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tv   [untitled]    January 5, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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and actually before i do that is there any other public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. >> yeah. supervisor mar without under you emphasizing equality the reason we're doing vision zero the high corridor and prioritizing those is basically due to the disproportion endorse to those situations i want to apologize i didn't elevate that but through the lens it is an equality to make sure that we're doing what we can to meet the needs of the vulnerable you yourself that is children and seniors and people at the low income or have had just a whole multiple endorses to situations in neighborhoods than in other easier we need to
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focus on those. >> i don't want to 0 speak for nicole schneider but the april presentation that was clear especially two slides that were right from the top even before you talked about educational engineering and enforcement that is really important with what you said and be explicit or more didn't you know it is really important to speak that. >> i agree we're utilizations to seeing the slides it is good to keep pitting it in there each time so i appreciate that feedback. >> actually, i was going to ask as well about a point that nicole schneider brought up the 26 miles versus supervisor kim to a minimum of streets. >> i want to.
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>> clarify that point. >> absolutely and again, this is an example of the snapshot we're going to 26 miles understanding i think tom mentioned before certain roads have a resolve it didn't need 26 miles of concrete but 26 miles of treatment so, etc. it depends on the need for that treatment so i want to be clear up front it is a treatment that gets us to the corridors i appreciate the pressure from the advocate group obviously we can do more the least one we can try to cross saying we do that anything above that would be great even
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better. >> thank you so i just want to thank the level of work that went into this quarters meeting for vision zero it really feels like there is a lot important data and information and also some follow-up in terms of what we've actually be able to accomplish i want to say win a span of 9 months it's incredible how much vision zero has infiltrated whether or not bicycle safety or not and hear over and over from all aspects the effective family and, of course, our city departments it is huge and going as a cohort as residents the staff members and elected folks in new york city to attend a
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conference saisz says a lot and cities around the world it is great to see how far we've come there is so much work to be done not a pat on the back but a lot of progress over the last 9 months i'm hoping now we've spent a lot of time on the foundation work the work will be accelerated in terms of the ground work i know in the next meeting so if we can get common feedback from the members of the public i want to dive a little bit more deeply into the funding sources it was great to have a birds and view the list but the additional revenue that will be coming in through prop a and b and how that will be impacting the work we'll be able to accomplish burn or around vision
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zero specifically than the larger items since this is a body of the transportation authority specifically the prop k request that will support the vision zero policy i know i've brought this up through kind of prep he meetings in preparation of today is here i am looking at case studies of projects that have begun really well and basically how that was possible and case study of a challenging project that is not saying offering this is the fault of this and that but for policymakers it is helpful to understand why a project happens quickly and successful and why a project is not quick and successful i want to reiterate what i heard from staff it is clear that pedestrian safety or the pedestrian mode is the highest mode and vision zero is
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hoping us to prioritize capital projects and sfmta and others it is important we look at projects within our districts to make that our highest value we have so many constituents whether small business owners or drivers pedestrians kinds of the cyclists sometimes we get lost trying to represent all interests and one cohort is not satisfied it is important we're consistent when we look at vision zero as our policy permit it is for our constituents whether the improvement promotions or hope street we're making good decisions this is our highest value and best for the city supervisor wiener. >> thank you and thank you, again, for the presentation that was helpful
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the in terms of what we might want to see at the next quarterly meeting mr. maguire you mentioned the possible changes in the state law it might be good to have a presentation on the changes and i'll courage you to think broadly on outside the box we were very grateful state legislation that are pro transit and pro pedestrian street safety i think we could make headway. >> thank you any other comments director chang. >> thank you, supervisor kim and thank you sfmta i wanted to recognize all the hard work that went into today's meeting and accident sfmta harvey milk club and task force and the partner agrees 9 months into it the
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launch vision zero effort it is tremendous to see the deep cultural change and the policy leadership as apartments beyond you the board and mayor into the departments and through our staff i believe we're more aligned than ever as supervisor kim challenged us to deliver open a multiple front in 2015 i think one comment and observation i'll make is that in many of the challenges in the project delivery process are kind of invisibly to people some of the improvements are somewhat hard to grasp their intable but very meaningful i want to call out some of the things they relate to leadership every staff member is a learn in their work every community member is a
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leader working with our staff helping us to think outside the box and outreach approaches in vooifr the program and some of the policies and the tools and the joint training proms you're starting to see i know the partner sessions between historic preservation and sfmta working on coordinated improvements we'll bring back to you next year in addition to 9 protective program thank you for your presentation. >> thank you oh, one other it will be great to see aspects of the curriculum we'll be urging for the large vehicle driver program okay seeing no further comments thank you so much to sfmta i know that sfmta was not here
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today really looking forward to the outcomes and the work over the next couple of months and continue to stay in close partnership let us know what we can do. >> mr. clerk. >> new items seeing none. >> public comment. >> so at this point we'll open up for general public comment seeing none, we'll close general public comment is closed. >> item 7 public comment. >> seeing no public comment we'll close item 7. >> item 8 adjournment. >> thank you. we're adjourned
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>> 7 and a half million renovation is part of the clean and safe neighbor's park fund which was on the ballot four years ago and look at how that public investment has transformed our neighborhood. >> the playground is unique in that it serves a number of age groups, unlike many of the other properties, it serves small children with the children's play grounds and clubhouses that has basketball courts, it has an outdoor soccer field and so there were a lot of people that came to the table that had their wish list and we did our best to make sure that we kind of divided up spaces and made sure that we kept the old features of the playground but we were able to enhance all of those features.
