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tv   [untitled]    September 15, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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want to thank the colleagues for joining us and representing the port and thank renee martin who unflappable as she is managed to pickup truck together an amazing evening and christen pelosi he as others put together a video tribute there maybe a few more pieces add to the video it was put together rapidly a few slots doesn't get included. i want to thank everyone that was a wonderful evening and so many people there on behalf of the port >> that concludes my report. any public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. >> item 10 a requests the port terrace section 8 fisherman's
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wharf conducting non-fishing threats in section 10 passenger fees. >> good afternoon, commissioners pete detail deputy director maritime. the federal maritime commission is the federal regulatory over the ports the f mc mandates that the ports handle cargo or maritime facility and public the fees and the regulation filed with the m mc. those currency commissioner chairman of the f m v a mario and commissioner adams and monique both know from the time as the port commissioners in port of long beach he was appointed by president obama which is great. so the port we have our own takeover number 5 that
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establishes rex for our piers under the jurisdiction of the commission. our takeoff receives authority for enforcement 0 into through the city chart and the police code. the takeover is assessable through the website so if anyone is an insomnic i recommend a good read the port staff is proposing changes to the takeover relating a to rex regarding the sports fishing boots, and, secondly, the charges we access to passengers crews passengers. first fisherman's wharf harbor sport fishing operations we have approximately 15 square fishing boats and fisherman's wharf there those are family owned
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businesses and multiply generations i love the names of the boat we have the margaret and the basket tub and chucky's pride and my favorite the wacky jackie. the fishing boat industry were having a hard time and wanted to give harbor tours it's been a successful collaboration and this allowance is really a to help the industry remain strong heave of they've worked with the port industry and other entities at fisherman's wharf to update those tariff provisions to if the tariff hadn't been changed so harbor master joe reilly is here and others in charge of the
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what have worked with the affair co- port owners to come up with a change to the tariff that are detailed in staff report but essentially their reducing the number of boats and removed language requiring the family member to be on board during voyages and some changes to other policies. the second changed we're putting up for the commission is the passenger fees for the crews fees when the commission approved the management for the operation of pier 27 our passenger fee is $12 per passenger we're increasing it to $8 per passenger this fee a casting through the crews lines and paid by the crews passengers the increase has been vested
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with our crews partners and accepted pay off our investment in our brand new cruise terminal so we see it going forward >> make a long story short the updates to the clarity and financial sustainability for two of our most important marine industries pier 25 has not been updated and the passenger fees have nots been raised since 2009 i request our approval to update this as detailed in the report thank you for your consideration. >> can i ask a question. >> certainly. >> you raised the fee from 15 to 18. >> from 12. >> why 18 why not 20 or 25. >> a good question we did a incentive analysis on the west
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coast and quite frankly around the the beer raising the fee from 12 to 18 is a sixth jump at at this point if you raise it too high you'll have an impact on the number of cruise the state of alaska raised it from 8 to $15 and their passenger rate went down we're still competitive with our west coast ports but there are cheaper ports so we want to be careful not to out price ourselves. >> how about barcelona. >> we landmarked a worldwide survey our main competition is
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the u.s. ports the west ports like evaporating cover and seattle we're still more expensive than la significantly more expensive than la so i think we have come up with a fair number i'd like to charge more pea there's funtsz to charge more going forward but this helps us to finance the facility and doesn't harm our commercial position. >> thank you. so is there public comment? >> have a motion. >> i move this item forward. >> second. >> is there public comment and i have frank representing the love will i margaret fishing. >> good afternoon to the port folks. >> my name is franke have the
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vessel lovely martha we've been a tenant since 1908 i'm here representing the births in tiaras 1 through 8 we want to thank peter daily for all the work we're an existable group not easy to work with we have lots of questions and don't trust anybody we want to thank peter and monique we're in support of the sport fishing tariff changes if it wasn't for what the port did for you i wouldn't be here in the 90s we were hurting and going out of business and fishing was bad without the bay tours we do and we wouldn't be here today you
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wouldn't have a healthy finishing business there's not that many right now there eyed to be 49 boats at one time now there's 15 so that's that you could in the last few years because of the extra activities we do do i represent the birtsdz 1 through 8 i can't speak for the other boats but we are in support of the tariffs and want to thank the port. >> thank you. glad to have you here >> is there any additional public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners >> yeah. i support in mel upper asking about the crisis ship and raising the tariffs and pete is right on. six or seven years ago a bank over in canada had all the
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cruise business $2 million passengers a year and now seattle is having over $2 million passenger and the town of $30,001,800,000,000 we're trying to do in san francisco we visited $8 million to a majority and we have 3 hundreds thousand passengers our goal i'd like to see in the next 5 years to have over one million dollars passengers and so i think this raising this tariff with passengers is in line i think we'll have more people coming and with the city clerk cruise terminal we'll have i think everything whether work out well and, of course, the fishing boats i come from maritime i appreciate what they do it's a history going back to the roots of san francisco being a maritime town and fishing town
