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tv   [untitled]    September 21, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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the private community we were able to really have strong dialogue over a period of months and now have an amended version of the legislation that will accomplish the legislation's goals 100 percent while taking into account the unique needs of our private schools. again, i want to thank mr. -- and the entire private school coalition that worked very hard to get the legislation to move forward and i also want to acknowledge jeff krit in my office who spent time bringing the parties together to what i think is a terrific piece of legislation. >>president david chiu: supervisor ferrell? ferrell ferrell thank you. i want to thank four this. i think we struck a balance. i want to thank the arch diocese as well who has a number of
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the parish schools in san francisco. we all want our kids with ands teachers and schools to be safe. thank you to supervisor wiener for his leadership. >>president david chiu: colleagues, any additional comments? i want to echo supervisor ferrell and just note that yesterday marked the first important deadline of our mandatory retrofit program for individuals to step up and conduct a screening process and we saw a 90 percent compliance rate which was an incredibly high compliance rate for this first step. i want to congratulations mr. leaney and look forward to further work in this area. with that, colleagues, can we take this item same house same call? without objection this ordinance is pass side on the first reading. why don't we skip over our 230 :30 special order and go to
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item 10. city clerk: item 10: 2014.10.140939[board response - civil grand jury - the port of san francisco, caughtbetween public trust and private dollars]resolution responding to the presiding judge of the superior court on the findings and recommendations contained in the 2013-2014 civil grand jury report, entitled "the port of san francisco, caught between public trust and private dollars;" and urging the mayor to cause the implementation of accepted findings and recommendations through his/her department heads and through the development of the annual budget. clerk of city clerk: sf 101234 >>president david chiu: colleagues, same house same call? this resolution is adopted. item 11. city clerk: item 11: 11.140940[board response - civil grand jury - rising sea our doorstep]resolution responding to the presiding judge of the superior court on the findings and recommendations contained in the 2013-2014 civil grand jury report, entitled "rising sea levelsat our doorstep;" and urging the mayor to cause the implementation of accepted findings and recommendations through his/her department heads and through the development of the annual budget. clerk of city clerk: sf 111234 zhu >>president david chiu: same house same call? this resolution is adopted.
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item 12. city clerk: item 12: 12.140941[board response - civil grand jury - ethics in the city: promise, practice orpretense]resolution responding to the presiding judge of the superior court on the findings and recommendations contained in the 2013-2014 civil grand jury report, entitled "ethics in the city: promise, practice or pretense;" and urging the mayor to cause the implementation of accepted findings and recommendations through his/her department heads and through the development of the annual budget. clerk of the boardd city clerk: sf 121234 >>president david chiu: colleagues, same house same call? this resolution is adopted. with that, why don't we go to, supervisor campos should i acknowledge you now or go to roll call? >>supervisor david campos: we can go there now. >>president david chiu: okay. why don't we go back to item 4. okay, why don't we go to roll call colleagues. city clerk: first on roll call to do new business is supervisor breed. breed >>supervisor london breed: thank you colleagues i have a
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very lengthy item to discuss. i wanted to give you a pretext before i get into details of what i'm actually proposing. right outside the chambers is the bus of one of our predecessors, harvey milk. i was told that mr. har vey when he made it up this particular chambers that he walked up the grand stair case. it remind me how hard it took to get here. he mentioned to his friends. today i had a similar reaction. liked around at the polished marble and those before me that it was a privilege to serve. none of the boards that any of the city is entitled to lead. we are not owed these jobs
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nor have we been given the opportunity to serve the people of san francisco. let me say this clearly. i'm not happy about what i am about to do this today. i did not want to do it publically. i did not want to do this at all but this is staring me in the face. san francisco's fire department is in disarray, our medical system is in a state of crisis. public safety is? jeopardy and i and many others have lost faith in the ability to fix it. i respect chief and joanne his wife, she's a great person and she has served the city for decades and a great ambassador at the department. but as a
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former fire commissioner i have to do what is right, before personality, before friendship, before tradition comes service and responsibilities. putting aside ems and overview of the department will give you a sense of it's trouble. in 2008, the department won a federal court security graj grant for nearly $10 million for a boat and fema gave them two optional one 1 year exemption and the department missed the deadline and asked for a one 1 year extension and it missed again and asked for another extension, for 2013 when no matter what the boat was supposed to be nearly done, the fire department had not started building, the department asking for additional time and fema refused and gave the money to other counties throughout the
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bay area. administrative failures in the department cost us $10 million and a boat that is over 50 years old. there is little confidence in the fire department promotion and testing program. even from the rank and file members or from the jurors that had been asked to hear their cases. last october a jury awarded $15 million to 15 firefighters who sued the city for age discrimination and the 2008 promotional exam. at the budget analyst report from january of this year noted, based on interviews with the department employees, confidence in the fairness of the promotional process has not improved. the city currently has three pending lawsuits challenging promotional exams. there have been several troubling employees of the department including high
