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tv   [untitled]    January 31, 2015 12:30am-1:01am PST

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(calling names). >> commissioners ron some of you and i know i remember back when pdr was not in our lexicon a term that was actually invented by even though san francisco planning department and now we take it as something that is everyone should know what it means we talked about in the last couple of hours and just now about the eastern neighborhoods i found it interesting in looking at our agenda you had the last project housing and this project pdr within walking distance of each other it is exactly what is envisioned in the eastern neighborhoods plan when dan murphy talked to three and four it seems like 10 years ago he didn't have control of the property it was a vision
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tonsillitis that's the type of vision we appreciate in inform this is totally underutilized where you're walking or biking it is not assessable what is going to happy is decade what should and where it should happy it is being designed in accordance with what san francisco made take their own building and which was not in existence in when the term was put button is lexicon with the large alley and the plazas that serves as an interaction space those of you who are conversant with current work environments know the old cubicles and private offices are being torn
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down and have desks like this one that are there for five or six people or two or three people to sit around and discuss what they're doing that's what i envision with the alley and as well as inviting the neighborhood in this is an excellent project and royals our packets didn't contain anything negative for a change i urge you to pass it. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm crying chris oirn i've been an employer employee in the neighborhood i'm a renter at the minnie storage site i saw the only posting on the exterior x i did not see the mailing well, that may not be pretty
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with the existing conditions that's an important space and usage i use it as a you might call a pdr business i salvage bikes i've been could go this for over 10 years and actually, one of the folks that was here was a client of mine with thousands of bikes that hit the city without this service i think or think it's important i provide a low cost bike in the city and i would be displaced and others would be displaced business people that keep our material as a storehouse the businesses are in the center core they need the materials to supply their businesses so this are over impacts of shopping
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stopping this low rent opportunity there i am an eco business and would be put out of business by b that okay. that's something to realize i'm no opposition as it sit right now if you look at the numbers 4 hundred and plus thousand square feet i've seen the traffic worse and worse and worse and you know what's happening in february the hospital is opening up you can bet when we had this on opening day and people visiting the hospital 7th street will be a parking lot it's a different use but at the same time to say there's no opposition a lot of the people that rent are homeless and this is their home away from home they keep their
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positions in an inexpensive store place this is something to be given thought to it serves a social need thank you. >> next speaker >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm tim collin i'm not speaking on behalf of the coalition i'm here on my own no support of the project i should disclose that dan murphy sat on our board i'm here because of my strong interest in the roll out of the and were neighborhood plan we were strong sports supporter and i watched the last item on 1601 mariposa the eir ordinance the eastern neighborhood plan plan and you've got to remember when it
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was adapted in 2008 the economy was going off a cliff and things crashed we went into the great recession we are starting to see the eastern neighborhood was pushing it's very exciting when the eastern neighborhood come out we got the pdr a necessary idea to support it deserves strong support we don't know about the uses that can't compete against office space we wanted to succeed here's an example an important test of this it appears to use the inclusionary housing model something that's in demand you pay good rent the space appears
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flexible we're not banking on one income it could be moved at&t park and adapted the choice of participating with sf made a expiring the hottest stick out in town they've appeared to catch something something going on here that we can develop and nurture small-scale manufacturing we keep hearing when the american industrial center that was built decades ago it was a successful ecology is is going to work is this the solution to pdr who knows but we absolutely should try it it maidens and appears to bring all the possibility together in one place and one time it's one of the most existing things about the eastern neighborhood in a
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longest time. >> i'm ross i've come to lend my voice to this it's exciting there are many additives creative and diverse it is a great creative force here a lot of people say things san francisco is not about tell him property about new rhythms and software systems and financial instrument but people that make and manufacturers things and they need space as you know one of the companies had to live they left it was a big loss so we need more supposing spates for our corrective people and
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innovative i love this it hopefully is a new model for mixed use pdr tape references that's been done on the east coast and diversity is third add jif i want to bring up that's consistent with the project is we've become too much of a community known and technology and tourism we need to be more diverse in terms of was we're known for and creating great, great products in an environment that's a show case i'm excited about this project thank you. >> thank you. next speaker.
