hub that is 15 percent walk and getting around and spending time here about will be different like with bused and ferries and so on. we're proud that the treasure island will be for the city and beyond a great benefit. with our many partners claiming
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the treasure island authority and the 0 deprivation and the workforce development have come together it's because of this collaborative effort we're on schedule to make our target will construction date of summer of 2015. i thank you all especially eric and other for their leadership in getting the job done and done well, with sensitivity to the community. those west rams will provide access and improvements and act as a bridge across the bay. we also create jobs. i am proud that we're critiquing prevailing wage


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