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tv   [untitled]    February 13, 2015 12:00am-12:31am PST

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>> >> >> i call this meeting. >> the trans baybay joint powers meeting to order. >> [inaudible]. >> i will note for the record that director reiskin and sartipi is not available for the meeting. nur ur and harper present -- no. 3 is communications. >> [inaudible] >> because i never said
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anything on any of these things. communications are announcements, generally, that's sort of the thing we are looking for. each of us have business about and the next one we'll get to the board of directors. it wasn't clear to me before and i appreciate being be clear on that. without communications, next item. >> you had a little something. >> yeah, what was i going to say? oh yes, i want to thank sf govtv staff, jessie and eggan are broadcasting us to the world. we very much appreciate that most of the time. okay. next item. city clerk: item 4, new and old business. i have none. >> okay. and this is where i would put
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in some of the things that might be coming up to the board. for me the emphasis over the next few months is going to be budget budget budget. we are going to get that in june, i think, right? we are going to get that in june and i would like to even in march, april, may have some preliminary issues. we don't get something in june that we are not surprised about. i think that's going to be, that's i think a primary consideration to all of us. one of the things that aren't, that i don't have on the agenda here that i'm used to in the east bay is what we call agenda planning. i just wanted to know that even though it's not a formal thing here at the meetings where a director says i would like to see this item on the agenda that's something
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that under the board of directors under new business would be very appropriate at that point or e-mail me and i will get back to you on it. so i want to just let that be known that i'm used to a board in which thinks about things that are on future agendas and communicate that in some setting and hopefully then it gets handled. that's my new and old business. city clerk: okay. we'll move to item 5. the executive directors report. good morning, everyone. we have a couple of items with very good news to report today. first of all the mellow roos facilities directed. the levee ordinance and special and collection taxes as well as the resolution authorizing the issuance of special tax bonds. cfd is going to
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fund both phase one and two. we would like to thank the mayor and the board of supervisors. second we closed block nine fullerton treat for $43 million. that's really good news. as a reminder this is an i 42 story residential units, 545 units equalling about 20 percent affordability. finally, just wanted to mention that following the tjpa board approval of the terminal lease for amtrak they will begin service in march. we'll we -- be bringing in more information. i would like to give jack adams with turner to give an update on the construction.
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>> good morning, jack adams with construction. i would like to give you a quick overview of our project site so you can see the western central and eastern zones. projects scheduled our status, we are approaching below grade concrete. our completion of that was coming up here. that's in the fourth quarter of this year. and we also want to point out that in the third quarter the bus ramp below grade concrete work will also complete. we'll move forward in some of our milestones in the year 2015. here is a little comparison of our active mile tones the below grade package is currently about 90 percent complete and on target for november 2015 completion and that will take us
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to completion of all of of our concrete work. the steel project is projected to be completed and we'll be crossing over first street. continuing slide, no big change since last no. this period the contingency was dropped by $300000 and down by $29.8 million of remaining balance. our safety statistics for this period, we had one recordable injury which is a back strain. the period summary coming up over right now during the month of january, we have just reported the single strain to the muscle ironworker. there is
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3.4 craft hours completed to january 31st. and preparation of structural steel, we are just dismantling the structure and bordering first street and we'll be working this weekend to prepare the removal of the next section. that will be a big challenge we'll have to do a lot of night work with that. the steel fabrication continued in oregon, washington and southern california and vallejo. concrete milestone, the way we build the building is wall lifts with the lowest level wall was completed during the period. that's a nice milestone for us. the western zone now we are continuing on with the removal of the bracing. we are already completed up to the third level. our focus
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is on the eastern zone now pouring the concrete and getting the concrete level poured out. during the month of january. we completed another concrete pour and we have more to go. the project with the underground work. we have 12 of 29 deep cast and drill hole piles. those are moving along quite well and the above concrete grade work began last month with water proofing and we'll be in stalling rebar starting next month. here is a statistic chart. you can see the 100 percent completed chart for the first
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lift walls. moving up to the second lift wall to the central and western is 100, the eastern is now at 87. we are moving on progress there and the third lift walls 100 percent and 11 percent right now on the lift walls in the eastern zone. and the lower concourse pour again, seven completed in the eastern zone 9 to go. here at the west end a lot of the bracing is removed and the photo on the upper right where we are pouring the bicycle ramp and vehicle ramp off howard street. here is the structural steel activity. if you drive by you will notice there is a big change from grid line 10-15 and we are welding
