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tv   [untitled]    January 14, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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bay requirements around local hiring and participating in the first source program we so expect on the construction side we will work closely with city build, with their community partners and always with ocii directly and your team that is working on those issues so we're very excited about the opportunity on the construction side to provide really robust local hiring opportunities for the work force on the construction side. in addition to that then this project offer what is is unique in mission bay anyway is significant use of end use jobs so we're developing a program to deploy community folks into end use jobs and anybody that knows my personal experience very focused on that issue and we're working very well with the warriors in developing those programs and partners and bay view hunter's
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point and south of market and to come up with a comprehensive strategy. we also as part of the overall move from oakland to san francisco it's worth noting we have entered into various labor agreements because in oracle many of the jobs are governed by union agreements so for example we entered into a agreement with local two here in san francisco who then partnered with east bay to ensure that we're actually allowing for union jobs to continue here when the arena moves here. we will maintain all of the commitments and provide for right of transfer of exiti existing employees to come over here. >> >> and we have addressed the issues and the opportunities and we're frankly -- i am personally excited about the warriors and
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how they stepped up to the table on this and really gone above and beyond. >> great. thank you. yes commissioner. >> i just want to make one last comment for the warriors in interest of full disclosure. my organization working with the warriors, the filipino heritage games but i am very happy and commend the warriors for working with the community. the comments from the cac, the other organizations. i know you're working with ucsf but you continue to work with the community to continue to hire locally and use minority vendors. i know that you have been reaching out and working it out but i hope you internalize these processes into your bigger strategy to get approved and get the arena work and continue to work because as i said there is a lot of local communities and
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minorities that really need your support and i appreciate you work with my community. i know that we work with the giants and you guys and the oakland a's and i was part of the building the filipino data base. we're a basketball community but somehow the san francisco giants was able to build -- you know, fan base in my community, so i just want to commend because there were some comments about traffic, transportation and trash clean up and being a resident of the south of market also the quality of my own life is really affected by all these developments that are mapping right now -- that are happening right now so thank you. >> >> thank you. no more questions apparently. no? okay. so this is not an action item so thank you everyone for the presentation, for your
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presence, your participation. i look forward to the next item on this matter. madam secretary please call the next item. >> the next item is item 6 public on non agenda items. madam chair. >> yes. we will have an opportunity to clear the room. if any members of the public would like to speak on public comment on non agendized items and please hand in your card and call the first speaker. the first speaker is ace washington. >> okay. i was going to wait -- >> well, we can call another -- >> i can do this in three mrnts but i am glad to be here. ace washington. i am aw washington
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junior. i was named ace washington in elementary school playing piano. i was a musician and we were figuring out the name of the band and one of the teachers said let's name it "ace and the diamonds" . so i am aw washington junior. my father was aw and from the texas and from the south and had so many kids named us after the alphabet. that's what they did in the south and so many kids. they named my grandfather aw and i am aw washington junior but i element free school and what does it stand for? they used to tease me. ma, why did you name me aw? so when my father died i respectfully changed my name to ace and i became ace and at city hall i am ace on the case so
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ladies and gentlemen i have a few people here. i thought i would give you history. there is six of a committee of 15 that have been working closely at the formerly known as yoshi's and now known as the addition. you all come in. but these are the -- some of the individuals that are hidden in our committee that we have been working diligently to help michael johnson out to noaa. vail we haven't met with him since it's been going on. >> >> they're going to request. i have been doing it for months. maybe you will hear what the rest are saying and i will introduce the individuals so we're not taking up three minutes each time. this is vivian. this is our queen. we have ken johnson here. he's the director of our organization and give you the name. we're going
