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tv   [untitled]    February 24, 2015 10:30pm-11:01pm PST

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ecided to stay that has increased the demand for efficient pdr space in the city to accommodate those businesses to keep them in the city last year the mayor launched a 5 point pdr plan focused on new development of pdr space on public and private land this is the first project through legislation that is supported by supervisor david campos's and supervisor cohen approved by this commission and signed into law last year hearsay a innovative model and you know this is in addition to being one hundred and 40 thousand secret of new pdr space it is the first to be developed in the city over a decade it is significant the partnership this is developed between sf made and the developer to insure that and create a 50 thousand square feet
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building which chris mentioned shares. >> vision and mission to keep those in san francisco whoa whether jewelry's or barkers e.r. anyone in between i want to thank and commend sf made as well as the developer for working together to get it this point and thanks to the staff as well as john and laura are and others the from the office of economic workforce development in closing last week we heard the mayor's state of the city shared prosperity pdr jobs are at the core by insuring the contractors and intention of jobs that provide good entry-level opportunity for you'll sfoldz we're in support of the project
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thank you very much. >> thank you project sponsor. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm dan representing the ownership the hooper street i'm going to excited to present this vision located in show place square i was active that the local community in the oriental formation of the eastern neighborhood plan and actually served ownership on the cac i'm familiar with the plans prelims we're proud we've assembled a topnotch design team here for the project we've worked hard to design and capture the guiding principles we congregates race part of the eastern neighborhood just to remind the commissioners number one to provide i sufficient space for pdr uses including the good jobs for
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retina resident and bring innovation to the city's economy and finally the create an open facility that is critical before i i'm going to turn it over to kate the executive order executive director self-defense made our nonprofit development and pete are the architecture i think or want to thank director ram and his staff the mayor's office our local supervisors office malia cohen and the on that supported that so with this kate. >> good afternoon, commissioners well, for many you, you who have been on the journey with us it's been two years to work together with the support of mayor's office of economic workforce development the board of supervisors and many of you to reach this power
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point we're going to venting to build the first new manufacturing complexities the city has seen in almost two years the time couldn't be soon enough the manufacturers that was shared has been growing over the last 3 years since we've been engaged with the sf sector it's grown more than 10 and 12 and 13 percent new jobs were added for working-class san franciscans for people that have less educational background and yoipth youth this will be home to 4 hundred and 50 jobs for the folks in the community we've designed the project incomprehensive bringing in the manufacturers that are currently in san francisco to define how
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those buildings can accommodate a debar ment or food manufacturers so those are jobs and manufacturers that we currently are in the city and it will provide growth opportunity for them. >> i also want to comment on the specialness and the innovativeness of the project team we have coming together this is the first time we have in san francisco a nonprofit as an industrial developer partnering with a for profit entity and the city to bring it to fruition this is a model on the the east coast if design this allows us in the ownership of one of the buildings to secure long term affordable manufacturing spates as an
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additional component of this project the last comment i want to make is that some have raised the question how does this work my answer is i think authenticity an vandal this project as you'll see it was thought about intellectually how to combine office and industrial use on site you see the sin i didn't see between the tenant and the manufacturing and in an eco system that will create and we're proud to be part of the project without further ado i'd like to introduce peter. >> good afternoon, commissioners peter can he get the t is this working. >> how much time do you have left 5, 4? 5 minutes >> first i want to say i've
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been involved thinking about pdr for some time and very excited is to be involved in bringing this project before are there are a lot of issues that we sorted through and thought-out very well in n this project about bringing office and light industrial pathotogether this project is an exemplar for possibility and i think also it's done in a way that provides a benefit to the neighborhood and welcomes the neighborhood in site i think you're familiar with the because of potrero hill and it's right there surround by cac so we're nested with cac that seeks the opportunity for us to create a linkage with them
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the existing site didn't have a lot to speak of channel is closed off where they store r vs and hooper is in a great state of disrepair this is a walls inaccessible site so there's really a great opportunity to bring this back as a meaningful piece of the neighborhood our comment for the building starts with thinking about the history of american industry that's an albert connecticut building those are working horse buildings that served any masters we want to create something that go really going to support all kinds of uses over time so just quickly going through the evolution of the project that's the available mass we wanted to on it up to provide
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proper light and air and wanted to create a public space that links the neighborhood to the use at hooper and cca and take the public spaces and link them to the network of spaces in mission bay the green spades there so we introduce what we call the alley which makes that linkage and then think of hooper and alley alleyway as pedestrian spaces bicycle and pedestrian friendly and move all the loading and trucks and box trucks to the reestablishment channels a nice use of friendly pedestrian and that kind of more loading were added uses
