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tv   [untitled]    January 28, 2015 7:00am-7:31am PST

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additional resources we're anticipating that basis if the board approvals this policy to have some conversations between site administrators and teachers as they are planning their instruction there will be principle exemptions around the policy which is referenced around the appropriate use and above all thank you commissioner norton for your writing this policy below all no zealousness one way or other banning clips in the classrooms but not have the attitude you're showing something from the lion king and pressure port to be part of the biological to tie the instructional clips to the curriculum so what will come from this a series of guidelines
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and principles will be included in what the guidelines will look like and then dialog between the teachers and the site administrator so we don't expect this to be a controversial norman and as commissioner norton mentioned we have a vast majority have teachers that are using extremely good judgment that will help us put perimeters around instances we wish there was more structure. >> can i had a follow-up question how this applies to after school programming. >> we can get back to you specifically i think part of what mr. truit and his department has done i think you'll agree having a student watch a full length movie is not
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the way to exercise the mind and body so we'll have did the around this. >> i have commissioner vice president haney and delegate. >> can i respond to superintendent carranza i think it's a good question and the instructor to create a policy i love about thinking about after school but as far as enforcement so depending on how this happens sometimes is a conversation or a written warning i think depended on the administrators discretion and enforcement. >> commissioner vice president haney. >> i'm a little bit invented it the circle of life is not part
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of the curriculum (laughter) but i wanted to thank commissioner norton that was an issue we've talked about a number of months ago i really appreciate the way you went about this and how careful the language is and the balance working with the curriculum staff and that all of us knew that was a tricky issue of how it was defined. >> what was the right time to use it is it a provided guidelines at the same time give the flexibility that's needed that the instructor brought up i hope we community that to our teachers and make sure that we are providing the need begins and clarity around this so we're not sending the message they can't use the lion king or
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reiterating i want to give the wrong message there's a lot of things in the media is a power he teaching tool so thank you for balancing this carefully i'll have to look at the lion king in a different way now (laughter). >> delegate chair. >> thank you commissioner president murase i'd like to thank rachel norton i feel like when i am in my classroom i feel like the teachers are over using the random videos i'm not going to name teachers i really like this proposal i never knew you shouldn't exceed two hours when you're on your phone or computers that proposal will definitely help thank you. >> commissioner wynns and
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commissioner fewer i'm interested particularly in the participation of teachers and principles in the development so i'd like to you know have an update i'm interested in that and when we implement that how - i'd like an update to how it gets incorporated into the planning and the curriculum development of the school sites with the instructionsal development at the school sites because in my commerce not having a teacher or principle but that's the kind of thing that is rarely discussed at school sites how effective the use of whatever you're using to supplement your curriculum
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materials and how fast to maximize the effectiveness i'll be interested to hear with the principles and teachers have to say how it plays ate u out it is something not easy for a lot of people so whatever we can i mean my interests maybe just to inform myself but i think this is a real something where the colleagues and peers can help each other a lot i'd like to know how that develops thank you commissioner norton so for bringing this forward. >> commissioner fewer. >> thank you. i think this is appropriate to bring now as we do our curriculum mapping as we require teachers to do the curriculum mapping with the common core there will be a lot of film clips and things of that nature although i think that bullying letters day off is great i can see how it's
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inappropriate for our students and i do think throughout i mean having children in the school district 3 of them i've witnessed myself an inappropriate use of film so thank you for breaking and entering this forward. >> given this the resolution i'd like to ask the author if your name's can be added to the resolution any further comment seeing none roll call vote. >> on this as amended public utilities ms. so on at that commissioner fewer mr. haney. >> ms. mendoza-mcdonnell arrest ms. norton. >> minnesota. >> mr. walton and dr. murase. >> 7 i's. >> thank you very much or thank you commissioner norton the next item is item j request for
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general matters i have 3 speaker cards and bunch of speaker cards for the health education that comes later in the data i'd like to call those 3 people to come to the podium (calling names) oh yes. i have additional individual (calling names) if you could please line up towards the podium 2 minutes per person. >> 2 minutes. >> good evening superintendent carranza and commissioner president murase and i'm david m ah o n i'm a third grade teacher at guadalupe elementary school.
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>> good evening. i'm jose i'm a pta member and parent of 3 students they've congratulated if the turning point to and my wife is the pta treasurer and she's formerly the president of the pta we're here to share with the board of education that the parents and the teachers at our school are really struggling with the leadership at our school the teachers and parent want to request a community meeting with the central office as quickly as possible to discuss our concerns thank you. >> i'd like to ask mr. steel justin steel to connect with the speakers so they can follow-up. >> thank you. >> thank you very much.
