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tv   [untitled]    September 14, 2014 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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it started last week and this saturday it finished up in marin county from 2 to 5 where people see a replica of a 19th century it is a beautiful boat it will be in bayview hunters point at the park there is a 42 foot shingle boat to 1910 with a beautiful construction and the replica is amazingly done and children and families are welcome to participate again lunch is at 12:30 before people can view the boat and hear about the history of the bayview one hundred community i think those kinds of projects are important
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as the asian studies teacher we learn about the past and future and how communities used to tliefrt in the economy but in communities like richard and the bayview hunters point area in san francisco. lastly you can get more information about this event on renée youngest r and through the park as well. the rest i'll submit >> thank you supervisor mar. supervisor avalos requests to be referred >> thank you. i just have another a mroirm to add for mr. james rich. mr. james rich passed away an august 31st after a lifetime of
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research when he became the 71 first black power house operate our. some colleagues remember the local hirings ordinance in 2010 we heard about his story the beloved embody mothd dr. espanola jackson. he cut short it's college education to serve in the i see navy where we become an electrician been his honorable discharge he sought a career as a electrician but found himself not allowed to join with the discretionary. his story helped united states us to frame the local hireing
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its important to note that the local of has demonstrated strong leadership in recruiting a high entrepreneurship classes. mr. rich operated a power house near bryant as planned supervisor helped to insure the electrical power for our muni system. during retirement he became fond of traveling and liked to get into his computer and debate the politicians on line when they attacked his beloved president obama he is survived by dr. espanola jackson there will be a funeral on 2626 high street in oakland at 11 clock.
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he was is 79 years and will be missed >> supervisor kim was referred. >> why not refer to her. if we move to our first 2:30 accomodation by is supervisor eric mar >> thank you president chiu i know that sxhooep and supervisor tang about join many me with accomodation. i'm not bull cpa when i'm anytime to be honored we have someone in our chambers that serves 25 years as just but a pioneer for chinese-americans as a mentor to many of us in local
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government, state government as well and as a real community builder that isn't afraid to hit the nail on the head get her hands dirty i know she has to be careful in our judicial roll to be quote/unquote but julie tilly chang has been amazing we're honoring julie tang for 25 years of service for san francisco as a justice she served in the district attorney's office for 8 years and with her long time colleague julie tang has been a good community leader involved in community be based
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organizations. in my opinion she's been a tremendous role model when i met her when i was a activist in the chinese progressives julie had been elected to the college board for a few years and indefinitely she served for 3 terms at the presidents of the community board and 9 years on the college board but she served in the community college she's remained dedicated to promote our city college for everyone in san francisco. she's served our community not only as a just for 25 years but our community for 40 years. in 1981 a water shed year she was fointd appointed to the bench and that was one of the
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years we as san franciscans remember the chinese-american leaders that were brought into the city through judicial branch and politically as well. i'm proud to mention that julie tang is one of my colleagues in the richmond district as well and i've known her for many, many years and appreciate her work in so many realms she's been a tremendous leader in the fight against domestic violence and educational rights for low income and children and families. just tang grounded from hong kong in 1987 and graduated with a bachelor of arts in 1972 and maintained her arts degree at stanford in 1973 and during that
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year justice obtained her life community teaching criminals she got her decorate and one of the longest justices in our superior court elected to the court in 1990 and was elevated and served in all facets of the court she is holding for 12 years she's presided over is family dentcy and juvenile courts as well. in 1997 she launched and was proud of the courts first domestic violence i think our states first domestic violence court and i know in the san francisco in the recorder newspapers she's talked about that as one of her most
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significant experiences in her service to san francisco and whether that work was an empowering immigrant women and having language services to the residents of san francisco. also just tang historically is the second chinese and asian-american just on the superior court in our city and also i should point out in my political opinion today in 2014 of the 54 judges that serve in the san francisco courts only 8 are asian-american rough ly 15 percent of the population where the population is 1/3rd asian-american so the asian
