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tv   [untitled]    March 2, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PST

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you. >> commissioner campos? >>supervisor david campos: thank you, mitch, -- mr. chairman, just a quick question. i would like to thank the puc for taking comments to heart. i appreciate the very expedited way in which you try to approach this in the openness also to hear comments from our staff, from our executive officer. in terms of the cca program director position, i know it hasn't been posted. i want to thank vice-chair crews for asking about that. what is the timing of when you think you will have someone hired? now, that's very difficult to predict. so, the physician right now is going through the requisition approval process. typically once we have an approved requisition, we then
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go, we then publish the position as it's been approved and begin recruitment. and the recruitment process will stay open until we have a sufficient number of applicants to begin an interview process. this is a high priority for myself and the general manager. we talk about our need to get this position staffed. it is a leadership position. much of the work that is described here in the timeline is performed boo i other staff. so we can continue to make progress, absent the leadership position, of course it's much preferred to have a leadership position filled having said that, but i do want to assure you that we will make progress regardless of the vacancy that we have in the leadership position. >> do you have a sense from dhr, department of hurm resources as to when the position will be posted? >> i don't have a sense for that. i
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don't. sorry. >> do you think we'll have it by our next lafco meeting? >> i'm not sure. >> if there has been no posting for the position by that point that as part of the presentation that we can maybe have someone from dhr come to the lafco meeting and explain to us where that process is. >> okay. >> thank you. >> thank you. >>supervisor john avalos: great. any other thing to present. commissioner mar? no. okay. commissioner crews? >>cynthia crews: i have one more thing for ms. hale. in terms of basic communications, i know that the things in the timeline describe the types of notifications or the legal
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notifications. all the beautiful glossy brochures and things we can take to potential cleanpowersf, where does this fit in with this? >> let me address first the statutory required. the second sheet, you see a row 7, activity which is prepare and finalize pg & e rate comparison. that is a required communication with potential customers. as well as the requirement rows in 32. the
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other thing you see in rows 25. education. we have an adopted education campaign dmoptd our prior program design. we are refreshing that. that's a multilingual multimedia campaign. we are as you noted we are updating our and were looking at ways trying to project out as part of the program what we can community actively before we have the program design detail set. we are trying to time and shape our communications to establish a voice and an accurate representation of the program consistent with what the information that we have and the approvals we have. so much of
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the really wholehearted multimedia communication happens after we have this final rate set, after we have a good sense of what the full program offering is. but in advance of that, we do want to have some communications and we currently have some collateral material that is reflective of the old program design and we are dusting that off and figuring out what we need to do to present a more accurate picture from what we are talking about from that two-thirds of the program we talked about at our january meeting. >> i think that's helpful. i think where programs communications and customer communication for the timeline maybe a little late for people to get as if we were, as commissioner mar would speak
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at community meetings. if we had collateral to take at this time. people are asking for details and whatever we could, even if it wasn't the final design, if we could have some collateral, i would love to see it just to toot your horn a little bit, i think the puc has excellent communications in marketing department and i know they do a lot of it in-house. the water project they did and the commercials were hilarious. i look forward to see what comes out of the puc when it comes from cleanpowersf. >> you can bet they will exercise that talent on this program. >> does that mean you will change your name from sf water on
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twitter? it's worth asking. >>supervisor john avalos: okay. any other questions from the committee. we'll now take up public comment. anyone who would like to come forward, please do so. >> good afternoon. eric brooks, clean power community. i would like to thank the sf puc staff for really stepping up to the plate and coming forward with a timeline with what reflects with the lafco commissioners and your commissioners requested in the last joint hearing and i think that's amazing and should be acknowledged. but there are a couple pieces missing in this that are very important to put in and i want to aim -- amplify what
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commissioner crews has said that right now there are advocate community meetings. we are getting asked about rates, we are getting asked about jobs, we are getting asked about low income customers. so and we are also reaching out to the labor unions and the labor communities and the building trade and they are really concerned about union jobs, local jobs, california jobs, things like that. and this gets the heart of this is the not to exceed rate which we already know and the staff acknowledged in last week's or this week's sf puc hearing, we know what that rate is. it's the same and the pg & e brown power rate and it's essential that we set up the process in the not to exceed rate and ask the sf puc staff and sf puc to send it to the rate fairness board right now, not in may, but right now because then we have and then get the sf puc and board to adopt that as soon
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as possible because then we can take that to the community and say, this is it. it's on paper. this is the rate. right now we are only hearing it verbably in hearings and it's not good enough and for the jobs piece, we need this timeline and it's not in there and we need this is to start out sooner and we need another rate set. >> commissioners, jed holsman. i want to thank the sf puc staff. we were at the hearing on tuesday and it's so gratifying to see this and to be able to see this a second time. it's like a movie that you want to see again. i would come here everyday to
