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tv   [untitled]    January 27, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PST

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mpliant to the state trafficking and we do a lot of training for our folks and when we give the certifications around the human trafficking part so i want to quickly talk about the consequences we've seen over the last couple of years sb 3189 of the permit sites are now win one thousand feet of the cam sites those sites have going under gotten new permits so we don't go and do any plan check of the establishments proximity active state law creates the concentration of the establishments therefore the city hat that not been able to make the choices since a lot of the establishments doesn't go
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through a public conditional use process and really the surplus has implemented the regulatory authority we've not been able to do protective safety or do the inspections for the ones that are permanent it creates a two-tier system one site regulated by cam and the other by the state one of the problems we see when we specialist the massage establishment this isn't about cam tech but it's been a difficult job for the health department we've made a lot of progress although we have a long way to go we're headed in the right direction we see businesses that have illegal cameras on the outside and
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blocked doors and planning code violations and often see people prohibited living within the establishments which is usually they're a sideline for people being trafficked and a lot of times we see restored practitioners really wouldn't be able under the conditions and unsanitary conditions not safe for people to be working or living there. >> so we looked at the different types of violation over 50 percent of the establishments in san francisco have at least one violation 14 percentage have more than 10 we've revoked 80 but unfortunately, because of the laws that have begun to change thirty percent of those have on and closed multiple times our
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estimates are thirty to 40 establishments are illegal and this is the next one is the process that shows all the violations and it shows all the ones there's been closer what we've done commissioner chan alluded we started with the assessment on sb 6731 years ago we are worked hard with the supervisors and the mayor's office to do protective reform with the package of sb 11 we went to amended the health codes for transparency we're here with the interim controls and in a month and a half we'll all be coming before you with amendments to amend the codification of sb 11 and the
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endorsement and also the health department is working to make it more fiscal effective and to incorporate the outreach workers around this legislation. >> and i'm happy to answer any questions you may have. >> no questions. >> thank you so much through the chair to dpw and, of course the planning department if anyone has questions for them but as cindy awe lutdz to we've got trailing legislation that will formalize what we're doing to make sure that we have additional tools for various departments gainful they're short on staff so with that then colleagues if there are no more questions i'll courage galileo's to get this out itch land use commission with a positive >> thank you supervisor
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president tang. >> any public comment on item 2? seeing none, public comment is closed supervisor kim. >> thank you. i will make that motion as requested by the author of the interim controls i want to recognize the work that dpw has done i went with commissioner president wu fought for this issue because of the growth in her neighborhood and the budget we put aside for the information and the data that's been collected it's sad but it is great we have this data before us it helps us to better address the issues i want to thank supervisor president tang and following up with the legislation to help us better enforce this issue so i'll make the motion. >> great so the motion to get this to the full board with with a positive recommendation as a committee report and we'll take
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that without objection. mrashd r that will be the order madam clerk item 3. >> stebd for an additional zoning controls for the conditional use for the financial services for the professional services. >> thank you. i'm the author this resolution extended the upper market by 6 months these controls are requiring conditional use for ground floor business and professional services and limited financial services having a commercial corridor with too many of those office like uses deadened the corridor it is important to have community oversight and with we're looking at retail galileo's space i'm looking at the development of upper market
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and the retail space coming online it's important we not just allow the property owners to default to the title companies and other authorizations when when we have too much it is a problem for the neighborhood we passed 240 those interim controls last year, we've introduced permanent legislation for upper market and the castro and the 24th street and that's moving forward but we need additional time f with that, no comments i'll open it up for public comment unless the planning department wants to say anything okay. great any public comment on item 3 seeing none, public comment is closed colleagues would i have a motion to forwarded item 3 to the full board with a positive recommendation as a committee report moved by supervisor cowen we'll take that without