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to fishing on the docks that's been the life blood stain blood and so historical this waterfront in san francisco we have to keep that intact and we've heard will please a parking space i can't and his family and what they started this is in line where we need to go in mafrment i support it thank you >> thank you, commissioners i'll society myself with my colleagues. so time for a vote? all in favor, say i. >> i. opposed >> item 11 a carries. >> commissioners with our permission we are recommending moving item 11 a to the next meeting due to our time consuming presentation. >> second. >> without objection why don't we go ahead and do that. >> thank you. >> item 12 a presentation for
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the san francisco planning department director regarding entire agency coordination with the waterfront planning and urban design. >> welcome. thank you, commissioner thank you good afternoon, commissioners thank you for welcoming me back i presenter the dialog and our interest in the planning front and with your staff on the planning commission i continue to building that the working relationship is the best in city government roadway i appreciate our interest if i could get help with the power point side. so i thought i'd start today with reminding us where we went last year when i came to you and
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talked about waterfront planning and to talk about what we think the next steps are in terms of planning for the waterfront. and i think it is also best to start with the big picture in terms of recreational growth i like to start with those numbers but to give you an indication of what's happening in the region there's a huge regional and national trend moving towards work transit and unamenities those numbers show how the region is expected to grow over the next 25 years it's expected to grow by seven hundred thousand households that's one and a half million people of that amount to is expected to take 12 percent of that growth
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while the numbers seem large it is only 12 to 15 percent of the growth for us 97 households or over 200 thousand people and it means 2 hundred thousand jobs that requires a lot of space in terms of office and other space and new housing units. our job, of course, is to figure out where that growth is best going to happen and best happen and how it should happen in a most sustainable way over time as i said, there will be over one million people it's only 12 percent of the regional growth in the bay area. last time, of course, we talked about the waterfront land use plan that established a baseline how the city grows it's
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waterfront and how it evolves is waterfront over time that plan laid out a number of objectives and adapted in the 7 preserves the key areas and established a comprehensive open space plan and establishes sites so far mixed use development and i think importantly aligned with other plans that the city r had before and since and continue to evolve the other thing that's happens in this interim is in most recently your staff presented you an update of the waterfront land use plan just last month to give you an indication of where we are with respect to implementing that over time i'm happy to have more discussion with you in my presentation. so looking more specifically at how and where thecy is to grow
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what we've done is concentrate our efforts in those areas of the city where the growth is likely to happen and put in place a specific neighborhood plan bye like south of market and other ores the plans like the eastern neighborhood in blue and the redevelopment mission bay transbay and the shipyard and in red the hope sf the housing authority the areas represent by 80 thousand housing unit and one hundred and 50 thousand jobs that didn't allow us to chief the regional numbers we still have work to do. on the waterfront we have several areas, of course, that we are working with your staff to look at potential development on open space many those areas primarily 7 areas like the hunters point and shipyard and
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candle stick point by pier 47 and 48 the mission bay waterfront where the warriors are a proposed and immediately south of you 70 the baseline site identified here and the hunters point and candle stick of those 7 major areas 4 of them are controlled by the port and 3 or not well, the other way around 2 are private sites. and so it's the port sites that are subject to the recent proposition regarding the height prospectives to remind you of how it proposition works in addition, we have the opportunity - it show the job growth those areas can accommodate 60 thousand jobs thirty percent of the growth
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citywide in terms of households those areas accommodate 22 thousand households or 22 percent growth over the next 25 years, of course, the potential for new open space is dramatic and important is 6 hundred and 74 acres represents the size of golden gate park it ata's a very, very 30 or amenity and potential we have to create drastic open space on the waterfront we have to kuar in little rock transportation we're working with peter's staff and mta and the transportation authority and looking at the transportation connections to the shoreline it is very important for us to remember we'll not be able to accommodate the growth in the city if we condition to rely on little automobile as our primary source of transportation it's critical to know think about the transportation as we serve the
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growth of the population for the growth of the future and, of course, we're landlord looking enhancing many of our waterfront lines observing walking and biking the mta has a.m. ambitious goals starting to represent a significant portion of transit transportation inciting u accumulating in the city and, of course, water transportation with the e line and so on and in terms of open space there's the importance of the green and the waterfront in particular where the development opportunities lie we can complement the greenway into the city those sites he represent an opportunity not only to make a significant dent in the cities increase growth in the coming years but for greenway for connection to the waterfront and, of course, enhanced transportation. now, of course, we have a number
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of challenges to get there it's important that he talk about those in context of the work we have in front of us. we all know that sea level rise is an enormous challenge that we already have issues arising are sea level rise so to speak there's locations where we have winter high tides he an will you explain seawall we're getting into it from a planning standpoint but from a technical infrastructure point not only the port but muni and dpw and so on it's an incredibly important issue. sea level rise this map let's see if i have the right maps those maps show you the impact i'm sure you've seen those this
