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tv   [untitled]    January 25, 2015 6:30am-7:01am PST

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y the concerns are the following that the project scale is incompatible with surrounding buildings in terms of height and the neighborhood character the project will obstruct eliminate and air ventilation the design team reviewed the plan and prior to neighborhood notification and found to be consistent point residential guidelines the residential team reviewed the project following the submittal of the dr requester and ask the railing be set back to address the concerns by the dr requester the project sponsor substantially revised the plans requested by the design team this is date december 2014 is
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included in the back of the packet the proposed vertical position is appropriate and therefore compatible with the building scale up the street and at the middle block the depth is comparable with sourld property it is of similar height and didn't stent he extend into the dr requesters property this addresses the light and air and privacy and the dr requesters light well has been matched the project does not create any exceptional or k350er8d circumstances we ask did dr be
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grant. >> dr requester your team has 5 minutes. >> good evening, commissioners my name is angel arguing man a real estate licenses person from 1991 to date i've visited many homes and the style of this city we are proud to call home i'm here are my husband to save our home on presidio avenue from the innovation by our next door neighbors to the south john and janet on presidio avenue this renovation includes a new rooftop view room for a powder room and two decks to the west and east pr the likely use of those decks for entertainment in
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this quiet residential neighborhood turning a traditional roof into o a rooftop party place we object according we present 10 signed petitions if neighborhoods specifically in support of denying the fourth floor edition we were that the planning department has two hatly determined the applications meets the standards our block is a residential neighborhood under the planning code and designated by the general plan as having views and it is good it invites careful consideration it is my duty to give you a brief history 232 and 38 built if a lot sub
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deprived each lot 22 and a half by one hundred feet those homelands were built 20 with one car garage 2 thousand plus square feet each and harmonious those have shared walls from the front to the middle and located think a hill a set back 3 by 12 foot from the middle to the end of each house separates each home and provides a corridor for sunlight and air to the center of each not to mention quote and privacy we've owned our home since 1973 our children grew up here and had 3 prior neighbors
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since 1990 and each family had three young children they need the renovation from 1973 never an issue that couldn't be revolved in a neighborly way no prior renovations have married to double their homes even given the limited lot size of 22 and one hundred by 9 immediate neighbors we ask the four story be denied we ask the existing set back be keep the permitting a flow of fresh air and welcoming the sunlight into our
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home the requests has been to create a four story high dark minimal light well dear members please give our petition due consideration and they'll add more than enough square footage to their home we wish them well i'd like to read quotes from the petition we've received from our neighbors quote this change will be a huge mistake and ruin the lovely views there i can't minimal the city will allow this extension quote why a more hormones sign can't be imposed with the adjacent homes is unclear consideration should be given to neighboring property when designing a renovation quote the
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renovation will detract from the neighborhood and the street by disrupting the semi thank you for your time. >> thank you very much >> thank you are there members of the public that want to speak in support of dr requester. >> madam chair and members of the committee thank you, thank you for your time i know that's a long at a for you i'm trying to be brief 32, 3, 4 clay street i'm east west backwards to the two lots i've just leader by a nearby it
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was an informal meeting to discuss the project my - i understood the owners on prosecuted were going to build sticks on the roof in order to give us more significance of the project i understand they everybody wants to have a wider home only thing i'm saying this will present for us to have a sun special in the wintertime and the light and peaceful set back of yards thank you very much. >> thank you is there any additional public comment? good evening commissioners i'm
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allen am architect and being retained by the arguing men's to review the plans and hopefully support their dr request >> sir as part of the dr requesters team your opportunity to speak is contained within the 5 minutes, however she can afford the 2 minute rebuttal at the end. >> you'll have two minutes if she wishes to give you. >> okay any is there any additional public comment okay. i'm sorry. project sponsor your team has 5 minutes. >> good evening commissioners i'm greg hear on behalf of the project sponsors i do have a digital presentation so if we could bring that up please project does comply with the
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planning code and the residential guidelines we had a project and from the outset come in came in with a modest project there's a ground floor pop out the height of a fence and commonly permitted a light court matching the one that on the dr requesters property the upper story is set back well, from the front facade and away from the building wall the rear building wall is able to be average between the walls on the adjacent properties new upper story per the residential guidelines is set back even though the prominent block phase is 4 story is permitted if it's sub amenity to the roofline on the block phase
