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tv   [untitled]    January 30, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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rec and park and host days to service the playground and the field spaces we buy at local stores live oak has collaborative relationship with the folks in the neighborhood and serve as potrero hill only middle school because of the generosity of our community our kindergarten through 8 grade is socially to is a diverse county we have to prioritize extraordinarily environment as we develop our city live okay has spent a lot of time thinking about this and given hopes for the development you've heard from our families as is currently proposed the 16701 project will place suppress have on the recreational facilities
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and public campus pubically on space need to be part of the environmental impact report in an additional study thank you for your time we'll photocopy with other comments. >> thank you. next speaker. and. >> thank you commissioners for listening to me my name is mark i live with an one block of 1601 mariposa actually 5 hundred feet this is concerns for our community my role is the pass take care i'm a minister and many of my pawar riches live in potrero hill you've heard why the draft eir conflict with so
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many concerns of the neighborhood the citizens and the city potrero hill if you've never been there is a rare treasure i come from australia sidney a little community likes potrero hill can i tell you that everyone goes to my home in australia they don't visit the bedroom contingent to build large structures they go to australia we need to keep the community 70 families live in our community my concerns are that this escape of the development is so out of character and identity with the current community it is so dense, in fact 4 times and
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dense as vic are a menus 5 times and dense as my own community the complex we have 60 units on 2 hundred 8 hundred square feet they're proposing 3 hundred and 20 on the same sequentially and the impacts are incredible good by to our parking lot and say goodbye to the restaurants there are there getting a table potentially seven hundred 0 one thousand occupant will live in 3 hundred and 20 unit here it's just too overreaching i'm pro development and for development in our community but responsible 1re6789 this thing needs to be scaled down i'm not - i'm looking at this from our
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community and also our city in preserving the heritage and character of our city thank you very much. >> thank you. is there any additional public comment on the draft eir? >> you called my name. >> go ahead if you want to speak please line up on the screen side of the room. >> hi, i'm joyce i've lived in the neighborhood 25 years dog patch and on potrero hill plan that i've reviewed you know and hearing about for years like our neighbors seems obviously flawed when you look at the instantaneously and the citations being used 2000 data 10 years to get the completed plan and referring back to items that are 15 years old so from a took up line this project and many projects are discussed in
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our private and neighborhood important to tell next door we use our real names and talk about those project alison who has talked before we talk about issues we couldn't talk about so i'm extremely grateful for the hard work honestly for anyone to pick up this plan and look to the data you're referring to if it is very clear it jumps out the data is too old we've not been prepared with a picture of what our neighborhood will look like in 5 let alone 10 or 15 years. >> commissioner moore i've heard you speak on television asking a basic question mates the basic plan what will this
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neighborhood look like in 5 to 10 years we still don't have that we continue to see those options what can i can thrill the neighborhood is listening and we count on you to paid attention we're vp a hard time keeping with the status i'm grateful to the friends at live oak an important partner our friends at rec and park grateful to see the partners come forward because of the shadowing effect at&t's and i'm the public safety advocate i didn't know you could shut down a project that's wonderful only the shadowing in one of 3 parks is extremely important to our neighborhood
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i've got 25 seconds oh, i'm done anyway. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is holly friedman i live on arkansas street a half a block away from the proposed development i'm here to talk about the deficiencies in the draft eir and urge the commission to take action to support in group assembled here to build a better community we're working hard to do that we need our support so peppering i commute everyday by public transportation i'm a pedestrian address commuter and bicyclist i'm here to talk about traffic you've heard a lot about the poor timing of the draft eir the poor timing is a reflection
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of the developers rush to justify to not do dmruns on this project traffic impacts will result in 2 hundred one hundred and 912 car trips 23 percent are at a failing service of the intersections what is a failing level of service according to the draft eir study it's greater than affordable unit a stop time of 50 seconds 50 that's a delay it states the number of pedestrians will more than double because of the recipe living in the context and i'm calling this out because the eastern neighborhood eir the final eir of the eastern
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neighborhood hierltd that potrero hill pedestrians injuries are 2.6 times greater than than the average in san francisco and the eastern neighborhoods plan attributed this greater occurrence of injuries to the esteem lack of signals in intersections as well the parking of large trucks that interfere s with calibration you saw a number of photos peppering any commute route is the muni line and the number of years this commission has not served me well, it goes if 20 to 40 minutes commute each way the 20 line is the only line that runs north and south the new lines run east and west i'd like to sum up on the parking study it was found there was payroll
