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tv   [untitled]    January 1, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PST

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may i have it report of the committee on december 2nd commissioner murase. >> so on december 2nd the committee as a whole met on one informational item presentation and update occupy african-american achievement and leadership in the sfuftd and executive director of the office of assess and adequately and program manager vasquez present a very competitive report and they've clearly put a lot of time and effort into developing the african-american achievement and leadership initiative we're on the verge of hire a special person to focus on african-american achievement it is a work in progress we look
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forward to hearing updates as the work continues. >> and now may we have a report under the budget and services committee from commissioner norton. >> i previously gave any report on to the report we passed unanimously this evening we heard a really rich presentation i really time to thank you deputy superintendent gerrero for all the information you and the doctor provided on the multi you tiered system of report we're calling someone else we sometimes change the nominations of things we awe briefly but it was a very rich presentation and discussion about how they took us through the components of the discussion budgeted resources are derived and allocated to
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schools we saw the null allocation guide that is really tdr and how the deploy of resources and the liaison and social workers i wanted to request a posting of that on the website a because i think that i'd like to link through it through the textbook people that will be really interested if it we also had a conversation about meeting conflicts we'll not have a meeting meeting in january but on february 4th 2015, and at this point we'll discuss the governor's budget proposal we expect to come up in mid-january that gives the staff time to discuss. >> thank you very much we now have a report from the a
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hock committee commissioner norton. >> the ad hoc committee met last night and we have a rich discussion 6 of us were in attendance and we have a rich discussion about the c tip preference and the simulations of changing the order of preferences and the impact of that we had a discussion about are there other would we add on income qualityer to that the concerns that some of us have is that being used by families that are more advantaged don't need an additional vantage what data what families are choosing it is really there are 9 schools that are impacted by the used of the
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c tip preference overall it might not give any editorial opinion which is we're having quite a modest task so we're all of us came out this is only one small streaming if our overall goal of making sure that we have pools a exists student body as many schools as we can there was some decision about program placement and how we can use that to support the boards school we're going to meet in february and get some responses and further analysis that we requested last night and at the april meeting we're discussing having a panel of experts come and talk about how their movrptd
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our program what are our option to think as broadly as we can about the changes we should make. >> commissioner maufas did you want to talk about. >> curriculum i've made it announcement the last 7 presentations that commissioner haney will take over at the curriculum committee chair and we'll be discussing who will take over maybe commissioner haney instead of the first monday in january an additional day for the curriculum committee meeting maybe you want to talk about that. >> and alternate date just this next january you manner not changing it ongoing gateway because the first is you know - and so i will look at it we'll
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have to look at which folks are available and consult with our new member maybe someone else will be the commissioner elect. >> thank you, president fewer and commissioner haney i appreciate our service. >> and let the staff know. >> thank you very much so i'd like to invite everyone to the swearing in of the school board members that will take place on january 1st, 2015 at tenderloin school at 6 clock we invite all it's a tuesday, january 6th and board members any announcements or other yet reports. >> yes. >> i want to congratulate the bio cultural program rosa parks
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they're going to have performing arts night that will building perform at the gateway auditorium at 6:00 p.m. and the j p d at 7:00 p.m. thank you commissioner maufas. >> and just so one member of the public i wanted to say if anyone wants to come out to viking ills on thursday december 18th from 6 to 89 i'm celebrating all my times on the boards on 21 you must be 21 years old or older sorry students. >> bad time to celebrate and have a good time viking ills is on mission and chaerlz seeing no
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other announcements on behalf of the board of education we want to wish everyone a health insurance and blessed season and report of closed session action that is the read out of december 2nd in the matter of l l r versus san francisco unified school district o h h case numbers the board of education by a vote of 6 ids one absent splenz gives the authority to pay audio tape the spliptd amount and commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell as automobiles approved the "x" pulls of two high school students and two
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other agendas railroad for the most of october 2014 this meeting is adjourned thank you good afternoon, everyone, my name is ed reiskin, the director of transportation in san francisco. happy to welcome you all to the san francisco transportation management center. i'm very glad to have the mayor and police chief and joined by jerry lee the director of sf mta and here to initiate our
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transportation center and what we are doing to kick it off. please join me in welcoming our mayor ed lee. mayor edwin m. lee: good morning everyone. last month i told you that the world series will end the drought. ed, thank you very much. i want to say thank you to the entire san francisco municipal agency and staff that are getting the benefit of this brand new technology to handle traffic congestion in the city. i visualized such a center when i visited seoul, korea that they have a
