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tv   [untitled]    January 2, 2015 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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ellant? >> hold on. can i change that? the inspector's going to ireland for christmas. >> we're talking about january 14. >> i know, he's going for a long time. >> okay. he needs to be there. yeah, 21st. let's give it a little bit more time. he'll be back by then. >> and the continuance is to allow for dbi inspection. >> to verify what requirement they have made upon the facility. >> how we ended up with the removal of the threshold that
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goes into that store front prior to any permitting process. >> let's deal with one thing at a time. >> commissioner fung would you like a briefing or just an update. >> i think just an update. the motion is to move to january 21 2015 to conduct a site visit to verify what ada requirements dbi imposed on the permit holder. >> on the motion to continue to january 21st, 2015, president lazarus. >> i. >> commissioner honda. >> itch. >> commissioner wilson. >> i. >> the vote is four, zero. this is continued to january 21, 015. >> our last item, appeal number [inaudible] department of building inspection.
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property's at 41 lake street protesting the petition to remove existing foundation at west property line and construct new compliant foundation, new anchor bolts at new foundation and wall above. >> we need to hang on one minute. >> sorry. we'll wait until our room clears, the commissioner returns and we'll begin with the appellant.
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>> i think i can move this along about keeping the eye on the ball and getting this building fixed. the issues on both sides of the board. there's a foundation problem on the west side of the building caused by the neighborhood. the current set of drawings are addressing that. problem with the current
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permit though is when this building was condoed, the lot that the building sits on, the land lot goes away and the building department creates air right lots. the current building was filed on the secondary right lot so we're asking the board to up hold the permit but grant a special condition permit for the other unit such that the foundation work is correctly done the way the building wants when you do condos you have to have a permit for both units when you're doing work on common area so we're asking the board to up hold the permit for the exact same work. the other issue is my client's concern with the foundation on the opposite side when they built this garage, and i don't know if this will help but
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they lowered the grade so that the bottom of the footing is at the top of the slab which means on the east side of this building there is no footing so the building department is working with us to basically get up and say what they need to say, that they should fix the other side of the foundation while you're fixing the west side so mr. cox, the engineer, show him the revised drawing which we're asking the board to grant a special conditions permit to do the foundation work on the other side at the same time m. . it's similar to a car with four flat tires. you can't put a car with two flat tires on an the freeway
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and expect it to drive. i believe both sides are okay with this concept. this is the fix on the other side [inaudible] the idea is to grout underneath the footing and put a curb underneath it and a concept is acceptable to everybody. i any we're done if you want to -- >> expect that the footing on the east side has not been developed by building department. >> they were out there today. >> maybe we should hear from mr. duffy. p >> you're right, they haven't been out there to look at it, but that's why we want to get a concept.
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>> just to address your comment, was that a engineer just to review the plans? yeah that would have to happen. it's [inaudible] on the main permit it's a brick foundation they need to fix it and so they've come up with some solution that the permit owner appeal is for one side. they came up with one solution to deal with fixing it on both sides. they've come up with a solution to come up with a detail and put, like, [inaudible] existing foundation and grout underneath it and add a front on to it. i've seen this before so i'm sure dbi will approve it. i've seen this type of thing before so it's always good whoen you see a brick foundation, it's good to do something to it and whether it's replace it or repair it
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it's better. i was out there today, the brick on the east side is only on grade. the brick foundation does not go below grade. it's an old style. it's been there for a long time but sitting on grade. >> just to confirm both owners are here? >> yes. >> we should hear from mr. patterson. >> yeah. >> anyways, i'm sure dbi will be able to az prove the dto. if there's any structurally wrong with it they'd have to speak to the engineer, which you may want to get on the language. frments >> you want us to condition this if we go ahead with this? >> yes, i think so. >> i think we should have the permit holder for the record say if you a dpree with the
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proposal or not. >> yes, i agree with this. this is something that's been discussed before and kyle patterson, owner of 41 lake street and permit holder. and yes, i agree with it. >> and you're an agent for the other owner? do you want to say anything? >> i've spoken with my wife. my wife's name is tina ybarra, she's working tonight, but i spoke to her and we agree. >> is there any public comment? so commissioners, i believe the request would be to grant the appeal and up hold the permit on the condition that the revised plans be adopted and also that unit -- the address for 39 lake be added
