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tv   [untitled]    February 11, 2015 7:00am-7:31am PST

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. >> only mark from ecology good morning, everyone all right. let me begin by thanking everyone for coming out today 0 for this great event this event is about streets but it is a partnership that has city staff from many agencies mta, public health and public works police department, along with the mfrnts and everyone what does business or enjoys stockton street is our fourth yes, we try
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to do better a couple dialysis we were at the a meeting with one of the merchant one thing we discussed opening up more opportunity to the side streets i promised we'll explore that we heard of so many great success with the program i definitely wants to thank benny and others for their leadership and the community without u without further ado a man that needs no introduction and poster of all the work with the city is doing but particular stockton street our mayor, mayor ed lee please welcome him (clapping.) thank you. >> well, you you know if mohammed had recommended all the chinese i taught him he would have said josephson we say joe
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son in chinatown san francisco so i'm glad mohammed thank you. the department of public works for working with the chinatown merchants and working with the chinese-american association of explicit customers the chinese chamber of commerce and all the agencies from chinese development association to the nonprofits to the leader are here and a who have come together at 24 wonderful time of the year pieces and benny were driving up washington street gosh for this day all the graft is done you you know on the corner of washington hopeful that lasts more than one day this is a time when everyone in the chinese community begins to clean up their house and get rid
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of the old things to get new things the year of the ram means will steadyness and success and collaboration but will be solid direction i want to present that he kind of leadership i know our new supervisor julie christensen will be representing that kind of strong community for this district and the whole district of district 3 coverage including chinatown that is a wonderful time we're collins avenue only the holidays but a great combol symbol of that we've worked for four years be it lead by department of public works and also our wonderful police department i know that captain lazzaro and his staff as a conversation on in this district is safety everybody's safety
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during the holidays streets are filled are families and children timing to shop and buy new things and make sure we patries all the local shores the jr. idea years ago came from the merchant that was led and bias and benny to place a few more merchandise there but keep a high-level of safety this is a very, very busy corridor as you can see and that's not the last time the honking of a horn will interfere with any speak is where he have an important transportation system that the mta is fixing up our subway but while the construction is going on it adds to the construction to the cars and all the other public so
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everybody's coming together for the safety of our residents and the visitor and the shoppers and the celebration we have more of the ability of a small merchandise shop owners to present their goods for the new years for the next two years before the chinese new year begins this is a whole effort behind it not only does it help chinatown but the whole city the chinese new years eve is celebrated all over people will come here to get the cultural touch meet with their families and you know reunite what all the shopkeepers and others and introduce the new year properly i'll suggest that the entire region of the bay area comes here to stockton and chinatown we're proud to present ourselves
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in the cleanest way that is safe so for everyone that wants to come here i'm thrilled to this defendant every year we do that it gets bigger and bigger and more agencies exhibit their pride we have a lot of things to celebrate this city is strong economically but this is also a time to see how many other people we can help share in the prosperity i'm working hard to build new housing to support the small businesses to make sure that people's job are sustainable mission bay anything this happens we bring ourselves together a that's what we did with a necessary family that was in need our own local restaurant came up to support that family this is my chance to say thank you to our chinatown community and many of you helped me to
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create scholarships for locking youth i was happy to do that with you and now that we have a mayor whose also health department representing people in the district we can represent people thought the city i'm in a celebrations mod. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> thank you very much for everyone being here. >> let's give our mayor a big hand. >> next person i'm going to introduce someone i've had an opportunity to work with in the district the volunteer and someone that goes around to make sure this district gets was it deserves by no surprises she's new now the supervisor please welcome julie christensen to say a few words capitol hill. >> i've been coming to
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chinatown for 36 years this is special n this year to 0 come to the chinese celebration in district 3 and you can be insured i'm working hard to make sure it is most successful and safe is stlks we've had i love new year's the parade and the good food it's a time of year we look for wishes of prosperity and health but all those fine people behind me added a new element to the celebration it's a cooperation over the last 4 years the leader of chinatown pieces and benny the chinese 6 companies have worked hard with mohammed and barbara with the
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health department. >> captain lazzaro and folks if ecology it takes those people to make the celebration a successes even some of us who participate in the event don't realize how much organization it takes and communication so along with health and prosperity we wish a year of cooperation i'd like to really thanking thank those folks for the hard work they do (clapping.) so i'm looking forward to being here and working with the merchant and the resident and chinatown with the mayor's office and all the city departments so we keep making those things happen in chinatown and we're that happy and prosperous. >> thank you julie as you heard from julie and the mayor is
