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tv   [untitled]    September 22, 2014 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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it but i make a motion when feasible on page 3 line 18 and beginning part of line 19. >> okay. so right now 53 you ask the amendments in general upper today going to offer an amendment to change 72 hours to twenty-four hours two amendments change from twenty-four hours to 72 hours and one to strike when feasible. >> that's correct. >> okay. so is that a motion? >> i make a motion. >> and again, the argument of the substances. >> nomadic the amendments and pass to out today. >> i was prepared to support changing 72 housing to twenty-four hours not prepared to support striking when feasible i think it will hamstring the ability of the
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commission to be flexible with the smaller productions but frankly either small or large i'll not be supporting that motion. >> supervisor kim. >> so i'll support that motion my understanding is there is flexibility that's written into the ordinance, however, i think it's you know we'll have a week before it comes back to the full board and work out the clings and pass it out of the land use commission today, i'm happy to support it today. >> thank you. >> on the motion by supervisor cohen to make those amendments as described to item two madam clerk call roll. >> supervisor cohen supervisor kim supervisor wiener. >> no. >> you have two i's and one no.
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>> so the amendment is adapted supervisor cohen i want to make a motion on item 2. >> yes. i would like to make a motion on item 2 a motion to adapt the amendments. >> the amendments have been adapted. >> motion to move it out of committee and motion to move it to the full board with a positive recommendation i will not been able to support that motion fwiven the striking of the words when feasible i support this in general but as i mentioned before this is to me i think it's good that supervisor cohen that i put that in there and i hope it will come back with that, i'll not been able to vote for the motion i hope over the next 8 days there are
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continued conversation with a workable solution the film industry is important in the city and make sure that is being conducted in a way that works for our neighborhoods i appreciate our work and office madam clerk call the roll on the motion to move it forward. >> supervisor cohen supervisor kim supervisor wiener no. >> supervisor wiener two i's and one >> madam clerk, is there any other business before this committee? >> there's no further business. >> then adjourned
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>> the health commission will come to order and will call the roll. >> commissioner singer? >> he is here. >> commissioner pating? >> here. >> commissioner taylor-mcghee i am sorry that i missed you >> present. >> commissioner chow. >> present. >> commissioner chung? >> present. >> and commissioner karshmer. >> present. >> and i believe that the commission are going to do the introductions. and there will not be a roll call from the commission on the status of women. >> we are going to do the
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introductions. >> oh, yes and the introductions sorry, and before that, i would like to welcome, dr. david peting to our commission, this is his first formal commission meeting after appointment in august. [ applause ] >> with that, i think that as to become acquainted with each other, we are asking each one to at least speak briefly on who they are, and so that the other commissioners for the fellow commission will be understanding of who they are sitting next to. >> and who will be speaking. let me start from my right to left. commissioner singer? >> hi, dave singer. and an entrepreneur and invest or and i have been on the commission for about a year and change. >> and all of my work is in healthcare. >> and commissioner
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taylor-mcghee? >> bele taylor-mcghee and i am a consultant, for the communication and policy and i am also on the national steering committee to bring over the counter access to all conception free the pill. >> and i am david pating and i am a psychiatrist and chief, and look forward to being on the commission as representing the behavior health influences on public health but also, looking after the public health of all of san francisco. >> thank you. and i have been on the commission since 1989. and i am an internist in san francisco. >> and commissioners? >> good afternoon, i am cecilia chung and i am the senior (inaudible) of the law center and i am also a member of the
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(inaudible) advisory council in hiv and aids and, nationally and i do a lot of efficacy work around health and rights. and for people who are doing hiv and has a very like, strong community focus, in my policy advocacy work. >> and i am judy karshmer and i have been on the health commission for about a year and a half and i am delighted to be part of this. >> thank you. >> and commissioner would you like to call your commission? >> sure. >> i think that we are not calling our commission to order, we do not need to do a roll call, if not, i will start, my name is nancy kirshner-rodriguez and i am president on the status of women and my day job is now executive director of the california commission on the status of women and girls and so i am excited to hear that there are colleagues on the commission that also have state
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roles. for pat nering in that and i have served on this commission for three and a half years now. president shorter? >> great. >> and good evening, everyone. and i am andrea shorter and i am the vice president on the commission on the status of women and i have been on the commission for about 14 years now. so, i am the senior linking member of the commission and it is a pleasure to be here, and to see some new face and in new and friendly, faces and i just want to acknowledge three very key people that are with us today. and as far as the history of this commission, and we have roma guy who is the former commissioner of this commission, and one of the women that helped to make this commission possible. many years ago.
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and we also have sonia (inaudible) who is the former director on the commission of the department of the status of women and also, former commissioner here to help the commission and then we certainly have taylor-mcghee who did not mention that she is a former member on the status of women and as you can see we have a rich and wealthy history of women and it is part to be the history. >> thank you, good afternoon, everyone and it is a pleasure to be here and i am julie, soo, and i am the pas president on the status of women and i am a senior on the counsel of department of insurance and a former mathematician and went to law school to work on healthcare reform. and still it is a big undertaking and so i expect in high school i will be coming upon my 40th reunion and sometimes, and in six years.