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it everyday now directing towards first street. it's a pretty good graphic there on the on going structural activities. the eastern zone is all about concrete still. you can see some activity here. a lot of activity with form work with concrete and rebar. that will continue on like we said right through the second quarter to get all the concrete work done here in the eastern end of the frame box. here is a fabrication shot visit we did last week and you can see some of the size of the cast nodes that we are building here. this is the actual light column. here is a statistics on the cast nodes, 104 are shipped a lot are being erected. we are at 84 percent and continuing on everyday with the casting effectively done. now it's
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machining and processing. the bus ramp status here, we've done a lot of underground work since we began last fall. we are actually for this period we now have 12 of the below grade cidh piles done and will continue on to get the underground piles done and pylon 9 the center column of the cable state bridge is the above ground work. the grade level work will start this month. and these are some photos of pylon 9. you can see we are getting ready at the grade level to pour the grade beam and tie in the rebar for the above grade work coming up shortly. you can see some rebar fabricated in the lower right. it gives you a pretty good perspective of the diameter of the rebar with the workers
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standing besides it. we are going to continue the concrete on the steel bar and the modeling is on going. that's important next step for us. there is a team of workers on that everyday. over the next 60-90 days, march anticipate, structural steel in the central zone and fab -- fabrication and legal and plumbing. a break down in the bay area, no real change here, east bay and san francisco are well represented. and here is our apprentice breakdown which is no real change there either. labor trades breakdown. i think this increases every month, 2000
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different individuals. i hope i didn't go too fast. i wanted to get through it. any questions? comments? >> thank you very much. excellent. city clerk: thank you, jack. the next item i'm going to introduce as a presentation on our sponsor ship opportunities we have a philanthropic family to name the station and components and see their name and logo at every bus stop and tourist map and everything that talks about san francisco and this new jewel that will open up in 2017. i can't emphasize what a remarkable opportunity this will be. here to present that item will be scott bullee and randy vol
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nick. >> hi. good morning directors. as maria indicated we view this as a major opportunity for transbay program and the sponsors. the magnitude of revenue that can be generated from this sponsor ship was democracy -- demonstrated last week with the donation to the hospital. it's going to be a major piece of public infrastructure that has a significant notoriety and will immediately become a major landmark. so we have structured the rfp that respondents can be a private structure corporation, private foundation or family as is the case with the san francisco general hospital donation.
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we are offering flexibility within the rfp. a respondent could propose to sponsor the entire transit center or major component of the transit center meaning the rooftop park on the transit station building. they also could propose to sponsor a series of smaller components throughout the transit center. randy and his supervision -- presentation is going into detail and will be things like the amphitheater or the playground or various gardens throughout the park. what you will see is some of these opportunities lend themselves to a true naming whereas others are more amenable to a different kind of acknowledgment where others for example could have a plaque next to them where this was made
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possible through a donation. later in the presentation i'm going to say a little bit about our selection criteria, but our primary objective with this opportunity is to generate revenue for the transbay program. again the transit center is a major piece of public infrastructure and significant visibility. in exchange for that significant visibility we would expect a major donation. just a little bit on the mechanics, we set minimum terms for the sponsor ship. we don't set maximum terms but minimum term for the full sponsorship that minimum term would be 10 years. minimum term for all components is 5 years. after the
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term the sponsorship entity would have the right for refusal for any extension and it would be negotiated with tjpa and approval by the tjpa board. we will provide flexibility in terms of the payment options. they can pay upfront and also installment payments or extend the period payment to last throughout the duration of the term. i'm going to let randy go into more detail about the components of the sponsorship opportunities. >> good morning directors, i'm randy. we are going to discuss the opportunities within the transit center for sponsorship. this is just an overview, kind of to
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remind everyone that the transit center is being constructed but around the transit center there is all kinds of new development. all sorts of new people will be living in the area. there will be opportunities for the sponsors at the transit center to have name recognition for not all of the new neighbors of the area but commuters, visitors to the transit center. just anyone who is interested in seeing our building. the components sportsmanship -- sponsorship opportunities is a breakdown of all the elements breakdown itself for a large the components i have an opportunity to be sponsored.