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you can see the shaded area it is across the street from the adjacent property it's unfair to show you a drawing that didn't account for the apparent reduction in height for the distance we've shared the light well for the residential guidelines their rather faint on the right and the dr requesters light well is here and we share the element his office in the same space a lot of talk about the rear building wall and how that works let me show you here this is the volume of the existing building the upper story is mr. lindsey mentioned has a bay and the second story up would accommodate a 5 foot
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extension to the edition here at it 11 the building wall and we're proposing a bay as permitted by about the planning code planning code so based on the survey that the project sponsors 0bd the qualifying wall is where the red dash like like that and the dr requesters property they a significant one story to their house the average give us the 5 foot area rear building line here in red the 5 feet is often easier to see this in section you see the different depth and stack the floor plans mentally ill there is the bay area as well as the polyp out as section 36 c
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that gives us a prospective view it rains the harm new of the block totally habitualable the ground story shows the pop outs on the neighbors area and above the deck i see the significant 12 foot set back from the rear towards the upper story edition the project sponsor architect is apparently concerned about the offer ride and i'm willing to leave it to staff the building height is 38 feet one inch tall to the level that's called out on the plans how far the escalator elevator can be 50 photo high the planning code 0 allows an additional 10 feet flafkt the offer ride is 2 feet
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above the new roof it is almost 9 feet lower than loud the elevators don't need the 8 or 7 foot override as seen on commercial elevators the override would be that at all the neighborhood is to the opted to the project i wasn't aware of the 3 letters i got 3 additional neighbors letter i'll submit the green stairs are the letters of support from the property owners and the speaker is opposed to the - >> thank you are there members of the public in support of project sponsor?
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okay. seeing none dr requester our team has a two minute rebuttal >> i'm an architect and been retained by the august man's. >> it will come on when you speak. >> what i have are the existing plans of the building the blue is the 5 foot set back from the ned residence of dr requester the outline of the existing kitchen is the space that is exist in 238 the hatch to the right is what's allowed as far as an edition without expanding to the property line to the north that hatch area is 81 and a half square feet
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this is the existing plan of the third floor where the difference between the north and south retains is 10 feet the plans show that the expectation for 238 should be - it is at the 5 foot line this is a time for the second floor and it is really showing there's this usage stairway and elevator for circulating a lot of people up to the fourth
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verizon expansion they've expand the kitchen to the north property line but the kitchen is only increased in the area by 4 percent thank you your time is up commissioners may i ask you if you have questions. >> project sponsor you have to minutes. >> the rear yard he didn't use the proper qualifying wall a 3 inch delineate between 9 dr requesters qualifying wall and the qualifying wall to the setting this gives us the volume to expand 5 feet into that buildable area other than that i don't have anything to address
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there's no extraordinary or exceptional circumstances it was presented to you as a indication that staff believes the dr is without merit to please not take dr. >> with that the public hearing is closed. >> commissioner antonini the staff what's the set back in the front and rear how far are we from the street. >> from the front of the wall 15 feet and at the rear. >> it looks like it's a little bit visual from the student one of the views their sun shining if you're across the street
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you'd the straight on view the elevation the reality if you're on the street the sidewalk level you're going to see much less with a 15 foot set back there's a form at the front of the building 82 you may see a few feet of the top. >> i was a wondering if there should be a full roof on the top as we have on the third floor because it looks like it fits with the neighborhood instead of a box on the top. >> it may make it more visible by adding the mass. >> it won't make it look bigger there's a style architecturally and i'll be interested in seeing i think the rest of it seems like it come politics as are
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there's a light well been established for four feet is that in in addition to the light well. >> the neighbors light well currently looks at into the side notch of the subject property that side notch is supposed to be filed in they'll provide a matching light well the one that will lose the access to that side notch. >> so it matches what they have. >> yeah. it seems like most of the things i'm seeing he agree with staff it looks like the editions z don't have a major impact. >> is there a motion? >> i'll make a motion not to