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then we make linkages through the block to make sure there's pedestrian assess to the larger block and worked with staff at planning to reduce the massing of the building and articulate the openings of the mask of the building the result is kind of a workhorse of american people industrial building you you can see it butts on the sprayer pdr outdoors on the ground floor and they were quite high their 18 foot 3 high they on up around the building to activate the space and looking at the plaza you're looking at could be a pdr use that has food service like side class or magnolia as an example we envision that is as
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energizing the plazas so as you can see the kind of stent of the pdr it really wraps hooper both sides of the alley and vascular has a large present on 7th street all those locations can allow accessory retail and each of the pdr spaces on the alley have on up doors to connect to what's happening in the alley and in the europe left hand corner is the multi story pdr building so this plan, which is a little bit light shows the loading strategies he have two semi docks sgrarthd into the channel we have box truck parking and 86
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off-street parking inside the building and 22 on off-street and showers sgrarthd in the building. >> your time as expired we'll give you a few more minutes as this is the transportation linkages to the project you see it is well served a 10 minute walk to caltrain their linkages to the 19 polk and fillmore and the 5 e fillmore within walking distance and the project sponsor will provide the linkage to the bart station and conflict and the third street rail and the eir showed in significant
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traffic impacts so as you can see the public plaza we see it as something else that kraits creates a place gather there's a large event space to have makers or an event place to pause and sit it's, you know creates a really in what capacity amenity it is a straight up concrete this has a scheme that's a mod listed system that's intended to breakdown the scale of the building and express the number of individuals that live in the building as opposed to one big corporate entity so the skin works to break down the scale you can see hooper street developed at a greener place for
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people to sit street furniture and lots of green the project sponsors have agreed at that underground the utilitys this is looking from 7th street as you can see looking into the alley the pdr space with the roll up doors and the bridges connecting the office above and the potential retail space and the products made on site can be displayed or showroom or pdr detail and then the dedicated manufacturing incubator has a pdr place that opens into channel and the 3 block connection to the plaza beyond
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and then in closing this is a view of the plaza that really speaks about the project that brings together all the different uses on the site with the neighborhood and i that we're really excited about what this maples to the area and to the manufacturing uses in the city i think it is an amazing and exciting place to thank you we're here to take questions sorry for going a little bit longer. >> thank you for your presentation i'll call a number of cards (calling names). >> commissioners ron some of you and i know i remember back when pdr was not in our lexicon a term that was actually invented by even though
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san francisco planning department and now we take it as something that is everyone should know what it means we talked about in the last couple of hours and just now about the eastern neighborhoods i found it interesting in looking at our agenda you had the last project housing and this project pdr within walking distance of each other it is exactly what is envisioned in the eastern neighborhoods plan when dan murphy talked to three and four it seems like 10 years ago he didn't have control of the property it was a vision tonsillitis that's the type of vision we appreciate in inform this is totally underutilized where you're walking or biking
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it is not assessable what is going to happy is decade what should and where it should happy it is being designed in accordance with what san francisco made take their own building and which was not in existence in when the term was put button is lexicon with the large alley and the plazas that serves as an interaction space those of you who are conversant with current work environments know the old cubicles and private offices are being torn down and have desks like this one that are there for five or six people or two or three people to sit around and discuss what they're doing that's what i
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envision with the alley and as well as inviting the neighborhood in this is an excellent project and royals our packets didn't contain anything negative for a change i urge you to pass it. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm crying chris oirn i've been an employer employee in the neighborhood i'm a renter at the minnie storage site i saw the only posting on the exterior x i did not see the mailing well, that may not be pretty with the existing conditions that's an important space and usage i use it as a you might call a pdr business i salvage
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bikes i've been could go this for over 10 years and actually, one of the folks that was here was a client of mine with thousands of bikes that hit the city without this service i think or think it's important i provide a low cost bike in the city and i would be displaced and others would be displaced business people that keep our material as a storehouse the businesses are in the center core they need the materials to supply their businesses so this are over impacts of shopping stopping this low rent opportunity there i am an eco business and would be put out of business by b that okay. that's something to
