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tv   [untitled]    January 23, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm PST

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nges of female equality we need workplace policies that reinforce women in san francisco we've made great progress half of the city's workforce are women and they equal the men outstanding women in our major city departments like our fire chief and public directing director we must do better in areas like information technology public safety and skilled crafts great jobs with great salaries but which are not followed as women's careers well this year my administration will identify and eliminate boyer's for women in city jobs with good salaries a public sector must
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lead the way (clapping) and today, i call upon our city's private companies to do the same especially our technology sector where gender parity and diversity are lacking prouvend san francisco pleads the nation on family friendly policies with guaranteed paid leave and health insurance and retirement benefits to working parents in 2014 i signed president chiu legislation to request family friendly work arrangements women shouldn't have to choose between a great career and family (clapping) and when they go home no woman should live in fear of violence as a mayor i've been standing
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against domestic violence and human tragically wherever it occurs no more not a mass (clapping) our district attorney george gascon has done a great job so thank you george gascon and whether at work or hope we can do more to maintain our leadership on policies for women so this year with mayor shaft we convene a bay area women empowerment to propose legislation as well as public and private nichsz to improve economic initiative in our city and regional as a perfect example i know that supervisor president tang is leading a conversation of stem education
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for youngest girls in san francisco i look forward to supporting her effort and hope you'll join me in the summit my fifth and final derivative for this year is the work i've been working on any entire adult life breaking the crippling corner that traps two many of our people in poverty let me be the first to say despite helping thousands of people in the support of housing and services those past 4 years it's shameful how many people still sleep on the interstates streets we have to do more and better and just this week we announced we're opening the housing authority wait list to provide housing for numbers of families last year, we finally passed the lourz lawn thank you supervisor farrell for
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your wonderful leadership on this (clapping.) now this year in addition to implementing laura's law for the mental illness we drug i bring a step up with 5 hundred new affordable housing unit and focus on medication for those on the streets we've on up a navigation center to better move people off the streets into housing and services and answering the challenge from president obama i wanted san francisco to be the first city in california to end chronic homelessness for veterans (clapping) and working with supervisor campos and supervisor scott wiener we will fully fund a
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special shelter for the lgbt homelessness pops (clapping) and but friends you knowe. poverty in our city doesn't mean spending for money we make record investment and in our safety net that won't change it's not progress to keep people trapped in public housing and trapped in joblessness and trapped in despair we know the outcome we saw a terrific example of this tragic murder of 4 young men no, my friends a real commitment to ending poverty men's trurps the transfer from parent to child child and generation to generation it means better
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outcomes of pathways for people to a better life for themselves and their family the cold banks and bodies i'm talking about we must make nicole's story the normal not the expectation we know who the most vulnerable families and individual are we know them we all right. work with them or provide them services one way or another to this year we'll launch project 5 hundred and layers focus on intensive serviced and case management across city departments and nonprofit provider for at least 5 hundred of our at risk families giving them meaningful pathways at the interrupting it's intergenerational transfer my fellow san franciscans there's no more imperfect for our city
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to invest in today's prosperity to break the poverties for san franciscans this is what calls me to public service as mayor and in this time of plenty this must also call our partners in the private sector to do it government can't do it alone in the past 2 years we've seen great examples of busy leaders step forward and give back to the city in time and health care and money and education and housing and homelessness people like mark and benny hoff and from tipping point the fischer family and charles schwab and the green folks mayor ed lee mayor ed lee and so many others and great companies like
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google and wells fargo and the gap and bernard and kaiser permanente and so many more those people and companies demonstrate the meaning of shared prosperity they understand their responsibility to make san francisco remain the city where everyone belongs so to them i say thank you i set the example (clapping) you set the example for others to folly know they will i think this is only just the beginning of a new eagerly of civic mind companies and philanthropic those affordability diffuses derivatives bayshore will be on shared prosperity your governments work pad and i
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expect to be held accountable my fellow san franciscans now more than that every we must work to insure that everyone shares in the city's prosperity that this city is where everyone belongs the change we see exciting to many and scary to some is good silvers we manage it successful and generosity and hope from our eater days those values have denied san francisco they attracted many of us in the first place including me they make san francisco a place where everything is possibly no matter