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fantastic center like this with panels and obviously they are bigger than we are but with all this data gathering and realtime situation where traffic issues were. just last week i sat down with chief gregsuhr and when she called me and tells me about the incredible traffic she faced on citizens who constantly knocked on my door or complaints about traffic congestion, this is a city that is a growing city, a city under a lot of construction these days. we are a
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city where actors and actresses in their vehicles and delivery trucks and seem to think that double parking is helpful to themselves and don't understand the impact or blocking the blocks the intersections thinking they can get across at not thinking clearly about the congestion it causes. i want to say to everyone that i'm getting the complaints constantly about traffic congestion. i want you to know we are thinking short-term and long-term. in the short-term, the chief, the solos. the motor traffic department and the parking control officers are engaged directly with my effort in
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the short-term to really deal with things that are causing congestion in this city. there will be no tolerance of blocking the box. those that do are going to face the hefty fines that we already have on our books. thanks to sf mta and their staff and thanks to chief gregsuhr is going to have those conversations already. we want that enforcement along with that education that you can't block the box. that's not acceptable. if you are not into giving gifts to the city and county of san francisco, don't block the box particularly now and through the neck -- next year. we are going to be very vigilant and unless you like to pay the city, don't be in that
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box. the sex -- second thing is we are going to be looking for the contractors in the city and people who are in economic cal times that people adhere in detail to those permit conditions. the parking control officers, i would like to thank them because they are working in our behalf and i would like to protect them because they are protecting our city and they are doing their job by enforcing those permits and if you double park in the city, you are going to get another hefty gift in the city because double parking has been a huge reason by observance, by reports, by all the different people that go around the city including myself that
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they have been constantly complaining that people don't want to pull over to empty spaces or spaces made available to them and the yellow zones, that they are going to have to pay attention to that, and that will be the job of our pco's, these are part of the short-term operations that we are going to see very strongly in the next coming months beginning today. this is not the total answer. what this center represents today is to really take a look at the very near future and in long-term that all of the data that we want. you know, some people drive around these days and i see it as well. they their smartphones and if they got these traffic apps, you are going to see green and you are going to see red and sometimes you will see yellow. but
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it's the red routes that i need to pay attention to that are really agonizing everybody to get around this city. whether you are using those apps, whether it's google or a special app or whether you are just trying to get around the city and you don't know what app to use, i'm suggesting that this traffic management center here will be using the latest data and latest technology to really deal with those red line routes that are causing the congestion to the city and they will be able to from this center take a look at not only the timing of the lights, what maybe causing it, but i have asked in the long run that we get a technical answer that allows the pco's and others to deliver themselves to those particular sites and make sure that congestion is
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decongestionized to make sure congestion is less and people adhere to the rules we have. there is more people walking and more people bicycling and getting where they need to go and we are managing all of those types of transportation modes and given the privilege of having such a technologically smart center that we can use this technological center to our advantage and be able to use realtime the ability to help people get through these major arteries of this city. i want to invite you to this. on the long-term we will not only view these corridors as a way to manage traffic a little better, we are also doing it through the lens of vision zero. we want our
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streets to be safer. we got that vote from the voters this past september. to the tune of $500 million to make sure our streets are safer and i mean to do that. it's a recommitment on my part to not only deal with the congestion but to do all we need to do, to get all the projects done in vision zero. we are nine out of 14 already and we have a list of 40 that we are going to be completing in the short-term. we heard from the voters that this is the right decision to make and we are making those investments. this is the reflection of those investments to be able to manage better in a smart way. i want to say a hefty thanks to everybody working in sf mta particularly with the parking control officers working in the data tr and
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-- center and the traffic officers and police officers. better traffic flow, more safe streets in this city. this is what the voters wanted this is what the investment is making and this is where we have given priority and you are going to see this coming out of here very shortly. we won't have paul out there apologizing for things. we'll have more and more about what we are doing better and better. i want to say thank you to everybody for this center and the details of what can be talked about already shared by chief egress is -- gregsuhr and chief reiskin. >> thank you very much. they will help us better actively manage congestion? >> this city. congestion
