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tv   [untitled]    January 21, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PST

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item 3 the little go yosemite fish passage is proposed to april 2015 and the next at 8093-fourths street is inner definite continuance and item 5 at 191220th street is proposed for indefinite continuance commissioners further in under our regular calendar the case at 1010 bush street it property for continuance until february 12, 2015, i have no speaker cards. >> thank you any public comment on item items for continuance seeing none, public comment is closed commissioner antonini.
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>> move to continue items 1, 2, 3 the dates proposed 4 and 5 indefinite and item 14 to february 12th. >> on that motion commissioners to continue councilmember sharp commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards commissioner fong and commissioner president wu so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 68 to zero and place you under our cds constitute a consent calendar, are considered the planning commission, and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote of the commission, there will be no separate discussion of these items which event the matter shall
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consent calendar and considered as a separate item at this or a future hearing. item 6 case no. 2014 c and d on market street a condominium conversion and item 7 c at one newhall conditional use authorization. >> any public comment on the consent calendar. >> commissioners we have a card for the market street item to be pulled off of content. >> he okay. we'll hear it at the girn of the regular calendar. >> very good commissions any public comment on item 7 seeing none, public comment is closed commissioner antonini. >> move to approve item 7. >> second on that motion to approve item 7
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commissioner antonini commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards commissioner fong and commissioner president wu so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero and places you under commission matters given that commissioner hillis is not here we'll take item 9 out of order and places you under commissions questions or comments. >> thank you commissioner moore. >> graham in our package we have a large submittal on an update of microbe block 40 do we need to ask for a presentation or a formal matter. >> you approved that project about a year ago you approved the office allocation tests up to you, we wanted to share the
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new design but with a new architect it's the commissions call if you want to have a hearing. >> i'd be interested since we have two new commissioners one of them living in mission bay it is - with the giants stadium it will be nice to hear the new thinking about it. >> commissioner richards. >> a couple of items i'm sure those of you read from the chronicle or on line supervisor kim introduced legislation on defining affordable housing something i've been struggling with here as a commissioner what do we mean by omaha both for sale and rent and i'd yet to see the actual legislation she will be murray from extremely low to
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middle-income and the discussion around prop c i'd consider for affordable housing from luxury housing this a way to balance the two and i look forward to the single legislation but i am positive and on a lighter note john king wrote and note he called it goofy i yet to go out to the building it's refreshing there is something out there and pretty sure i courage the architect watching this to maybe get goofy and make the city for places with variety. >> commissioner antonini. >> on that same that subject my office is not far from the location and that building and on polk and patrick have been
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built if the last couple of years are conceptually this has a lot of methods it is a little bit goofy in the 30s and 40s there were embellishments but the forms those current structures are refreshing after all the cook current kind of glass contemporary architecture we see everywhere i tend ton it is cheaper to consultation than build a building that's nice to see it blends in well with the neighborhood. >> thank you commissioner moore. >> i'm not sure whether to ask it question we were copied on a letter a question for continuance for 435, to the best of your ability e tenth avenue do we decide that when it comes
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up in a few weeks i feel uncomfortable we didn't listens to the constraint people asked to put on another date what should we do with that letter. >> this is not the calendar we be only discuss the potential letter on the calendar but i suggest we do it during the general public comment which is upcoming. >> thank you very much. >> commissioners commissioners if there's nothing further we'll move on to to department matter item item 10 departmental matter. >> this is regarding the demolition of the candle stick park on the 13 what was a couple of days ago the department of building inspection issued a mechanic demolition i have heard i heard this about an hour ago
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so i don't know the details again the minding but they see issued a permit for a mechanic that was covered in the candle stick eir there's been no announcement about the intent felt developer to do and when this will happen but they issued that for a mechanic demolition on which is 13th thank you. >> thank you. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further we can move on the item 12 past there was no preservation hearing. >> good afternoon if happy new year nice to see you all good at this week's it land use there was a new permit for the massage the interim rulings controls whether or not their clarified
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as a massage establishment one is certified by the state and one not in the controls come out of that the state laws will have no more control and supervisor president tang introduced permanent controls which will be heard by this commission this item as amazing recommended to the phone number another interim zoning controller a six months extension sponsored by supervisor wiener this resolution extended for 6 months interim controls that require a xru in the upper market and supervisor wiener introduced permanent controls this commission will is a chap to comment on later on and this is recommended to the full board the one item that was not interim control the arresting cads in the upper market transit strict sponsored by supervisor