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ranking staff engaging in questionable behavior. and involved a chief, earlier this year, a firefighter driving drunk and fled the scene of an accident. and the head of homeland security hit a car while driving his department vehicle off duty in sonoma. the assistant chief continued following him and he turned on his flashing light and drove past a stop sign. this is the person that is leading the department terrorism and coordination and grant similar to the one received for the fireboat. as the budget legislative analyst pointed out, most like any other department, the fire department lacks succession plan and five 5-year strategic plan or fleet replacement. seeing as a form are fire
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commissioner i continue to advocate for with noah veil. one firefighter told me that the department's plan is to react react react. moral is clearly down throughout the entire department. i know this because i hear from members day in and day out. we get their text message and their letters and phone calls and the complaints are not about pay or work conditions. firefighters and paramedics work hard, they are paid well and by and large they like what they do. the complaint of the department of not giving them the tools they need to do their job. they are tired of standing by a patient for 45 minutes wait ong an ambulance that is not available and tired of going to work in the morning knowing it's going to happen again the next day. all of these issues, as bad as they are are the pretext, the lenses of which i ask you to
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look at the real crisis. the fire department and medical emergency services, constitutes over 70 percent of the calls going to the department. i held a hearing at the government audio committee on january 23, budget analyst reported when the department literally does not have an ambulance available to send to an emergency increased over 500 percent since 2008. in 2013 the department averaged eight times each day when it did not have an ambulance to send to someone in need and the department is well below it's mandated call response rate under it's own exclusive operating area with the state. this was in january. in february, i introduced and the board passed a motion for the budget and legislative analyst to conduct a follow up audit. specifically about the fire department's allocation of
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resources in management and ems system, throughout the spring i continued to speak here and to the presentes about the problems in the fire department because it's a public safety issue and it's important that we as a body address it. on march first the chronicle ran a story then the san francisco mercury news and then the chronicle again. i held a hearing at the go committee on june 12th to hear on the audit and on june 13, the chronicle ran another story "san francisco lacks to meet it's 911 needs" these stories are on and on. has all this attention compelled the department to improve? has the leadership recognized the urgency the situation
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that we are facing. on saturday august 30, the san francisco fire department had to ask an ambulance company to step in to respond to these emergencies. the department dismisses this as something that doesn't happen very often. except it happened again on thursday and sunday. if this is happening on an average sunday, what happens in the event of an earthquake or any other catastrophic event that might happen in san francisco? there were 374 occasions where it took more than 20 minutes for ambulance to arrive last month alone. 374 times. i hear horrible reports, an 87-year-old man with a broken hip and cracked skull who had to wait 45 minutes for an ambulance and died two days later. a man in north beach with a finger cutoff sitting waiting
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38 minutes for an ambulance, firefighters performing active cpr for 30 minutes waiting arrest -- an ambulance . 15 minutes waiting for a collapsed person during mass. the department and medic to follow, they have no backup, no ambulance to help them if they are injured or the folks they may carry out of a fire. patience -- patients are being transported on the back of police cars. this is an on going public safety. a public health hazard that is only growing worse and worse. our medics are running ragged handling call volumes that exceed all industrial standards or other city's practices. they are being mandated to work over time day after day.
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there is no training time for medics or emt's because they are waiting for calls. you can assure that they need more ambulances and approval for more money. this is the most egregious factor of all. we already did. let me read the june audit. the fact that board of supervisors appropriated the funds requested by the san francisco fire department to authorize 16 ambulances in the fire department's budget for fiscal year 2012-2013, fiscal year 2013 and 22 013-2014 and fiscal year 2014-2015 budget. not one ambulance has been purchased to date. as a result the san francisco fire department takes the existing aging ambulances out of service regularly for repairs, reducing the number of units available to respond
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to calls chltd -- we gave them the money for ambulances and in the face of this crisis they haven't bothered to use it. since i spoke about the ems crisis last week, i'm told that the direction group under the mayor's office started to address the problems. yesterday i was for the first time invited to participate in the working group which i will gradually begin doing immediately. i am told so far the plan includes the 30 -day mutual cooperating contract with the ambulance provider essentially a month long version of the department issued a couple weeks ago. no. 2, the efforts to administer evaluation calls when police are summoned and frequent callers of ems use at the shelters and no. 3, the possibility of more ems hiring. i'm glad that something may
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improve, but why did it have to take this long and go this far? why was the public safety jeopardize before the department took notice? why is this just happening now after i took the matter to the mayor last week. what has been going on for the last six months 6 months for the last year, for the last two 2 years. that's the situation has even come this far as a reflection of failed leadership and a failed system. as a member of the board, we do not have the authority to hire or fire the chief. in fact section.2.114 of the city charter prevents us from doing so and i don't in entered the intend to do so. but i will bring this to light and have the voters have a chance at the ballot.
