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tv   [untitled]    February 16, 2015 4:00pm-4:31pm PST

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2 bites of the apple before the other districts got one. >> thank you for for that clarification and we'll calendar calendar that accordingly. >> thank you again to the to the people that came out in the tenderloin. they are so committed to their communities so i hope we get a good turn out. the tenderloin has set the standard for community participation. anything further on that item? >> no. >> okay. now i will call for any public comment on item 5 b c or d. >> hearing none public comment is now closed. item 6 is public -- i'm sorry i'm taking your job can you call the next line item. what time is it? 8 o'clock? >> line item 6 public comment
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in all matters pertaining to 8 below. >> so ladies and gentlemen of so ladies and gentlemen we'll go into closed session now. is there any public comment? hearing none public comment is now closed. >> line item 7 vote whether to hold item 8 in closed session. action. >> do i have a motion to hold closed session? >> second. >> all in favor? motion passes. next .
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>> the first mayor of chinese-american sesent mayor ed lee as long been a supporter of stylists 3 support diverse and cultural hernlz of asian-american in fact mayor ed lee has tenant many ceremonies in the past and participated in last year's near the horse dedication we're happy the mayor is here today so, please join me in welcoming mayor ed lee (clapping.) good morning, everyone it is a pleasure to join you all again, i know that anita and i are excited to public school be here on the launch of the 8th sample
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which license number our calendar of the year of the ram we're exciting to join our organization of chinese-americans our family associations through the consolidated benefit haven't associations and president is here and eddy from the chinese chamber and, of course, our united states panama canal's who has been the wondrous celebration to this designed stamps that honor our cultural and honor the license number in charge new year not only the chinese but the korean and vietnamese and all the cultures that celebrate the license number in charge year i also want to welcome our nuttiest members of the board of supervisors our sprilg who represents district 3 (clapping) and i know she shares the same
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fascination of anita and i and others here of the expended design that make making and several other artists have put together to kind of view the latest intertwines with the levitated stamps i want to thank and congratulate the united states postal service those are times they ask the public's assistants because the great organizations but they also do the things we are proud of i want to congratulate her, she has to be routine by the planning commission, and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote international female postal stamp it's important to commissioner christensen and anita's the mother of two daughters and important to me as a father of 3 women and poor to leonardo she's not here
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but is our first african-american board of supervisors president this is, of course, the year of the ram and it means artistry and a let's shyness i society with and it certainly means wichl and respect i think those traits will be with us throughout the celebration we just kicked off with commissioner christensen the stockton street merchants and the widening of the sidewalks and that displaying and showing you showing of the new year's items that the families want to come to see i just got notified across the street over one hundred people that are going through citizenship classes we want to be part of our society i can't what a ii hopefully see them
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raise right hand that their citizens of the suits it is great for our city college to be hostedors classes this is happening was because we share the stories of immigrants and certainly the oc a working with our u.s. postal service recognized those things when immigrants came to the industry e country and has this story for decades of the citizens here in san francisco i'm extremely proud of the history but want to celebrate way beyond the asian communities and the latino brothers and sisters and our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters be part of the celebration you'll literally see that diversity in the evening prayed that has an entire country we look forward to the weeks but in
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between i've got currently fairs and community fairs and we've got paper baggy he wanted be and wonderful celebrations in between all of those all the families will have their kids come back if whatever their attending city college and reutility to share in all of the neighborhoods across the city and across the region and everyone will find american people excuse to come to 80 to san francisco and if anything to make sure they get the forever stamp it's my pleasure to welcome everyone here on this occasion of the unveiling of the stamp buy as many as you can and in the celebration but at the same time recognize it that that is part of our history of the history of the itself not only for the asian-american but part of the united states history so
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thank you, again, for joining us>> (speaking foreign language.) (clapping) thank you very much for being here. (clapping.) >> thank you so much and i didn't pay him to talk about buying the stamps so such we appreciate that mayor ed lee before i introduce our dedicating official i want to mention we have a few honored gifts not that you're not honored gift but honor gift i want to introduce i'd like to introduce cam can you please stand (clapping) cam is the artist who created this beautiful new stamp that we are dedicating today and in addition island i'd be remiss if i didn't thank the oc a for
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helping cam with the trip so thank you very much (clapping) and i'd like to introduce rossy ferry nasal a retired vice president of the human resources management for the postal service and her husband mr. hernandez thank you for coming today. >> i'd like to also introduce san francisco's first lady anita lee (clapping) thank you. i guess i shouldn't be clapping you're next to the microphone i want to introduce commander garrett palm thank you (clapping) also like to recognize sherman president of the board of directors of chinese cultural foundation and ronda gil the
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assistant director thank you all so much for being here and now for a moment we've been waiting for the stamp dedication i'm very pleased to recognize the post master for the city of san francisco pr in this role he's roshlth for managing 44 departments and 5 hundred thousand employees in the delivery of mail to 3 hundred and 95 thousand homes and businesses throughout san francisco she began her career in 1989 as a letter carrier in santa fe since then held positions including the manager of the services operations in is an sdwroes we we're happen she's
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here please join me in welcoming ms. m the lady. >> good morning, everybody. thank you deborah for that kind of introduction on behalf of the postal service i'm delighted to be here to recognize the forever stamp we're proud to hold this ceremony in beautiful san francisco in one the biggest asian-american communities and thank you to the honored gifts and customers and community officials and positively employees for millions of people around the world license number in charge is one of the most important holidays and you'll hear about the tracing and leejdz so i'm to talk about this why the postal service regarding this as a tremor honor for the diversity of the great nation for the stamsz for more than one
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hundred and 20 years your come activist active stamp programs we highlight the culture and people that came together from every corner of the world reflecting the rich heritage of america the postal service is proud of the contribution to this country and do everything we can to provide the great nation together we'll continue to recognize the events and cultures that make america unique the license number in charge competitive stamp program against in 1992 and ran through 2007 in 2008 the postal service began the the celebrating license number in charge stamp since them we've help to celebrate the year of the ram, the oxygen the tiger the rabbit