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>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello my name is mr. and i levies a teacher at the high school as well as a community member if the mission and i'm here out of concern for the safety of our ask the you may or may not know there was an incident at our school where a student with the gun cause a lock-down at the school fortunately nothing happened and meeting was held with the community afterward but meier my concern is the lack of transparent and i want to share with the board that inform the parents number one there is no permanently or tainting for the staff or students regarding a lock-down the intermit building there was not enough keys so
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they could block the doors but not able one suspect was in a room with no explanation regarding the risk during the lock down a group of unsupervised students were roaming the hall one student broadcast it on social media and there are phones in most of the rooms and no communication and teachers and students were left uninformed for almost two hours no one checked to see if students were missing from the classrooms at the end of the lock down at after the suspect was arrested there was no information about the events
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that transpired if fortunately nothing happen but the family members and community was hurt the trust was hurt and i am here to let you know what happened then so event that could be harmful to community the transparency happened and the protocols being in process. >> p thank you. i said there is a process. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening. i'm john would like to let he knows about the fifth annual come to the water teaching blackwood history 7 week course we begin thursday at the grand auditorium that was
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entireed in 2006 and 8 we did a research study that possessed a question whether or not california social science teachers can have instruction for the american history only 20 percent were, however, 60 percent of them think they are so the gap is between what teachers think they know and what the actual culturally responsive practices are following on what the indian advisory committee because they think they're doing the right thing we courage people to come on thursday at 6 o'clock through march fifth the blackwood american day and finding out how many people know about the
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holiday and also tomorrow the state will be creating the african-american freedom trailed we've had the board of supervisors emperors it here in san francisco an infusion ordinance proposal that will allow you to actually use the material in the classrooms and in a culturally responsible way i'm doing the paper in prevail for the american education association that speaks to the impact on student outcomes where youngest people know about it it will help to use it in the classroom we did our book in 1991 we see the coerces are higher for the african-american folks and this will help. >> thank you, mr. temple ton.
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>> good evening. i'm the ceo and executive director of plan of action for challenging times i've incorporated pack educational clearing house i want to make sure if i had an opportunity to address this a group of leaders in the field of education and make sure that i let you know that pack has been around since 1963 in 1965 we were the first members grantees for the family funded troy program and over the past 50 years we've caught san francisco constitutes to the tune of over 65 students we've exposed to students over 40 thousand have been not limited to to colleges
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and 40 degrees earned pay about the pack students believe it or not i was not invited to the meeting for the african-american students we're quiet we do our work and serve 2 thousand unified school district students every year no one knows who we are we're participating in part a federally funded program i wanted to make sure that i put that out there please use us, please engage us we're very successful probably the most professional successful in the city and county of san francisco and nobody knows why we're here that is pack the plan of action for challenging times do we need that we are doing the work 24
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thousand college degrees in our years. >> thank you if you could hang on i know yesterday was the beginning of our initiative so, please. >> thank you, mr. toliver please meet mr. dick i didn't and meet mr. temple ton we'll make sure yourself at the table. >> final call (calling names). >> mr. johnson had to leave. >> to leave if there's no further public comment we'll close. the next item is item k the citizens advisory committee reports and for the board members i'll be making appointments do any colleagues have any appointment to mention seen we'll move on the item l
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the special order of business may i hear a second and motion for the office of education balance scorecard plan for the student achievement >> so moved. >> mr. superintendant who reads it into the record. >> i'd like to call dr. roderick to please come forward and do that. >> sorry good evening superintendent carranza and commissioner president murase and commissioners student members welcome once again, this special order of business concerns the presentation for approval san francisco school district and county balanced scorecards for the student achievement as a brief overview the site for the work is there
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final fall allocations that were given to them in the fall for the last few months to look at the data patterns and revise my necessary tragedies we consider the resources the general look at the plan heretofore have the parent and community meetings involve as many stakeholders as possible and take a look at whether or not they need to make changes to what's been approved in the spring they worked closely with like i said the parented and community with the lead that's why superintendent is here and with multiple passageway departments and other offices to get answers to their questions and anything having to do with parity for
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their council they've been working diligently and to close out the process we're required to formally request approval from that being said the question on the table is that the board of education of san francisco unified school district approve the self-sufficient and san francisco county office 2014, 2015 final balance scorecards and plans to the student achievement and discussion questions or comments so thank you so do we review those? do we see them so i see that we're asked to approve them does the board actually see them for approval i think nothing is attached here. >> commissioners you were sent the links about a month ago