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take dr unless another commissioners asia commissioners, we have a motion and a second to not take dr commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore and commissioner president wu so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 5 to zero and places you under general public comment i have no speaker cards. >> is there any general public comment okay public comment is closed meeting
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you very much (clapping.) >> in ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ in voter in san francisco before each election you receive a voter information pamphlet in the mail it has the information for each local proposition on the ballot how did is context sometimes complex issue get simplified >> i don't know the process and it is done by committee every time there are proposition
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phenomenon the ballot they have a ballot simplification. >> there are 3 steps the city attorney's office creates a working digest the ballot holds public meetings the final simplified digest is published in a voter guide let's toothd this over a proposition as has been approved the city attorney's office dwrafts a working digest each digest we prepare a hass has a couple of different sections the terrors is the way it is now that provides the overview before it goes 0 into effect and the second section the summary of the material of the mare measure and finally at the bottom a yes vote and no vote means and in preparing
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those we try to let's the voters know if the vote passes. >> city attorney's office delivered to the members it was created in 876 nominated by the organizations rep joufrt and educators two members are appointed by the pair and 3 by the board of supervisors they hold meetings. >> the chair of the committee has an extraordinary ability to run a meeting and direct the discussions there's no politics involved at all because we're all people that work with communicates that have a goal the free right to communication without any jaupdz and bias or political
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involvement tall. >> before the commission meets each member rectifies the digest along what the associated documents. >> we get the protective text and the actual backgrounds we get letters from different departments we get letters from the advocates. >> we prepare for the meeting sometimes four and five days in advance and sometimes someone will say do you understand all this we don't also understand one hundred and 25 packages they want us to put it down into 3 hundred words. >> have are the general bond measures and the complicated tax measures it is hard to explain what a general obligation bond is. >> we talk about it in session not before the year.
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>> the committee can accept the city attorney's office draft or edit it. >> the reason we rewrite the city attorney's office digest is because it is oftentimes in legal words that the voter can understand we're quick to ask questions you know we don't come in with this is the way it is going to be most of us come in as journalist questioning exactly what this is so we can button u pout into the digest exactly with the legislation is. >> the committee that may hear in the drafters and consult with the education specialists to make sure it is written as closed to the go eight grade reading level. >> we also say to her ann is this really an eight grade words sometimes she says yes and we
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have to grab the dictionary and substitute words. >> the proposition language allows all of the you - >> during the committees discussion it is displayed on large monitor or. >> there's no secret. >> they hear all our discussions what each of us is thinking. >> after the committee has discussed the proceedings are open to the public. >> people have a right to voice their opinions in democracy politics is serious and the people are dead serious depending upon which side their passion is strong. >> the unification committee as you can see there are a lot of arguments pro and con. >> well, you could take out the voter initiative.
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>> i want to address some that the gentleman said gru before you. >> i contagious exception to the previous comment. >> thank you public testimony the committee discuses all the points raised in on open session and sometimes we change our draft and sometimes redo it after the public comments have been discussed and changes made the committee takes a final vote to adopt the idealist. >> i move we adapt. >> at least 3 members. >> all in favor, say i. i. >> the public has twenty-four hours to request the committee reconsider the digest by submitting a written request the city meets to decide combloo to adapt the final digest. >> what we really want is for
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the voter to think for themselves read what we say and read for themselves and look and make up their own minds we're in their corner and police commission politicians fight with us often it sdpeert our obligation and i say that more than once our obligation to the voter we 79 them to look at it and understand it learn brown more before the body committee at our website before every election you find the ballot information committee which is available in english chinese spanish and filipino it is mailed to you all registered voters prior to the legislation and found at sf ready
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to begin good afternoon today is january 21, 2015, this is the regular meeting of building inspection commission i'd like to remind everyone to please turn off and all please silence all electronic devices. the first item commissioner mccarthy commissioner vice president mar president clinch commissioner lee commissioner mccray p commissioner melgar commissioner walker we have quorum and the next item is presidents monopolist. >> good afternoon. welcome to january 21, 2015, bic meeting of


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