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tv   [untitled]    January 18, 2015 7:00am-7:31am PST

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to organize at waterfall if mr. shep was in charge definitely look at the hide the balls that have been going on since this has started it's clear mr. shep didn't relinquish his permit and waterfall wouldn't be what it is today, i have to refute b what the horrible attorney said there was criminal activity at the wellness there was one a fire two an illegal grow and through 3 a fire alarm i ask you please give mr. shep the opportunity to get back what is rightfully his
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and. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening my name is a oscar i'm standing in support of waterfall wellness i'm an employee under mr. shep and mr. malcolm heinicke dices is i want to say my he comparisons or experience has been a good one i organize clean up crews and feed do community i was involved in the 2014 age walks and we walked as a team as waterfall we're giving back to the community i know a lot of negatively has been brought up the record reflect we haven't
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done anything there's nothing we're hiding or mysterious about waterfall we help 0 out and have a compassion program we help people that are seriously ill and give away free medication we're trying to be a positive member of the you. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> and as the speakers can fill out speaker cards in the preparation of minutes please step forward. >> good evening commissioner my name is paul mccartney i'm a marijuana patient in san francisco and beyond what is going on but one thing i do know is what is happening to waterfall wellness now i think it is doing an excellent
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job i participant in community event and they help me out a lot with any compassion i'm on general assistance and don't have much money so, please let them continue doing the great services in the past and futuristic thank you. >> any other public comment. >> hello, i'm the outreach corridor at waterfall wellness i've been employed through over 3 months i was not perpetrate with a lot of the meeting, however, i've eaten the
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phenomenal i want to speak to the current situation atwaterfall we've had the permit and been operating great there will be a lot of people negatively impacted to grant the appeal maim you know over 26 coworkers i work with including myself will losses our jobs we have over 2 hundred patient and community members and business owners that wrote letters of support the patient will be noticing effected we have over one hundred patient that don't think their medicine from wellness they need the medicine and they receive it from
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waterfall wellness closing down this will that negatively impact them the current board of directors curling they're doing everything that is required of them i've seen in preparation i've seen them follow through what the laws with the department of public health we had someone come but we fold all the guidelines i'll request you please deny the appeal. >> allow us to continue operating thank you. >> thank you (clapping) and any other public comment sir, i wish to speak please step forward. >> hello the name is robert ricci wanted to kind of get back to kind of one main point i
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believe mr. shep wouldn't be here if within the department of public health willfully gave up the permit that is obviously not something it seems like it was unilateral taken from him a point of a board obviously he was not sitting here willfully the permit was taken away. >> any public comment on this item? commissioners it is up to you. >> may i speak please. sorry public comment is closed you had your opportunity.
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>> perhaps what we could do is look at some the things that have been provided if you couldn't hear entirely the audio transcript and part of the purpose of asking for that at the last hearing to see what the process was related to that hearing at dpw and he could get enough of that out of that understood it was quite boring i listened to the audio but i guess i'll get to the crux of it i'm in agreement that the
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primary issue for the appellant and the permit holder has to do with ownership i don't think that's what i'm prepared to act upon. >> i will i'll get closer to the microphone what i said was that that p the issue here relate to this appeal of this permit this provisional permit is primarily related to the dispute over ownership and i'm not prepared to comment or to make a position on that issue question of whether the permit has been issued appropriately through the department in terms of whether it was the personnel
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checks or the notice all those kinds of things i think they did therefore i have no basis other than to support of the basis of the permit. >> if this is just a question if the issue of ownership is in question does it render the departments decision questionable in terms is it such to just have two corporate representatives be the owner or do you need the third person. >> as and understand the permit was issued to the corporations. >> right. >> all right. >> now, it's in dispute who the owners are of the corporation
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and that's something perhaps it would be best for them to continue their civil litigation. >> i agree asian-american it's not our position to determine the ownership as whether the permit was issued correctly. >> it's not position to determine the ownership what is in front of us is the permit is issued correctly. >> that's what i'm trying to figure out if i'm trying to figure out that issue i'm not saying we should determine ownership but if person is in question are reable to even do what you suggest. >> i think there are - yes
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probably aspects of that if one point to think about the d o g review and the checks if it's shown up negative perhaps there's elements of that that can play into whether the permit is valid maybe my question is more for robert. >> okay. let me stand back. >> well, i sorry go ahead. >> is what the department did enough in terms of having the secretary and mr. mendez do they need to determine who is the ownership question first and i that the permit was issued to the corporation with the understanding that certain individual will be managing it and so that permit itself could
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be issued. >> so as long as as the valid corporation. >> this other issue they'll have so pursue and if they prove they're not the owner they can challenge to continue to use the permit but the permit was issued to a corporations with certain individuals managing other corporation or the operations so i think the permit itself could be issued. >> that's helpful thank you. >> and, of course, that doesn't preclude anyone if challenging it in the superior court. >> further discussions. >> i'm going to move to uphold the ordinances o ownerships the permit on the basis that the
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permit was issued correctly. >> there's a motion on the floor from communicating to uphold the medical ensues on that motion to uphold commissioner president lazarus. >> commissioner honda commissioner wilson thank you the vote is had to zero the permit is upheld madam clerk, any other business before this committee? >> we're adjourned
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>>welcome everyone to our special inaugural meeting of january 8 2015. i'd like to welcome next to me mayor lee here. thank you for joining us today. i'd like to welcome john stewart here who will be swearing all the newly elected supervisors in today as well as our new district three supervisor as well. with that i'd like to ask madam clerk if you can please call the role. >>supervisor avalos. >>present. >>breed. >>present. >>supervisor campos. >>present. >>supervisor, christensen. >>president. >>cohen. >>present.