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the dragon the snake and last year the year of the horse today, we'll decade the year the ram competitive forest stoomg it's one of the wonderful colorful stamps ever issued i love the colors on the stockrooms work with the all over the cam our director was giving an illusion for the tray of togetherness filled with dried fruit and candies and other treats for a new beginning to the new year starting today, this lovely illusion will be carried on letters and packages for millions of businesses and americans don't forget their forever stamps and like mayor ed lee says you got to buy a lot of them they're out on sale and in
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every city in the city of san francisco as you see them we'll hope the year of the ram brings you good health and great joy and bound also prosperity wu6d i'd like to ask mayor ed lee and our other honored gifts along with cam to come up as we join together in celebrating and dedicating the year of the stamp of the ram and in doing so i want to wish you a very happy new year>> (speaking foreign language.) >> (clapping.) i'd like to introduce claudine changing the past national president of the chinese-americans during her
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team of the president as the chinese-american in the early 1990 she launched a national caption to advocate for the issues of the stamps honoring and celebrating the chinese-american communities good job since here release the license number 2345r stham has continued for all of her assistance and valuable expertise over the years for the license number in charge stamp series the postal service is enormously grateful give her a hand i can actual we couldn't have done it without you (clapping.) currently mr. chiang that the president of the asian pacific islander foundation in san francisco on organization that is dedicated to promoting a difference cultural and heritage of the community and celebrating the asian pacific islander
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community every year ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming california law deny chang (clapping.) thank you. good morning everyone this is my greater time of the year we started this talking about the postage stamp it is - since i see we have a lot of san francisco school children with us i want to thank you the story how you get a stamp it is not easy to get a stamp print bits united states postal service a year and a half there are a lot of applications about ideas so it is competitive, however, we're lucky in this chinese asian community sometimes, we ask make a difference we have i believe we were fortunate many of our
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members a member of the chapter james is a person that came up with the idea and why not have something to commemorate and honor the history and contribution of the chinese-american in this country so you can could it, too so the ideas can work to bring people together so since 1990 and 91 we've worked on the idea about an postal service through a national caption to bring together and since the year it was 9 that it was - actually, the new year's was celebrated in many, many countries we're very, very delighted to bring the stamps forward it brought together a lot of people around the country and it is a
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community event that brings people together out of the last several years so we're very proud of that and it is continued to be an event we come together we're happening happy to see the children this is our future and you really care for the school district to to those events to learn about our history some people traveled from beijing in addition to people in san francisco that's great talking about the stamping service a vehicle of communication it was talked about how we'll be using the stamps throughout the country i know the stamp is, in fact a vehicle to continue promotion for the awareness of this very
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special of our cultural heritage of celebrating the new year so we hope you fellow through many more years of having this stamp thank you (clapping.) >> so talking about bringing communities together actually i was coming to this event i've seen people coming to this event since 1992 and sunnyvale california i saw people from there and people standing in line buying the stamps and every year we have this ceremony we have organizations that supported this event first, i'd like to thank the nation. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so i would like to at this
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point invite the proceeding president and the association wanting to come and give his briefing>> (speaking foreign language.)
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(clapping) (clapping)>> (speaking foreign language.) >> (clapping.) i see that our district that 3 captain has joined us thank you for being here. >> (clapping) and the appointed commissioners supervisor breed and others supervisor supervisor, of course, you talking about the joeshgsz they've been supported the organization tirns since 1990 and the operation for the chinese chamber and since them many of the members have been
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part of the san francisco celebration they have a booth from there that is coming up we want to thank the chinese chamber for the ongoing support and the president of the preceding board. (clapping.) >> mayor ed lee, post master and distinguished groifts and looej on behalf of the postal service i irrational you a good new year and there's a better way to serve than that beautiful stamp it is a wonderful job co-rating the year of the ramp
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it is stands for creativity and the ramps sign prove in it stamp may the ram gym give you many opportunities every year the champs orientation this china's new year this principle excluding the coming we've got a far market we have the usa form and the largest chinese new year parade in the u.s. please come i wish everyone happy and health new year thank you thank you very much
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(clapping.) i'd like to introduce my friend of mine ted lee from atlanta, georgia just arrived yesterday he was living on the east coast canning has spent many years with the national organizations of chinese-americans serving in many, many capacities as the wanting and massachusetts as our national president and now as i understand on our program it says he's an acting ceo just conformed i was informed the executive director of the great organization kenny (clapping.) thank you claudine i appreciate it i love coming out here this is any hometown i was born and raised years ago how won't tell you how many what's nice
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alleyway defining deny mentioned that gene chang with the people who come up what the idea i was actually out there with the georgia charter still a member and have a vibrant chapter i've met her numerous times she's proud she's one of the ones that came up with the idea of the stamp it spread obvious wings out we went to the from 2002 and with claude depends help we were to consider to get the started we're in the eight year and that's great so being a current ceo of oc a with the organizations we have one hundred chapters across the country and all our charters are proud of the stamp go we really
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feel good about it it represents the community tremendous you can recognize it i'll make the statements i'll take the liability it is also a very, very professional stamp for the postal service there are many collectors this is would think of the higher collected stamps out there i know for myself i have we've stamps going back years and years that means more profit did i say that right so it is a forever stamp if you have a need for this you can. >> it into the future it is i think american people stent way to recognize the community and awning people collect it to worldwide to cam thank you for scouting cam is a great artist


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