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maybe seen as a result of what's happening in our city, all of this construction and all these new people and jobs coming, congestion makes it more difficult to get around. we want people to be able to get through this city with reasonable ease and more importantly getting through it together. more as the mayor said we can focus on enforcement and make sure people are adhering to the laws so help us get around. this is something we are doing with the police department. let me ask the chief of police gregsuhr as to how we are working together to start immediately on the
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congestion. >> thank you, two eds are better than one. sorry i couldn't resist. thank you for having me. the mayor called a meeting last week in his office. we had a horrible last september with many fatalities in 1 month especially during the holiday season with ending with the huge tragedy of little sophie lou. we wanted to get out in front of it with this holiday season. we continue to focus on the five most common collision factors that injury pedestrians and bicyclist. enforcement this year is up 50 percent. as we discussed last week what can we do better and team better as the holidays are more apt to drive
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more crowds and we talked about congestion. this center is going a long way for us to be able to in realtime get notices from mta to motorcycles to see if we can find the reason for congestion and if it can be alleviated quickly we will. and even working with crossing guards and cpo's to manage the site and blocking the box will create anxiousness and piece will do it hastily. if there is a vacancy. a pedestrian irritated that a crosswalk is blocked or just some frustrated person that actually runs the light to get around. to that end, just as the meeting that started last week, there have been 200
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tickets issued for blocking the box and they are expensive. if you can not make it through the intersection, do not enter the intersection at all unless you receive one of these very very costly tickets. it's so important that we adhere to the goal, the lofty goal set by the mayor, we set last year zero pedestrian fatalities. if we can have no pedestrian fatalities through the holiday season it would be a great start to carry into next year for our first attempt again at achieving no pedestrian fatality. the chief spoken here today. we give no pleasure at giving tickets but if that's what it takes to get people to slowdown we are going to do that. you are going to tell the story today and both
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technologically and how we configure our streets is important. everybody plays a role in this. as we cherish the memory of a little girl who lost her life last new year. pedestrians, don't step in too soon and cars, leave your electronic devices at home because people are at harms way. thank you. >> [inaudible] >> so, double parking is what it is, it's not legal. and when we all take our drivers test we all take
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the test and it says that you are not to enter into an intersection unless you can safely make it through the intersection. >> [inaudible] >> no. >> [inaudible] >> i'm happy to research this. >> [inaudible] again, i don't know that in every instance we will give the tag, but certainly it has to be, it's not just generally okay to for instance if there is a vehicle accident and then a
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commercial truck decided to block a lane and thereby close the entire street, they are going to have to figure out another time. if the presence of a vehicle is doing something, even if a car breaks down, we are going to do whatever we can to break the clog even if it's just a conversation versus a n ticket. >> [inaudible] >> we are a smart thoughtful police department, not a vengeful police department. we are going to do the best we can. >> to follow on what the chief and mayor were saying, there is immediate enforcement and of course
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it's enforcing the laws including blocking the box. also mentioned what we are looking at are the commercial loading zones as they become available. it's not okay to double park if there is an available parking which we often see or if you are not actively loading. we are going to look at the number and length and time limits of the commercial loading zones because we need to still facilitate commerce in this city and we are looking at construction regulations and making sure people are adhering to their permit regulations and doing what we can to balance the neat to enable the construction that needs to be done whether it's in a private lot and with the need to get traffic to
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move and we are getting more historical and realtime traffic data through gps technology, buses have it and there is a lot of realtime and historical to help us understand traffic patterns and help us understand traffic patterns and police officers and we are looking at a constant resources and using publication whether it's navigation that people have in their cars or through the media to get better realtime information. i think we get six 6 days a week on muni issues so we can let folks know if there is a clog or one of
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those red arteries to give people alternate routes to take. take together with enforcement through technology in this center will enable us to make ourselves available and at least in the near term construction is going to continue in this city and we need to ensure that people can get around this city safely. that's all we have for today. now we'll open up to questions. >> [inaudible] >> so the resources limitation that we have in terms of numbers of police officers and pco's is real
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and the technology and coordination between the two departments we have with limited resources we have as strategically as we can. of course with blocking the box, we are never going to be able to stainably resource that but by using realtime information about where the problems are, sending people to the red corridors, sending people to the intersection that are blocked. the funding and we are increasing the number of pco's that we have. there will be some increases in resources but it's about using


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