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tv   [untitled]    January 17, 2015 1:30am-2:01am PST

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a very good program i knew that would be but my concern is the fact that there were fund that were supposed to come to the community from the greenhouse after the bill was paid off that still needs to be discussions about the concerns of fund for where the digestors are and i tell people they're in zip code 94424 we're the ones that have been smelling it for the last 50 years i know that have and still do at times i get phone calls concerning the jobs local hiring that's supposed to be done i think i've stated this to you all before i'm very salthd this city not you but the city and when i speak i know the racism that has
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gone on phone number for or for the residents of bayview hunters point but the city didn't have one city department have a compliance officer to make sure that the people that live there in zip code 94124 is actually being hired my time is up and there's needs to be more discussion a young lady spoke about a program i'm glad it wasn't in san francisco they work for children i want to make sure you all understand you go on the network and look at it harris park there's a lot of activities being done by the city our children shouldn't be going to that park if you go on the network and look up that park it tells us how many days
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and adheres you could be there it's not a hooth area and thank you very much and i've already talked to your staff i'm going to meet with them with a proposal i've presented i'm still waiting on it n that proposal to be approved and we can go go further so the doors is on for me, i know that and i want to thank our store front staff for the work they're doing for all of san francisco and those outside of san francisco and you all have gone nationally no one would have thought a benefit for the parks people are not under the impression where the fined come from and the fact we have c director o and brisbane we're the ones that are receiving the sewage into 94424
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thank you very much you all have a blessed day thank you very much i love you all thank you very much. >> thank you dr. jackson we have another speaker jackie flynn. >> good afternoon. i'm the executive order of the institute san francisco and also serve as the chairman for the board for the bayview hunters point citizens advisory committee our core mission to support the economic engage in communities of color our services range from community outreach to youth enrichment program and workforce every year hundreds of san francisco unified school district students seek the enrichment and opportunities dribble through my officer we're worked with the puc to engage people in engineering and
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visible sustainability and arts and you kshlt program and provide professional experiences to make impacts on our lives you've heard about today last year, we launched the blue heroin berry gated that teaches the landscape and water conservatism and advocacy through high school students this program allowed 15 district 10 youth to you participate in the paid interimship and not only did we keep the illinois kr0rd streets cleans those youth provided testimony to the port what we learned about the water conservative and how they'll learn the crazy they left with a standing no vacation our grant fund through the community
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benefits program i am honored to work with the nptsdz that have similar goals to really help get the young folks to think and learn and grow into our fallout leaders thank you inform the puc as well as the benefits team staff. >> thank you, ms. flynn. >> are there 0 any other speakers seeing none comments from commissioners. >> first of all thank you outlining you'll for coming and staff for putting the program and presentation together and i have seen bits and pieces of the program it's impressive and responsibility and vibrant program to be proud of we'll move along sorry.
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>> you know i wanted to say one comment that was made this notion of investing isn't social infrastructure and you know, i think the puc historically has infrastructure it is our bread and butter work and over the last few years the biggest and establishment of the team that we've been able to intentionally make those investments in the infrastructure and i think those comments are an example of the successes in our program and want to green express my appreciation it's an integral part of the program and i'm glad to be associated with this program. >> yes. thank you all for coming and waiting for our turn to speak really appreciate that you made me feel very good (laughter) the years off to a good start
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now item 4 which is the general public comment of items that are not on today's agenda i have no speaker cards dr. jackson. >> i didn't i was before the city planning this last thursday i'd like to make an announcement i received a phone call because i'm a senior citizen and the young man says to me he needed to have my medi-cal number because of the fact that he was justice department medi-cal and then after i said i can't find the card he said my social security i said oh, someone stole my purse give me me our phone call i recorded it to do police department and medi-cal as well as the assistance is my statement to those who are
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linking don't give our medical card number or the social security card number to anyone don't accept free gifts over the telephone phone if they want to give you one hundred dollars they'll took all your money once they get our social security card number you may loss your home they'll take everything out of your bank does not getting give out our social security number to anyone if increase a change in social security or medi-cal they'll send you a letter and that is how it is changed it is through them and not to a telephone conversation thank you. this is going on this fraud is going on in san francisco and next month the ethnic of
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february you all can tend send me a letter ever or card i'll be 82 president chiu thank you. >> that's february 9. >> february 9th and again i'm glad you brought that up there's an irs scam and here again, they don't call they send a notice very good it's been requested we take a break. >> all right. >> so we'll resume i. >> i like to bike.