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>>farrell. >>present. kim. >>here. >>supervisor mar. >>here. >>supervisor -- and president tang. >>present. >>supervisor wiener. >>present. >>yee. >>present. >>all members are present. >>thank you ladies and gentlemen. will you please join me with the pledge of allegiance? i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stand, one nation under god indyivisible with liberty and justice for all. >>and now i'd like to take a moment to acknowledge the many, many many department heads staff of our city family who are here members of our city commissions. as we all know we can't do all our work alone.
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we depend on many of them who are here today, so i want to recognize those in our presence. if i call your name if you wouldn't mind standing up so we can honor and recognize you. we have pleased to have fiona mon with us. we have state senator mark leno who was going to be. we have former supervisor amos brown. [applause] we also have former supervisor susan yeal. we have newly elected board members, mendoza. and next we have our police chief, greg sur.
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[applause] district attorney george gaston. [applause] our fire cheer joanne white. our public defender, our sheriff. so as you can see here this is a very safe area right here. i'd like to recognize we have our wonderful city attorney, john gibner and our city attorney here, dennis hererra. we have our controller ben rosenfield. budget analyst harvey rose and his team. recorder carmen chiu. our treasurer jose fisneros. we have our department of public health director barbara garcia.
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alden from our department of emergency management. our public health director and our city administrator naomi kelly ed ruskin bill ginsberg nancy from 311. donna leavitt from our office of labor standards enforcement. we have adrian pawn.
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[applause] deborah raphael from our department of environment. monique moyer from our port. john ram, our director of planning. his counter part at dbi tom huey and tiffany bohi. i apologize if i missed anyone, but as you know it's a pretty packed room here but again want to thank on behalf of our city family all the departments for all your work with us. of course, i want to again, acknowledge all the commissioners who are also here today. thank you.
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[applause] with that, madam clerk, do you have any communications? >>yes, i have three. from the director of department of elections a certification of mrur alty of votes cast at the election held on november 4 2014. namely supervisor cohen from district ten, kim from district six. second communication is dated today, january 8 2015 at 12:01 from the honorable hey your edwin lee who has appointed supervisor christensen as the district three supervisor. all newly appointed members of the board have been officially bonded as required by the san
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francisco administrative code. >>thank you madam clerk. now if all the newly elected or reelected supervisors will join us up here. we will be joined by the honorable john stewart who will administer the oath of office to us as well as our newly appointed district three supervisor. supervisor. >>good afternoon everyone. it's a privilege for me to be here today. i look forward to working with all of you in the future to find ways to continue to provide greater access to justice for
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all san francisco citizens. i will say i and will each of you individually state your name right after the other. i wiener. >>farrell. >>maria cohen. >>now we'll all follow me together. do you solemnly swear or affirm -- please raise your hand -- that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states the constitution of the state of california against all enemies, foreign and domestic. i will bear true faith and allegiance to the constitution of the united states, the constitution of the state of california california and i take this
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obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion and that i will well and faithfully faithfully charge the duties upon which i am about to enter during such time i hold the office of the member of board of supervisors, member of the transportation authority of the city and county of san francisco. congratulations. [applause]
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>>all right, thank you very much everyone. i know that we need to proceed to our nominations for the president of the board, which everyone is in eager anticipation of but before mayor lee has to step out i want to give him without objection objection, the opportunity to say a few words to our chamber. mayor lee. >>good afternoon everyone. welcome to city hall. i want to briefly say congratulations to each and every member of the board that's
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been reelected and sworn in. i also want to say thank you to their families and parents who are here today. you are in the great city hall of san francisco three time world series champion, san francisco. i pledge to you i will work closely with each member of the board of supervisors to improve the lives of everyone in the city. this is important to us and this is why we come to this public office so i con grand jury congratulate all the supervisors and i look forward to working with you as i do each and every member of the elected city family and appointed members of the city family. thank you and congratulations. [applause] >>thank you mayor lee, and now madam clerk, if you can call item 4.
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>>we will proceed to nominations for the board president. and madam president i have a few nomination principalsesipalsprincipals. a member may nominate themselves. there can be one nomination per supervisor however, nominations can be reopened and if opened a supervisor may withdraw their own name or their nominee or nominate another. a second for a nomination is not required. a nominee doesn't have to accept a nomination and can withdraw their name without a second. to reopen nominations it requires a motion, second and majority vote. the nominee receiving the lowest number of votes is not removed from the ballot unless they withdraw their own name.
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>>thank you. supervisor is first. >>thank you very much. good afternoon everyone, how are you? all right that's good. i'd like to open up with a few remarks for the reasons why i'm putting supervisor london breed's name for consideration. it's been very rewarding to watch her mature in the last two years growing into her own. many of you may remember she was a brash hot head. [laughter] those that chuckle, you know exactly what i mean, but to watch her mature into this leadership position has been amazing. we had a conversation about the importance of leadership, and i think it's put forth supervisor breed as a name for our board president. supervisor breed is a talented woman, she's courageous, smart
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and crafts policy with love in her heart. she has never forgotten her roots, which were established right here in our own city. this is a personal nomination for me to be able to present this woman to you. i hope, colleagues, you will join me in supporting supervisor breed as our president. thank you. >>supervisor avalos. >>thank you president tang. i stand to support my colleague and friend david campos for board president. david campos today in this past half hour has started his seventh year in the board of supervisors and has shown remarkable grace. i admire his work across the political spectrum here in san francisco on the board of supervisors, but also he serves


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