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tv   [untitled]    January 21, 2015 3:30am-4:01am PST

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you know other than a grocery that comes to us there are definitely ways to have certainly policies and priorities and other programs part of our work plan we're 13069 nonprofit or other service providers in the job training phase and real making sure they have space and pdr and office development but that's one example of ways we can look at the land use directly look at the economic development i'd like to see that show up in our program activities it is a nice goal but at the end of the day it's someone's job again i mean, i'll madam chair the plug for transit we had an unfortunate event on the bart station someone committed suicide at the
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bart station during rush hour the way i encounter that i went to work nobody was in the office because they couldn't get there we need to think about convening to the transit different pieces and having them work together when bart shuts down we should be able to jump on a transit how can we the next part of the services that's part of the discussion and again on family again family sized unit we talk about two and three bedrooms and above love to see something in the work plan i don't recall commissioner antonini saying something about a proud adult grew up in a tower congressman any of any neighborhoods i think
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we can providing provide those family services within the confides of the types of everybody else's we're already approving love to see that in the work plan and i know the work plan with the priorities is a little bit of the different track i'd like to see these come together. >> commissioner richards. >> thank you very much i think the first thought you get to know ahead i'm impressed with the longer than planning and year increments this is a question as things come up we have are new things crop up add them next year to year plan a rolling list of other side for the next 35 years. >> yeah. i think we've tried to deposit some categories with the initiatives so we flexibility if
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something comes up with the things to some extent stent there will be things within the 5 year horizon we'll accomplish something. >> i know some of the concerns with the individuals that dovetail i'd like to see i'll send any information to the president commissioner fong and do an lover overlay and do a chart see how much of that gets put into here we have a person from corporate heights showed up and asked a question and took a different approach here you have places zoned revving that are close to castro they're not loud
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to the build three or four the interesting thing the matthews 3 bedroom units were 35 hundred and half a mile away is 4 thousand square feet so in terms of addressing larger 24 bedroom will be a way to do that that's something another thing that struck me the santa clara county they're creating jobs ensue people living there - working there are not living there so i use to work in mount i mop up view and for 20 years i commuted when i was there everybody commuted they're getting their tax basis from the residents
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that are actually living there a couple of thickness on engaging the picking up public i like the way of the neighborhood approach coming out of the octavia plan you see from the number of people attending this meeting today, we're trying to take a longshoreman vision and trying to get short time expansion so this is what is happening we have a packed house buses 2 o'clock we have fewer people so getting the public's attendance is key i think west of twin peaks should have a role and couple of other commissioners said i think two more comments i like the monitoring and the follow-up that is incredibly important to commissioner president 134 west
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idea of having 6 months of a check in the the devil is in the details and lastly two things if you look at the last 35 years when was true than about planning and what is 35 years ago boy that was crazy want to make sure in the next 35 years we're not engaged in the same mental planning and we talk about the sea level rise and it bores the heck out of me the earthquake that's also coming but it's incredible work thank you. >> commissioner moore. >> thank you i agree with many of my fellow commissioners comments particularly commissioner president wu you laid out the charter and the devil is in the
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timing and the details i'm in support of commissioner fong's charge to how we do things that line items in you engage and royals the work plan come forward about an important topic and we many times need to hear about policies we're discussing urgent what we do today effects what we do in the future and the future effects today, this characters our passports we're sdrikd disconnected and looking at a project out of context and how we've dealt that enough of that type of speak i want to actually, i want to ask that you
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come back frequently and often and that you indeed do take on the retail discussion we feel stuck with regional discussions and regional mandate where this city jumps to be afraid to do things quickly while the rest of the bay is mum about affordable housing and the responsibility of taking the burden of housing rather than making the city only a lifestyle choice rather than a commitment we've seen the residents in the city in the last thirty or 40 or 50 years we support the projects and the consistency and exclusion in which the roll for the future rnth on what we say and thank you. i am done.