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today i will ask the city attorney to ensure our ems crisis is revolved and we do not allow this to happen again. in the coming weeks i will meet with the members of the authority to define what a medical standard for authority should be for industrialized care for people. this standard could be on the average response time and the number of medics to follow calls or those with 10 -minute wait and/or number of ambulances medics needed to serve the city safely. whatever the matrix, the ballot measure will require the fire department to meet this minimal level of service. in 2005, proposition f proposed that the city and the department maintain a minimum
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staffing level of service for fire suppression. the voters of san francisco approved this. ems is 70 percent of the call volume of the fire department. doesn't it seem logical that we create a minimum standard for ems like we have for fire suppression. the people of san francisco pay the fire chief over $300,000 a year. i think we are entitle to expect a minimum level of safety. this is urged and promise with success that has not been kept. the fire department has neither. the ballot will improve or move on and improve public safety for everyone in san francisco. colleagues, i have one other item and in memoriam.
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this is in memoriam for lawrence edward shelton senior, he was born in alabama october 1941. he was raised and educated in alabama until age of 13. lawrence moved to west virginia to live with his father. a coal miner. he moved to west virginia where he became close to his future wife annette williams. lawrence and annette became high school sweet hearts and began an adjourn journey that will last 67 years. in columbus i ohio she became a member of the local afcio and then lawrence and his
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family moved to san francisco where he continued his work with labor groups. lawrence is remembered by all for his smile, his love of conversation and his commitment to seeing the good of all people above all. he was a free spirit and a great soul. lawrence is is survived by his wife dr. annette shelton who is here today and one of his daughters is here today. they have four children together, eight grandchildren and countless other family members and friends who greatly inspired his strength of will and free spirit. i would like to acknowledge dr. shelter who is a strong community advocate, one that is continued to fight for the rights of people all over and continues to remain faithful to her church family. i see the rest of your family made it here. my colleagues and i extend
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our heartfelt condolences to you at your time of loss. our community will remember mr. shelton for years to come. thank you for being here and today we are honored to adjourn this board meeting in his memory. so thank you for being here. thank you. the rest i submit. >>president david chiu: colleagues i would like to go to our 2:30 special order. let's proceed to supervisor campos. >>supervisor david campos: thank you very much mr. president. it is my honor to recognize a number of children who came out to our budget and finance committee a few days back to discuss the very important subject of the plight of 10s of thousands of children that have been fleeing central america to this country
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seeking refuge from our nation. i do want to note that the translation devices that have been made available are not working properly so for many of them it's very hard to understand what's happening. so that's probably something to look into for the board. but, we will talk about the specifics of the item when we get back to that item as the meeting progresses. but i want to take this opportunity to recognize the children and we are talking about children who came to our hearing to testify about their experiences. i know for my own experience
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that crossing the border as a child undocumented is a horrific experience. i had the benefit of doing it with a parent that these are kids that did it on their own without a parent with them it just makes the idea of what they went through just impossible to imagine. and, we as adults, we can talk until we are blue in the face about the challenges that these kids are facing, but ultimately it is these kids that are the only ones who can articulate what they have gone through, what they have to face and that they had the courage to come to a building like this one to testify is testament to the fact that these are very special kids
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and government has failed them in their native countries and that they would have the trust to come before a government body like this one is something that i'm very appreciative of and so i want to take this opportunity not only as a supervisors but as a resident of the so the thank them for having the courage to share their experience with us because in sharing their experience not only are they helping themselves, but they are helping 10s of thousands of kids going through a similar experience. i will say this in spanish. [ spanish in spanish]
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>> if they can please come up to the podium when i call their name.
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william garcia, walter garcia, brian suchey, natalie i oyoa, louis conejo, stephanie paola moreno, calvera reyes. [ applause ]
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>> i know a couple of them are going to say a few words. >> [ spanish speaker ] good afternoon, my name is natalie and i am here to thank you all today.
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>> i'm here to thank you all for being here with me and the children here and many more children and for giving us the opportunity to have attorneys that we need so we can stay here longer. [ applause ]
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>> children have something to offer you all just like you have something important to offer us. we are grateful that we are not going to be deported back to our country that we fled to come here. thank you. [ applause ] [ spanish speaker ] hello, my name is fatima. i'm from el salvador. i want to say thank you because you are helping us find attorneys. when here we are children, the people who need them the most.
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thank you. [ applause ] >> hi, my name is louis and i'm from el salvador. and i just want asylum and i want to thank pangia for providing me an attorney free of charge. i wish there were more free attorneys for the


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