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tv   [untitled]    September 28, 2014 6:00am-6:31am PDT

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not only does it protect you locally but protects you all over your body that's over 99 percent the other speakers said it's not about cost of living this is about seriously providing something for the community and also native americans to occasion al risk over 60 percent even if people living in- had are in la and san francisco as such we're leader communities and the l.a. county hiv commission i work with we have assigned one to $1.5 million for education i believe that san francisco, california do the same i ask you today to support this for the people you represent and seller change the face of hiv not only in san francisco but california and set an example for not only
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san francisco but for the world. >> welcome to san francisco. >> zach murray (calling names). >> good morning. my name is a aaron balancing one i'm the first hiv practice in america i get many people in my officer who are hiv positive so examples i wanted to give you of san franciscans one is a young man that finished his degree at berkley a first year medical student a young african-american gay man that wanted to take a life insurance policy will have invest a lot of money into emphasis education because of hiss his diagnosis it was not an option
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two business owners one a gay man hiv negative a heterosexual woman business partners wanted to execute an agreement to make sure in the event either one of them passes the business ownership would go on because the heterosexual woman waltz hiv positive she can't get life insurance and they will not open a third location in the city employ more san franciscans because a they'll have to use that money to create a more buy and sell agreement to protect the parties or pirates a-year-old tech executive has acquired a $3 milli3 million do
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state it's a million dollar he hopes to give to charities in san francisco 23 it's long time care experiences are significant that won't happen and those are other costs to the city and county of san francisco. >> i see laura thomas thank you. i'm the co- president of the harvey milk club. >> yesterday, i was at a meeting we were talking to folks from out of town talking about the psychosis of the san francisco model of hiv care and prevention and in that conversation i expressed how proud i was to be a part of san francisco's model of care and to the extended we've been leaders
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in the epidemic and much of the leadership has come if the san francisco department of public health and with the city and county government one of the things we do well, is follow the evidence and some days we create the evidence by doing the research that's needed to be effective and crap it is one of those we face barriers to prep and people are talked about those in terms of the stigma and the economic barriers stigma around people's sexuality around their drug use and the kind of work they do are things we've preside ourselves in san francisco on overriding as barriers to access to health care we need the type of investments in those cost effective services of navigateors of helping people with co-pays and the small
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investment giving the larger benefits this is a health care justice of reproductive justice or racial justice we can do this to enable us to be proud at the forefront of addressing hiv. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> thank you i'm a social worker expanding prep access is a social justice issue for many of our counties they don't have the means to access services even if with the affordable care act 2, 3, 4 many community when a person becomes aware of their hiv status ouch they have to diagnose hiv i aids or within a
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twourgdz period this is a human impact and also and then justice this is a huge thing expanding access to prep we're providing 10esh8 justice and taking democratic action because i'm asking for preparing to all community we're being democratic. >> thank you very much i'm going to read a couple of more names (calling names). > next speaker. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello well, the one things i hear are good things for the future and community it's not for us only community to help
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and protect i have hiv for almost 14 years and i don't accept this one we can protect and help more community not just one or two people more for all the community because we are human we're not people like just oh, i did this and it's done i think there are good things to give it to other communities i know it is expensive but i think it is to bring to the people or take it to get good things for all community thank you and i hope it is good things for all communities thank you. >> thank you very much. next
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speaker. thank you, supervisors edwin vice president of the san francisco latino democratic club i want to briefing share this is an issue that effects outline community both lgbt community and community of color and community that in many respects don't have the ability to afford prep our society and community our doctors and survivalists gave us fire to provide a way to find a cure for the tranquilities of hiv we have the opportunity to save a generation of people that can is san francisco stooped for us first and the rest of the country is going to follow this is another way to get rid of hiv i urge you to support this supplemental and thank you for your listening.