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takes a whole team won the key concerns we've had and worked hard to address it i want to thank the merchant is the safety of the pedestrians i want to ask the san francisco police department captain lazzaro to say a few words. >> good morning and welcome from the words of mayor ed lee i want to thank mohammed fro organizing this to echo what commissioner christensen said it's important that the police department be a partner we've excited about the new year the start of the initiative on state and local street public safety is very important on behalf of the san francisco police department specific central station we're concerned about safety in chinatown it's a
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proprietor for me and public safety is very important i'd like to say that as we start the new year as we continue with the mayors vision and vision zero eliminating pedestrian fatality i'm asking those who come to chinatown who enjoy the experience follow the rules of the road in terms of the public safety i'm grateful to the mta adding a traffic light and if you follow the rules and look if we don't walk unless the hand is white and not jaywalk we'll stay safe loovthd lubricate for bicycles and coarse and pay attention i think if everyone does they're part we'll have a good start the other thing for personal safety when we're in
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crowds the mayor talked about people coming down and having a great time and the merchants we want everyone to be mindful to save guard their values and be aware of their surrounding one of the things i'm adding extra patrol making sure that every police officers know what's going on so we add to the safety by having a presence of officers so we're excited for that again, we're thankfully to work with the partners and we have the year of the ram i'd like to say . >> (speaking foreign language.) >> thank you very much. >> in addition what we heard from captain lazzaro and aware of the logistics especially the
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ecology truck that came at 7 o'clock not 6 o'clock mar make sure everything is moved off the street all deliveries should be made by 8:30 we'll set up for the local businesses businesses that partnership is going to bring c y c to work with the police department they'll be ambassadors of the programs and make sure that the path is a clear for everyone all those details i'm placed if you have questions please make sure to get in touch with the department of public works we'll be here to make sure we have a safe event with that said, i'm going to introduce someone that is a friend of mine who at every meeting 1 or two or three inch for the march please well.
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>> thank you very much good morning mayor ed lee and commissioner christensen and director mohammed and department and ladies and gentlemen on behalf of the merchant doing business on stockton street i want to thank the mayor ed lee for supporting this special event 14 device before the chinese new year allowing the merchant to use the parking area to display their merchandise this program bring more chinese live in the bay area to come to chinatown to prepare and welcome the chinese new year the last 20-year former commissioner benny yee and i
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have been working with the last mayor to promote china to this event with no leukemia until this mayor who understands the chinese concerns and want to have the small business in chinatown the first two year was a pilot program but today is a are permanent program in chinatown thank you, mayor ed lee thank you (clapping.) because of the chinatown subway construction that was on stockton on the corner of jackson and washington was the repair i'm pleased to report to you all the slits have been repaired last week and thank you, mayor ed lee and director (clapping.) on behalf of the stockton we
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invite mayor ed lee and director on december 14, 2014 to visit the location on state and local and broadway where the sidewalk is 15 feet wide but the situations in broadway to sacramento street is only 10 feet in the name of safety and to bring more customers to visit chinatown we propose to mayor ed lee to widen the sidewalk stockton street to sacramento street same from broadway by using the same model after listening and visiting the location 3 and 4 and director louisiana to see the job plan i'm hopefully soon the department of public works and mta will have a proposal to ride on the sidewalks but to keep the
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city prash patricia for the mayors con laudation and approval i want to thank mta for listening to stockton and merchant concerns and working with the merchants thank you very much after doing business in four to five 4 years in chinatown and politics for the last 35 years i want to make a fair statement based on this is mayor ed lee has helped the chinese community more than the last 3 former mayors so happy china new year thank you very much (clapping) okay. so what we're going to do next something that everyone likes doing shopping so mayor
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has agreed a to lead and down stockton to shake hands with the merchant so. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and thank you very much. >> the first mayor of chinese-american sesent mayor ed lee as long been a supporter of stylists 3 support diverse and cultural hernlz of asian-american in fact mayor ed
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lee has tenant many ceremonies in the past and participated in last year's near the horse dedication we're happy the mayor is here today so, please join me in welcoming mayor ed lee (clapping.) good morning, everyone it is a pleasure to join you all again, i know that anita and i are excited to public school be here on the launch of the 8th sample which license number our calendar of the year of the ram we're exciting to join our organization of chinese-americans our family associations through the consolidated benefit haven't associations and president is here and eddy from the chinese chamber and, of course, our