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and i also sit on the board of the saint francis memorial hospital and my passion is (inaudible) appropriate out reach on out service and social services and i am also an executive board member of the california democratic party and co-chair of the committee for about six years. and i am a fourth generation san franciscan, and so i am very passionate about keeping my city great and making our city great. >> commissioner gamez? >> my name is alicia gamez and i am a commissioner on the status of women and i have had the pleasure of serving for about three and a half years. and in my day job and i am an attorney and i practice in the areas of tax and trust and state planning and litigation, and i am a current board member of the san francisco bar association, and i am a chair of the trust and states
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litigation section of the bar association. and also on their tax executive committee. i am in my prior career, i was an academic and i moved out here and earned a phd at stanford which i carried forward, in my training and ethnic studies and women and gender studies which i have had the pleasure of applying here during my tenure as a commission on the status of women. and i am, it is with great pleasure that i attend this joint commission meeting. commissioner jung? >> hi, i am mary jung and i served on the commission for two years, and my day job i am the director of government and community affairs for the association of realtors small business people who try to help people to get the dream of home
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ownership, and i am the chair of the democratic party. >> and commissioner ackerman. >> i have been on the commission for a year and i am a former deputy attorney for san francisco and did work with the health department, and i am very excited to be here. and i am an attorney, and my day job, i now work in public health. policy and legal work related to chronic disease prevention, and primarily obesity but i do a little tobacco too, so it is fun to be here. >> thank you. >> and everything else that you would like to say? >> well, yes, first, thank you, we certainly are pleased and welcome the commission on the status of women, and it is clear, that many of our issues overlap, and also, it looks like many of our personnel overlap. and we generally see it,
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because at least half of whom we should be taking care of are women. and so, our commission is looking forward to understanding your perspective on what women are receiving today, and in our health system and what our city should be doing to continue to improve the health of our population. and so, again, welcome to our chamber and we look forward to a productive evening. >> i just want to add, i guess one thing. for the commission on the status of women, this is, i believe, our third joint commission meeting that we have held, we have also held a joint commission meeting in the past year and a half with the police commission and with the small business commission. and i know that several of our members definitely myself included, would like to express that in keeping with the other objectives that 50 percent of
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our population, of course is women, and we are finding that these joint commission meetings are particularly useful in informing our work going forward together, and also as a commission and a department and so we want to thank you for all of the work that has gone into putting this together and we are looking forward to a great dialogue. >> thank you. >> we can go on to the next item,. >> yes, and commissioners before we announce the resolutions that are coming forward, resolution a, and b, will be voted on by both commissions, but separately, and so we will call the vote and the third resolution will be voted on by the commission of the status of women for the public.
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>> if on your commission you need to accept? >> could i have a motion to approve the meeting agenda? >> motion to approve the meet ago again da. >> is there a second. >> second. >> and all of those in favor. >> aye. >> recognizing the contributions of roma guy. >> i believe that everyone has a copy of this in the book and i would like to ask any commissioners that would like to speak, personally on and i
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would like to call her for her incredible legacy across the organization and in the support of many individuals as well, many of whom that i believe that we all call friends. >> can we put the resolution on the table first for both parties? and i would move the resolution on behalf of the health commission. >> okay. >> and is there a second to that? >> and there is a second. >> great. >> go ahead. >> and i move it. >> for the commission on the status of women. >> okay. >> is there a second? >> a second.
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>> and okay. so we will receive the comments, and if i could, i want to thank all of the commissioners to be here today and but particularly to roma guy and roma has been an incredible leader in our department and the mentoring for the staff, and how much you are and how special you are to the health department and to many of the staff and the executive staff, particularly of the health department and thank you so much for all of your service and your commitment to the community. and the woman's community, particularly. >> and i'm emily murase on the director of the status of women and pleased to be here as a guest of the health commission and i want to say that roma guy is a giant in the woman's movement here in san francisco and she has been a part of every major initiative from the
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woman's foundation to the woman's building, and we owe her a tremendous debt of gratitude and i had the privilege of serving her on the community board on the state school of social work which offers the steady supply of the graduate interns for our office and it has been a pleasure working with her and i can't think of a better way to acknowledge her here than at this joint commission. >> and i am here on behalf of our commission and we are more than pleased to be able to again, recognize commissioner guy, her work, and most were not here, at the time, on the commission, and for the i would say, the first strategic plan to be put forth as the pioneer effort and the fact that we needed one, and she has also serviced on the major committees and of the mayor on behalf of our health commission, and on behalf of city government.