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>> thank you very much. next speaker. >> thanks for hearing me today optimum eric gibb i'm a lucky privileged guy i've been taking preparing for two years i have private insurance and a $3,000 a year dethat deduct and pay 36 hundreds 80 a year i'm lucky ami i've got it better than most people i'm an advocate for preparing and i hear story after story after story of people that can't get access by a can't navigate their shurndz or get the co-pays i support better access by helping people to get people to help to pay firing probation officer co- cases. >> thank you very much. next
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speaker. and i'm adams a member of the harvey milk club i want to urge you to adapt that i will highlight how many times have you are u you are heard about this this, can easily adapted and grab ahold of someone i heard our stories and i hope you can take a step forward funding and seeing that hiv can be curd thank you very much. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> hi supervisors i'm steven aside from the financial aspect of it being a good investment especially, when we're not in a recession in the future i tried to get prep i had step throat she ended up saying i was
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stereotyping with my step throat and said maybe you can checkout the health study i was informed and knew when i wanted to get you picked a doctor treating hiv patient in the castro it gives a number of hiv community even with that privilege i couldn't get it from my primary care physician it ended the trust for a dr. patient relationship this is important autonomy to pay lip service but to put money toward it and lead on the issue invading and hope the people that have health care to get the methamphetamines and also as a city government with the department of public health providing real legitimate
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information for providers here in san francisco to be better informed this is critical the science is if we know it works. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> good morning gene head of the san francisco aids foundation since the foundation our existence depends on on we are here they foster love and it is to be celebrated but 3 decades ago the aids crisis with the loss of lives changes our ways of thinking about sex this persists today it dpant did not have to be permanent we can reshape our intimacy thoughts
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and love for many people condoms are effective for preventing hiv. >> yet with 50 thousand new infections in the united states annual there are many people that say condoms don't work women try to consecutive and condoms don't work people are not in a situation to talk about this for gay men condoms are not working a recent study found one in 6 men use condoms but what a about the other 84 percent it is highly effective when used properly it has a degree of
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forgiveness this provides protection today, the condoms don't protect you if you don't use one today it helps to keep people noting fosters intimacy where previously they were in shame and fear prep provides protection we have to do more and look forward to the ongoing conversation and thank you very much. next speaker. >> good morning. i'm pete i'm an internal medication physician i want to echo the information around the effectiveness of preparing and that it is nothing short of amazing if taken daily one of the concerns is improving the access to health whether
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this means reducing the co-pays or dededucts as others have said it can be substantial or a navigate our to help people get prep i tell you as a doctor the root can be great so whatever we can do to improve access i'm all for that. >> good morning. i'm zach a policy analysts thank you for hosting this forum i'm happy to be here at a historic moment for the city of san francisco larkin street we're proud of our prevention work working with organizations that are recommended here our accentuated care is the first residential treatment facility for youth
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living with hiv we are looking at the youngest people and basically, what we know is this disease takes an toll open people of color specific 16 to 24 black men they've over recommended and this is a situation we need to pinpoint and access this resources this is a way to reserve this and we know there are a large amount of homeless people that puts them at risky want to offer a few insights we find our clients get - the higher risk clients that have tdr expressed an interest in preparing some clients understand this whether or not it might be for them, however,
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one of our clients has tried it at larkin street and not able to get a prescription and was seeking out the help over the course of the facilitating group she has conversations with men having sex with men and they don't use condoms for some with a conscious part of how they had sex this is important to youth and i strolg you're going to to move forward with it. >> thank you very much. next speaker. thank you, supervisors for having this hearing i'm 5u7bd reynolds representing project in form is supports supervisor campos and supervisor wiener's goal for ease access to prep it is fortunate that at least in
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san francisco the debates for the advocacy have ended prep works for people that have access to it and takes it the project has figured out for people living with- for the last 3 years we've been fighting the same fight for people r with aids this having should be alongside other option care and treatment with preparing remained an incomplete system too often people are not screened forensic for hiv or not counseled about prep too few doctors are knowledgeable and not talking about prep and even if prep is prepared some find high co-pays or not
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coverage at all it is particularly true for the marginalized community in our society including young men of color and transgender men and women and women with hiv partners trying to consecutive children for the first time since the beginning of the epidemic we have an option that doesn't depends on our sex partner to protect you, we have an option that's not vulnerable to the sometimes fears and feelings that occur during sex especially for individuals been drinking or using other substances or for those who want sex to offer prepping to those in need could alternate the epidemic in san francisco we urge the board of supervisors and the city to take advantage