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realize i'm no opposition as it sit right now if you look at the numbers 4 hundred and plus thousand square feet i've seen the traffic worse and worse and worse and you know what's happening in february the hospital is opening up you can bet when we had this on opening day and people visiting the hospital 7th street will be a parking lot it's a different use but at the same time to say there's no opposition a lot of the people that rent are homeless and this is their home away from home they keep their positions in an inexpensive store place this is something to be given thought to it serves a social need
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thank you. >> next speaker >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm tim collin i'm not speaking on behalf of the coalition i'm here on my own no support of the project i should disclose that dan murphy sat on our board i'm here because of my strong interest in the roll out of the and were neighborhood plan we were strong sports supporter and i watched the last item on 1601 mariposa the eir ordinance the eastern neighborhood plan plan and you've got to remember when it was adapted in 2008 the economy was going off a cliff and things crashed we went into the great
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recession we are starting to see the eastern neighborhood was pushing it's very exciting when the eastern neighborhood come out we got the pdr a necessary idea to support it deserves strong support we don't know about the uses that can't compete against office space we wanted to succeed here's an example an important test of this it appears to use the inclusionary housing model something that's in demand you pay good rent the space appears flexible we're not banking on one income it could be moved at&t park and adapted the choice of participating with sf made a
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expiring the hottest stick out in town they've appeared to catch something something going on here that we can develop and nurture small-scale manufacturing we keep hearing when the american industrial center that was built decades ago it was a successful ecology is is going to work is this the solution to pdr who knows but we absolutely should try it it maidens and appears to bring all the possibility together in one place and one time it's one of the most existing things about the eastern neighborhood in a longest time. >> i'm ross i've come to lend my voice to this it's exciting
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there are many additives creative and diverse it is a great creative force here a lot of people say things san francisco is not about tell him property about new rhythms and software systems and financial instrument but people that make and manufacturers things and they need space as you know one of the companies had to live they left it was a big loss so we need more supposing spates for our corrective people and innovative i love this it hopefully is a new model for mixed use pdr tape references that's been done on the east
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coast and diversity is third add jif i want to bring up that's consistent with the project is we've become too much of a community known and technology and tourism we need to be more diverse in terms of was we're known for and creating great, great products in an environment that's a show case i'm excited about this project thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello commissioners j russ johnson potrero hill neighborhood i'm here to support in project ii get to say
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something positive the boostered have scored it this project we were specialist of the special use district this project sits in and commenting about 9 flexibility how it helps with the square and the economy the dog patch association is xretsz it's support saying this is motel after the industrial center have a play in the development and success of small businesses and how the sources of businesses may serve as a incubator environment in which the small businesses survivor the dog patch is in support this is the 34ukd neighborhood and this will add more flexible work spaces in this part of town and give the location next to the
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cca there's an opportunity to integrate the 10ur7bd existing zones and have the modular space that allows for the flexibility of different size of business and dog patch got into the specifics talking about the gathering places and the way those spaces augment the pickup and drop off necessities and how it is a space for everyone to walk through and be able to use the dna appreciated the green space from dog patch to the hill from the merchant to the resident there's a broad support will echoing what ron is the eastern neighborhoods plan hopes to give us us. >> thank you. is there any additional public comment public
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comment is closed. commissioner moore. >> i'd like to call this best of planning sf made and you can interpret that many a number of ways i'll leave it as vague as possible a few years ago i was standing on top of cca that was in preparation for the update of the master plan and i looked at him and said david what are you going to do looking north. >> he said we'll walk the strit streets and was evasive as best he said i shouldn't pubic talk about that but some people have interesting destructions but it was very vague and confidential this was an incredible opportunity and incredible views and incredible ways of setting
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except there was so moved so many holes and for cca that's a serious drawback you question the safety of the excludes and pretty challenging frontier fast forward the hot and heavy we were losing pdr i saw a strong co-leggings the pdr support we're talking about the protection of jobs and pdr are the same thought here we are today wlerp thinking about lose end how to do it one of my early questions was and i think it was remind is there a building type to be too office and passenger door peter said i know be it can
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and i think if there's a will a way and that's what we're witnessing i wouldn't be more supportive and excited i guess i'm gufsh i'm in full support and admiration for the support this will be a national attention getter and how the rest of the world is landmarking to restruck industrial and the stories are different for each city, however this sets a strong benchmark of how we'll be doing that thank you. i'm in sub support of your project and if i may i make a motion. >> sectional. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you very much real where i can the first comment i want to acknowledge


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