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wiener that there permit the game arcades on the upper market ct it was heard on december 18 and unanimously recommended approval with moefgdz it had to be with what constituted a mechanic announcement decides and land use supervisor breed are working on to relax the controls no public comment on that item and they vociferated unanimously to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> a to my left this week's board of appeals two for environmental recommendation this is an exemption for a two-story building the commission heard this project as a never mind discretionary review in november of last year and vociferated unanimously to not take dr no one spoke in
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favor of the dr and only one in support important the permit holder they were not able to settle their differences but the environmental appeal has 40 no merit and with that she made a motion to reject the appeal the other appeal for the conditional use on ocean avenue an appeal for the cu to establish a tobacco establishment on ocean avenue this was on the health related issues of e cigarettes they didn't properly elevate others balboa park plan there were several speakers several spoke in the need for more businesses and the proposed use is not a family friendly use
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many individuals came out in support for the e cigarette addresses dpw regulated the e cigarettes and the health impacts after public comment supervisor yee talked about it was a difficult discussion he was not going to support the appeal instead he moved the appeal and add 3 additional issues regarding a security camera and food available to the police department and the review includes american people increased in crime within 3 hundred feet of the site and motion dethe course lights so other supervisors spoke is 134 month expressed they'll support of appeal but because of the district supervisor they'll vote for supervisor yee's motion the
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two supervisors that didn't obsolete was supervisor cowen felt it was not appropriate and supervisor mar that felt e cigarettes were not good it passed 9 to two modifying the cu and uphold the commissioners to grant the appeal loose what are the sdpoen controls for the six months extent in ufrpt that was adapted and the interim controls for the massage were adapted there was several introductions this week as well one was introduced that i supervisor campos this suspense the short time residential rental ordinance that is schedule to be effective on february 1st until thirty days after the treasurer certifies all short-term rentals platforms
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have remitted to the tax that are due and payable e payable and the 09 one was commissioner richards mentioned the city's monitoring balance sponsored by supervisor kim to monitor the balance between new market rate housing after new affordable housing and publish a balance report in requiring an annual hearing at the board of supervisors on strategies for retaining the balance nearness with the san francisco's housing goal it came out of the negotiations between the mayor and supervisor kim's rewarding the prop k measure on the special hearing there was also introductions one was an ordinance for the castro street commercial district 24th and
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noah valley and upper market neighbor commercial districts sponsored by supervisor wiener that requires the conditional use for certain district and the two-dimensional zoning was the court after the commission heard last year and voted to approve and was introduced as well as the landmark designation as the old goldberg building was introduced that concludes my comments i'm also available for questions. >> commissioner richards. >> two questions the e cigarettes appeal can you off the top of my head recall the supervisors that said in their addict they said. >> supervisor wiener and supervisor campos. >> and also i think they're probably two others i can't recall. >> the item you mentioned on
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castro and 24th and you went certain uses can you elaborate. >> to make permanent the cu controls for the financial services i think it includes other uses. >> would you be able to shoot us an e-mail that this. >> yes. >> i take special interest in that. >> thank you i have no report from the board of appeals there was no historic preservation commission commissioners, if there's nothing further we can go back to commission matters item 8 election of officers no longer with the rules the president and vice president shall be elected on the january 15, 2015. >> commissioner antonini. >> nominate rodney fong for
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president and woe for vice president. >> shall i call the question. >> on that. >> commissioner richards. >> a couple of questions for the property nominees i support a continuance in leadership on the term i'm a term guy i want you to address something e anything specific you might do from what you do this past year i'd like to hear that. >> why don't i take a stab we've been talking about issues we've interested in cover from our last hearing we talked about the rules and creating a committee on rules we will be during that on the calendar personally i'm interested in a refocus on omaha clearly visibility is the number one issue in the city it's not just
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production of affordable housing but also preservation of our neighborhood we'll continue to play a strong role there are a couple of issues maybe we can do a better job on informational hearings or small group hearing before the issues come up i know that weeshlg to have hearings an aa u and short-term rentals and we'll be rolling out enforcement of short-term rentals there will be a huge list. >> commissioner president wu was smart in going first that captured many of the things i think that's why the two of us have been a good team and balance for this commission to repeat some of the items to attack rules and attack it and protection is not the right or
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right word how the transit related to the city and the lives transportation we'll hear about i know this particular time and place in the made up of those 7 supervisors a very, very strong make up we all have part of the skills separate interests and separate talents and in my opinion i'd like to see the next 12 months to pull out our interests and skills working with the director is soy think that's the goals i've had conversations with individually everyone raising tops to push the envelope and maybe that's part of the explorer we process and the obligation to the city of san francisco. >> i'd like to see perhaps in 6 months a look back how we're doing with the really great fusel. >> i think we need to set the