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>> commissioner johnson. >> thank you very much just one quick thing i forgot about the work plans definitely agree with having a challenge around public realm improvements that i thought i saw nothing that touched that we're this candle stick all those things but the third street the thoroughfare that connects the southeast back to the rest of the north of san francisco and noun of the projects talk about third street or talk about the other thoroughfares like caesar chavez those will be more i know there are conflict we talk about third street vs. the conversation about pdr space that's the pdr spates but there's got to be a middle ground between having nothing you know between you know third
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street and 16th and all the way down to like caesar chavez there's got to be a middle ground i'd like to see that show up as a project or initiative and the other thing this is funny commissioner richards comment we don't want to be in a place likes this side of the aisle years earlier that's crazy how people live it's unrecognizable today yet the planning sort of reflect that i went real quick that one hearing we were looking at the zoning map and one like in 19 hundred a big map that had only two packages o a zone important old ladies homes the name the zone if you just you know in was how they thought of people as they angle third time put in those
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categories the ways they were treated and that's unrecognizable to us sometimes, we say we have to change in the future we're going to laugh at. >> commissioner hillis. >> thank you a followup on kind of i know you talked about how we looked back we did a lot of neighborhood and eastern neighborhood and market and octavia what do we do to look back and is what's worked or not worked i went out to a neighborhood the proposed potrero hill and you know some of the people that are concerned we've already built we should have built and bumped up and the transit is not coming and the parks are mother coming how do you look at that and a formal
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process what is working and not working. >> i'll take a stab i think you're asking the right question in terms of what we do now. actually you're putting your finger but there's a lag time particularly in public prospective between early development and the the promise to the public transportation we're an activist communication we have a process in the eastern and the market and islamic e octavia we collect that prioritizing the allocations that fund for those areas is growing because of the hayes development but designing and implementing the projects is something i guess that has to become more ann of a conversation the other piece
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you're talking about how do we stand back and see things whether their public or private are we suite the needs have they did quality we need we need to make that process for rigorous more on and accountable and transparent i don't think we've developed those formal mechdz and it will be helpful to see what's happening in market and octavia we talk about the design in what projects have worked and sometimes, i feel we benefit from the year analysis kind of 25k9 a look back on the designed they work well, for the neighborhood and feel like you
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know they're more a part of the neighborhood than anothers sometimes, i that we get a lot of benefits from the feedback with the individual projects getting our input and analysis on that and just overall looking at what has worked in terms of how they've evolved and where it's a good neighborhood feel and what we want to tweak versus octavia and market so i think that's a valuable thing >> it's right to bring this discussions here. >> okay. >> alice in wonderland was reminding me in the case of market and octavia there was an obligation i think what you're talking about what's the public discussion around those. >> right and you know i'd like to see a look at some of the areas in projects that actually,
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we think are good and well-designed in our neighborhood serving who's living in them as opposed to so getting specified about what is happening or in the parks that are built and which ones have worked c park is a small park but a greatest utilized park you take this parks on the waterfront they're not then they kind of park in front of the term to me it's a big walk it's in a dense well-used neighborhood but i don't know if it's getting the use like the hayes decks that's small has a punch it will be good to say we've built 3 thousand units or
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4 thousand unit but what works well, which projects are good i also encourage you i think you're doing this but think beyond the planning where the land use agency box which you definitely point out to here i would go beyond things like affordable housing is not going to be solved by building more affordable housing it is reich ellis act and i think some of the ideas we'll have a bigger impact i get involved and maybe too much shorthand. >> i agree we're going are we're not going to build our way out of this but issues ho do we
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build the capacity to maintain the existing stock for affordable use. >> there's parks in the utilized we build sometimes the developers people want open space but put it in places it might not be the right open space but changing the use and making that nor active or putting fields existing open space is the answer you get the interagency stuck with different agencies like the rec and park fixed parks you're the ones thinking those big ideas the city's wealthy and the city's has untapped resources we can go
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0 after those rather than building new. >> your touch on something there's 4 white guys and one white guys gooir guy i think parrot of our role is to convene that multi agency conversation look at the long term plan with more talking about the issues and figuring out better solutions that's something we can really arresting sincerity a bigger role i think we're the central party to do that kind of conversations. >> i think the waterfront issue presidio is involved i don't know about the jurisdiction of the planning department but i mean, you should be weighing in kind of taking - >> the shorthand about
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partnership all the initiative are complete with the need for partnerships that's in the spirit of our discussion as far on the waterfront rather work with the school district this is a foundation how to do that. >> i mean one the advantages that the department has in some ways we're not a capital department and so we can kind of take a more objective view in how we operate that's the big advantage for several years we bring together department heads from all over the city they've been based on capital but the forum to talk about the vice presidents issues i mean, i think that's fair to say we're a as a city we're breaking and entering through the silos there's an issue in