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map shows the impact of the 3 feet of sea level rise rise or in the city like mission creek and embarcadero are effected with 3 feet of sea level rise this is on the southern waterfront namely candle stick point and the shipyard in the mid you see the yosemite where the waters go in at 3 feet 3 feet is the number that the city is working with in terms of the potential for sea level rise by the end of the century so observing an important consideration for us you'll see it varies but 3 feet is what months experts agree on is a relating significant number for the end of the century. of course, with places like that are very large development sites bike shipyard and candle stick
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point they can rise the level of the land by putting parks on the edge of the water but you see on the map this didn't address the yosemite slew so it is just an indication of some of the areas we have to deal with in the coming months and years and dealing with sea level rise. and then, of course, your seawall you've heard reports but with the seismic ability of that wall it's not a seismic - >> it that what is meant by a wall on the waterfront. >> no, i don't believe so (laughter) it is a different wall less visible but perhaps more important not a seismic zone we know it's critical and it is important obviously for the economic and health of downtown and many of the surrounding
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neighbors it's subject to liquor factor it is important to remember the shoreline is man made and a very large section of the shoreline is man made it's has historically changes year after year the shoreline is not fixed increase nothing sacred about the edge of the water it's changed so it's important to think that about when look at the seawall and was look at not only repairing the seawall and perhaps building a new one but after disaster recovery and things in the coming years. so what do we do now? the short answer we don't yet know i'm actually here to ask for your input and actually we're working with our staff on a number of approaches how we look at the
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waterfront especially the southern waterfront in light of many concerns that have been raised it's important for a planning agency we keep looking at the big picture and how the work we do with you in the waterfront as a region as a whole. if i might deingress and talk about what new york city is doing in a post sandy world it is very new york took this interesting step not only should we look at the resiliency of the city after sandy but use that opportunity to create a better city new york that a complexion for firms to look at different areas of the new york waterfront sponsored by itself hud the department of the housing and development to generate interesting ideas though how the
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edge of the new york city waterfront should be designed rather than being defensive how can we create a better waterfront it's an interesting model we look at every team looked at a different area of new jersey and new york city and looked at it how to cut back the shore like this and taking advantage of what the rising waters can do for the city and what we can do to address the condition so in very general and broad terms we're doing several thing with our staff and other departments one we have to start planning for sale walls in a serious way there are areas of the city like the i yelp and the slurring slew that are effecting
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under development like seawall slot 87 and south of market we're planning for another round of growth as well secondly, we have to work with you on the issue of the say wall itself and what is that like how can we take the ideas generated in new york city and use it to think different about the waterfront let's take advantage of this to the best opportunity. we have so continue to work with the office of community and investment and a infrastructure the former redevelopment agency on implementing their portion felt waterfront particularly mission bay and the waterfront it is a tendency to think of the redevelopment areas of being independent from the rest of the
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city we're to integrate those and thirdly, we have to a long time the goals we've set out fifthly we have to do our job in our environmental impact report and this is in no order we have to address the order of the design fit it doesn't mean reopening the entire waterfront but it does mean looking at the chief xhoentd and where it should be enhanced in the coming years to address some of the issues the challenges that are put in front of us not only in terms of the voters but with issues like seawater rise and the seawall those are planning implementation we have to deal with. i don't have a specific work plan that is exactly where we are heated i'm here to get our authenticity in the coming
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months we'll work with our staff to develop the program to put in front of you where we stipend to go in terms of planning for the waterfront with that, i'll close my presentation and happy to take questions >> thank you. is through any public comment? seein seeing none. couple of quick questions and i'll let my colleagues speak in terms of efforts to do regional wide planning we've talked about san francisco and our waterfront but it seems given through our regional economy and the number of areas that are contiguous to san francisco have we landmarked anything in terms of being part of a broad coalition also in terms of getting funding for all of these efforts make a difference >> we're scratching the surface
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specifically around the issues of growth that early map showed the outline of the development areas that the region identified by were not to the waterfront, of course, the trail we're working on that i think we have to do better with respect to regional waterfront planning honestly that's another step i'm more and more convinced the way to resolves those issues or at least many of the ways to address this whether regional growth or sea level rise they have to be dealt with on a region basis. >> that's what we call a leading question. commissioner murphy >> where are we going to find the money john and i appreciate that comment one of the best things the golds of some of the development sites on the
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waterfront has to be to look at how much to generate but it has to be said that alone is not going to solve the larger issues that are way beyond the capacity we have to look at this carefully in a broader sense beyond the scope i don't have an answer commissioner i'm sorry the numbers are big. >> i'm sure it's stated are there other money to be able to do this. >> we're having that conversation right now. >> commissioner adams. >> i think we're lucky we have so many large developments going on we can plan that in the future because? a huge issue thank you very much for that presentation. >> my pleasure. >> john thanks for coming out again, i want to see you coming every 6 months we


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