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tv   [untitled]    December 18, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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report those are four of our 6 nominees before the board at no time. >> good evening superintendent carranza and incarnations and the communities that are still here i'm ms. de la cruz a parent at betsy carmichael two children enrolled there i'm a very reactive member of the pta as well thank you >> (speaking foreign language.) >> good evening after all you ami and have two children one of them third grade and one in
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kindergarten they attend the valley. >> good evening superintendent and president fewer and commissioners i'm caesary banks two students i have a daughter in 6th grade and ethnic grader at gateway thank you. >> hello good evening. i'm he esmeralda micro i have a son at the elementary school and active parent in the community in the school and i'm a busy parent. >> thank you very much for your patience georgia you want to say anything. >> first, i wanted to take a moment to say thank you commissioner maufas for your years of service on the board and for the support and more importantly thank you for your
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groundbreaking work as one of the original pack members with the structure; right? the portfolios and the by laws for the nitty-gritty work and i i really want to say thank you on behalf of the pack members it's appropriate that tonight is the night hoping to have new members he really want to make sure we are maintaining the diversities no one in ethnicity but the special needs and languages and the connecticut come insurance so to bring that debt both the new voices we're excited to have those four members and the two members were not able to make it still with the new board members coming on we have communities
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that are underrepresented on our board we holy the asian pacific islander families and asian families we will have a seat open we'll take into account during a spring recruitment and our chair is terminating out so keep in mind so really at this point we want those members appoint it's crucial for our spblt as an advisory for year to year to make sure we have them members to pick up the flow and make sure as our work carries on as people term out to make sure we can move forward and gave me people in the decision making in the decision policies. >> thank you very much i see no
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push speakers. >> congratulate all the new members and appreciate this huge commitment it is so valuable and with the el cap process and people around the state i sat other than the board and have talked about this el cap process and how numerously lucky we have grateful to have parents organize in a way they've built a knowledge bails and have this ongoing structure we use for not being the you know not only the district igniting for input but parents talking to our parents what a concept i'm proud to encourage others to try to do
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that, too so i'm very happy i want to say this i think that every time you come here and ouch on our website we're also soliciting people to apply for the pack it occurred to me a venue to have a little bit of a brain trust and assaulted with the members of the page and georgia and kind of think about other kinds of targeted outreach we might do we might look at schools that have never sunshine had someone on the pack i don't want to suggest things but it seems like after this along the structure of the pack and the work that you do is spectacular but by the struggle
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with the outreach and getting people to apply and getting the representation we would like to have and the offer i'd like to be involved in helping because i think that's the part of this we need to take to the next level thank you all and we'll be seeing you. >> commissioner norton. >> i wanted to also thank you and echo the thanks that commissioner wynns and everyone else feels i want to commend the pack an you know i think you've made progress and also making progress recruiting as broadly as you can i'm noticing you have more parents than in the past and this was identified role as a need a few years ago we've never had someone a parent of a student so i really want to appreciate that and thank you
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for your servicing it is role important we have the special ed cap but it's important that parents with students of disabilities get involved i know i've talked to pack members our concerned are we representing the school district and i landmarked to working with you. >> great yes, thank you i just wanted to really thank you in advance for the many hours of work we'll be asking you to do in support of our decision making it's not a revealed task i know that georgia is a skilled administrator but we really do rely on members of the pack to bring their best speak forward and make us other so beyond the
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models report please contact me really if there's an issue i want to be held accountable to a parent of a high schooler and middle school make sure we're relying on you but he rely on us. >> all right. thank you i want to welcome you and thank you for your service and georgia appreciate our breakdown on our memo i think one of the challenges i have i love to be able to welcome the new members and reminded who else is on the pack really good breakdown and really done a great job in diversely the pack and representations for the students if our district and hearing the parent voices across the district we looking forward to
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working with you. >> mr. chin. >> yes. i would like to say that the stated advisory committee is looking at to collaborating with you. >> thank you, president fewer and welcome this is a wonderful opportunity for you to get the next engagement of the policy in our schools as the students i'm appreciate you've volunteered and this is all with open arms i welcome you and georgia thank you for your guidance on this end and also with the pack members i'm sure i've seen some of the trainings you do they're amazing and competitive i'll be coming