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and so, all of way from also, the challenges dealing with the southerner and the saint lukes issues to even our, to even the planning for the campos initiative and all, she has been in every one of our major initiatives over these last two decades, i think that the commission has been fortunate, to have her formally as a member of the commission, and to have her, informally, then in or on her own, continue to benefit, to the city, and benefit us, with her wisdom. and so, the commission thanks you, very much. >> commissioner i would like to say something. >> thank you very much. i am having pleased to support this resolution, for roma she was one of the first persons to reach out to me when i came to
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san francisco. she has had a eye on woman's rights and issues and i applaud her for that and admire her for her service. >> thank you. >> i would like to just congratulate roma guy and she is so deserving and let's say that someone said that she was a giant, i want to say tiny but mighty, because she is, she is so persist ant and that is a lesson that we all need to learn is that you can get things done by being persist ent and she is everywhere so i want to thank you for paving the way and allowing us to carry forth, the torch of all of the great work that you have done, and in particular, i have received the phone calls from other of your colleagues, or former colleagues who could not be here and in particular, the commissioner of this and she is up in abdomening men abdomening men toe today.
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sacramento today. >> roma we are family. and i have known roma pretty much from the day that i set foot in san francisco, and some time in the last century. she knew me before my dread locks. and i have always taken great pride in and describing roma, and as a relation to me. i say that i am a child of roma guy. and that i have sat at her knee, and have learned many things about san francisco and her love for san francisco, but, the woman's movement toward the duration for all women. and not only here in the san francisco bay area. and to the internationally.
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and so as commissioner soo expressed, just a tiny and just the corridors of san francisco, and and also, sometimes we have been fooled by the year of the dreadlocks by roma and we don't always agree on everything, but we always know that there is a great deal of love, and respect, because we are both committed to doing the right thing and i have learned a lot from you. and you are more deserving of this and all of the other accolades coming your way. >> and i just want to add, and everything, that the commissioners have said so far, and i can, and i can attest to the international part of it, because, you know, like one of the few places that i did not expect to run into too many of
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the san francisco colleagues, that have been in the international conferences, and, and the departments of both attending, and you know, like the international conference, and in dc, i believe, and i think that what strikes me the most and what inspires me the most about is her passion and i don't know what her passion that drives her energy or her energy that drives her passion. and i think that only she can answer that, but that is really inspiring for me, and you know, like there are few people that i would really consider an icon but roma is definitely one of them, and i can only hope that i can have, the same kind of passion for my community, and you know, and to be able to continue to do my work for my community, and on behalf of, you know, the san francisco
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family, like, roma does,. >> was there any public comment for this item. >> and receive for the vote then, and i am told that both commissioners each one will have to vote separately and so that it becomes each commission's resolution and you will start with your commission, first? >> yeah. >> okay. >> and so we will have the health commission, vote first, all of those in favor of the resolution, please say aye. >> aye. >> all of those opposed it will pass you unanimously. >> on the status of women, all of those in favor? >> aye. >> opposed? >> unanimous. >> and thank you, commissioners
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and when i tried to co-here with my energy, commissioner chung, and when i was in the fourth grade and the nuns called my parents and they said, what are we going to do, she can't just run around the school yard 40 times before we call recess and so i ended up taking on the violin, and baseball. and i started up in the northern maine like the baseball players and let me show you how, and i think that we have life energy and we just need to find where we want to put it, and i did, with your
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help, i don't think that i know and i know that the health commissioners are better from the commission and at the department of commission on the status of women, i should say, and but, then when i got here, i am like, oh, i could say something, teasing, and just about everybody, here. and so you know, when the commission on the status of women, was formed, it was a task force, originally, and i wanted to go, and ask some funders for battered women shelter, where i met, former commissioner melara and now the commissioner, and congratulations to the police force and we were both pretenny bopers and we were there as
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volunteers with our nap, sacks trying to respond and so that was a long time ago and, i think that it is 40 years now, and so, it was the beginning of that and we were a part of the civil rights movement and we want to acknowledge that. and then for the and then you became a commission, and then it is really a thrill to see today, but, of this joint commission, and then this effort, because a place was built in the electoral and the governing system for both the health commission and the commission on the status of women because there was no commission there was no health commission, not so long ago. i was in my 20s when, it was
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katherine dodd and kate, cline, right? and said, that we have and we have to do something, because they are going to shut down, san francisco general. and that is really, what happened, and you know, we have to form a commission, and so then, i think that commissioner (inaudible) was probably in medical school when that happens. she is our senior. right? and so, any way, i really acknowledge your significant contribution dr. chow, because san francisco general, and its relationship to public health in the safety net, and your seniority mattered in all of these years. and certainly, at that time, director garcia you were maybe graduating from high school, i don't know, but it was before you were a community organizer in watsonville that was for sure, but for me it was just
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like a thrill, and i just, i just want to say, one thing, and you know, as the community organizer and i first got here, and and someone said, you know, we need to put more gay people on the health commission and it can't just be gay men and so someone came to me and said, and you know, that your partner, dion jones and she is a nurse at san francisco general and she is doing incredible work on the emerging aids, and we don't have a definition about it, and it is the aids epidemic and we would like her to be on the commission? you are kidding she does not qualify. and i said, well, why not. and so this is our fellow, democrats, and i said, because she is an employee of the health department. and i said, you should ask me. and i said, but you don't qfy


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