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to ask him to come in. who else is out there? come o we have a supporter from the cac. she's here. she will speak also but anyway what we're doing today is set a precedence to show we still haved vs in the western edition and not just ace by myself but i also want to demonstrate if this isn't enough i will bring 25 and next week i think bring 30. we are left in the western edition and piece are people we're meeting for over four months. we have marid and pastor and speak to you and michael fisher and sing songs and ken johnson who is the director and vivian the queen person handling the events so
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we will have the pastor come up and make the presentation. >> has everyone submitted a card? >> okay. let me go by the cards. >> can you call the names on the card madam second. >> [calling speaker names] >> you can certainly wait -- >> yeah, we will wait until the presentation is done. >> thank you. so the next -- so we're going to wait. the next name. >> ken johnson is coming up. >> mr. washington we're calling the names on the card so to the extent they're related to what you just presented. >> [inaudible] >> no no, no. please -- >> first of all i apologize for coming in at the other time. >> no worries. >> i am noni richmond and
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lived in the western edition for 40 years. we bought our first house there on ellis street and are part of the neighborhood. for five years i was a member of the western edition cac to the redevelopment agency, and just yesterday i heard that one of the places, one of the stores, the businesses that we had invested a lot of public money is about to go out of business again. we gave -- we appropriated public money to establish yoshi's and other businesses and now it's become the edition and i heard it's about to be ordered to close because of outstanding bills, and i am here today to ask for a public hearing in the western edition. it could be held right in that night club, a beautiful place, a public hearing that tells us what happened to that
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money? why has it failed? why are there all these vacant store fronts for blocks when a block away is one of the most famous restaurants in the country? we have all these vacant store fronts that i helped get public money for and it's empty so we need to know where the money has gone? is the current owner planning to -- hording the money to start a next business? there are a lot of questions and in the meantime our community is suffering so thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker. >> [calling speaker names] >> good afternoon and again commissioners. i am just standing with a group of community members here that are looking to establish -- what you call a little theater space in the heritage center. we have been meeting and trying to create some type of programming for the community, and a little
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theater so we're just asking that you know you take a look at it. we will submit a proposal to you, let you know what we're planning on doing -- we are doing in there but i am reaching out to say there's not much left in the community. the only other thing we have left is the safe way little driveway. i believe that's the ellis street there so that's not much left. the community hasn't benefited. like you said it's come and go with businesses. the fillmore center has so many vacant spaces that has been vacant for over 10 years and you don't know how -- you don't know what to do. gussies, gomer piles was closed. the vis dareo is changed. with the african-american community is non existing in the fillmore and the whole redevelopment agency
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was to upgrade the quality of life of the african-american community, but it took us 30 years to redevelop the whole western edition. by the time everybody got their developments everybody that was displaced was already replaced and wasn't really wanting to come back. we had to make it a law to even add family members to the certificates. that wasn't passed just for the sake of just doing it on general purposes. >> . >> we had to might for that as a law and the certificate holders are trying to buy a house at this time in san francisco. it's not going to happy new year. we can't even get people to buy in the
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development itself. there is just so much. hopefully with -- in the next couple of months we can have a real sit down in our community and talk about the real issues that happy new year. it's not much that you can do to repair them. i know that but we really need to put this thing on the table and let everybody know what happened and move forward. i know the planning department -- everybody's in the community now that you left. it was secure when you were there but now it's open season we don't know who to go to so i want to reiterate if we could have one meeting to expose the elements of the western edition and what lose out means. >> thank you. next speaker. >> oscar james. >> [inaudible] >> okay. mr. james is deferring to the next speaker.