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objection. madam clerk call item 4. >> item 4 an ordinance amending the mrapd with the commercial district. >> okay. i'm the author of item 4 colleagues, i know we've had quite a few of the arcade game regulations come 0 through the board this is the next supervisor breed and i are rationalizing the irrational approach in the please be advised the ringing of and use of cell phones, planning code i guess what some people say is a nuisance back in the day and the legislation before us will principally allow the arcades within the transit district and the legislation was considered and supported unanimously by planning commission as you recall this follows previous prevention active efforts including the legislation from supervisor breed and myself to
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provide an exemption from the police code for the regulations for 10 arcades along upper market street and the laxative i sponsored with supervisor breed i know it was passed by this board and the legislation offered by supervisor breed updating the planning code with respect to the games and as recent legislation a history shows you the arresting cascade grams are regulated introduce a complicated and overlap and in both the planning code and the police code generated in 1980s during a different time the 80s they were seen as a distraction for kids and today every kid as an plantation and the pinballs are becoming a novelty and we've
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seen several bars on up that are centered around arcade games with the legislation the locations along upper market will no longer be regulated how many pinball machines and will have an entertainment permit that insure the arresting david's kinds are a positive impact to the community i am considering this citywide because frankly the planning code didn't have a lot to say around the arresting cascade games we're considerably that and stay tuned to colleagues, i ask for your support. >> on i know that planning staff is here. >> good afternoon, supervisors determining sanchez with the planning department i want to say on december 18th the commission heard the proposed
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legislation and it unanimously recommended approval for the land moefgsz to consider up to 4 mechanic all and another entertainment uses within the upper mount that concludes my presentation. if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them thank you. >> thank you very much any public comment on item number 4 seeing none, public comment is closed and colleagues, i would you couldn't ask for a motion to forward item 4 to the full board with a positive recommendation we'll take that without objection. that will be the order madam clerk call item 5. >> amending the police code for establishment that are entered into the contracts to provide the contractors with copies of
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the police code. >> okay. and supervisor breed is the author of item 5 i believe that mr. johnson from her office will be joining us this is him now there he is. >> galileo's guys move so fast here it's a good nirng thing any office is close i'm the perspective aid there supervisor breed i think that is the most important legislation you'll see all year thank you for laughing it was a joke. >> this was probably a verbal amendment that supervisor breed would have done on the floor when the two legislation were going through but it was president chiu's last meeting she didn't want to delay it the
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jest of it is the two pieces of formula retail that passed if december exploded new requirements on the shutter contractor of formula retail when the lobby becomes operative on july 3rd of this year those contractors will be notified about the new contracts as negotiated, however, there is a collapse a small collapse of companies operating under existing contracts that under the current law will not be notified about the 94 new laws so all it does for the existing contractors the janitorial contractors operating under the contracts let's make sure that the formula retails disclose to the contractors and a hey, the board of supervisors just passes this and it impacts galileo's it is a notification provision
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nights in p there for contractors less back date that from the pedestrian or period of january 4th and july 3rd the operator active date i want to ask in the last minute conversation with the deputy city attorney josh white we noticed something that will be probably good to fix in the legislation before you today it uses the date of april the first that mr. white pegged on the noticeable understanding it will be probably more accurate to use january 4th now the effective date of the original pieces of legislation if we could i request if galileo's could introduce a motion to amend package 23 where it says april 1st to the current effective date january 24th and
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liquor store page four to change that to january 4th and for the second piece that will be page 10 line 12 it says april 1st change that to january you figure out and line 14 change that to january 4th we're capturing the universe of the contractors that may have existing contracts under did you current legislation wouldn't know it if that makes sense. >> it did. >> thank you. is there any questions. >> thank you okay. is there any public comment on item 5? seeing none, public comment is closed so colleagues could i have a motion to adapt the amendments as described and so moved and without objection those amendments are adapted and can i have a motion to forward item 5
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as amended to the full board with a positive recommendation >> 70. >> we'll take that without objection. that will be the order i neglected to thank sfgovtv for broadcasting and madam clerk, any other business before this committee? >> that concludes our business for today. >> then we are adjourned so, welcome to the third
