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tv   [untitled]    January 25, 2015 3:30am-4:01am PST

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desirable because it will-less even the impact on the city hall about thirty to 40 feats there's a question about how much open space has been developed one the speakers 35 or 26 point they're asking for a rear yard exemption we want to make sure we have the figures on the open space we can create and still end up with the same project that has to be part of the analysis and obviously later on we'll talk about the breakdown of the unit it's not before a before us today i'll be all for two or three bedroom units that's nor another day other thing we're talking about
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was whether the demolition again, they talk about the information in the property report the timing of the demolition might have a lesser impact when the school was not in session that will be something to work out. >> also the other things there was a question about the traffic study in late june and later in the day whether or not that's adequate i feel the traffic study is adequate we have to california probate it to address the schapgz that occur in businesser time what they're in session and international studies the kip school and a lot more activities different times of the year again as ron said the freeway
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entrance is difficult that has to be changed but it would be wise with the growth that's occurring in the area that caltrain do something to improve that certain we have to look at the amount of open spaces i've talked about earlier let's see in terms of the shadow it addresses the shadow an jackson park it seems like it limited to the the months of november through february and mostly in december i have a question for staff why is this - one speaker raised a question this project should
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have been into the blanket eir into the neighborhood each project has to have its own eir and better not to answer the question today. >> that will be my question i'll take it one speaker brought the point why this one has to occur and why in the past they've con formed environmentally to the area plan they don't have to have it separate 40 feet in height is the maximum height so considerations to shadow implications 40 feet and under there's a difference we have to know about that and look at that and then certainly i am supportive and wanted to make
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sure by analysis comments and responses if there was a change in the lay out of the project and they moved some unit around and created open space on the plan the impact is still not increased by doing that arrest so those are my main comments so far i think the elements of all the environmental analysis are present in the plan we have to make sure that the plan may evolve this analysis is still adequate it sounds like the changes i'll advocate for are those that not in active the impact i think the plan looks at pretty complete. >> commissioner moore. >> i appreciate the community coming out and with the project as far developed as this one not
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all irs are as developed i know there's a number of issues which the community comments helped to focus i hoped we accelerated pace with the development in the eastern neighborhood allows the eir to more carefully address the delta between what was anticipated to occur when and when the particular project comes forward with its oppose project eir the eastern neighborhood is a program eir that latinos lays out in the broadest sense what will occur this projecting project comes as a faster pace than anticipated i want the eir that is set up quite well, to be more specific in terms of where are we falling short in the overall growth as we are looking
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at the project the second point that arises from the strong preservation of people interested in the school the impacts of the critical infrastructure we sit here literally every thursday and hear from people in order for the city to remain attractive and support a liveable attractive future for families that schools our biggest asset and needs to be protected at all costs we have 3 schools in the jackson square a facility that was not addressed i believe needs to be analyzed so the impacts not only of shadow are more clearly explained i'll elaborately but the toxicity and
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the access to light as well as noise needs to be address so the schools are one of the most protected resources the live oaks school is a use of app an existing industrial building we've all kernel it's typical to building schools with that building where what clamors are it's extremely important to get the details i suggest on 340 following the impacts of shadow on the school be explained in larger detail i had a hard time knowing where the shied line falls the depictions of the shadow that time 69 year is small i believe we need to be able to see clearly in order to contempt e comment or detrack
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comments that's the few of a you on school break the school has facing i think the west side and there the eir needs to be more generous in describing that i think those are the comments i will make at this point. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you i definitely support all the comments that commissioner moore made i won't repeat i'll add a couple of things in terms of transit for this particular project and for eir in general that may come or the community plan exception it will be helpful to mention instead of saying the trains are not impacted it should be less significant with mitigation that is the effected time from the
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mta i'll echo commissioner moore's comments it's difficult for app an analysis that is stagnant i don't know how you can do that when you are caught in deal with a system that's snapshot by snapshot one way over time when the systems converge and refrp the d e p that is a long-running program with a lot of planning will hope help to mitigate those programs where's the buffers and unfortunately mta is on their own track i've peppering tried to push for claugs collaboration