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the children's playground and the garden. >> there is the beale street lobby, ascott mentioned the all sponsorship opportunities. we have bicycle facilities and a wifi partnership that's going to be installed in the building. the building itself we have as you can see they are showing up on our screen as a little pink. they are red squares that surround the building and there is seven of them that are pylons. i will show you an image of
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those shortly. these pylons will have four sides. they are about 13 feet tall. >> you might want to hold up. the screens are going crazy here. i have a hard copy. i guess everybody can see that. okay. >> okay. again the pylons are 13 feet tall. one will be the sponsors name for the transit building and the hall would be the second quadrant a call of total seven portals the sponsors can utilize the far right. these
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are some images you probably have seen them all before the transit center building itself. in the lower left you can make out where the transit center. that would be a location of the sponsors name. it's the image of the grand hall and again to the bottom is a transit center portal, one of the 7 that we mentioned before where the sponsors name would be prominently displayed. the center of the building with two of the pylons as mentioned and the lobby that would be the building's name.
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it doesn't show here, but one of the 13 -foot tall pylons would i have the name of the building and on the other three sides. the directional informational signage. at the far west into the building. we have a pylon here in natoma pedestrian way and on the north side we have another pylon. the people that approach the building it will be clearly visible to what the building is coming to and the name of the sponsor that has generally provided funds for the project. i trust it looks better on your handouts. if it's not on the screen. the building name the 13-foot pylon where the sponsors name is on
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one phase and the other phase is directional on the information signing on the pylons. this is a portal above the entrance. they are into beale street lobby or into the grand hall that would bear the sponsors name. in addition to the building we have the park is another large component that is going to be available for sponsorship. the park signage is separate from the pylon signage. from the ground level you can see there are eight locations for the signs. i have a better image for the sign itself. it's a separate distinct sign. it's related to the park. it's the
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8 on the ground level directing people to access points to the park and on the park itself there are six more that at the -- entry points into the park they will see the recognition for the sponsor for the park. this again is just a view down the length of the park. it's a large park. it's going to have a lot of people visiting and using the park and we believe a great opportunity for sponsor recognition for distributing funds to the park. this image is not exactly great either. but it says park name. that is the signage that is going to be used in the park. it's an organic
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boulder shape in more keeping with the park theme. this sign the boulder would have the sponsors name engraved into the boulder or on the boulder and they would be both as i said at the ground level directing people up to the park or at the entrances to the park from below. just for informational purposes, there is a couple of images that we would like to show where this sponsorship has been done before. millennium park in chicago is a 24-acre park over a commuter rail station. but this park has gotten somewhere just in excess of $200 million worth of donation naming rights from people like boeing, at & t and even on the lower left is
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a lawry garden a private individual who contributed $10 million for the upkeep of the garden. the second park which is yet to be constructed billionaire larry biller pledged $100 million to construction a 2.4-acre park in the hudson river in the pier district in new york. $130 million is for a 20-year commitment to the construction and maintenance of that park. so we believe we have a good precedent for what we are doing and we think we can just be very successful at it. within the park itself there are several components that would be also available for naming. the park amphitheater. the designation
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for these components would be with plaques and they would be located appropriately in each of these settings that we'll see in the next few slides. but the park amphitheater which has a capacity of about 1,000 people and used for all sorts of venues, music, presentations and performances would be an ideal spot for someone interested for sponsorship. the main plaza in the park area to the left is the cafe. that center is the lighted floor of the glass floor that will exude light from below and to the right off the screen would be the bridge connection to the tower. the park main plaza would be another plaque with the terrific sponsor opportunity. there is a children's playground in
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the park that's just to the west of the main plaza. some of the images on the lower part of the crime scene -- scene are the equipment there and it's a charitable contribution. the 13 gardens i mentioned. they ring the park. there are various gardens that have unique flora and fauna. each of these would be identified with signage which talks about the flora and fauna in the park in the garden and would be described as the kind of environment they came from and that they are all suitable for california environment as well and they also would serve as an educational opportunity. alongside that informational signage which we
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believe would be a digital signage is interactive would be a plaque with the recognition of the sponsor. the grand hall is another exhibition itself away from the park with sponsorship opportunity. this is a view from the bus level looking down into the grand hall and we think it's the main husband -- hub of the building and varying kinds of opportunities for sponsorship. the main building in the grand haul -- hall this would be at eye level down the entrances and even integrated into sign itself with the name of the logo. we have the
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beale street lobby we mentioned before. that over the portal doors into building would be the sponsors name for the building and within the beale street lobby itself, would be another opportunity for sponsorship. that sponsorship could be tied in with the retail space on the second floor that could be a retail or office and there is also infrastructure for a large digital signage board for above elevators that would be created at the level there and all the way into the park down into the lower concourse. the five artist that are again sponsorship opportunities are listed here. each of those we envision also digital signage that talks about the artist, talks about their


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