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>> majid crawford. >> i am with the fillmore bay area media group where we do activities currently inside the yoshi development in the screening room and i guess my point is i know that there's an issue -- i know michael johnson -- he's from the community. he doesn't represent the whole community obviously but he's a part of the community and his team are part of the community. i know he's trying to raise money for the development. it's not clear how much is out in loans or it's not clear what other money he need to raise, what is the total amount to raise to save the development? but i would like to ask this board though to reach out to the community to see about maybe the community will help raising these funds, and the reason that is important is because if the community is part of this process of raising the funds
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working with this board to support michael johnson then that gives the community the opportunity to have ownership rights in this development, and i know there's a reputation in the fillmore. it's impoverished neighborhood and this and that is not the case. there are people with money. there are people that can help raise money for the development so i would like to ask the board just before the doors close to reach out to the community, reach out to myself, aris, ace, and reach out to people from the community about us helping us to raise the money for mike will johnson because once it leaves this phase where it's at right now it's going to be more difficult for the community to have access to the building. i don't know what the process is. but potentially you have to look at the laws of the state but it could potentially
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be on the auction block. the biggest auction -- i don't know if it's legal to transfer directly to the city. maybe it's up for auction and if the community is trying to auction with the whole world for this space so i would like -- and in this process here for this board to reach out to the community and work with the community to help michael johnson in raising this money. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> vivian ellis. >> good afternoon commissioners. i am vivian ellis, and i am a resident of bay view 60 years but i have worked city wide with seniors and the youth, and i made [inaudible]. i was interviewed. my interview made it to the library of
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congress. i am clear on the politics. i don't know if you answered the questions or concerns of what the people are going through but i have to say i'm a member of the fill more media group and we're here to keep the center open just to present our heritage and culture so a lot of people get confused about where the monies are going and the property but i work with youth and children, and i have been for over 40, 45 years and i am still scrambling around to get support to do the documentaries because of the politics and it's not fair, and i work with all races, creeds and colors and i want to know if you guys respond to us so that we can move forward? because we're losing generations of the youth. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker.
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>> ken john. >> i am speak. i am mike fisher. >> that's okay. >> i am ken johnson and a native san franciscan from south park and you know what happened to south park? it's gone. it used to be a black area and speculators came in and it's no more. anyway i am with the group. i am the president of fillmore media group and meeting in the theater. we have been producing tv shows on channel 29. before this meeting i produced a show with three executive ladies on how to hold on to your money and save money, and i just want to piggyback on what the brothers said. we would like you to
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come down to the fillmore, to the edition and see what we're doing. now this coming tuesday we're having members of the super bowl 50 host committee coming down and maybe they might help us out and help with this whole situation so if one of could come this tuesday to see to participate from this end of of the situation maybe that would help everything out, so we really are trying to uplift and hold on to the remaining businesses in the fillmore and bring some kind of stability back because the building was built to help the community, but the community has never benefited from the yoshi's. they bring in their
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own staff. they bring in people from somewhere else. they don't hire nobody from the community and the same with the edition so the community has lots of professional people in it. you've got bobby webb. he produced concerts in golden gate park for years. you have emit powell and knows all of the gospel greats. you have aris. he had a program teaching cooking class, culinary skills. we have people in the community that could utilize the building for the citizens of san francisco and for the fillmore. give the people who live there a chance. you spend all this money and ain't nobody benefiting in the community, nobody. check it out. that's all you have to do is check it
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out. this is the last opportunity the community has to blossom and do something with the remaining businesses that are there so thank you for listening. >> thank you. >> michael fisher. >> i just want to reiterate what has been said. i am also a member of the media group. this is my first time doing this. i feel good about it but yeah it's important. we really need your help right now. we are on our last leg. we also want to -- we would like to set a new legacy here in san francisco which is to be somebody, you know, to try to keep these kids off the streets. kids are being murdered. i have a program and people behaving like that [inaudible] and my program is interview people such as yourself. if you're proud of
