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tv   [untitled]    January 31, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PST

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ntment to mention seen we'll move on the item l the special order of business may i hear a second and motion for the office of education balance scorecard plan for the student achievement >> so moved. >> mr. superintendant who reads it into the record. >> i'd like to call dr. roderick to please come forward and do that. >> sorry good evening superintendent carranza and commissioner president murase and commissioners student members welcome once again, this special order of business concerns the presentation for approval san francisco school district and county balanced scorecards for the student achievement as a brief overview
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the site for the work is there final fall allocations that were given to them in the fall for the last few months to look at the data patterns and revise my necessary tragedies we consider the resources the general look at the plan heretofore have the parent and community meetings involve as many stakeholders as possible and take a look at whether or not they need to make changes to what's been approved in the spring they worked closely with like i said the parented and community with the lead that's why superintendent is here and with multiple passageway departments and other offices to get answers to their questions and anything having to do with parity for
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their council they've been working diligently and to close out the process we're required to formally request approval from that being said the question on the table is that the board of education of san francisco unified school district approve the self-sufficient and san francisco county office 2014, 2015 final balance scorecards and plans to the student achievement and discussion questions or comments so thank you so do we review those? do we see them so i see that we're asked to approve them does the board actually see them for approval i think nothing is attached here. >> commissioners you were sent
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the links about a month ago least a month ago i think roderick sent me a comprehensive overview and commissioner walton. >> a clarification i think a question to clarify this is this so i understand the schools did their scorecards so this is the final part they submitted it before and so what we see in this e-mail we got a month ago if we were to compare the two from if the proposal to the final should we see a amateur; is that correct. >> were going to see a strong alignment in some cases the whole idea we're going to take a
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close work on the revisions just to keep the plan updated and make revisions over the summer and anything if the adjustments from the spring yes, this is a closing out of the process that was gone a year ago. >> so for example if we saw that some schools got an increase in students maybe newcomers we might see on adjustment in the balanced scorecard for this final review. >> exactly that would have been a really good example of the sort of conversation the principles with the staff and the community members and the counsels based on that new information that's exactly the sort of example that would be make this final revision an important part of the process. >> so in the document is this a
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month ago would did you also sunday the balanced scorecards for the spring so you can compare. >> yes. it's a same document a revision to the document that. >> did you send us the original proposal for us to compare to the revision. >> yes. the length we've shown all the revisions. >> and how in the spring a certain projection when i reviewed this in the past sometimes an enforcement drop of one hundred and 75 students is this something in the scorecards. >> it would be something you'll see in the scorecards absolutely. >> thank you very much. >> on the questions or comments
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from colleagues? seeing none there is a motion on the table to approve the sfusd and san francisco office financial scorecard >> ms. sonata mr. chin commissioner fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell arrest ms. norton ms. wynns mr. walton and dr. murase. >> 7 i's. >> excuse me. me commissioner president murase may i ask to be sent the individual scorecards so the spring proposed one and also the revised one we just approved. >> absolutely. >> thank you very much i'll request you send it to all the board members the link to
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the scorecard thank you very much. >> thank you next item is m discussion of other educational issues we have a presentation update on sfusd health education a program and 20 public speakers so i ask if you're here for public comment try not to repeat what's before brought to the board and i'll pass to superintendent carranza. >> thank you commissioner president murase so i want to remind us this is an important presentation we want to thank the committee for coming back to do the presentation i'd like to invite kevin and kim to lead the presentation. >> good evening commissioner president murase and
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superintendent carranza and commissioners the bruvengs i'm kevin truit the social superintendant we're here to give a health education annual update i want to start by saying that health education is perhaps more important in this district more than ever aligned with our middle school that are promoting a way to resolve conflicts and health education is important for implementation most of the foundation for t o one embed in the health education and good for our index that will survey students on social learning and serving staff and have parents the importance of health education is prevalent in the
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district this is an informational update we're going to show you data and this is probably one of those do not we could talk about for a long time our people hope to go to a committee and tonight not the discussion potatoes points for the items that be promote a lot of thoughts and questions i thank you and i also want to say this is particularly important to me this is a school health programs is an office i'm very, very proud of and especially proud of work of my executive director of school health programs kim i'm going to turn it over to now. >> thank you associate truit and restraint and commissioner president murase and wanting mr. haney and commissioners, i wanted to quickly as a point of