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who you are a place where a little girl growing up in plaza east named london breed can be the president of the board of supervisors (clapping.) a place where tenacity and personalities can propel an activist named julie christensen that fought from outside city hall can fight for the district within and getting the resources to get it done (clapping) this is the place where a 20 something law student named ed lee can protest and march and cause a ruckus for immigrant and one day become mayor
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(clapping) ladies and gentlemen this is nicole banks san francisco a place where everyone belongs in this matter your race of income or sex and status more than most places we try to live like micro anglo we can see ourselves in each other and recognize that human beings are more alike than unlike we're one city we're all lives matter and beacon to the world too often torn apart by differences whether on the streets of ferguson or a newsroom in paris my fellow san franciscans the
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state of the city is strong and the changes we're experiencing can make us stronger with our strong economic foundation we have a special opportunity to change the city for the better and so see that san francisco is an affordable for families and make sure that every san franciscan shares in our city's rising prosperity this is any myths this is any passion and this is our san francisco thank you very much
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>> you're watching quick bites, the show that is san francisco. and today you're in for a real treat. oh, my! food inspired by the mediterranean and middle east with a twist so unique you can only find it in one place in san francisco. we're at the 55th annual armenian festival and bizarre. this is extra special not only because i happen to be armenian, but there is so much delicious food here. and i can't wait to share it with all of you. let's go. armenia, culture and cusine has had much cultural exchanges with its neighbors. today armenian food infuses he flavor from the mediterranean,
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middle east, and eastern europe. >> this is our 55th year and in san francisco we're the largest armenian food festival and widely recognized as one of the best food festivals in the area. we have vendors that come up from fresno, from los angeles showing off their craft. we really feel like we have something for everyone in the neighborhood and that's really what it is, is drawing people to see a little bit of our culture and experience what we experience weekend in and weekend out. >> we are behind the scenes now watching the chef at work preparing some delicious armenian kabob. this is a staple in armenian cooking, is that right? >> absolutely, since the beginning of time. our soldiers used to skewer it on the swords. we have a combination of beef and lam and parsley. and every september over 2000 pounds of meat being cooked in three days. >> after all that savory protein, i was ready to check
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out the fresh veggie options. >> this is armenian cheat sheet. it's tomatos and mint and olive oil. that makes summer food. and what i'm doing is i'm putting some nutmeg. it is kind of like cream cheese. in armenia when they offer you food, you have to eat it. they would welcome you and food is very important for them. >> in every armenian community we feel like we're a "smallville"age and they come together to put on something like this. what i find really interesting about san francisco is the blends of armenia that come together. once they are here, the way people work together at any age, including our grandmothers, our grandfathers, skewering the meat, it's fun to see. fun to see everybody get together. >> we call it subarek. it's a cheese turn over if you want. we make the dough from scratch. we boil it like you do for la
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san i can't. >> the amount of love and karin fused in these foods is tremendous. they come in every day to prepare, cook and bake bread, all in preparation for this big festival. >> nobody says no. when you come them, they have to come tomorrow for the feast. >> what a treat it is to taste a delicious recipe, all made from scratch and passed down through generations. it really makes you appreciate the little things. >> it's one of the best festivals. it's outstanding, a marvelous occasion. >> we're outside checking some of the food to go options. i grabbed myself a ka bob sandwich, all kinds of herbs and spices. i'm going to taste this. looking fantastic. one of the best i've had in a long time. you know it's delicious b i have just enough room for dessert, my favorite part. we're behind the scenes right now watching how all the
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pastries get made. and we've got a whole array of pastries here. honey and nuts and cinnamon, all kinds of great ingredients. this is amazing. here's another yummy pastry made with filo dough. oh, my god. really sweet and similar, it's lighter. this is what i like. we have a lovely row here. looks like a very delicious and exciting surprise. i'm going to bite into it. here we go. um. this is great with armenian coffee. now we're making some incredible armenian coffee. >> we buy our coffee, they have
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the best coffee. they come from armenia, specially made. and would you like to try it? >> i would like to try. >> would you like sugar or no sugar? >> no sugar today. i'm so excited. really earthy. you can really taste the grain. i think that's what makes it so special. really comes out. i hope you try it. we're having a great time at the armenian festival. we ate, we saw, and we definitely conquered. i don't know about you, but i have to go down to the food. check out our blog for so much more at sf bites at tums until next time, may the force be with you. ♪ ♪ >> first of all, everybody is welcome and we ask two things when they get here. one, that they try something
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they've never tried before. be it food or be it dancing or doing something. and if they feel like it was worth their while to tell one person and bring that person, that family member, that friend down the street to come with them. >> we're going to have to do a lot of eating so get ready. >> get ready. and you diet tomorrow.