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pacific islander and judges of color hopefully we'll work on in the future as well. i've been given a lists elisa of justice dancing award their lengthy and her service is amazing not only for san francisco but for the legal profession as well. importantly just tang has served through the coordinator but in education besides her community college work i know of her founding of numerous building grassroots and community-based organization. a couple of months ago i was at the one of the anniversary diners for the schools maybe the first daily bilingual preschool in our san francisco but she was
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a co-founder with others like the first chinese-american bilingual preschool in our city and country i'm proud because my daughter continues to utilize here bilingual work by julie tang. i know many of the students that i talked to talk about the pioneers like julie tang that built the system we must strengthen in our role on the board of supervisors as well. of the organizations that just julie tang served on and helped to build the affirmative action and the child development center and other centers but i invite her up i know that a number of my colleagues have a few words
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to say about her and president chiu >> thank you first of all, just tang i can't believe you're retiring you're too young to retire but you've served our city for many, many years. i want to add along what the president of the united states what's been said i i want to take the opportunity when i appeared in front of her when she was a da she was a role model for the court system. i also want to thank her for the literally hundreds of attorneys she's mentored and given advise and helped to guide as well as junior justices over the years and want to take a moment and climate her for also showing up
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for the community she's at so many events fighting for causes. after her decades of service we all know all of us here on the board of supervisors that it is those communities leaders that show up and fighting for the causes we care about we hold the most respect for i want to thank julie tang i speck she'll continue to be activity in the community i want to add my words to that (clapping.) supervisor yee would you like to say a few words >> let me join the chorus i think supervisor mar outlined her accomplishment and certainly i've known just tang forever and seen her growth she's been such
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a mentor to so many people not only in the asian-american community but in the intensify community in general. so i was also a beneficiary of her leadership as my two daughters who are dulls now went to that school. the other thing i want to give her a lot of credit for and shine some light on if it weren't for her leadership there would be no campus in chinatown she pushed for having the services in chinatown and pushing for the permanent campus so i wanted to acknowledge her leadership and basically tens of thousands of students that bend i want to join the rest of the
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people here to honor just tan >> commissioner chan would you like to say something. >> congratulations on your retirement are you related to julie tan unfortunately, i'm not. once just tang had an oral it is important we need a bench to reflect the diversity of the population and those who appear before the bench feel the generatedors reflect that it's amazing in a city of san francisco we're home to the largest bar association in the snoogs question have a small sliver of the asian-americans that form that its sad to see just tang go but happy she can
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retire and she'll continue to be in the community as we've seen already so again want to thank just supervisor tang whether starting our first domestic violence program or in the court of rehabilitation and again your work in the community thank you and please enjoy our retirement >> i'd like to acknowledge that julie tang is here with her sister a leader in the education but her family co- met so give a hand to just julie tang. >> wait we have one more. >> supervisor kim. >> i don't want to pause the clauses but i want to pay my receptors to one of the longest
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jiujitsu i am glad glad i worked with just taking place arrest around her advocacy around the comfortable of women it's something we shared our stories grouping hearing about the atrocious way that women were treated in asia and treated as unpaid sex workers during the war and bringing that memento life and continuing to fight for recognize and for apologizes for those young women's lives i want to thank you for your advocacy around this incredibly important issue for your incredible accomplishment in san francisco as an asian-american woman. >> thank you supervisor kim. >> please come up julie tang let's give her a round of
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applause (clapping). >> i'm really embarrassed arrest first, i look like i came back from hawaii small business put this on me and sxhftd i wear it i don't look like this in court. but thank you very, very much you wonderful supervisors in particular supervisor mar for introducing this resolution many more people deserve to have this honor i'm one of the lucky few to do the kinds of things i love to do and be recognized for it. throughout my career i think
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you're right supervisor mar that one of the mothering most of the noble was the officer of the domestic violence coordinator possibly in all california but i couldn't have done that without the board of supervisors many of you were not there at the time but the tradition is notable this tradition of managing a city well, that was fair at the time that sxhauftd to form the court by passing the resolution in support of the court and appropriating funding in support of the programs that hold offenders accountable we needed that because people of the that maybe a domestic violence court would act in the form of taking away due process rights of the