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to the permit so both 39 and 41 be on the permit. that constitutes an entire address for that property. >> they asked for something a lit l bit different. they asked to up hold the permit if there is a special condition. >> when well revise a permit they creates a special condition. it'll go through the plan check process and then the dbi will issue a board of appeals special conditions permit that's a revisions permit that's not appealable. >> and then we would condition the other side also upon the dbi plan check review. >> that review would take place as part of the revision process. >> will you say this motion
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for me? >> yeah. >> we may get some language for code compliance for 44th avenue maybe if that would satisfy you. >> okay. >> can i just -- i know -- i know there was a lot of time and effort in here to get this. . i want to appreciate it. sometimes i'm criticizing them, but i wanted to state that. >> in a holiday spirit. >> in a holiday spirit, absolutely. >> are these the plans that you would have the permit revised based on these plans. >> they were prepared by mr. patterson's engineer, we're okay with them. a couple tweaks that will get done at plan check so we're okay. and the nuance on the current permit is the waz the building
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permit requires permits done on condos they want two separate permits for each address so the current permit needs a special condition permit to fix the address issue or a sec permit to do the foundation permit. welcome to my worl but this is it so you'll have to have two permits for the west side and two permits for the east side for the identical work. >> this board can't issue those other permits. >> i'm just asking -- >> with condition upon the issuance. >> i think i'm going to come back to you and have you craft this motion. >> joe, you want to make this motion? >> this is ten minutes. >> i'll take a stab. the motion would be to grant
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the appeal and to condition the existing permit on adding a second address and its corresponding special conditions permit. that doesn't work? >> i don't think that works because the only thing -- a special conditions permit is really only reflective of the work that the proposes on a permit before it so if there's a new permit that needs to be obtained you can say you're conditioning it on them obtaining that new permit but it's not a special conditions permit, just a new permit. so you're saying they need to get a new permit ksh for the two addresses --
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>> either the board can add unit 31 to this permit >> we can cothat? do that? >> yes. >> and then condition this also upon the issuance of a second set of permits for the [inaudible]. sdwl okay. >> okay. so those -- >> does that work? >> and are those plans simply to reflect the east side or to amend the current permit before the board on the west side. >> you add 39 to the current permit and this would be a special condition to up hold the current permit. >> that's not answering my question. the question is is the work on that drawing to amend the current scope of work on the west side of the property,
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not reflective on the east side of the property. >> yes. then this would be 39 and 41. this permit before the board i believe was for the work on the west side of the property. >> we understand that. we have a permit for that. this permit is only for one side. >> i think what he's saying is if you add the address you include the east side and pick up that work. >> why do we need a second permit? >> the current permit is only for unit 41 and is only for the west side. if you add the address of 39 to the west side footing you're done there. if you add this foundation work which would be on the east side and then clarify the 39 and 41 -- >> we can't do that. >> we can do that. >> we can?
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>> yes, if that drawing is for the east side then why is there a second permit needed? it's one permit for all the work. >> go for it. >> it can be accomplished without any new permit required. i want mr. duffy to say yes. >> okay. >> i think the most important thing is that we get both numbers on the 39 and 41. that's really important. >> yeah, we've already committed to that. >> so the motion, if i may restate what i believe it should believe, would be to grant the appeal and condition the issuance on adding 39 lake street to the permit and also revising the skoepz scope of work to include the work in the plans tonight. >> subject to plan review. >> it will be subject to plan
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review just by the nature of the process. >> i stated it very well, didn't it? >> you did. >> was there a date on those plans? >> yes, they're dated 12/17. december 17. >> okay. so again, to up hold this permit on condition at the permit address will be amended to include 39 and 41 lake street with adoption of revised plans dated december 17, 2014. on that motion to up hold with that condition and adoption of revised plans, president lazarus. >> i. >> commissioner honda. >> i. >> commissioner wilson. >> i. >> thank you. the vote is four, zero. this permit is upheld with that condition and revised plans.
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thank you. >> there is no further business. >> we are adjourned. >> happy holidays, merry christmas. christmas.