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>> hello commissioners j russ johnson potrero hill neighborhood i'm here to support in project ii get to say something positive the boostered have scored it this project we were specialist of the special use district this project sits in and commenting about 9 flexibility how it helps with the square and the economy the dog patch association is xretsz it's support saying this is motel after the industrial center have a play in the development and success of small businesses and how the sources of businesses may serve as a incubator environment in which
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the small businesses survivor the dog patch is in support this is the 34ukd neighborhood and this will add more flexible work spaces in this part of town and give the location next to the cca there's an opportunity to integrate the 10ur7bd existing zones and have the modular space that allows for the flexibility of different size of business and dog patch got into the specifics talking about the gathering places and the way those spaces augment the pickup and drop off necessities and how it is a space for everyone to walk through and be able to use the dna appreciated the green space from dog patch to the hill from the merchant to the resident there's a broad support will echoing what ron is the
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eastern neighborhoods plan hopes to give us us. >> thank you. is there any additional public comment public comment is closed. commissioner moore. >> i'd like to call this best of planning sf made and you can interpret that many a number of ways i'll leave it as vague as possible a few years ago i was standing on top of cca that was in preparation for the update of the master plan and i looked at him and said david what are you going to do looking north. >> he said we'll walk the strit streets and was evasive as best he said i shouldn't pubic talk about that but some people have interesting destructions but it was very vague and confidential
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this was an incredible opportunity and incredible views and incredible ways of setting except there was so moved so many holes and for cca that's a serious drawback you question the safety of the excludes and pretty challenging frontier fast forward the hot and heavy we were losing pdr i saw a strong co-leggings the pdr support we're talking about the protection of jobs and pdr are the same thought here we are today wlerp thinking about lose end how to do it one of my early questions was and i think it was
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remind is there a building type to be too office and passenger door peter said i know be it can and i think if there's a will a way and that's what we're witnessing i wouldn't be more supportive and excited i guess i'm gufsh i'm in full support and admiration for the support this will be a national attention getter and how the rest of the world is landmarking to restruck industrial and the stories are different for each city, however this sets a strong benchmark of how we'll be doing that thank you. i'm in sub support of your project and
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if i may i make a motion. >> sectional. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you very much real where i can the first comment i want to acknowledge the public commenter it was a very, very hard project but i said to acknowledge it was a verify point of view and a huge supporter of the project a comment this is a pilot project for new legislation or new edition to the planning code i hope we'll see more example in the eastern neighborhoods the pdr business plan that is a key innovative piece of the legislation not just the building type but what is in the building and what are they going to be doing i thought that was fantastic the only thing sf made is a top organization i know
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they are both industry 0r7bd and know the pdr space i know it is here now and also community oriented and interested in local hires for middle skill workers i will say i saw there was a lot of objectives at&t park recruiting and around marketing for both the businesses and also inform that get employees but i didn't see much on the reporting of outcomes how will we know they hire people from the zip codes around the area and those people got jobs i didn't see anything around the reporting of outcomes it is very much like how the local hiring is the best efforts type of legislation this is the same vein because of the piloted project i'd like to see how that's going and if there's
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opportunity to strengthen that in the future i think that will be if anything the one with tweeting tweak go but i definitely supportive it. >> commissioner richards. >> one of the speakers said it it the innovative and creative and will create a show case for a lot of the people in the state in not beyond the city of to see how to integrate the two the pdr just creates an eco he system i was talking to the project sponsor if i look at the transportation portion of the draft motion i've mentioned that i missed that i take 22 fillmore as a winemaker hopefully in the next generation of my life how
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do you 0 get to the site on a rainy day i know there's channel service do you only user downtown are there shuttles between the 8th and mission and all those places. >> there is a shuttle the mission bay shuttle that stops at the site we'll opt two that system and the mission bay system and drop people off at the caltrain station depends upon traffic if you take the 22 you'll on your umbrella and walk a couple of belongs as people often sided in san francisco on that subject on the 22 line as augmented there will be buses every 6 minutes and they're looking at reducing travel times by 25 percent an easier
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proposition in the further. >> i'm fully in support. >> commissioner antonini. >> i'm also in totally e total support superosupport i think the underground of the utility is wonderful once that happens you'll have the choice of street lamps and hopefully put t up historical ones and the ones that the cobra heads in the 50s and 60s make my neighborhood look unpleasant so that's i think you can do that hopefully number 2 i want to shout out to my colleague he coincide the pdr phrase if i'm not mistaken and for many years he was the spokesman for pdr for the discussions in the early part 69