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>> the playground and the soccer field and the tennis fields and it is such a key part of this neighborhood. >> we want kids to be here. we want families to be here and we want people to have athletic opportunities. >> we are given a real responsibility to insure that the public's money is used appropriately and that something really special comes of these projects. we generally have about an opportunity every 50 years to redo these spaces. and it is really really rewarding to see children and families benefit, you know, from the change of culture, at each one of these properties
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>> and as a result of, what you see behind us, more kids are playing on our soccer fields than ever before. we have more girls playing sports than we have ever had before. [ applause ] fp >> and we are sending a strong message that san francisco families are welcome and we want you to stay. >> this park is open. ♪
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>> figure good evening and welcome to the san francisco board of appeals the presiding officer is board president commissioner president lazarus and joined by commissioner fung and commissioner honda commissioner wilson will be joining us later there is one absent on the board the board
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may overrule the board on appraisal to my right to deputy city attorney that be provide advise and mr. pacheco and i'm again and again the board director we're joined by the board at the taebl tangle it the zoning administrator he is representing planning commission and participating and sitting to his right is the deputy city attorney representing the department of public health and i saw mr. duffy representing the be department of building inspection mr. pacheco go over the guidelines and conduct the swearing in process. >> the board asks you turn off
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outline electronic device and the boards rules of presentation are appellants and permit holders each have 7 minutes to present their cases and 3 minutes for rebuttals people affiliated with the parties must conclude their comments within 7 minutes arrest to assist the board in the i cannot preparation of the minutes he members are asked but to the required to submit a speaker card to board staff when coming up to the podium the board loss welcomes our comments and incisions there are customer satisfaction forms on the left hand of the podium if you have requests about the board hearing please speak to the staff over the meeting or call the board office tomorrow morning on moigs
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between van ness this is broadcast live on sfgovtv cable channel 78 and dvds are available for purchase directly in sfgovtv thank you for your attendance at this point weigh conduct the swearing in process if you wish to have your testimony evidentiary weigh please stand please note that any member of the public my take submit a card under the sunshine ordinance ordinance. >> thank you mr. pacheco so we'll start with item one
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general public comment this is the opportunity for people to speak to the boarded within the board's jurisdiction not on toentsd agenda any general public comment seeing none we've move to item 2 commissioner questions or comments commissioners. >> yeah. i wanted to basically alert the audience commissioner honda needs to leave. >> commissioner honda needs to leave at 7 we're going to try to continue to move 0 through the agenda. >> so if we have 3 commissioners present we're able to hear the matters and if the vote is needed the matter will think continued maybe we'll not get to that point any another commissioner questions or comments any public
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comment on item 2 seeing none item 3 the consideration of the boards minutes if the last meeting the november 24th meeting. >> corrections or delegations a motion to approval the minutes. >> move to accept. >> okay mr. pacheco any public comment on the minutes seeing none mr. pacheco if you could take roll. >> we have a motion from commissioner fong commissioner fung to adapt itself november minutes. >> commissioner president lazarus commissioner honda and commissioner wilson is absent the vote is 3 to zero the minutes are adapted. >> then call item 4a and b appeal both filed by mr. donny against the department of building inspection with the disapproval with the subject on e street and their appealing the
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denial of a permit to erect a building garage super s structure with 44 hundred ground floor feet and the denial of the permit to alternate a building to a second level of a backyard wansz the surveillance and i understand mr. donny is he in the room can you step forward to the microphone. >> i know mr. donny he is stuck in traffic i'm here for another item i don't know if switching it will be okay. >> commissioner shall we hold this off and give mr. donny a chance to get here. >> yeah. if he's on his way.
