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tv   [untitled]    January 28, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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y question is why has the supervisor city departments and developers not provided a timely language appropriate and direct outreach to diverse residents? had it not been for the persistence and vigilance of [indiscernible] i would not have known about this project or the decision to do that. for the $6 billion project to move forward, we want to make sure there should be transparency, responsibility, accountability to all the residents so our residents can provide ongoing input into the project. please do not continue to post everything online and consider that as an outreach because as you know, in district 10, the
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highest population asian-pacific islanders, many of them are limited english-speaking so this is not an acceptable means. they advertise that nobody knows. please find a more direct way to reach the people so we can be involved in the process. we want our district to prosper but it has to be done right. thank you. >> [indiscernible] long-time resident of bayview. i was hoping dr. ray [indiscernible] would have spoken to you a little more time. i don't like to create definition. he is the expert. he does environmental science at uc berkeley. i was hoping there would be some dialogue would occur with him and the commissioners. i don't
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know if that's going to happen or not that he is the man you should be listening to as well as us. i'm confused the dust abatement. says the department of public health controls the plan. what is it? i don't know what it is. on the other page, it states, lennar hartline to complaints including visible depths. i'm going to call lennar who is creating the problem? that does not make sense. probably there is going to be a tape machine on there. we will deal with that when we get time. i don't know if many of you have ever been fishing or done writing raps down the river but [indiscernible] hell behind candlestick is like a big rock in the river. when the wind blows on either side, it doesn't just go straight, because lennar said the most
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adept time is to cause imploded but now it's taking it down mechanically is when we get westerly winds from the west side of the city to blow and a blows 30 or 40 mi./h and that won't cause us any harm. the wind is going to blow over the bay to my nieces and nephews. i invited anyone to come with me, we can ride a bike we started jamestown avenue with the wind coming out us and we have to struggle halfway up jamestown avenue behind the park and as soon as we get half way of jamestown, the wind reverses. it is blowing up over the houses. up over the schools. dust control does not mean anything to me. are you going to have automatic machines
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monitoring the dust? will they be located in the school? will they be located in the housing behind it? is it going to be monitored? can i have a solar system in my house, i can get on the computer and tell me how much energy are using every day. so this is not new technology. please stop this process and get the community involved and let them be part of it. thank you. >> good afternoon. the best thing i have heard from the fact that you need to cease and desist order on what's going on.
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i don't know if you understand being a commission what your responsibilities are. i have been a commission more than once. i know the mayor. you need to have what we had before. a memorandum of understanding of what's going to happen with this project. we don't have that. before anything can occur, this needs to happen. you ask commissioners, it was passed about eight years ago, where the commissioners could go out into the community and hold their meetings. you all need to come to bayview, you've never been there. i'm talking about at the time when the wind is really blowing and seeing what
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we see and where i live, i'd like for you to come and i have advised you to come to my house so i can show you and you can see from where i live the work that is going on, all of the lights that are on during the night that is working out there at that shipyard. it is a disgrace. what's going to happen is there's going to be a lot of lawsuits because the too many people are dying. you saw on the map where these trucks are rolling, they don't care about us in the community. they do not care about the people there. you can see that. so why don't you put today, cease and desist order for nothing to
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happen until we in the community are satisfied? you can do that. that you may have to go, you can't do it, you may have to go to the mayor. tell the mayor this needs to happen. do you all meet at the mayor monday morning? >> this is a loss because when i was a commissioner, we met with the mayor and had an understanding to let him know what was going on in the community so he could be aware and i do not believe that this may or is aware of what is going on. so you need to let the mayor now that he needs to meet with you because he is supposed to be meeting with me since february of last year. it's almost february again and i want to let him know what's going on in the city. thank you. >> any other speakers?