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>> hi. welcome to san francisco. stay safe and exploring how you can stay in
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your home safely after an earthquake. let's look at common earthquake myths. >> we are here at the urban center on mission street in san francisco. we have 3 guest today. we have david constructional engineer and bill harvey. i want to talk about urban myths. what do you think about earthquakes, can you tell if they are coming in advance? >> he's sleeping during those earthquakes? >> have you noticed him take any special? >> no. he sleeps right through them. there is no truth that i'm aware of with harvey that dogs are aware of an impending earthquake. >> you hear the myth all the time. suppose the dog helps you
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get up, is it going to help you do something >> i hear they are aware of small vibrations. but yes, i read extensively that dogs cannot realize earthquakes. >> today is a spectacular day in san francisco and sometimes people would say this is earthquake weather. is this earthquake weather? >> no. not that i have heard of. no such thing. >> there is no such thing. >> we are talking about the weather in a daily or weekly cycle. there is no relationship. i have heard it's hot or cold weather or rain. i'm not sure which is the myth. >> how about time of day? >> yes. it happens when it's
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least convenient. when it happens people say we were lucky and when they don't. it's terrible timing. it's never a good time for an earthquake. >> but we are going to have one. >> how about the ground swallowing people into the ground? >> like the earth that collapsed? it's not like the tv shows. >> the earth does move and it bumps up and you get a ground fracture but it's not something that opens up and sucks you up into haddes.
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>> it's not going anywhere. we are going to have a lot of damage, but this myth that california is going to the ocean is not real. >> southern california is moving north. it's coming up from the south to the north. >> you would have to invest the million year cycle, not weeks or years. maybe millions of years from now, part of los angeles will be in the bay area. >> for better or worse. >> yes. >> this is a tough question. >> those other ones weren't tough. >> this is a really easy challenge. are the smaller ones less stress? >> yes. the amount released in small earthquakes is that they are so small in you need many
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of those. >> i think would you probably have to have maybe hundreds of magnitude earthquakes of 4.7. >> so small earthquakes are not making our lives better in the future? >> not anyway that you can count on. >> i have heard that buildings in san francisco are on rollers and isolated? >> it's not true. it's a conventional foundation like almost all the circumstances buildings in san francisco. >> the trans-america was built way before. it's a pretty conventional foundation design. >> i have heard about this thing called the triangle of life and up you are supposed to go to the edge of your bed to
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save yourself. is there anything of value to that ? >> yes, if you are in your room. you should drop, cover and hold onto something. if you are in school, same thing, kitchen same thing. if you happen to be in your bed, and you rollover your bed, it's not a bad place to be. >> the reality is when we have a major earthquake the ground shaking so pronounced that you are not going to be able to get up and go anywhere. you are pretty much staying where you are when that earthquake hits. you are not going to be able to stand up and run with gravity. >> you want to get under the door frame but you are not moving to great distances. >> where can i buy a richter scale? >> mr. richter is selling it.
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we are going to put a plug in for cold hardware. they are not available. it's a rather complex. >> in fact we don't even use the richter scale anymore. we use a moment magnitude. the richter scale was early technology. >> probably a myth that i hear most often is my building is just fine in the loma prieta earthquake so everything is fine. is that true ? >> loma prieta was different. the ground acceleration here was quite moderate and the duration was moderate. so anyone that believes they survived a big earthquake and their building has been tested is sadly mistaken. >> we are planning for the
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bigger earthquake closer to san francisco and a fault totally independent. >> much stronger than the loma prieta earthquake. >> so people who were here in '89 they should say 3 times as strong and twice as long and that will give them more of an occasion of the earthquake we would have. 10 percent isn't really the threshold of damage. when you triple it you cross that line. it's much more damage in earthquake. >> i want to thank you, harvey, thanks pat for
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. >> good morning everyone. welcome to the san francisco budget and finance committee meeting for january 21, 2015. i am mark farrell. i will be chairing the meeting. i am joined by scott wiener and david campos who are filling in for eric mar and john avalos this morning. i want to thank the


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