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to the trainings i move into the other side of the areas to work with my granddaughter so welcome, welcome and then i hope maybe i'll have a chance to see one of you in one of those seats here. >> commissioner haney. >> you know they say they w have one more spot left open on the spot. >> you're pretty well qualified. >> i just wanted to also say thank you for stepping up and looking forward to working with you and the pack and georgias leaderships took a roll in the el cap process the engagement process is next year we're hoping to take to the next level and do a better job so it's an important time for you joining
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the board and joining the board joining the pack and helping with those efforts this next year so thank you and we're looking forward to working with you and georgia for your leadership. >> yes. and then i want to say welcome and thank i hope to work with you i think 12 years ago i wrote it and never dreamed we would get dedicated parent to join this committee thank you, very much. we're ready for a roll call vote. >> ms. sonata mr. chin mr. haney oar commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> commissioner murase mrirnz and president fewer. >> it's 7 i's. >> thank you congratulations
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arrest so this is item f public comment and content item 3 speakers signed up mr. jeff, and susan solomon and supervisor. >> so, please come to the appointed you have 2 minutes press the red bumming bottom please and identify users. >> i'm jeff the executive director of the hampton family center i'm sure you're aware of there's over 2 thousand students in the san francisco unified school district homelessness this is not acceptable and while though this is not the fault of everyone in the city or district the school district can or be part the solution before
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you is an n o observation under the leadership of the staff we've put together a pilot program before where the hampton will come to the school for rent induces for any families in the school district that is at risk of being homelessness we're commented to getting a phone number and set up a hotline for the staff we've started to do this on a pilot basis we've been overwhelmed the demanded is clearly there and i am very happy to tell you we're actively seeking funding to amplify this partnering and hopefully, we'll have good news but regardless of the funding we're committed and excited and appreciate everyone in people services support of really trying to reduce the numbers of families are homeless or at risk of being
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homelessness. >> thank you, commissioner you can speak as long as you like. >> i love you sandy it's great to be here and what a special night to be here for kim try and the seismic measure not to complete i was an african-american major that pegs me to the 70s it's wonderful to be here i would like to take a moment to acknowledge kim try we share leave political dna dna together and people have said it is not necessarily the things you've done but how you make people feel i'll appreciate how important that is and the kim try is magnificent in making that him connection that's important so i have great admiration for her and
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acknowledge she's advanced the progressive movement that has not had african-american leadership as i see the issues championed by the progressive movement it is something that is important to continue that work okay - >> and our great superintendent i want to say what a treat you had principles p to work with and seeing 24ir administrators and they've el elevated that makes my heart smile so see ms. csa grove seeing be able to share the board chambers i'm here working with the mayor working with the engagement and when the chamber and other stakeholders bank on my door and time to change homelessness
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they're not knowing about first names with children but people that are problematic to businesses we hope to rule out important things but your children and families struggle without a lot of attention i'm grateful thank you to hydra for the partnership in the mayor's office and in the days coming ahead some of the industries are maturing and 4th of july the issues are truly important and not change without their investment i'm hopefully, but what i love about hampton center they've not talked about an issue and said we don't have the money we need to do the work and we're going to figure out that i want to share i'm currently working with a teacher and two children that are homelessness i think that was a miracle to place her in a hotel and her
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hotel stay is coming up beer struggling it's not only the families but our teachers i want to say i spend a lot of time at frirn church that opens a diner i see the kids and i won't be able if pick those kids out of a crowd i look at the school yard and know i'm looking at children that are homelessness before any eyes and have no way of seeing that last year metro at that came to us and said when they have their meetings to talk about revitalizing education fairly children to some families with bringing issues of homelessness to their meetings they can't get to where they need to go in educational equality and closing the gap
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unless we help our children and famed i'm 3 years into this job that is very exciting year to see things happening i'm thrilled to be here on a special night and see the work and see this partnering going on thank you. >> (clapping.) glad to see you, too good afternoon superintendent carranza. >> susan solomon more of a under the circumstances issue one an page one hundred and 3 by the way, there will be 4 they're all seeking waivers from board of education policy 3850 and each of those jobs on 103 a
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music teacher one hundred 6 music structure and page 139 music teacher an page 188 that's a teacher a former teacher all former employees a former teacher to be hired to write common core state standards awe aligned jobs done by sfusd people's represented by the educators of san francisco i don't understand why this waiver is necessary and said why they'll be hired as contractors when they should be represented as school employees.