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thanks to esther for the guidance in preparing members of the health program team that are joining me martha and christopher the support of our health programs leadership and don in and others and 3 very busy high school students that are stating up past curfew from balboa i thought we'd start i want to give a quick picture of my beginning in the strict chief's of staff the 7th and 8 grade teacher it was then luther middle school one of the earlier assignments was doing health education i do remember as a new
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teacher the moment in my class some of the 7th grader were learning about the changes in publicity slooing each other not to miss a moment of the lesson we're going to try to paint the picture of high school to elementary school some of the changes we're taking a risk and going to share what is working in some of the areas we hope to improve so workplace nelson mandela in mind a quick review and i'm going to turn it over to our first tsa to remind everyone with our health ed policy was updated in 2012 with the full support of board and health education like other areas is support with content that were adapted in 2008 next i'd like
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to introduce christopher pepper. >> hello it's great to be with you here tonight, i'm christopher person era teacher on special assignment my position is fund bit the center of disease and education in sfusd i've been at balboa high school and a father of a 7th grader health education at the high school level is a graduation requirement taught in theth grade we cover sexuality and drug and alcohol abuse and media literacy and mental and emotional health to help the students make informed decisions about what we do with their bodies and the kinds of risk the
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health education policy in 2012 enthusiastic the high school students should take a health class with a well trained certified teacher i want to tell you how proud i am we have the support with health ed in our district and happy to report we've increased the number of high schools offering health education in 2014-2015 all of our comprehensive high schools offered a health education class. (clapping.) >> we've developed a skilled team of health structures some are here and our health education are supported by health we're pleased to have representatives with us this
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evening. >> though we've made great strides we face challenges not all of our students are getting schedule into a health education class and showing some of the alternative schools struggle to deliver health education constantly to provide a student prospective i'd like to introduce wendy chang. >> good evening board of education i'm wendy a senior at burdens high school and a member of the citizens advisory committee i'm a member of the youth lisp teem as a member of this group i deeply are care about the height of my peers and the people around mow me my classmates my education health classes are important people are beginning to consider their future my health class is one of
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the few classes that taught me how to retain healthy relationship and learn learn will sex relationship and what the real are word is like and the education i needed to maintain a healthy life some kind of and i hope you continue to support the health classes and as other health classes i understand other high schools only have one height school class. >> thank you wendy thank you for this opportunity i'm ms. lopez a teacher on assignment any positions is funded through the center of disease and prevent health, i taught at
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francisco and visitacion valley i understand that students are curious about learning about the health topics we cover making it a perfect time for students to get the health skills for current with that said, currently our sfusd policy requires us the middle school students to get thirty health lessons per grade level they've not got the dedicated health teachers next year we hope to see willie brown high school on i hear we're going to have a health education teacher it also interesting to watch our health education improve do give a better picture some students get the pe and other classes but
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noting no one are getting the thirty required lessons in middle school another indicator we have middle school the health education some information collected from our students in 2003 middle school students were asked if they've been taught about hiv and aids in school 72 percent said, yes and 54 percent responded yes, that's 20 percent drop as you can see this is a challenge workplace our schools and middle school but i also see it as an opportunity for our community to tackle the issues particularly at the middle school level now i'd like to invite nicole to talk about her
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health education at the middle school level. >> hi, i'm nicole a junior and balboa high school it's my third year with the advisory committee where we teach the youth community about their health; right? and unfortunately i did not get this in my middle school at this ak there was a hard time and still is for middle school elders they go through the change for the kids where they have to make hard decisions do i get into the peer pressure and discovering their own identity more than 50 percent of middle
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school kids her here sexual orientation like hmo month i think having a middle school health class where we discuss those issues will be great and efficient having a lack of knowledge will only oppress us further as we go into our adulthood and education i see this as living is freedom and knowledge is power thank you thank you nicole good evening commissioners i'm margaret i'm a teacher on special assignment for the programs office i'm also the only national board certified teacher in san francisco school district (clapping) and - thank you and have the privilege of being on the committee of the health