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>> with the presidents consent what we had a request to have the board rescheduling item 7 with the presidents content we can hear that request now item no. 7 appeal versus the department of building inspection other property at 26 thethth broderick street of on alteration permit to the violation revving of a planter box only we can give each party 3 minutes specifically on the issue of the rescheduling, sir you'll speak first and again is it it specifically on the issue of rescheduling.
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>> hi good evening, commissioners i'm i've viking on green street i'm requesting a rejerald of a hearing because this my preliminary engineer is out of town franklin and we've informed ms. goldstein we informed her as soon as i finding out figure out about that the issue is 3 permits by dbi to city planning marching wroodz woods is the checker at city planning he she sent back one it didn't need action the permit before you tonight the other two requires a city planning application and they're to be heard on december 18th and we had then asked that they all
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be combined since it's a comprehensive issue it was bifurcated because one it doesn't need city action and my engineers 3 of them and they've asked that we reschedule it so i believe mr. cox wrote ms. goldstein in january or february i contacted ms. goldstein and it is a technical issue it is involves a lot of engineering geotechnical and structural i'm not competent to speak so i ask you therefore reschedule it thank you. >> we can hear if the permit holder and commissioners to make sure you're aware many matter was taken tattoos board
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president who at that time, had to decline the request. >> good evening. i'm greg on behalf of the permit holder there's a building permit that is before you properly not related to the other two permits for for a roof-deck this involves s a 14 by 4 foot planter box that was over designed not to put a lateral loading load on the retaining wall in soil surcharge he's he concerned about and wants as to raise at the planning commission he's filed two compliment that dbi that's been upgrade and a third complaint that works its way through the process regarding the soil surcharge on
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his well please does not delay the permits the permits before mr. haney have a dr hearing if it could be months before issued and combined if you exceed the gentleman's issue to consider all 3 permits at once that is a simple permit please don't delay the resolution of one of those 3 permits. >> thank you any departmental comment. >> okay any public comment on the issue of the rejerald? seeing none commissioners it's up to you whether anyone wants to make a motion to reschedule or we'll hear the case >> a question if for the gentleman the highly technical
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comments from your consultant they could have written that as part of the brief. >> because one of them is out of town i've requested them to do what they can and they haven't yet to at this point i feel a little bit of background eir background it is sirens 2009 the citywide filed against the gentleman multiple directors hearings increase been issuance to the building inspection commission there litigation committee asked the city attorney to enforce they does not come in with clean handicaps we've fiscally worked in a timely way since 2009 to get it resolved there's nothing i can do at this point, i suppose you
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tell me they lose and i win and we're back to the city attorney there's nothing else i can do. >> thank you you've answered my question. >> i had the same thought you did but the material could be submitted as part of the brief as far as the engineering back up. >> okay. >> it was this was a separate item. >> well. >> we didn't need to wait for planning to know what the other two. >> nobody provided any information on the other two except the brief the appellant didn't provide a brief i'm not inclined to - >> okay. >> all right. so this case will be harder in the orders on the agenda.
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>> in that case commissioners i'll be leaving and you can take this up with the city attorney. >> that's our prerogative. >> has mr. donny entered the room yet so commissioners item 5 which is the jurisdiction request subject property on 2250, 30th 34th avenue take jurisdiction over a permit which was issued omi on june 23rd the appeal period end and the jurisdiction can was filed on november 21st the permit business is - the media room add two bedrooms and add laundry room and add deck on second floor start with the
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requesters. >> you have 3 minutes to present your case. >> i'm david nicholson on 34th avenue directly north of the avenue thank you for a taking the time to meet with us on thoith after a major remodel the conversion of a two-bedroom to a four-bedroom how is it is an investment group not an individual that thailand's to live there we're here because of the conduct of a above mentioned property that will have a privacy issue with our bedroom window address extend 6 needed out into the yard we've learned on the south side of the said property a notice was sent out in october we were completely unaware we d


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