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>> okay. are rebock on. >> we're going to continue with the meeting we're now on item 5 communications. >> are there any comments. >> yes. commissioners. >> i have comments on a and e object the advanced calendar just a couple of things one is that we have part of ritual and part of that to take a look at the calendar and while this comes back so to us is the capital report we work for projects that have a clear beginning and end no so well, for the replacement kind of provenlgz when we come out on the recorded it looks like we're still on this year and not spent
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all our money we're on time and budget that's not good information i'd like to as we bring those reports forward i think that there's a lot of example within the hetch hetchy reports that's a place to set the record straight but to look at what more meaningful measures are for making sure that their holding to their promises and commitments and that's a tough one so it will take i'm sure some thought and as far as the violated requests we had i think we had the one that was missing from mine was i asked staff to look at ways in which we can recapture product improvements out of last year's discussion and of the fault efforts has been to hold the line on no
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increases to staffing personnel budget and do what you have to do through trades and productivity improvements that's accurate i suppose but if there's a way to be more deliberate in seeking productivity improvements the savings of more useful areas and i'd like something to come back to the mission considering. >> and on the water resources division annual report first of all, it's a great report something i don't think that anyone requires of us i don't know if anyone else asked for it it is a great document it does a nice job of laying out the business of what enterprise and
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i'll commend that to the folks review a couple of comments on it one is on page 6 there's a chart that shows a decreasing use of water over time and that is significant it is the result of conservation programs as a result of the building codes we have in place if you do the simple alice griffith ic it means over others period shown here from 2014-2015 we have to have a 25 percent rate increase to sty even on the costs that's important to know it also leads potentially to discussion about what know why are are he doing this to pay more debt that's kind of what
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the numbers show we need to focus on this messaging even has a resembling permitted water supply we figured out over a few lows glances not only are you keeping you know your water supply but now a better water supply and less impacted on the environment smaller carbon footprint they're getting more and we may need to think that that just think about that going forward and last set of comments i have is i guess it's a question in both the conservation program and in many
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of the nonwater grant programs my question is how deep is our penetration into those programs and how do we make those decisions are we finland what we've historically done or some kind of you know cross pen curb this is the place we should be is there an opportunity for more of that work where are we in the continuum. >> if there's a short answer i'll be fine. >> i'm trying to stand up to acknowledge the report because you're right nobody requires it nobody asked for it but we give gave it last year and we have our colleague in the backdoor so
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paula and her folks w worked with our communication groups how to get information so it's usable and the segue into this question it's important for us to deal with in terms of of where we put our conservation dollars and the non potential program one of the things that's clear on the conservation front fixtures are really key things the more fixtures the better one of the things we're doing with the grant money we expect from the state increasing the program for more and more toilet replacements and because it is grant money we can use it in more flexible ways as we target a lot of city departments for basically toilet replacements that continues to be going forward the returns are not
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diminishing at this point on the non-portable program the landscape grants and things like that those are works in process the low hanging fruits the pilot versions we're getting into and hopefully boo in another year or two yes those are paying off and those no so well but a lot of active interest in how we're doing things and partnering with building owners and folks like that so we'll have more and more answers over the next couple of years where if he wanted to start to focus or pull back in some areas. >> i know one thing i think at our next meeting the gm will be laying out a program for the information how we're doing on
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those but essentially the budget impact this is one of those. >> right. >> and i think that's really s a good set up not so much for this year we're in the middle of a two year budget but next year the budget consideration that need a booster in funding in order to make the policy objectives that board put-down forward i think that's my comment in addition for an excellent report. >> where does the report go. >> primarily goes to you but we'll have printed copies electronically as well as for folks to assess through our website and others oftentimes something like this memoriam we feel someone might be interested we'll shove it in there are direction we don't have any here
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we've worked with the research foundations how to have a program so we have documents it support that as well as our nonpolitical programs for building you can come anywhere near us you've got get one shoved austin at you. >> for all the public benefits there's a lot of opportunities like community centers. >> absolutely. >> a great job thank you and actually i'd like to add the popper financial report was really wonderful (laughter) no it isn't vincent van gogh very well laid out. >> you'll be surprised the number of people that request them. >> good commissioner president caen. >> i'd like to make a note for the record you have a
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supplemental letter summary that was given to you and also copies for the public with 3 additional letters that's been received one from dr. church well and pete regarding the support for the southeast treatment facility and one from diane raul's e russel an agenda item. >> any other comments on item 57 moving on to the report of general manager. >> good afternoon we'll go right into this the first one is the drought update and my colleague will present that. >> high steve richie a assistant general manager for the water if i could have the slides please i before brown have a brief presentation on where we're at. >> may we have the slides from sfgovtv ? great