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united states panama canal's who has been the wondrous celebration to this designed stamps that honor our cultural and honor the license number in charge new year not only the chinese but the korean and vietnamese and all the cultures that celebrate the license number in charge year i also want to welcome our nuttiest members of the board of supervisors our sprilg who represents district 3 (clapping) and i know she shares the same fascination of anita and i and others here of the expended design that make making and several other artists have put together to kind of view the latest intertwines with the levitated stamps i want to thank and congratulate the united
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states postal service those are times they ask the public's assistants because the great organizations but they also do the things we are proud of i want to congratulate her, she has to be routine by the planning commission, and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote international female postal stamp it's important to commissioner christensen and anita's the mother of two daughters and important to me as a father of 3 women and poor to leonardo she's not here but is our first african-american board of supervisors president this is, of course, the year of the ram and it means artistry and a let's shyness i society with and it certainly means wichl and respect i think those
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traits will be with us throughout the celebration we just kicked off with commissioner christensen the stockton street merchants and the widening of the sidewalks and that displaying and showing you showing of the new year's items that the families want to come to see i just got notified across the street over one hundred people that are going through citizenship classes we want to be part of our society i can't what a ii hopefully see them raise right hand that their citizens of the suits it is great for our city college to be hostedors classes this is happening was because we share the stories of immigrants and certainly the oc a working with our u.s. postal service
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recognized those things when immigrants came to the industry e country and has this story for decades of the citizens here in san francisco i'm extremely proud of the history but want to celebrate way beyond the asian communities and the latino brothers and sisters and our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters be part of the celebration you'll literally see that diversity in the evening prayed that has an entire country we look forward to the weeks but in between i've got currently fairs and community fairs and we've got paper baggy he wanted be and wonderful celebrations in between all of those all the families will have their kids come back if whatever their attending city college and reutility to share in all of the
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neighborhoods across the city and across the region and everyone will find american people excuse to come to 80 to san francisco and if anything to make sure they get the forever stamp it's my pleasure to welcome everyone here on this occasion of the unveiling of the stamp buy as many as you can and in the celebration but at the same time recognize it that that is part of our history of the history of the itself not only for the asian-american but part of the united states history so thank you, again, for joining us>> (speaking foreign language.) (clapping) thank you very much for being here. (clapping.) >> thank you so much and i didn't pay him to talk about buying the stamps so such we appreciate that mayor ed lee
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before i introduce our dedicating official i want to mention we have a few honored gifts not that you're not honored gift but honor gift i want to introduce i'd like to introduce cam can you please stand (clapping) cam is the artist who created this beautiful new stamp that we are dedicating today and in addition island i'd be remiss if i didn't thank the oc a for helping cam with the trip so thank you very much (clapping) and i'd like to introduce rossy ferry nasal a retired vice president of the human resources management for the postal service and her husband mr. hernandez thank you for coming
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today. >> i'd like to also introduce san francisco's first lady anita lee (clapping) thank you. i guess i shouldn't be clapping you're next to the microphone i want to introduce commander garrett palm thank you (clapping) also like to recognize sherman president of the board of directors of chinese cultural foundation and ronda gil the assistant director thank you all so much for being here and now for a moment we've been waiting for the stamp dedication i'm very pleased to recognize the post master for the city of san francisco pr in this role he's roshlth for
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managing 44 departments and 5 hundred thousand employees in the delivery of mail to 3 hundred and 95 thousand homes and businesses throughout san francisco she began her career in 1989 as a letter carrier in santa fe since then held positions including the manager of the services operations in is an sdwroes we we're happen she's here please join me in welcoming ms. m the lady. >> good morning, everybody. thank you deborah for that kind of introduction on behalf of the postal service i'm delighted to be here to recognize the forever stamp we're proud to hold this
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ceremony in beautiful san francisco in one the biggest asian-american communities and thank you to the honored gifts and customers and community officials and positively employees for millions of people around the world license number in charge is one of the most important holidays and you'll hear about the tracing and leejdz so i'm to talk about this why the postal service regarding this as a tremor honor for the diversity of the great nation for the stamsz for more than one hundred and 20 years your come activist active stamp programs we highlight the culture and people that came together from every corner of the world reflecting the rich heritage of america the postal service is proud of the contribution to this country and


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