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counsel everyone and those of you were not seated yet, please grab a seat. i'm joe letterman on the president and ceo of the their account so it is nice to have you all here today. born excitement and some exciting news that we have. you may be a little anticipatory as to what it is based on the nature of the invitation, were not supposed to give it away. i was a we invited gov. rick perry to come and he seems to have declined. so that may make more a story about this. as where mating the us olympic committee is about to be meeting or maybe meeting already to determine who is their pick for the us big-city and of course san francisco is among those good one without giving again anything away, once we do get this weight we should probably quickly get him some notice what happens here this morning because it should weigh heavily
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in our favor. so i want to thank very busy fellow mayor ed lee are coming here today. and being with s&ls began a moment. i want to thank the milken institute for asking me to convene this. i was actually down at their summit calorie florida and los angeles last month speaking about innovation in cities and giving some examples actually in san francisco's something this thing he has done amazingly well that is resulted in transition to becoming one of the absolutely top model economies not only in the country but in the world. so, after they heard my pitch they asked if they told me was going and asked if i'd be willing to can being with them and reach out to mayor lee and his team and they said they be light delighted to do this. milken institute is apparent spastic asset to have them here in california. they are leaders in leading-edge innovative thinking a whole number of topics and one of the things
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they delightfully focus on is innovation in cities. what that means to economies and what it means to our country, and we are really proud to be able to partner with the milken institute on this event here today. the bear was the counsel and our job was to sell this work with our cities and our entire region to support its economy and quality of life for everybody who lives and works in this great place we call home and were very very fortunate to have such great city that make up the bay area and here we are in san francisco not only a leading-edge economy in the world but certainly one of the most iconic places on our planet . it just i work for the city for a number of years in the mayor's office and is just a minute amazing and amazing place. san jose, and amazing city the capital of silicon valley. oakland, right across the bay with the new mayor just starting out her term [inaudible] in san jose. these are exciting times in the bay
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area. mayor lee, of course running for reelection who will announce here today. i believe may even help why then help that he needs to get more credibility to the story of what is happening in the city and the transformation that's taken place. so, i want to thank everybody for coming for joining us in making this announcement. my next job is to introduce [inaudible] from the milken institute who will talk a little bit about the project and the process that the milken institute has for looking at the quality of cities here in our country and then he in turn will introduce our honored guest of mayor ed lee. so let me turn it over to ross and after the comments we should have a little time for questions and conversation. ross. >> well thank you very much, jim. it's a pleasure to be here. we have been performing this budget since 1899. it was
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originally published in forbes but we decided to take it in house and publish ourselves about four or five years after that. the index is really an outcome based measure of economic performance. it is a look at traditional business cost warehousing costs were quality of life such as crime rates. we believe that both static measures are certainly important, but they don't cover the true dynamics and they can be very subjective. so, we believe communities that can create jobs and attract human capital are the best performance cities over the long haul. the goal to help businesses investors, industry associations economic development agencies, academics, public policy groups, monitor and evaluate performance in where they work, and where they live, relative to the rest of the country. and
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as we've already noted, it's no surprise were releasing this today in san francisco, so san francisco is number one this year. yes. >> [applause] >> in a moment you're going to see what a remarkable accomplishment that is as i go through some of these metrics. what i would like to do is acknowledge my co-authors who are with us today. minority rights and whose here. could you please stand. she's here back in the waiting. she did our work of putting the metrics together and a lot of the analysis and also join us as armand petrosian's, is an adjunct fellow with the institute. he projected two years ago that san francisco would move to number one so he decided to change careers away from being an economist and move back to san francisco to run the family business which is a sub center at in the west portal area. armand, carrier somewhere. there he is in the back as i do note that soap unitas, a 20 in the west [inaudible] area and armand
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cannot only sell you a sub he can also be be some economic advice. so, in the 2014 index there are really two top stories and they are technology and shale oil. they are the overarching factors by ms. performance. these metrics on this list possess a variety of other positive traits than the ones i just mentioned, but those are the factors that really determining the top 25. several metrics on the list all the way even down the top 25 are really have innovation advantage. they are able to offset high cost sometimes higher tax rates and a burdensome regulatory environment by clustering talent and technology together in an entrepreneurial ecosystem and that is really what the leaders in this list will demonstrate. also, technological advances in