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available parking spaces of 6 hundred during the day and 13 in the evening this is i guess hard to believe i don't believe we have that many haven't spaces in san francisco i think i've made my point commissioner, i urge you to take action. >> thank you. >> your time is up. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners hi, i'm andy blue representing the plaza 16 coalition we are a coalition of nearly one hundred labor and small businesses across the mission district formed in 2013 to oppose the market rate towers for the mission at 16th street a project we've seen a monster in the mission as many said about 1601 mariposa it will have a
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anyone centers negative impact on the community our coalition is here to support the many members of the potrero hill community that raise significant issues with the eir report for 1601 mariposa and with the impacts this project has on the community among the impacts we share our concerned for the eir and open space each neighborhood has its own specific needs our coalition is building alliances across the neighborhood and city we find there is overlap in the issues in the current development boom you've heard in previous testimony this eir ignores the cumulative impacts and this final eir we understand and insist that individual projects must be viewed in the context that have a larger cumulative view of the - and the
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concentration across the eastern neighborhood whoops the eir for 1601 mariposa found at certain time of year 40 percent of the parks will be shaded and this is, of course, a serious issue, however the draft eir did not adequate the fullness of the shading and didn't indicate the shadow impacts will be significant in the areas of the park most heavily used by the folks and last thursday i himself testified on behalf of our coalition down the hall at the rec and park commission in support of selma community that is resisting the project that
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casts a shadow upon selma's only park they made it crystal clear our park space is precious as the development boom hits the eastern neighborhood hard we share the concerns and support the defendant community and i'll be{to talk about affordable housing at a later hearing. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi, i'm stephanie i'm a live oak parent and small business owner and architecture designing firm i'm on the site everyday on a different project i've working at a preschool we've been spending about the last year investigating noise and the impact of noise on children and so when i start to
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think about live oak and my kindergartener and saw the project what do i care of but, however i looked at the information i could gather pea what i came to there's a few things i know will help i'm i think we can go into 30 this responsibly i think i'd like to see a week corresponds if we know something t is coming up we have to keep our children you know learning and the noise i don't want to increase estimate how much which an impact it has a huge impact so that's one thing i think we can do the other things if by the put the project include to rise the project to include the second
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passage way through carolyn so again keeping that in mind and if the sorry we could do the noise it part of the construction outside of session that will help again, i'm a new apartment to live oak i have a kindergartener and thought those are the two things i thought we could try to do. >> is there any additional public comment? >> yes. i've lengthened for nearly 40 years a block from the project i'm familiar i think this the first eir i've read since i was sitting where you are commissioner antonini and commissioner moore are mayor ed lee have famous as i with the eastern neighborhoods eir this
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is in my opinion in full conformity i expect it to change ravrd the actual project for those who are concerned with mta i think it's allows you didn't i didn't as far as conflicts destined for potrero hill are admittedly by caltrain some of the worse they've designed in northern california this has nothing to do with to with the eir this of the envisioned in the eastern neighborhood eir is a neighborhood in transition as it has been for years right across is a project called pioneer carrier the old smokestacks of the industrial
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soap pioneer company are still there in transition for probably one hundred years and this is just another part of that transition as i say i fully expect the project to change but as far as this eir is concerned having read it i do building it is adequate it is complete and i urge you later on when the draft comments come in and read it again to probably okay. it and get on with the project as it will appear at a point. >> thank you. next speaker. >> thank you. i live my name is greg i live a bloke away right across the street for the
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record i'm not anti development or change in my regard i'll all for development that fits the spirit and cultural and scale in front i support the reduced density it is a spoiler alternative it will meet the project sponsors basically project while avoiding the impacts a lower dense e.r. density it is lower than it is - it will reduce traffic and better respect the character and scale of our neighborhood in other words a win within for the developer and the neighborhood it's at right way to move forward with a way it preserves the characters of the potrero hill thank you very much. >> is there any additional public comment on the draft eir
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okay public comment is closed. >> commissioner antonini. >> thank you all for your comments i actually visit the site last night about 4:30 and got to speak to a number of you and remind me how it was when i played softball and still students and i'll take your word times of day when its businesser but not issues when i visited it's a big site 3 hundred 36 acres and you know in general terms did hill was much more industrial as gil spoke to so when you talk about the environmental toxins there were smoke stakes i hope those maybe
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changes that are made to the plan i want to make sure that the environmental impact report addresses them adequately and usually when you make changes less i think tense no further environmental evaluation necessary one thing that's brought up i don't believe it's marveled in this report but the second diagonal walkway from the one going the diagonal this additional 1 connects arkansas street adjacent to the school that sound like it nighttime desirable because it will-less even the impact on the city hall