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rethey have their own schedule and referencing the eir will help to say that's some of the mitigation in terms of construction i saw quite a bit there i'd like to see more detail we have a sensitive receptor here in terms of schools that's abutting two different sides of the project and the rest of it as a school surrounding the projects that are surrounding this school so if we can have specifics around the conduct i know that generally comes from the project plan when you get a permit you file for our construction plan with the department of building inspection but it will be good for an impact and anything we can do all around further noise around the types of commit and
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all of that but if anything we can do for noise shielding those can be pointed out in the eir for this project. >> commissioner richards and it's interesting i'm sitting here and kind of here we go again one more time on the neighborhood what the effect is been i'm a neighborhood plan guy and grew up in octavia plan i'm wondering what's the difference i agree i'll come to that in a minute i agree with the potrero hill busters gentleman some of the status when i was begun i was watching this while i was eating we recognize the 25 year oufbz in the first years hournl honestly, i saw director ram quoted an article on twitter but
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the community benefits doesn't appearing for caught up up here market octavia sits american people market street here you have all those clashes around the development and not the infrastructure to support it yet that's a concern you know interestingly i went to 100 hooper street to visit the site i drove my car and drove round and round and round there are a lot of vacant buildings i've driven past hooper and already at 1601 mariposa there's an issue around transportation i'm concerned this will add more to it and 33 hundred car trips a
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day will add it to there's not much alternative not the infrastructure to support the growth in moving people around i'm worried about the impact on the school i agree with the commissioner moore and others you know we're trying to encourage families and here we're impacting the construction piece you have to have construction and side noise that effects elapsing it remind me of the draft eir it effected people at the seniors next door trying to regain memories and here we have young students trying to learn and noise dust and post construction for the shadow the shadows definitely the passageway will alleviate
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that and the age of in question i want to understand that are we using old data so make new models i agree i hope we'll see a changed project and move towards the superior alternated thanks. >> commissioner moore. >> i'd like to ask one more question that is jackson park we have acreage in jackson traditionally citywide baseball programs happen in the park at least if i see this it doesn't look inviting it is surrounded by a chain linked fence,
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however, an occasional stroll is somewhat difficult my question has the population increased the number like the rec and park open space is a program change or a ring with the harmonies of liberty; refinement how the park is laid out to stay adequate of all the needs of the surrounding area again i don't play baseball i used to play tense but it's difficult this year's in stroll or right to the park dogs are not ann an issue i there's a if he has i'm wondering are we effectively using the park to effect changes. >> commissioner richards. >> i hope we have an it possible on the monitoring and
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implementation report those things are fast and the department will take written comment until february 17th with that the commission will take a 20 minute break. >> good afternoon and welcome back to the san francisco planning commission regularly
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hearing for january 22, 2015 commissioners we left off in under your regular calendar on items 10 ab and one hundred hooper streets a discretionary review authorization and planned use authorization. >> good morning planning commission aim chris with the planning department before you today is a conditional use authorization and office allocation request for hooper street it requires the qualifying in the pdr zone one where the gross area contains pdr use as well as other criteria the project requires the pdr authorizations inform allow the planning code
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requirement for off-street car sharing and africa allocation to allow an allocation of 2 hundred and 84 secrets plus since the office space exceeded $24,000 square feet this is the first development to come from the commission which aims to extort the increase in the overhead stoke of pdr space in the city making it viable for the office space that proposed a must be source facility with truck services with a new 24 thousand plus thousand square feet pdr office project accommodated of
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three four story building a pdr north that building and pdr south building composed around 41 thousand of al aggregate space it features approximately 10 thousand square feet privately opposed space at the southeast corner the project features 87 off-street parking space and two bicycle parking spaces and shower and locker facilities it proeptsz a comprehensive straight improvement which has been developed in accordance where the better street plan the project sponsor partnered with cca and sf made who motioning mission supports the local manufacturers and the
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implementation including the preparation of the business plan in accordance with the planning code the site is located in the northeast portion of potrero hill area man the roanoke, virginia city council plan is a block funded by carolyn and hooper streets and show case square the streets and sidewalks are largely improved and has permit structures to date the department has 6 letters of support from the dog patch and the potrero hill dog patch and spur a nonprofit organization and the carr trespasser boosters association copies of the letters are provided in our packet no letters e.r. comments of
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opposition has been received in addition the project sponsor has provided a summary conducted over this last few years in your packet the department has evaluated the proposal and the planning code recommend approval based on the conditions outlined in the staff report important characteristics include 4 hundred 27 thousand mixed use pdr project creates a pdr character that is well integrated and the pedestrian connections is compatible with the light and scale of the neighborhood it come lies with the planning code that is intended to make the pdr spates in san francisco economically viable it contributions 42 pdr space flexiblely designed to