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every city i've been in i think we're doing a good job as anyone certainly the managers have developed relationship with their counterparts is that is a huge part of the issue establish relationships with the counterparts counterparts. >> commissioner moore. >> i toil would like to suggest that this presentation is made again and share you with myonics why there are not so many people today, the title of this particular presentation is very mosaic active and i actually until i opened any packet i thought what was there all about is that a numerical program work i couldn't of i was not so
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excited about this is exciting perhaps some place can see a bye line by which this gets floated it is an active vicinities presentation where portions were created that's a foundation to invite the public to operator that's just an idea which i want to float this get started off with confinement and commissioner richards 3 things first this is not looking at the city water planning some of the things we wanted to have way back years ago are a not exactly what we want now so from octavia caring
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how many hours are being built not what kinds of are they affordable those are the things to measure i think the eastern neighborhoods discussions are an action item number 2 i'll look forward to have those folks give a presentation and in the report that the lady gave us lecturer i spent sent did electronic copy around to my neighborhood it's things that are not apparent to them one of the disconnects i had i was sitting in the myths and it was the 16th coalition that was the name of the group i said to one of the persons that was doing arrant really you should go to the cac and he had
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a dumbfounded look and had said i am on the cac. >> i said why are you looking at me then. >> i'm not talking about one hundred old ladies homes just in my lifetime in the 35 years my neighbors built a parking garage, however, they destroyed downtown so another one is the on open spaces people are supposed to conjugating gate another one near and dear to my heart is every time i drive to throw the western edition i almost shed a tear what used to be under how much density used to be under i look at the low
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riding buildings and it is no longer the case i think one the items i think i completely agree with commissioner moore i get tweets are from sf planning i don't know about the sexy talk about but ask the lady to make sure that the high heeldz need to be 35e7b9d to. >> i completely agree with san francisco ethics commission about the tragedy of the western edition and a it is very sad they structural go they do the best they can and i see that the predecessor of the group is closing i hope the district continues to improve but sometimes you do something and
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things are worse so we want to make sure error to the side of caution one thing i want to talk about certain areas like microbe and transbay are approved areas once the approvals are there like a project is conforming it doesn't come before use it would be nice to get presentations on the points for the benefit of the public i get asked about them in fact my first awareness of 299 part of it has an aide was walking by it under a constricts and will be topping off seen it is an interesting project a lot of it is market rate and part of it is affordable housing all built on the same site those are the sort
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of things we hear about we did get something no our packet today will the microbe that's a design change it would be approved mosaic dely but it would be good to get things like that with a short presentation so we can commitment and express our whether we agree with the changes or concerns e.r. whatever it will can do or add to our calendar it is important to the promises and certain wonts in transbay because of their size will obviously come before us for approvals so i i think it's growing so quickly the public wants to know what's actually happening. >> okay mr. kelly thank you i think by the comments we're scratching the surface of that i think the challenge will be to
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not necessarily focus on the challenges but actually let this go out and explorer and kwok what san francisco might build in the future so good luck and look forward to hearing back from you soon. >> commissioners that places you on item 13 sea level rise presentation. >> does the commission want a
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test. >> good afternoon and welcome to the for january 15, 2015 commissioners we left off under your regular calendar for the san francisco capital sea level rise presentation. >> good afternoon commissioner fong and commissioners chris i'm here are the environmental planning and colleagues going to give a a recent adapted guidance document for the sea level will adaptation into the plan for the city. >> so essentially our presentation is going to give a little bit of background and the
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purpose of the document the members of the committee that created this document then tanya is going to do go over the document in a little bit of detail for the planning process and the implementation and going to show you some sea level rise somewhere maps. >> so the guidance document was prepared at the direction of the mayor out of the larger sf adapt program and the objective to really incorporate sea level rise into the city's capital planning process as well as to improve the consistentcy across the departments how we think about and respond to sea level rise the committee was formed to include all the members of the capital planning committee and the agencies so puc and dpw and
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mta port and airport as well as the planning department and the capital department were on that committee and one of the initial tasks we did inform the miss guidance we look forward to other examples at the federal, state and local levels to see how they're looking accident sea level adaptation and we're looking at the support from a couple of the coastal support to develop a detailed document that is adapted and in the process of being implemented as a result if you're into this guidance is if so a reminded for all the capitalized departments for the capital plans


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