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person that were charged of the crime but we proved the zodiac violence was a tool to hold the offenders accountable i you're going to to support this court that i think we work closely with the county. a lot of people ask me what i'm going to do i wish i could say i'm going to hallway hue with this lay but continuing to work a as does just so i will be doing exactly what i've been doing for the last 24 years it is a nice way to transition from our retirement retirement is hard it really is and people congratulate me is it something worth congratulating me but i'm
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fortunate to turn this into a position that's comfortable which is what i've been doing for the last 24 years thank you so much supervisors so far the work you've done and the proclamation your giving me today. thank you
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(clapping) >> thank you supervisor mar our final accumulation of the day will be offered by supervisor cohen. >> thank you very much colleagues today, i stand before you to honor the equity and black women's health and the collaborative team over the last year and a half my office has had the privilege to participate in the women's collaborative team the funding comes from the w k cutting-edge kellogg
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collaborative of local hblts and hair multi partners the partners include maternal delinquency health the building department and first 5 the san francisco general hospital ucsf and homeless preunlawfully and adolescence hesitating the day suggests that a 5 fold disparity exists between african-american and caucasian phenomena's that means that the infant mortality rate expresses itself in a way that for every one thousand births 2 point had 4 percent of caucasian the infant passes and
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for live birth asian-americans experience mortality and a state and local government and outstanding 14.5 percent for african-americans. now the group the group studied significant data points and found that the key causes of disparities between african-american and caucasian is pretty simple the social connective and environmental conditions and the living and work conditions have a collective expectancy rate of infants the impacts of stress an african-americans women in the community in general and how the stress going superoto a high mortalities rates within the african-american community it's
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significant to point out that it has small different results for that last year they've come up with a positive way to impact the public health problem and getting ready to take to it to the next level and september a the black infant month if i supporting in cause put your hands together a to hear from our director mary from the department of public health department maternal and adolescence health section and gaga in a the director of the infant department and alien armstrong ladies please
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accompany (clapping.) these 3 women along with the rest of the collaborative group had led the charge on the issue and will continue to do so. i want to invite everyone to attend the opening house tomorrow evening from 12 to 9:00 p.m. >> thank you very much supervisor cohen and the keep in mind group of folks i'm dbe in a the director of the san francisco black health program and i'm joined by an amazing team of multi effective leaders from the preand a half team we were selected one of four cities in the desire community to
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addressing add to the intreefrnz amenity are moerment effects african-american families at different levels in san francisco we have a 5 fold disparity between white infant and black infants dying in the first months of life we've been looking at what is evidence based and we have in san francisco barked upon a program that will look at family planning and impacting how african-americans are tooled to deal with stress thank you for having this important health issue on our radar how we start
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life makes a difference in terms of how we move through life we're honored to have this opportunity to come before you and say hello for you to meet the team there's more of us and really ask you to please look at our e-mails and our postings we're looking forward to keeping you abreast of what we're up to. >> hello, everyone i'm elaine arming strong a public nurse from the adolescence health and i'm on the fit program as gaga in a state on behalf of our san francisco women's health initiative we're happy that
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supervisor cohen for participating in the commitment to decrease disparities and improve birth outcomes for young black women and in particular i want to acknowledge our nc h director dr. mary for pushing this initiative forward and helping to kickoff this. one of the things i want to state as the cooperated for the past years i charge a review team that reviews things and this work is really important for the families so this proposal of bringing infant mortality awareness is great for our city san francisco >> dr. mary. >> okay for one mini want to say the health of the city is as
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good as the most vulnerable and we do things for the raised of mortal it but the numbers are improving african-american babies is still dying at a greater rate at low birthrates. despite all of our best efforts over the last decade much more needs to be done so all pregnant mothers will know that the children can be full term and facing a wonderful long life we're being challenged to draw on the strength and the history of the african-american experience to make fundamental improvements it will take all of us working together from all aspect of life to meet the challenges and


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