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>> this is item d consent calendar may have is moved and seconded any items withdrawn or corrected by the superintendent. >> yes. president fewer we have 3 corrections the first is correction to page 9 of consent calendar item 2 i for the correction of the word lacquering with the word life threatening and on page one hundred of 2 funding from quality investment act and partnership in the mayor's office and salesforce from 74 thousand to 90 thousand and the third correction as state aid 8 a and b number 2a and b on page
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22 of the attached criteria part of the interim report that indicates the date of the board meetings and the cb o is september 9, 2014, correction to the date of the governing board that will act on december 12, 2014, and not september 9th this is to the criteria for the district and county first interim reports. >> wow. thank you very much mr. steel. >> yes. absolutely. >> i'm sorry on page h 62 the funds that are not coming from the qi a but from the salesforce grant and the innovation fund
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what is where are they coming from. >> u and i'm have to follow up on that commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> which i will. >> thank you commissioner maufas. >> thank you, president fewer not that i have many requests those days but can i get a maybe this can come in an e-mail how we have several of those the wave of the board policy maybe that's even though a coincide they're all together it looks at odd recently former employees are doing contract work that seems a little bit unusual maybe we can hear something in h.r. around that. >> thank you commissioner maufas we'll get a conceptually explanation. >> thank you superintendent. >> president fewer. >> i misread the code so it's
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accurate the saks code from 7400 to 74095 >> thank you any items removed by first reading. >> any items severed by the board for discussion. >> roll call vote will take place under section o we're on item j request for speak for general matters i have a list you have two minutes to speak (calling names). >> and suzy sea gal. >> good evening.
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> my name is cindy chin my son a 13 he is in the wonderful high school right now at 9th grade >> (speaking foreign language.) >> wasn't in high school -
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> good evening superintendent and commissioners i'm cindy chin i'm here tonight i wanted to have any son referred to washington highly i high school that's a better place for my son and whole families one of things the high school is a good high school but a challenge i have a 19-year-old manual who lives but i need to work long hours and my
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husband i view and stay for any mom to be home alone therefrom in 91 if my son goes to washington high school it will be easier for any son to take care of my grandmother and be around my grandmother with emergency happened so i think that will be a huge burden off my mind >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and he really hope that the
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district will look at any situation and help me, help me about family challenge thank you. >> thank you for coming i'm going to ask our board liaison to get our connect information to connect with you the board tomorrow morning. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening superintendent carranza and president fewer and board members before i read my statement i know this is not the proper channel but because karen phoned us there's a storm coming i'm here tonight to request you review the resolution 11614 a-3
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the title of it is in green clinics thought the san francisco unified school district you voted to phase anti. >> products and save products this is fantastic but there recent a problem last week during the hours of december 3rd some schools were flooded by leaky roofs and hearing the news and the coming storms this is a upgrade matter it is flooded items and buildings should be sanitized with bleach or items on defenseless third and you fourth and filthy asked for information for the classrooms tables and chair and feet and fortune get sanitized with
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bleach i only have the phone call of the emergency cleaning crew that is, i wouldn't bother them with that, i get a sense that the district cleaned the rooms to midnight and the classroom is safe i found something that was band in the school district and water that is around it will be bad so and requesting you review the regulation for the guidelines that skraed el colonel and we
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know we have safe and the list of procedures and products used and the case no. so we can follow-up and follow-up to check that the room explicit grow mold so i leave it up to you for reference bleach kills bacteria and please keep it is sustainable and does not commandment ground water and bleaching is the only way to keep water save floods might happen again so it will have bleach so everyone that drinks water that be safe we request


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