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>> oscar james, resident of [indiscernible]. i ditto everything that has been said. i commend mrs. moore, dr. thompson. dr. jackson in the other community residents who give an opinion on getting the demolition done. i also want to thank [indiscernible] for answering my calls him for having you, get lennar to change their opinions about doing the demolition. thank you for that. my whole thing is this as someone mentioned before, 50% in our community,
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we have a memorandum of understanding that was signed by all of the unions in 1970 [indiscernible] that 50% of all construction or 100% has 50% community residents and 100% citywide and 35% contractors as minorities and we are here regardless of what the city has done since then, we're going to demand 50% community resident. we will stop the jobs in the other thing is our unions have supported us in our community and we support our unions. the other thing i want to say to you and to the public, hunters point has always stuck together, from the beginning from my experience when they first started [indiscernible]
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[indiscernible] club in the 50s, that was the first recognition i have ever gotten about community standing together. they were homeowners, people in the projects that called and got [indiscernible] because the community suffered. since that time, the community has stuck together and when the homeowners have a problem, the residents and projects come out and support the homeowners. anything happening in our community, we want to make sure whatever, whether there is jamestown or [indiscernible] or hunters point, all of us stick together, always have and always will. we don't want anyone to separate us so when they divide and say what effect
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of candlestick park only deals with jamestown, it does not. it deals with everyone at hunters point and i want you to keep that in mind and make sure when you talk about hunters point you talk about every resident out there. my grandmother was the first one to buy a home out there and it started with her being a homeowner and every homeowner out there since that time was a collective body so when you speak of one thing in our community, we all stick together. thank you very much. >> i have no further speaker cards. >> [indiscernible] nonprofit that has done work locally as well a citywide. of course we are pleased to see there is no more implosion happening at the candlestick park site itself. this is a tremendous win for local community members, labor activist who have worked hard to make sure mechanical demolition. we support all of that. the local hire components
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and demolition part itself as well as making sure there are dust mitigation controls so local residents are not affected by the demolition that will happen and finally emphasizing the need for committee at the end of the day. there have been very many environmental injustices, one additional thing i would add is the power plants themselves that once existed in [indiscernible] and we are polluting on residence at hunters point. many of the same activist from that struggle here today [indiscernible] and making sure that environmental injustices do not occur means the committee needs to repeatedly happen in the future. hoping that will happen and thank you. >> commissioners, [indiscernible] a committee
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liaison for labor union local to 61 and we represent 3000 men and women in the city county of san francisco and 5000 workers in the bay area. i want to thank the commission for asking the questions and hearing folks out. i think you look back historically at these hearings. [indiscernible] if you look back at the tapes and hearings a lot of folks at the commission have been responsive to everything we for today which is led us to this point and of course the staff being receptive. everyone has said we are very pleased that lennar has withdrawn this proposal. i know we are across the san francisco building and construction trades council i have to tell you it was an honor i think for many reasons for someone like myself who comes out of the community and was brought up by my bootstraps by dr. jackson and also to learn about this from community activists and one of our members
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[indiscernible] who put in 30 years in our union brought this to our attention as was folks like mr. brooks and miss harris and miss moore who has been tireless on this for organized labor to have the opportunity. we voted in a special session and brought it to the council where our secretary-treasurer recommended in the strongest possible terms to each and every single affiliate of the building trades to take a stand with community environmental activist, contractors and in some ways redefined these ideas of silos that where residents environmentalist union members local contractors, we are all community. when we have the chance to do things like this, it spoke to what we are all about in terms of supporting from the ground up. the vote was unanimous. building trades
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council, each and every affiliate voted to take the stand although we continue to want to do this work and do it together. it does not happen without standing in solidarity. i have a message which is that we are in receipt of the proposal around dust mitigation at the state-of-the-art level, the local resident community hiring community contracting. we are excited about this and making sure they enforcement happens. the message i had is we consider this of the council we look forward to working with the department and the folks doing the project the commission. but the folks standing right here in this world to give light to this. we look forward to working together to bring these ideas to life. thank you. >> thank you everyone for addressing the commission. do the commissioners have any questions? >> for any of the speakers or
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staff or executive director? >> first of all, i'd like to know how many people [indiscernible] or lived there? >> [indiscernible] >> okay. all right. secondly, i want to know how you are monitoring the dust in the demolition? >> the department of public health oversees the dust control plan which does include provision for dust monitoring. there is also a third-party monitor which will be on site to ensure the provisions of the dust control plan will be met. >> i think [indiscernible] have some more meetings and what could be done mutually before
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you do it on your own is my recommendation. >> thank you. >> do you have any questions? >> you answered the commissioners question which was one of my questions. but it's one thing to say the department of public health oversees, what does that really look like? i'm assuming we have a him ou with the department of public health? >> we do have an existing mo you , it started with overseeing and regulating on hunters point and like many other departments, depending on the workload, we ramp up in terms of staffing and monitoring. missed drew is in close contact
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with the head of that department and this is a top priority issue for department and staff to ensure the regulations and monitoring is met and we welcome feedback from the members of the public and how we make sure the measures are in place and are they working. >> so before i have a follow-up, who is the third-party monitor? >> i'm not sure who that is. the department of public health could not attend today's hearing but i'm happy to report back to you on who that is. >> that is someone they contract with? >> i don't know how the contract is handled. >> i guess my concern about the words oversight and monitoring, oversight sounds kind of an arm length issue and even some of the website's or phone calls or
