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tv   [untitled]    January 15, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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pporting the legislation as it goes through the process and supporting the work of the oversight and advisory committee. thank you so much. >> hello good afternoon prefer supervisors. i am a member of the community coalition and i wanted to start off by thanking all for your work. >> in building up to prop c and all the way through with the trailing legislation. similar to how the community and young people are engaged in the process leading up to the legislation we want to make sure that that continues all the way through and is something that carries over and is sustainable in something which this oversight committee is aimed to accomplish. in particular i am pleaded with the involvement of the youth commission and the
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advisory board played a role in this and others played a role in this and will have the representation of young people as well and i want to thank you you for that and that we prioritize and as the previous item with the task force we want to make sure that policy making and that the people with experiences are at the table and at the center of the conversations which the composition of this oversight committee does so thank you for all of your work and we look forward to work with you through the coalition and young people. thank you. >> thank you. >> i am molly brown and from huckleberry programs and this is good it follows the preceding
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conversation because it's about making san francisco a better place for families and children and keeping them safe and this legislation is trying to do that really making providing support in schools, support in communities, trying to provide a lot more accountability and i think as you can see the painstaking detail of the legislation who should be on this oversight committee is really trying to speak to that to make sure that you have the right people advising both the allocation process and the planning process, so i want to thank you supervisor yee for your diligence in keeping this going and for letting jenn spend so much time on this and supervisor avalos in his absence and beth's time. i know it was a challenge to a piece so many people and i want to thank maria and her staff for doing a really stellar job of trying to help
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the different cbos work together and i think the challenge for you supervisors is really to have the city departments do the same thing and i am hoping that the larger committee can do that because i think that is one of the stumbling blocks that we face and not having enough cooperation with the city departments and the cbos and making things better here in san francisco. >> thank you. i had no choice about letting jenn work on this. [laughter] she's everything -- my time. maria, executive director of dcyf, did you have any comments you wanted to make? >> good afternoon supervisors. i am director of the department. i just want to say first of all happy new year but i want to echo all of the sentiments and
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acknowledgments and thanks that everyone has said already. i do also want to emphasize that just how hard jenn and beth worked on this particular ordinance and then jenn on just the charter with the other supervisors. i think she's done a phenomenal job and she's been very easy to work with so i really appreciate that. in terms of just making sure that we have an ordinance that is reflective of the community and making sure that the council will be able to support dcyf and the way that we administer and reach our constituents in a more transparent and accountable way i welcome that so thank you for that. i look forward to working with my new oversight and advisory council. i assume that it's going to be lively conversations as with all of our conversations that we have
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within dcyf there is always a balance of fierce conversations but it's all coming from a place of dedication and passion for children so i look forward to working with the new councilmembers so thank you. >> thank you. so not only this piece of legislation but others it's been a real good example of how the community and the departments, the city family can work together and come up with a great product. in fact we thought we had a pretty great product when we put it together to put on agenda but the discussion continued and so until 330 or so there was discussion between community and
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the department, and so this is a bunch of amendments we would like to make. nk substantial but substantialing in that we want to make them. so why don't i start with having supervisor tang talk about one of the amendments. >> okay. sure. again i want to echo everyone's thanks for everybody who worked so hard on this measure and so the amendment i have is really nothing substantive but on page three line 18 just that when we talk about appointments coming out of the mayor's office just making sure that there is an option for a public hearing to be held on the appointees so we're saying instead of the board of supervisors shall have a hearing on the appointees of
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the committee that they "may" hold a public hearing and we recognize that people are volunteering for this body. we're so happy that they want to serve in this capacity and do all the work. sometimes coming to a committee hearing can be scary for them so we want to make sure there is an opportunity for the board if there are questions they can do so but not absolutely subject them to that process so that's the amendment i would be making today and i would like to see if there is a second to that. >> okay. why don't i just read off everything. >> go for it. >> and do it together because it's getting so late. okay. so here are a few other suggested amendments and i agree with them. on page one line 22 we want to make sure we want to capitalize community advisory committee. cac. page two line
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three correct reference to charters section to change it to section from section 16 point 801-one to section 16 .108-one. and page two line 19 and 20 add a clause stating that the committee is able to request budget information as necessary for any of the meetings. page two and three, line 24 add a clause to indicate that the committee shall review any changes or adjustments in reference to childrens fund and baseline as defined in section 16 .108 and reiterate language in the charter stating that
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nothing in this section shall limit the authority of the mayor and the board of supervisors to propose, amend and adopted a budget under article nine of the charter. page three -- page five line seven. in addition to city employees sfusd employees also cannot serve as a member of the oversight and advisory committee due to possible conflict of interest. line seven -- i mean page seven lines three and four add line to indicate that the oversight and advisory committee shall develop initial bylaws for the service providers working group and will appoint the initial chair and vice chair, and last page seven line 10 add that the service
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provider working group shall review and amend their bylaws as necessary. and that was the last of the amendments. okay. so any discussions on the amendments? okay. can i have a motion? >> i would like to make a motion to adopt all of the amendments stated by myself and supervisor yee. >> okay. any objection? seeing no objection amendments passes. could i have a motion for -- >> through the chair i would like to make a motion to adopt item five as amended and sends it with a full recommendation -- with a positive recommendation to the full board of supervisors. >> any objection? seeing none the motion passes. okay. so what am i doing now? are there any other items? >> no further business today.
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>> okay. meeting adjourned. thank you very much. [gavel]@p
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thanks. >> i example the first thing to point out is the first word is camp tlargz to be bugs and dirt and so long as you can get past that part in place is pretty awesome. you're going to get to our cabin and why is it so small well most of your time is spent outside.
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programming was our first step we wanted to offer a program that is, you know makes people happy and leaves them with memories. >> here and there. >> so more points. >> ready 1, 2, 3. i think a big part is it's coming from san francisco it is real estate a kind of vibe people relate to each other and everyone's living in the city and you can feel the breath of fetish air and the experience you get out here. i think it give us an opportunity to get away from technology you come out here and look at it here and not look at our iphones and you kind of lose users in the city and have a cup
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of coffee >> i'm corey a typical day increase no typical day. and just the first time being on the talent show and getting a huge applause and i never expected it is is r is a great experience i'm an executive chief here at kathy serve over one hundred meals a day for the camp mather folks. people love our meals and the idea they can pick up a meal and don't worry about shopping or doing dishes and enjoy and have a great time at camp mather >> grasping grab on.
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>> i like camp mather it is a lot of freedom and kids run around it's great. >> they have all the things i don't have to do the kids get to do what they want to do and we basically focus on them that's our only job. >> i like camp mather because i can ride my bike. >> i love camp mather. the children are up here playing around and riding their booiths bicycles that's a great place to see what the word is like outside of the city.absence. so


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