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look at this timeline. we did hear from commissioner avalos and mr. fried that both hearings there seems to be like 1-2 months that we can shave on this. i guess without even getting too outside of the box. the piece i would like to talk about on page two, we are at row no. 3 in february and row no. 6 when pg & e files their green tariff with the rates. as i said at the puc, we basically have a two 1/2 month period here to get this major step that we want them to take. we want them to take to publicity for that and we want there to be publicity for that
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but we don't want them to take away all the excitement and momentum that this great san francisco is making with our power program. so i would just hope that between now and may 10th we can do as much public work as possible and i think a great catalyst to that would be setting the not to exceed rate at the pg & e brown power rate as soon as possible because it will give clearly the knowledge of that number. i would get that rate to the board as soon as possible to accelerate that portion of this public outreach. thank you. >> thank you very much. any is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >>supervisor john avalos: i would like to get to what it means on
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expediting the rates. what like in 2013 with not to exceed rates at the end of the process. we are the not to exceed rates happening at the beginning. what was critical is that the public wants to know. having the public informed sooner will help to get broader support. your talk about how to expedite that process. >> so the not to exceed rates and what has to happen in advance of it. the rate itself is known and well understood. when we presented to the rate fairness board last time. it was important to be able to describe to them for their consideration both the program design and the rates. sort of like what are we getting for that price. and so what you see in the schedule is meeting with stakeholders
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to discuss program design and policy guidelines, taking those program design guidelines and procurement reform issues to our commission and then taking it to the rate fairness board. so we will know as a staff that we've done some outreach within the community, we've informed, we have taken that into consideration, we've informed our commission as to what we recommend, we've taken that into consideration and then we bring it to the rate fairness board for them to consider as a package, the program design as well as the not to exceed rate. then we go out, we do a lot of things, but one of the thing we do then is go out to the market and see if we can get resources to match that program design at that not to exceed price and we come back to the rate fairness board with the outcome of that in the october timeframe. so the activities that happen in the short period now and at the rate fairness board on may 1st on the
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schedule are the outreach activities and design activities and bring it to our commission. >> okay. thank you. okay, if there is no other comments or parts of the presentation, i believe this is an information item. there is no action to be taken. we can go on to our next item no. 5. city clerk: item nor 5, executive officers report. status update regarding the sfusd on the implementation and opportunities for the undergrounding wires and expansion of the fiber networks in san francisco and b, status update regarding the study of open source elections. >> congratulations. i would like to say congratulations for taking these spots and look forward to working with you in the coming years. this is a quick update. for the 1st one
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on the underground wires and fiber system. the request that the budget analyst do the report that parts of it is similar to ours and we are waiting for that report to be done instead of waiting for the report. they are in the final steps of finalizing it. it's out for a couple reviews to make sure they have the comments in the report. we should have that out beginning of next week or at the beginning of march. once i have that, i will be able to take that and use that as a base for what we are doing our report on to answer any questions that are not on the report. it's taking a little bit longer than originally anticipated. as soon as that is done, i will be coming back with a draft report for everyone to review here. i hope at this point i hope to have something done by the end of march, given the work done
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on thecca program i think i can get it done by the end of march. one thing that did happen is we had an intern doing a lot of great research. she graduated from college and found a job. she has left us. i don't have a second person helping me out miechl -- my goal is to try to get someone out for march to finish that process. for the open source elections, we have a great intern. angie lee, grew up in berkeley and college professional having gone to sf state and doing asian american sfudz in bachelor's degree and at usf for public affairs and will do a lot of research in getting that going and she's also going to use this paper that
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she's writing for us as her corner stone paper for her graduation. i know i'm going to get a great paper because she's going to get a great grade at school. i'm very excited to of have angie with us today. she'll put out the first draft which we'll put out for review and after a normal process to get reviewed and take back for public comment and anything on that review. she'll get us through that first draft is what my anticipation is from her which is probably the end of april timeframe. >> great, welcome. as your first time being in lafco, but great to have you here. >> i hope we don't have to vote on a grade. >> no luckily we don't have to deal with the grading process. that will be from her professors. cory cook, gets
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to do the grading on that. finally while it's not on my official update, march will begin our budget season for us. we have already had some discussions with the board of supervisors because they start their process much early whier than ours. this will be the first year that we'll ask for funds to come from the city and county of san francisco. it will be much more in the budget process that we have had in the past 2 years because we have been returning all the money. we'll finally have run most of our reserve down and only have a small portion of our reserve left that i don't think covers the entire balance of the funds. we'll be looking at that in march and i look forward to having a more full in depth discussion on the march meeting on that and in april we pass the final budget on that. that is all that i have within my report.