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least a month ago i think roderick sent me a comprehensive overview and commissioner walton. >> a clarification i think a question to clarify this is this so i understand the schools did their scorecards so this is the final part they submitted it before and so what we see in this e-mail we got a month ago if we were to compare the two from if the proposal to the final should we see a amateur; is that correct. >> were going to see a strong alignment in some cases the whole idea we're going to take a
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close work on the revisions just to keep the plan updated and make revisions over the summer and anything if the adjustments from the spring yes, this is a closing out of the process that was gone a year ago. >> so for example if we saw that some schools got an increase in students maybe newcomers we might see on adjustment in the balanced scorecard for this final review. >> exactly that would have been a really good example of the sort of conversation the principles with the staff and the community members and the counsels based on that new information that's exactly the sort of example that would be make this final revision an important part of the process. >> so in the document is this a
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month ago would did you also sunday the balanced scorecards for the spring so you can compare. >> yes. it's a same document a revision to the document that. >> did you send us the original proposal for us to compare to the revision. >> yes. the length we've shown all the revisions. >> and how in the spring a certain projection when i reviewed this in the past sometimes an enforcement drop of one hundred and 75 students is this something in the scorecards. >> it would be something you'll see in the scorecards absolutely. >> thank you very much. >> on the questions or comments from colleagues?
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seeing none there is a motion on the table to approve the sfusd and san francisco office financial scorecard >> ms. sonata mr. chin commissioner fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell arrest ms. norton ms. wynns mr. walton and dr. murase. >> 7 i's. >> excuse me. me commissioner president murase may i ask to be sent the individual scorecards so the spring proposed one and also the revised one we just approved. >> absolutely. >> thank you very much i'll request you send it to all the board members the link to the scorecard thank you very
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much. >> thank you next item is m discussion of other educational issues we have a presentation update on sfusd health education a program and 20 public speakers so i ask if you're here for public comment try not to repeat what's before brought to the board and i'll pass to superintendent carranza. >> thank you commissioner president murase so i want to remind us this is an important presentation we want to thank the committee for coming back to do the presentation i'd like to invite kevin and kim to lead the presentation. >> good evening commissioner president murase and superintendent carranza and commissioners the bruvengs i'm
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kevin truit the social superintendant we're here to give a health education annual update i want to start by saying that health education is perhaps more important in this district more than ever aligned with our middle school that are promoting a way to resolve conflicts and health education is important for implementation most of the foundation for t o one embed in the health education and good for our index that will survey students on social learning and serving staff and have parents the importance of health education is prevalent in the district this is an
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informational update we're going to show you data and this is probably one of those do not we could talk about for a long time our people hope to go to a committee and tonight not the discussion potatoes points for the items that be promote a lot of thoughts and questions i thank you and i also want to say this is particularly important to me this is a school health programs is an office i'm very, very proud of and especially proud of work of my executive director of school health programs kim i'm going to turn it over to now. >> thank you associate truit and restraint and commissioner president murase and wanting mr. haney and commissioners, i wanted to quickly as a point of thanks to esther for the
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guidance in preparing members of the health program team that are joining me martha and christopher the support of our health programs leadership and don in and others and 3 very busy high school students that are stating up past curfew from balboa i thought we'd start i want to give a quick picture of my beginning in the strict chief's of staff the 7th and 8 grade teacher it was then luther middle school one of the earlier assignments was doing health education i do remember as a new teacher the moment in my class
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some of the 7th grader were learning about the changes in publicity slooing each other not to miss a moment of the lesson we're going to try to paint the picture of high school to elementary school some of the changes we're taking a risk and going to share what is working in some of the areas we hope to improve so workplace nelson mandela in mind a quick review and i'm going to turn it over to our first tsa to remind everyone with our health ed policy was updated in 2012 with the full support of board and health education like other areas is support with content that were adapted in 2008 next i'd like to introduce christopher pepper.
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>> hello it's great to be with you here tonight, i'm christopher person era teacher on special assignment my position is fund bit the center of disease and education in sfusd i've been at balboa high school and a father of a 7th grader health education at the high school level is a graduation requirement taught in theth grade we cover sexuality and drug and alcohol abuse and media literacy and mental and emotional health to help the students make informed decisions about what we do with their bodies and the


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