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estimated to provide pdr jobs. >> the authorization of office space represents 4.4 percent of the cap is designed to be capable with the pdr uses and estimated to provide up to 2 thousand office raeltd related jobs it will attribute $6.5 million that will been city of san francisco and the project is necessary and desirable that concludes my presentation. but in closing i'd like to introduce the director of the department of workforce development mr. todd. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> commissioners todd director we have a motion and a second going great to see you we've
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been extorting the pdr success in 2011 lounld the comprehensive department of workforce development to grow the businesses in the city since that time thousands of pdr jobs have been at and countless businesses decided to stay that has increased the demand for efficient pdr space in the city to accommodate those businesses to keep them in the city last year the mayor launched a 5 point pdr plan focused on new development of pdr space on public and private land this is the first project through legislation that is supported by supervisor david campos's and supervisor cohen approved by this commission and signed into law last year hearsay a innovative model and you know this is in addition to being one
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hundred and 40 thousand secret of new pdr space it is the first to be developed in the city over a decade it is significant the partnership this is developed between sf made and the developer to insure that and create a 50 thousand square feet building which chris mentioned shares. >> vision and mission to keep those in san francisco whoa whether jewelry's or barkers e.r. anyone in between i want to thank and commend sf made as well as the developer for working together to get it this point and thanks to the staff as well as john and laura are and others the from the office of economic workforce development in closing last week we heard the mayor's state of the city
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shared prosperity pdr jobs are at the core by insuring the contractors and intention of jobs that provide good entry-level opportunity for you'll sfoldz we're in support of the project thank you very much. >> thank you project sponsor. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm dan representing the ownership the hooper street i'm going to excited to present this vision located in show place square i was active that the local community in the oriental formation of the eastern neighborhood plan and actually served ownership on the cac i'm familiar with the plans prelims we're proud we've assembled a topnotch design team here for the project we've worked hard to
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design and capture the guiding principles we congregates race part of the eastern neighborhood just to remind the commissioners number one to provide i sufficient space for pdr uses including the good jobs for retina resident and bring innovation to the city's economy and finally the create an open facility that is critical before i i'm going to turn it over to kate the executive order executive director self-defense made our nonprofit development and pete are the architecture i think or want to thank director ram and his staff the mayor's office our local supervisors office malia cohen and the on
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that supported that so with this kate. >> good afternoon, commissioners well, for many you, you who have been on the journey with us it's been two years to work together with the support of mayor's office of economic workforce development the board of supervisors and many of you to reach this power point we're going to venting to build the first new manufacturing complexities the city has seen in almost two years the time couldn't be soon enough the manufacturers that was shared has been growing over the last 3 years since we've been engaged with the sf sector it's grown more than 10 and 12 and 13 percent new jobs were added for working-class san franciscans for people that have less educational background and
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yoipth youth this will be home to 4 hundred and 50 jobs for the folks in the community we've designed the project incomprehensive bringing in the manufacturers that are currently in san francisco to define how those buildings can accommodate a debar ment or food manufacturers so those are jobs and manufacturers that we currently are in the city and it will provide growth opportunity for them. >> i also want to comment on the specialness and the innovativeness of the project team we have coming together this is the first time we have in san francisco a nonprofit as an industrial developer partnering with a for profit entity and the city to bring it to fruition this is a model on
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the the east coast if design this allows us in the ownership of one of the buildings to secure long term affordable manufacturing spates as an additional component of this project the last comment i want to make is that some have raised the question how does this work my answer is i think authenticity an vandal this project as you'll see it was thought about intellectually how to combine office and industrial use on site you see the sin i didn't see between the tenant and the manufacturing and in an eco system that will create and we're proud to be part of the project without further ado i'd
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like to introduce peter. >> good afternoon, commissioners peter can he get the t is this working. >> how much time do you have left 5, 4? 5 minutes >> first i want to say i've been involved thinking about pdr for some time and very excited is to be involved in bringing this project before are there are a lot of issues that we sorted through and thought-out very well in n this project about bringing office and light industrial pathotogether this project is an exemplar for possibility and i think also it's done in a way that provides a benefit to the neighborhood and welcomes the neighborhood in site i think you're familiar with the because of


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