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about thirty to 40 feats there's a question about how much open space has been developed one the speakers 35 or 26 point they're asking for a rear yard exemption we want to make sure we have the figures on the open space we can create and still end up with the same project that has to be part of the analysis and obviously later on we'll talk about the breakdown of the unit it's not before a before us today i'll be all for two or three bedroom units that's nor another day other thing we're talking about was whether the demolition again, they talk about the information in the property report the timing of the
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demolition might have a lesser impact when the school was not in session that will be something to work out. >> also the other things there was a question about the traffic study in late june and later in the day whether or not that's adequate i feel the traffic study is adequate we have to california probate it to address the schapgz that occur in businesser time what they're in session and international studies the kip school and a lot more activities different times of the year again as ron said the freeway entrance is difficult that has to be changed but it would be
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wise with the growth that's occurring in the area that caltrain do something to improve that certain we have to look at the amount of open spaces i've talked about earlier let's see in terms of the shadow it addresses the shadow an jackson park it seems like it limited to the the months of november through february and mostly in december i have a question for staff why is this - one speaker raised a question this project should have been into the blanket eir into the neighborhood each
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project has to have its own eir and better not to answer the question today. >> that will be my question i'll take it one speaker brought the point why this one has to occur and why in the past they've con formed environmentally to the area plan they don't have to have it separate 40 feet in height is the maximum height so considerations to shadow implications 40 feet and under there's a difference we have to know about that and look at that and then certainly i am supportive and wanted to make sure by analysis comments and responses if there was a change in the lay out of the project
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and they moved some unit around and created open space on the plan the impact is still not increased by doing that arrest so those are my main comments so far i think the elements of all the environmental analysis are present in the plan we have to make sure that the plan may evolve this analysis is still adequate it sounds like the changes i'll advocate for are those that not in active the impact i think the plan looks at pretty complete. >> commissioner moore. >> i appreciate the community coming out and with the project as far developed as this one not all irs are as developed i know there's a number of issues which the community comments helped to
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focus i hoped we accelerated pace with the development in the eastern neighborhood allows the eir to more carefully address the delta between what was anticipated to occur when and when the particular project comes forward with its oppose project eir the eastern neighborhood is a program eir that latinos lays out in the broadest sense what will occur this projecting project comes as a faster pace than anticipated i want the eir that is set up quite well, to be more specific in terms of where are we falling short in the overall growth as we are looking at the project the second point
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that arises from the strong preservation of people interested in the school the impacts of the critical infrastructure we sit here literally every thursday and hear from people in order for the city to remain attractive and support a liveable attractive future for families that schools our biggest asset and needs to be protected at all costs we have 3 schools in the jackson square a facility that was not addressed i believe needs to be analyzed so the impacts not only of shadow are more clearly explained i'll elaborately but the toxicity and the access to light as well as noise needs to be address so the
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schools are one of the most protected resources the live oaks school is a use of app an existing industrial building we've all kernel it's typical to building schools with that building where what clamors are it's extremely important to get the details i suggest on 340 following the impacts of shadow on the school be explained in larger detail i had a hard time knowing where the shied line falls the depictions of the shadow that time 69 year is small i believe we need to be able to see clearly in order to contempt e comment or detrack comments that's the few of a you
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on school break the school has facing i think the west side and there the eir needs to be more generous in describing that i think those are the comments i will make at this point. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you i definitely support all the comments that commissioner moore made i won't repeat i'll add a couple of things in terms of transit for this particular project and for eir in general that may come or the community plan exception it will be helpful to mention instead of saying the trains are not impacted it should be less significant with mitigation that is the effected time from the mta i'll echo commissioner moore's comments it's difficult for app an analysis that is
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stagnant i don't know how you can do that when you are caught in deal with a system that's snapshot by snapshot one way over time when the systems converge and refrp the d e p that is a long-running program with a lot of planning will hope help to mitigate those programs where's the buffers and unfortunately mta is on their own track i've peppering tried to push for claugs collaboration rethey have their own schedule and referencing the eir will


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