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education standards for the sfaifks i preservation sit on the citizens advisory committee for the california subject matter and physical education and health so as you can see health is a big passion of mine i'm primarily funded through a tobacco group and work with wendy on a leadership team and fund through deputy for the funded program and patricia there a general fund as you can see an fecht i work with a variety of hurdle there a variety of sources i was a classroom teacher for 20 years and make sure that my elementary school students taught them nutrition it's important for my new conforms to find about the foods i've taught them about hiv/aids and such universal
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precaution we cover drug and violence prevention and what to expect in this country the elementary health policy students are to receive 20 lessons on the various topics of health and the monitoring tool given to teachers last year of the 9 hundred and 87 teacher only 87 taught the mandated lessons we want all elementary teachers teaching health and have the curriculum available at every school we've made the progress on the elementary report card and want to thank superintendent carranza because he put a little note there and
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asked that i be placed on the task force that is working on the report cards for elementary school in which health will be republican stated in the 2015-2016 school year thank you for your time and support and now i'd like to introduce emily for the elementary school. >> hello, i'm emmy lamb a representative on a student citizens advisory committee when i was in the 5th grade at daniel elementary we talked about puberty in our health education i learned the importance of maintaining health and gaining an finding why we're thinking 0 going a big change with our bodies or mind or with our habit health education made the learning process easier i was
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surround by kids any angle when presented with information that is omittance i noticed it was hard for teachers to talk about body changes but it's important we get the accurate information out to kids thank you. >> thank you emmy as we wrap up i wanted to offer one final snapshot of data and thinking about your parents and families as partners one question we ask our middle school and high school students is whether or not they have talked about hiv/aids and other adults in their family the status give us a clear picture where school help with the access to this information and support so i started the presentation by
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offering that we were taking risks but i want to end with hopefully in the area of building a district that is truly thinking about something we hope we can work you with on to build and improve one increasing the health education as we like to think it as a right to passage so all kids can have a sfusd experience beginning about willie brown middle school to help with the education class with a certified teacher for grades 6, 7 and 8 and think about the infrastructure and support for the teachers so they can be the caring adult if providing the information we've included a letter of support in the packet which is from the san francisco health improvement project sponsor and i want to thank the
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partners of the stiff our hard working students and some members of the community that come out and support this evening thank you, very much. >> (clapping). >> up to date jump into public comment i want to invite the students that have a big tests to make their comments we have asked did commissioner vice president haney given the number of speakers one minute to each speaker thank you. >> okay. so i want to say i'm in full support and happy that students are going to be learning health education and it
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its so important that big deposit i mean when you see did status how to dropped 20 percent i think that was that was really bad i feel like people should be educated at an earlier age and i'm in support of it. >> i'd like to piggy back this health will program is really good i'm in full support and focus on having more workshops in our s ac c meetings and may be presented to the wellness centers like i am we could promote health education being at a younger age that's important. >> thank you very much i'm going to turn the gavel over the
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commissioner vice president haney. >> this is my first time doing this oh we have a couple of other folks i think they're on the list maybe i'll call the students first okay. all right. so (calling names) one minute each then i'll call the next after that. >> hit the right button there. >> hello, i'm carl's psychiatrist more a junior class treasurer 59 balboa high school
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and on the advisory committee the more healthy we'll get with our development i feel like the more i know earlier about anything regarding your health whether it is washing our hands or sexually transmitted diseases it will be a great development for all students and - a lot of student i - i feel like health classes in high school should be a refresher as to things they've learned in middle school or elementary school the earlier, you know things the better to prevent things that can happen.
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>> next. >> if he wants to come up that's fine. >> good evening superintendent carranza and commissioner president murase board of education mapped is miquel representing the f ac c and attending the academy of arts and sciences high school education is a big part of students lives and understanding the population of the sfusd students including myself to death penalty keep a nutrition value and my school is known to have like just a few classes that are health classes for a seniority at the it is about keeping a healthy lifestyle urging u using the right decisions to put things if
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in your bodies you know giving the motivation that kids have out of home i know myself i'm a fighter and i know sometimes, we have you know set of the we've got to keep away from drugs; right? having that motivation to support kids to make sure that we have the health education and values thank you. >> good evening, commissioners my name is brittany and i'm the government relation director for the american heart association thank you for your you the work to improve the curriculum for students in the district i'm here to share my so for the for a robust healthy curriculum it is easier for progr


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