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1i7b9 and thirdly liam i'd like to compliment the legislators that put it together it's good legislation it created a synergy between office that makes the pdr affordable and makes the pdr affordable indefinitely as long as the office is supported because you can afford to take a loss leader on the pdr if you have the office to carry the load also the other thing that was piloted was $16.5 million in fees that will help a lot of things to go with the pdr uses and the office use as was mentioned i hope that is a model for the future that can be used as well as further to the south the square there's a lot of potential and the other thing
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that's really important here is that the cash i can't that san francisco has i think historically companies even ones that are not here anymore like to make a point they were off and on in san francisco and so the gardell chocolate and they're making a point of their organizational the banana republic say their founded in san francisco their american made and they must be cutting-edge because they were created in san francisco because people see us as innovative there's a great potential for developing in this regard. >> thank you i'm also supportive of the project i like especially how
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the pdr workshop building will be owned and operated or otherwise controlled by a nonprofit i think that building an commissioner johnson's comments the what kind of pdr is it like high-end drone making or something lettuce that's about using our hands and making a bag that's part of the success commissioner richards. >> i want to say thank you to mr. towns reaching out and the commissioners before the project to see if we had questions i appreciate all the statistics asia it is great to hear from you. >> commissioner moore. >> i do believe it cca is the great retransaction builder and
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as we look at the future we need to look at mutually inspired areas that have's still a few rough edges the critical mass of 24 architect and students spend a lot of time not getting paid i think that is all positive and makes this particular project more attractive. >> thank you commissioners, if there's nothing further there's a is there a motion and a second with conditions and authorize their office development allocation on that motion. >> commissioner antonini. >> commissioner hillis excuse me. commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards commissioner president wu so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 5 to zero. >> commissioners that places
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you are under our discretionary review. >> there is a second part of the motion the allocation for the project under 10 b we didn't call the two together. >> we called them together. >> we did. >> and i thought i as i read in the motion i included the office others. >> i'm sorry, i didn't hear it thank you very much. >> xhifrgsdz that places you under our discretionary review randell street those are kwefdz on one project there are 3 separate discretionary review each dr requester gets minutes. >> first staff
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good afternoon the subject property is on ralph dell street this is to constrict a one story vertical edition with a penthouse this is in the rear yard from one hundred thousand 2 hundred to 13 thousand square feet e square feet under the influence it measures 8 hundred and 37 square feet it needs to variances that measures 23 by one hundred it faces a consistent pattern that are 3 stories below the garage 3 spate drs are filed one by the
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adjacent neighbor to the east and two from across the street the drs concerns this my adhere to the scale it will be excessly huge it should be brought into the neighborhood character and did not respect the neighborhood it is context all the design team requested the set back of the verbatim rear edition be south set back by the rear property line 5 feet and the that stair penthouse includes the slope to minimize the building the rdt took a further have you and the second and
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third floors be set back from the west side property line in response to project sponsor set back the rear edition 6 inches from the property line subsequent r0i78d design team review meetings they've determined the project is suitable and creates no circumstances that concludes my presentation. >> first dr requester. >> i have some overhead i'm barbara thank you for hearing my dr mime husband eye will next door to the project we've praise inform taught we're not surprised the small house next door is being enlarged hopefully not to big when it was presented
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to our neighborhood it of the is a a concern about such a large house besides what an individual may want are the prices in the first meeting we were told it could have been bigger we live in a 1909 victorian house next to the project and you know it's obviously it's a story up with a pitched roof it as 16 hundred square feet and we're next door to another victorian our third story a set back 5 feet from the walk with a balcony and our lots are down sloping from the sidewalk to the backyard is 10 feet our yard is 10 feet lower than their yard so the impact is
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big the new how's house will reach half a length and an additional story on the dlaenld we'll lose the shade now those are pictures of how far the shade reaches that's past the house and two yards down in the winter. >> our precious morning light in the upstairs of our row house had been blocked by the penthouse and dribble across from our only skylight window clearly we don't need to turn on a light but if not bloblgd we've certainly no longer see sky and they'll have now skylights
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according another guidelines an attempt should be made to blend in with the neighborhood we asked for a set back from our fence that is allowed i was asked to sign a paper saying i won't further implement the process and ask for a further set back on the north side of 5 feet thoughts of deemed bargaining in bad faith and the fence line was resented and the plans were filed like that. >> once again 9 planned went through we said we'll file a dir the set back was the offered a second time the western rear is 1 pointed 5 feet from the events for the first floors and i believe this concession was going


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