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. >> welcome to the planning commission regular and final hearing for welcome back this thursday december 18, 2014, please be advised that the commission does not tolerate disruptions of any kind that may sound off and and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. i'd like to take roll at this point. >> commissioner president wu commissioner fong commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner moore and
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commissioner richards. >> commissioners first at this consideration for items proposed for continuance i have no items proposed for continuance next on our agenda is the consent calendar stem one case at 80 missouri street you conditional use authorization commissioner moore has requested we pull this off agenda. >> yes. commissioner president illig please. consideration of draft minutes for december 4th, 2014, the regular and joint hearing. >> any public comment on draft minutes seeing none, public comment is closed commissioner antonini. >> move to approve the minutes of december 4th. >> second. >> on that motion to daft the
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minutes for december 4th commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner moore commissioner richards commissioner fong and commissioner president wu so moved, commissioners, that passes unanimously 6 to zero and places you on commissioners questions or comments. >> commissioner antonini. >> like to wish everyone a happy hanukkah and happy new year and pleased at the last hearing we have calendar 3 projects that all purport to do great things for inform san francisco in the future and great way to end this year i hope to be an exciting 2015. >> thank you commissioner moore. >> i ask that we please close the day in memory of joefrn now
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with the memorial behind us we're losing an inspiring person please join me i have two other issues i'm very pleased to hear two press releases one on the produce market with a strong plan to move into the future i would ask the department to give us a presentation of how it's moving forward how it fits into the eastern neighborhood plans and how it is addressing the ever present issue of pdr with the retention and expansion second thing i was very happy to hear he particularly after we had a tough special meeting a few weeks mayor ed lee annuity that $5.5 million guest gift
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from the kaiser permanente was a bright light particularly in light of our own top discussion on that topic matter and i think where my - that's it for today. >> thank you. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further we can move on to on to item for the 2015 draft schedule hearing a consideration for documents in our packets a property hearing schedule generally every year we cancel 12 hearings they're proposed on this schedule ones you may want to consider are february 19th for the chinese new year and the 9th for the easter holiday otherwise
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standard cancelations. >> is there any public comment on the proposed 2015 schedule okay seeing none, public comment is closed. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. i wanted to make some suggestions we saw lecture i don't know if we see today, we'll see when our schedules get compressed because at the end in particular our sessions end up being very, very long i think 2015 is a busy year i make suggestions first of all, in january because we have a holiday at the beginning of most we probably should think about reinstating the 29th i'm not sure i need direction on the chinese new year is it the date that the chinese new year starts i don't know what date it start i feel the same thing about the
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30th of april i mean, if we're going to cancel the ninth to allow for easter i think we should back that and the rest of the calendar seems to plains to me it's pretty standard with what we've done in the past if it gets busy we can add back in the phase that's my suggestion to add back the 29th of january and the 30th of april. >> commissioner moore. >> and in parts of forward i believe commissioner antonini suggested we have our meeting on january 29th particular coming out of two cancelled meetings in december december 2014 and january 2015 are huge gap in our
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workload i think that particular date is in support of his suggestion. >> for me, i think if we're interested in adding back the meeting the january data makes sense the april date is hardly because i think that becomes like 12 meetings in a row the commission functions better with a break in the middle. >> commissioner richards. >> i support the additional meeting on the 29th of january i'm all for shorter and more frequent meeting in support of adding that back. >> commissioner antonini. >> if we add back the meeting it will be the 12 between the april before our next break and july 30th deserves a break in
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april. >> yes. >> commissioner fong. >> i just assume add more meetings to the calendar and keep them shorter their ineffective if they go beyond 8 or 9 hours we can conceal one or two but with the understanding we'll loss one or two that's okay. >> okay do i hear a motion. >> commissioner antonini and well, i'll move my earlier suggestion is to add back the thursday the 29th and the thursday the 30th at this time leave the calendar with the understanding if it becomes light we can eliminate a day but if p.i. we don't add it on he'd of time if i'm not mistaken to
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add a day. >> second. >> commissioners on that motion to adapt the your 2015 hearing schedule adding january 29th and april 30th back to the regular meetings commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner moore commissioner richards commissioner fong and commissioner president wu so moved, commissioners, that passes unanimously 6 to zero and places you on item or under department matters item 5 directors announcements. >> good afternoon, commissioners a couple of announcements to bring to your attention the first t is we'll be interearly next year our series of meetings on the departments budget on days packet is the budget fiscal year of this fiscal year as well as the process for next fiscal year
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we'll have hearing at preservation commission in january to start the process and the budget is due to the mayor in by the end of february secondly in the dortsz the written director's report the pipeline the residential pipeline you'll notice the numbers in the pipeline are continuing to increase from the previous quarters i'll point out that the departments new application are continuing at a nearly record pays for smaller projects there is a substantial increase in the smaller projects coming down and my thought die to the low interest rates as the desire to roommate building rather than move because of the cost of real estate in san francisco thirdly, want to point out i


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