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horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing are altering the energy landscape of the united states energy investment claim the larger share of gdp last year since the early 1980s and the us is producing 4 million barrels of oil more per day than it did just five years ago. now going forward we so were prices decline because they change that dynamic such that further investments in oil exploration may not be at the same rate as they happen but many people believe that oil prices are covered $70 a barrel there still be a shale oil revolution underway in the united states. so, as i mentioned, san francisco was number one. but you know rick perry has counted performance in texas metrics for many years. he was a number one this year. could not claim it but he did have five out of the top 10. on this list. so, texas has a unique combination of tech, energy strength in a very favorable business climate. california had four metros in the top 25 as well as
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colorado did. there were seven metros my top 25 that are really there because of the energy explosion in the united states. and another depiction of that is that we have our small best-performing cities. they are roughly 8179 smallest metros and fargo north dakota minnesota was number one among that group was related to [inaudible] and the positive spillover effects. in another one common area, west palm beach was the biggest improver for the year-to-year moving up 93 spots from last year. that has to do with the end in housing bust in that area of the country. so these are some the metrics that we used in evaluating metros. we look at job growth, wages, technology growth, over the most recent five years and over the most
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recent one year. that smooth things out over the business cycle is of what anyone year determine the rankings because that can be very volatile. so, we also include your over your job growth in the most recent month which is in this case, prior to publication was august of last year. so, employment and wages are more highly rated because they are critical to community vitality. wages and salary signal the quality of the jobs being created a metropolitan area and also there are other measures to measure the concentration of diversity and it's really a way to look at the community involvement in the so-called knowledge-based economy. this is a chart that shows employment growth relative to the peak of this recession relative to others and what you'll notice is that this recovery has been relatively mild compared to previous ones.
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and overall job growth in the country really determine some of the pattern of regional growth around the country. now the good news is that the mac in the second quarter of last year all of the 8.7 million jobs that were lost during the previous recession had finally been recovered. so, we are finally adding jobs in the united states overall. now let's get to san francisco to me run through some of these metrics that really are starting when you look at them. san francisco wasn't on the top list in a truly remarkable recovery. if the entrepreneurial ecosystem that exist here in social media, mobile apps, cloud-based computing and storage, software, computer systems design, internet publishing, clean tech, biotechnology, and medical research. in short, it's the [inaudible] incentive
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economy that is both here. once again, it's the clustering of technology and talent that shares you the advantages that operating a dense urban environment can provide that offsets higher tax rates and cost of living. so, in terms of broad growth troubles in the past five years san francisco, the metro-area division, ranked fifth in the country. across all metros and that's just really remarkable across a conscience as i said. so it really catapulted system i had posted to austin which was second this year, was his first place finish in wage and salary growth over the past five years and in 2013. so, san francisco had the highest overall wage growth in the country over that period of time. so it is really the quality of these jobs that is driving that i wage growth in the technology sector and it's no surprise that all these young talented skilled workers are flocking into the city. and the demand is driving up wages
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so unemployment in these tech related occupations is below two percent today. in the area. when you consider that san francisco has double the concentration of technology that the us does over all, strong growth, a strong base, it resulted a lot of economic activity because the employment multiplier is around five. meaning, there are four other jobs that are created outside the tech area that are dependent upon one tech job. this shows you the category of professional technical scientific services employment.. yes. employment in that area. it really when i look at the data, i was surprised i didn't believe it initially. but over the past five years 25,500 jobs have been created in this category. it accounts for 45 percent of total job growth in the metro division. that is
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once again an amazing accomplishment. these occupations paid over $90,000 per employee versus the us average of about $70,000 in the same categories. and, when you look more specifically within the tech sector, 160,000 per employee. so these are very high wage jobs. we all are aware of the rapidly expanding startups to mike top boxes are unpacked down to the list. there rapid clip and absorbing tremendous amounts of office space in the area. but it's not just startups. companies like oracle are diversifying. their employment-based hiring in the city. i then programmers and developers in the city. and furt


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