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end goal and come back and check midterm. >> do you have an idea of the goals set and the date and i'm hopeful that the goals with the presentation today, we can have as specifics kind of goals like the preparation will be more policy oriented and policy driven there's an ask for specific goals of this commission what we're going to table and definitely we can do. >> thank you. >> commissioner hillis. >> i mean i support address second the motion i want to thank you you for serving and arresting to serve i've been on the commission for over two years now but i've watched did commission and have great respect for both of you and the
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commission works wells if not better than it ever has we may disagree by the respectfully i want to support the nomination and continue on the way we do things there's been difficult issues before us and interesting times in the planning timeframe but everything we've been deliberate and thoughtful so thank you. >> thank you commissioner moore. >> i didn't have the opportunity to serve but i am in the support of the two nominations and increase no situations in life which is constant so i'll hopefully be able to help contribute to we become better known as and move
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forward the challenges will not be smallest or smaller but larger i ask we balance the commission calendar better we do have to stay until midnight because the public would like to be an active participant in watch we we do it's a give and take how we manage our time i hope we do better in the future with the agenda items. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further there has been a motion 2 to 3 nominate commissioner fong as president and commissioner president wu awning vice president and commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards commissioner fong and commissioner wu so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously congratulations to the boss of you. >> i want to lend my voice this
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is a wonderful hard working commission i think there's been comparisons maybe to commissions not past it's to be routine by the planning commission, and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote incredibly thoughtful commission everyone worked hard i'm proud to be working with you. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further to general public comment not to exceed a 14 minutes at this time, members of the public may address the commission on items of interest injured afforded when the item is reached in the meeting. each member of the public may address the commission for up to 3 minutes. i do have several speaker cards. >> great. >> okay (calling names) good afternoon, commissioners i'm gary weis the finding of the
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the core bit he's they've been a ground zero donor oversized replacements of small homes i'd like i've i'd like to start by saying how much i appreciate the work it's amazing and incredibly time xhooumz i'm here i feel the commission follows existing codes tests blind to how they effect the neighborhood as a whole when the project is out of scale for the neighborhood i don't know that the commission views it as to they live next door they've been advertising they're finished project in a quaint neighborhood how many of the projects would it take to wipeout the charm or kwients in do you feel like lingering or
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looking at architecture or gardener especially around the heights resemble those on market street this is a house at 84 to 86 a remedial 5 decks and garages and two curve cuts being sold for four and a half million dollars it is affordable go for the middle-income we're trying to have more housing for it was said by this commission under consideration a need for more single-family units in san francisco especially those with 3 plus bedrooms and only 22 percent has 3 bedrooms it seems like more studios and one bedrooms and multiple unit homes will do better to increase the
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supply you don't need $3,000 sxeet especially considering for one hundred and 50 increases years in san francisco and to this day like new york city families have been raised in houses of that size when i first become interested in this homes families were needing an additional room i would love to see the statistics and the approvals to denials the one in my neighborhood is one where the project sponsor needs to increase seven hundred 5 percent of the lot where is this when the developer is making a bigger home thank you.
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>> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm gary it an attorney in san francisco i first of all, congratulations to president fong and vice president wu i'm here to follow up on the continuance of the dr on 12th avenue our firm represents the dr requesters to add color to this story it was a matter to be heard on october 4th it was important to our clients they choose to show up and speak applicants be substantially summit a project that is much larger and impact when the planning department stiff offend us through the rescheduling in december we notified the staff the dates of skwap were
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unworkingable for our clients and the dr council we going into had scheduling consists to we're here to request this be rescheduled so the sensitive part in the letter we were aware of the fact that the applicant arithmetic can't be in attendance next week so you folks who have to make the decision there's no way to engage that the architect and have any kind of interact active dialog so given the permanence of the proposed restrictions to the much you larger resolve we hope the next available date will be acceptable for everyone we hope you'll consider that and continue to the next available
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date thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon and intermission not to be distracted by our larger picture that we seek rather to said our role may be limited to understand the quality of life around cities and states have adapted anti honkable like chicago and delaware and dlarz and fort wayne and indianapolis and minute applies and salt lake city and others suggestions are declared this january 15, 2015 slightly after the 12 hour that mike may be responsible for the jurisdiction and in the city and county of san francisco such
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legislation maybe a larger part of a slow down campaign including the quality of upper life to over one million people that reside in downtown san francisco we feel like such legislation may benefit the individual awhile reducing the vehicular power we look at look forward to a peace we seek to deliberated two categories those maybe interpreted denied as any mechanic device to convert any person or vehicle and not to honks a double tap to slightly signify an damages motion


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