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first, we'll start with the good news this is a chart based on the information from for the control board for the capital use in the bay area customers and there were 9 county they're the lowest yourselves everyone one the lowest possible yourselves in the bay area are our customers and those are our wholesale customers are doing a great job in reducing the water use. >> why is the puc on there. >> we've talked about the 409 glances now we're 49 per capital that's a 10 percent drop in an area you can save 7 percent that's darn good this is all -
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>> residential? >> yeah. this is residential per capita. >> yeah. we've done the same thing. >> the state water board starting in september i believe or maybe august started collecting data statewide for all who wanted the water management band so people are saving and people are getting better everyday and getting better and analyzing that it is a little bit funky at first but they've hit their strives total delivered by the end of the 2014 it was definitely the placing last half of the year stayed below our target and everything lowest the bay area for the end of year the numbers were down and over the year we were trying to reach a target of
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2 had and 9 glances and we had 2 hundred plus hundred we've exceeded that that's guarantee good news this is a different version we needed to save 8 billion gluttons and we saved 10 billion gallons so we move into where are rein storage we're at the end of the year and on storage we're doing probably better than others we have our issues on this case i've shown this chart where we were on january basically a year ago and hetch hetchy storage was greater than it was a year ago but significantly 0 the storage is down 50 percent where it was this time in 2014
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which is a good thing they've done a great job and it's up 53 ieshg from its lowest point we've started to replenish it but overall our storage is lower than it was and provided we get the storage baker back up and this is precipitations this year you see the red line is the current year precipitation which is up about the 2000 level it is blow medium this is a dry year and we've got agency bid the snow page is better than that was last year but 0 now after approaching the 2007 levels this is probably the most exciting slide in the banish this is the
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models precipitation you'll notice it december historic meaning it is about four and a half inches of precipitation we've got 12 of a quarter inches of rain in december that was almost the first two weeks a huge amount of rain we know from the flooded missions here and elsewhere by craft hetch hetchy through december lagged on the medium level it was not up to the average level we normally get we're still a little bit behind in the bay area and cross the country in january it's zero so to date and it is it not speed limit to rain. >> last year they talked about the renal and, yes there is a
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rage it looks at kind of resilient and today is looks at ridiculous so what about going forward what are relooking for going back to the slides more quickly what effects our water base performances if i can get the slides up. >> there we go. >> a series of four slides to show how the system works at the end of the year this slide is a hydrograph for the river for 23450i6r8 i've 2011 and 2012 and 2013 and 2014 the high bars are high-flow 2 cubic feet per second and 2011 was a pretty wet year and the gradual years have within drier this is by itself
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this purple line on the graph shows what the districts maximum entitlement is to water through the river this is the maximum irrigation can take we're obligated to leave in the river that that purple line represents the cubic feet per second per year so if you look at the gray filled in areas that's what the district are toil entitled to take off the river basically everything under the purple line is water that is under we don't have a right to it but above the line is what san francisco has a right to that is in the last series four or five slides in 2012 there was a lot of water
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san francisco, california take out of the river 2012 less and 2013 and 2014 was to although you can't see the green every year we see how much water the city has a right to the water we used to the water bank that's the amount of water that matters to us for our supply. >> so what kind of year last year we actually, only got 22 thousand acre feet available to us from the river that's why we dug into the water bank districts needs we only took 22 acres a small number that that year if we have seven hundred and 20 feet available to us we would be completely fill by the end of the year and likely a dammed reduction people are going well, we would be in
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good shape available to san francisco only 2 hundred and thirty acres valuable it would be less than a third, that would get us through this year and we'll be a in the same place as july 1st no change from the last year and thirty needs to be continuing the thirty percent reduction somewhere in between dollars there will be judgment and if we get less than 2 hundred and thirty thousand we'll be less off and we'll continue with the 10 percent reduction we'll to work on the same thing to see it graphically change he over time those numbers will start to mean something when we get into having snow and snow metals he will right now we've only collected seven hundred feet that's available to the city that's a small part over the
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year we'll try to have a curb how we're progressing water availability to the city and in 720 the percentages on that the likely hood. >> i forget the numbers historically it is what about a hired of the years we actually get something on the larger front like that that and above so typically out of 3 years something on the order the 230 is 75 percent something like that but again, that's based on historic informational every year is a whole new basketball you play the game and take our shots. >> one last slide oh good we're back up in summary december was a good start we


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