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what you're doing i can interview you. [inaudible] but seriously we need your help and if nothing else come down and see what we're doing down there in the building you're all talking about getting rid it. come see what we're doing. we really need your help. thank you. >> thank you. >> oscar james. >> firsti all i want to say i support them in their endeavor. what happened in western edition can happy new year in bay view hunter's point. i am a native for years and with the agency for years but i have been dealing with community politics since 1965 and i know the struggles. i know when they close south basin and the shipyard and a lot of people moved to western edition and
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became home and apartment owners. a lot of the fathers and grandfathers died off. a lot of the kids lost their property. a lot of businesses on fillmore, the first place i bought and knob shoes and uptown in the area and a lot of black businesses in fillmore. i have a book about the fillmore and a tape about the western edition about all of the shops they had, pawnshops and jewelry shops and clothing companies. even a black person that owned the fillmore auditorium and there was a lot of ownership of black folks in the western edition and that should come back. the agency -- redevelopment came under jess herman and tore down
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a lot of the western edition. the people in the community got certificates and to me none of the certificates have been honored. put it back over there with the fillmore stores and restaurants and it goes on and on, but what i want to say i hope you hear them and listen to their meeting but i want to say happy new year happy new year to each and every one of you and i am proud of this commission. i am concerned about no one from hunter's point being on this commission. i have a real concern about that, and mayor lee i hope he appoints someone from hunter's point to serve on this commission, someone who is knowledgeable, just like my buddy up there who is knowledgeable about the community who have been born and raised in san francisco, and all of you who have been in this
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community for a long time who are concerned and care about the communities. i know each and every one of you commissioners are concerned about our city concerned about the peoples and concerned about people who were born and raised here and grew up in san francisco being a part of business wise, economically, you know, because we are all one. i grew up in hunter's point but i grew up also in the mission district and in a club called the marquees. we fought for things to happy new year in the mission and the mission rebels and what have you. i was there when that happened but we need to fight and make sure our community is well and one of the oldest comments besides --
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the barbary coast where black folks were before the earthquake with -- anyway, what i would like to do is for you guys to get behind western edition and make sure that happens because we're scaring the same thing that happens there will happy new year in western edition and i bought a house in hunter's point. my grandmother bought a house in hurst hurst and the first african-american and burned the house and when you look at our ownership and the largest in city and county of san francisco and all of the communities african-americans home ownership -- western edition was the same way. now we're listing 25% home ownership. there is something
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wrong with that. they're not only trying to move us out rent wise. i pay less than a thousand dollars but rent now is $3,000 and i couldn't afford to live in the community. we are retired. my wife has a law degree, what have you but we can't afford to live here. if we can't afford to live here and retired and had good jobs what do you think about the young people making minimum wages and want to live in san francisco but have to move to antioch and other places and if we don't have businesses for the community and give people liveable wages we're gone. we're gone and it's up to us to become economically stable. >> thank you. >> and this is the group that becomes economically stable to keep the people in the city. thank you very much. >> thank you. next. >> alex tonisson.
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>> another deferral sir. i think -- is there another card? >> peter moser. >> i am larry edmond and i was watching the board of supervisors and i see ace here talking but i live in the tl. i have been here 25 year and i tell you in the tl we as black people don't have identity. you see men, women and children all the time and they don't know that black lives matter. it's amazing to see people march for us. we had a conference sunday about black lives matter and what i found out at third and palow, the new opinion cents store there they have the history of bay view. i found a man ran in 63 and how ironic no one knows the history there but he was about housing and
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education and jobs and police brutality back in 63 and i -- i know fillmore. i go to the kwanza but i think all black men, brown, yellow and all in san francisco matter and makes me feel good about the stadium and we don't get to see black role models close up. san francisco should have been had a basketball. this is great. you can't be an international city without people of color. that's one thing. that's a fact there. what i am here to say so often we find in these communities these districts. i remember before the district elections we didn't know who represented our districts and it's the time now there are many generations --
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keep the eyes on san francisco. i was at the tree light. people always come to san francisco to march and protest and in san francisco at kwanza i had my globe and [inaudible] and she showed me people are taking there and 928 people at san francisco state. they have pages of people that died with the jones town looking for a place to have housing and build and live comfortably who left san francisco around jim jones. most people think jim jones was a chinese man and most people were african-american and we never talk about that. nine days later killing them at mo connie and mill and we never talk about those people and we're ailing and suffering through that right now. san francisco must -- it used to be said in the lobby. san


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