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of the opportunity that prep offers to get to zero new options. >> thank you and provided social support can help us make good on the goal. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good morning, supervisors al legislation vice president of political tax from the lgbt harvey milk democratic club i want to say we had a great meeting i'm here today as a gay man in a anyone minus relationship there was a period in my life i didn't have shuns and i had unprotected example i thank my lucky stars nothing happened because i didn't have insurance there was no test available or where i had access
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so i think the supplemental is important for people who are educated in my generation they think that aids is in the morning an issue yes, it's still out there and it can help you prevent it i'm up here supporting it not from current programs but united states supplementals can be important can fund navigateors like magnet and city clinic city clinic was where i went when i thought i contracted something you know we're talking about prep but it can be used as post exposure this is an important thing that people don't realize they think that hiv can be treated through the drugs we have today but people don't know it can be prevented if we can have the
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navigateors for people that are in my generation or young that will save lives thank you supervisor wiener's and supervisor campos i hope this pays for public health thank you very much. >> thank you very much. next speaker. thank you, supervisors steven torres the event and fundraising chair for the harvey milk club yes, this is the social responsible thing to do not because of the financial access it provides but because of the visibility as we remember in the crisis visibility the lack of visibility prevented people from educating treatment and consequentially we lost leave people and now the lack of visibility is allowing people to
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feel shame and by the city lending their seal of approval it will let people feel better about educating this. >> thank you, mr. torres. >> next speaker. >> hi thank you for having this hearing and having us here for the purpose i'm stephanie ashley i want to say in addition to the comments i heard san francisco is doing some great work and making prep available i know people in my life that have been able to do this through kaiser about 5 hundred of the approximately, one thousand prescriptions in the city has been housed and have been able to access this through the city most of the people i know that have been able to successfully
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access prep have been men who have had some level of insurance company and financial insurance but there's another group of folks i work with who not only are very limited in their ability to access prep but that have not heard about it i think about the sex based workers and in collaboration with the mission neighborhood center o. we'll be doing hiv prevention work with women that have hiv positive partners engaging in risky behavior and we ask have you heard about prep most often no this is why the supplemental is important not only will it expand on the access that the city has done but give us funding for the education with the residents in san francisco
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that has not been able to hear the messages and give us the ability to navigate those people into prep and principle care if they choose san francisco has done a great job in investing in the preventive car thank you very much. >> thank you very much. next speaker. last one i'm so excited hi, i'm ted nov the program director and st. james how we navigate prep i want to talk about you how i want to talk about it personally today, i want to talk about my experience as a queer transgender sex worker bring this experience into the room despite a long history of working in the hiv prevention
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experienced a lot of difficulty navigating condom use when i founded myself in a new culture transgender do social work and the stigma is - we're that did not on the transactions sex workers in fact the sexual entransmitter all those factors lead to 49 percent of women living with hiv access to medication can prevent the conversion while the cults are risky that's net this small tool for people to use 6 months maybe a year or lifetime is something better than converting to hiv i living with that i was
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lucky while i navigated sex work i would like it if other folks are able to do that not through lucky but access to care that's in our hands please support the supplemental. >> thank you very much is there any public comment? >> lime larry i have pictures here it's a picture of where i said the first hotel place and hanging wilson in the 80s i can tell you my history in '86 the first time i seen a man that looked at rock hudson he was my friend and i hugged and we kissed i moved to philadelphia and it was still i couldn't get it was hard to identify i moved
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to chicago people thought i was the first gay man, i moved to san diego and san diego was military guys that get to kill themselves because they were testing positive i moved to san francisco it was the first time first place we started at 42 market and 973 gay men of color and went to 995 market and the united nations plaza what i'm saying what i learned about positive hiv we have a lot of milks and medications from this i'm saying prep will help many people of color and all people in this country because my former roommate used to be tv tim brown getting to zero i have the bracket this is a point
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we're getting to zero and no one has to have stigma and fear i know that michael jackson went to the hospital he lives with the there will and this is to continue the cure of 3 decades later we're a country that found a great cure this is the greatest advancement as we're getting to fight ebola with president obama let's her it and pop it out. >> thank you. next speaker. >> become thank you, supervisors for holding this hearing i'm eric i want to share a story i was dating someone hiv positive and we have a scar and luckily i had access to pets i was able to go to the city clinic i was put on path and
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unfortunately i didn't have insurance and no access for me to go into 3re7 so i went back to the relationship i was happy in but still living with the fear or the risk that i was going to become hiv positive so i would encourage you to support accident supplemental path was something i was grateful for but knowing if i hadn't had access to prep that would be a better thing for me, i urge you to support the supplemental. >> is there any additional public comment seeing none, public comment is closed i actually want to add one more piece of public comment very moving e-mail that i evidence and the individual asked me to read portions of it and we


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