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telephone lines that one control, it seems like something has to happen and then something as reported and something is except divine agency and then the agency response. i would like to hear what measures are being taken ahead of that so that it is essentially ahead of the problem, not after the problem. because once the problem impacts folks, it is done. versus coming up with measures so that gets to the issue of how closely is lennar being -- perhaps we can hear from lennar , what are they doing internally to ensure that it is compliant as it goes along? so it has its own internal compliance mechanisms in place. you can't answer that but maybe someone from lennar can answer
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that? >> [indiscernible] from lennar. >> thank you. i am the director of land development with lennar. happy to be here today to have the opportunity to present. i would like to thank the community for their involvement in the process over the past six weeks or so. obviously their input was a critical factor in coming to the determination that to move forward to the with the conventional demo approach. i want to thank the city for the permit so we can move the project forward. specifically, regarding the dust control plan i think i can provide a brief overview. the dust control plan identifies the activities for the project, the construction activities and then identifies a series of mitigation efforts that will be implemented to
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mitigate for dust generation on site both during demolition as well as other construction activities for the project. we also identified monitoring network for the dust control and are dust control plan. we have received permits both from the bay area air quality management district, known as aj permit for the demolition as well as an approval of the dust control by the public at department health. that was part of the issuance of the conventional permit from the building inspections department. that plan identifies activities, mitigation, monitoring in addition to monitoring for concentrations in the air, we also include a third-party inspection, that is a daily dust inspection report
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in which a licensed individual goes to the site, review the daily activities and document it in a log and then make recommendations for additional measures. there are separate city inspections, both by department and public health and [indiscernible] who are providing oversight for the project. all of the mitigations and the thresholds for additional levels of concentrations are said to be health protective. dr. thompkins mention that concern regarding [indiscernible], effectively, [indiscernible] there are dust particles below a certain size. [indiscernible]
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the dust concentration particles less than 10 5 in size so zero through 10. so that fraction includes 2.5+ the range of 2.5 through 10. what we have done to deal with that concern is set our action level thresholds to the lower criteria for 2.5. meaning, our action levels are set lower to the action level so we can ensure that not only are we not exceeding the 10 concentrations that staying below the 2.5. the monitoring we are providing on-site is real-time data. it is constantly recording so we can check those monitors at any time. they have an alarm but once it exceeds the action level, there is a light signal
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that we can then review the data and determine what activity within the vicinity of that monitor may be contributing to elevated dust readings and we can modifier mitigations formally. we do have monitor set up near sensitive receptors since there is an elementary school and the existing residences both on jamestown and we will be adding more monitors to the residences towards candlestick cove off of [indiscernible]. >> i'm happy to provide an overview of the dust mitigations but very generally, they include training of workers, pre-wedding services
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that are targeted for demolition as well as work areas. during the actual crushing of material, using mechanically and hydraulically activated equipment, there is continuous wedding during that crushing. we will do our best to work from hard scape areas, not working and unpaved areas with our equipment. fortunately most of the area is paved so we will retain that pavement until the very end. and then there is a series of other measures like twice a day wetting and truck routes on and off-site. there are stabilize construction entrances and exits for tire washing and there is a stockpile management program for both active stockpiles defined to be active within the past seven days and inactive that includes a combination of wetting or applying chemical stabilizers. >> i want to add that we
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obviously do take dust control seriously. we are going to be actively performing construction activities for the foreseeable future and we care very much about doing the job right. we have had lessons learned and develop best practices as a result of those lessons learned from the phase 1 grading project at the shipyard. >> thank you for that explanation. i am not an expert in this area but these sound like do diligent efforts. i am not a neighbor or directly impacted but if folks are saying they don't have enough information, they are not getting enough advance warning, kind of advance understanding of what's going on and it causes people to be concerned, my question is what are your means of communication?
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do you have plans to improve them? i would suggest you take to heart the comment by one of the speakers that online communication may not work and it may not work if it's only in english so basically it is a question about how to engage the community. do you have any comment on that? >> absolutely. the approved dust control plan, we welcome that be shared with anyone in the community. so that they can be familiar with the dust and litigations we are required to implement. a copy of that is now approved and ready to be shared. there are regular community meetings, i will ask [indiscernible] who is responsible for the community outreach effort to share what the availability of those
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meetings are that we do want to have an open forum so concerns can be addressed. regarding the hotlines, the hotline is linked , it sends a notification by text of the message content to three critical people. they include our construction manager and site development manager so they receive instantaneous notification when someone calls on the hotline and there's an example from two days ago, yesterday, where [indiscernible] left a voicemail and received a phone call back within an hour and a half so that system is working and it is effective. >> okay. thank you. can we hear about the community process? >> thank you. i wanted to add a
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couple of things, thank you. for speaking about hotline and i heard your concern, about the distance of such, that there may be perceived distance they are and i want to make a correction to what my colleague was saying. there are four people, when calls commit the hotline, four people are notified immediately the a transcription of those calls and email. there was a call that came into the hotline yesterday. even on a holiday. if there is work happening a call came in at 10:21 and i return the call at 11:50 am. we try to return the calls timely and we know that particularly
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around work happening at candlestick we will continue to do that and improve if we need but i think an hour and a half is as fast as someone could do that. with respect to the outreach and the community meetings, we did hear at the january 5 meeting some concerns about translation of documents and translation services being provided. at all of the meetings there have been spanish translation available. since that january meeting, we have started to reach out to chinese language speaking partners to help us with translation of documents for outreach. we are working on that right now. we obviously have the news or update or statement about


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