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>>supervisor john avalos: thank you, commissioner mar? >> welcome, angie and i'm sure that your involvement, this is going to help. i'm wondering if one of the neighbors concerned with undergrounding that it's going to divide local seniors that don't have the same access to not only utilities but at times the high speed internet that many of us take for granted today. i would like to take a look at municipal fiber networks that massachusetts is looking at and sometimes at a regional level and local level oovment as part of the fiber extension, we have looked at, i don't think massachusetts was necessarily in the mix but we have looked at other jurisdiction
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and dealt with how they deal with the expansion of their fiber networks. some have done it with a focus purely on connecting commercial corridors to make them more vibrant and others have looked at commercial and resident. we have examples of other locals and how they are looking at and it's actually a very widespread issue. the california lafco association general annual meeting is going to have a panel on broadband and if it is, i will make sure you are well aware. they don't deal with what this lafco does, but i will make sure that others are informed about it. >> make sure peter informs my staff about the massachusetts efforts. i know at least with good conversations with monkey brains who have
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been testifying before us and the internet archive effort the more locally based higher internet process for people with less access, i'm hoping we look at different options including what other states and jurisdictions are doing. thank you. >> so that was part a and we have part b of our agenda. >> i did part a and b together there. >> we actually had a and b for item no. 4. and i believe that discussion about proceeding at the public utilities commission and california public utilities commission was inter woven for general discussion for cleanpowersf and discuss the timeline. was there anything that you know of in terms of the proceedings and
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the california public utilities commission that was not addressed or included? >> i asked while that was going on and there was nothing new to add that was added at last month's meetings for state level items. >> okay. thank you. so, in a concludes your report. okay. we can open this item up for public comment. anyone who would like to comment, please come forward. >> good afternoon, one more time, eric brooks san francisco clean party on sf. the undergrounding in broadband and fiber, first of all the mold, the outstanding model in the united states is chattanooga tennessee where they are getting great service for $25 a month. let's put chattanooga
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front and center. on that issue, the obama administration and sf puc under the obama administration did something amazing and has locked in the protection for internet neutrality, internet equality and the obama administration last a couple more years and that is going to change . if we are going to build a citywide public broadband open to all income levels, we need to start now. i would urge lafco to front and center this system. to get it ready to go as soon as we have cleanpowersf off the launch pad and elections which i think was listed in the agenda. this is a little bit more of a future thinking item like public banks. the voting has
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improved things but it's not doing what progressives thought it was going to do to improve the elections and make-up the board of supervisors. i think we should start changing the board of supervisors to' representation to bring a lot more public diversity and a lot of activist would run because they would have a chance to win. it may profoundly approve a city government. >> that's intriguing. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. go on to our next item. city clerk: item no. 6, public comment. >> general public comments
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related to lafco. if anyone would like to further the discussion on recommendation. that would be welcome. seeing no one coming forward, we'll close public comment. >> next item. city clerk: future agenda items. >> colleagues, any future items? commissioner crews? >>cynthia crews: i was going to ask something from the department to come and talk to us about cleanpowersf in addition to types of efficiencies that customers can do now through pg & e. >> great, that sounds really great to do. if director fried, if we perhaps can look into that for the next lafco meeting. i think it would be a good time to do that next month. if you can
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work vice-chair crews and the department, that would be great. >> i will try to get them for next meeting. >> thank you. we'll open this up for public comment. >> commissioner crews opened this up and it's really important. eric brooks, san francisco clean party, san francisco clean energy advocate. this behind the meter thing is really crucial. it's really important to point out that what cal had on the department of environment that funds that pg & e has forced to take out of the bill to allow the city to work with the funds. cleanpowersf gives us an at some point to greatly ramp up the amount of funds spend on
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energy and more than what the department of environment is doing now and to enable this from the department of environment to do on solar and not just efficiency. that was behind the meter as well. as i said before, that was the one lack in the enernex report and we haven't flushed out the meter resources by having contractors work on right away and setting the timeline no the to exceed rates to start working on planning out the meter to start working on this so the department of the environment can do something truly amazing and not just work with the funds that pg & e is forced to take out which are much smaller. i would reiterate what commissioner crews said and back it up. we need to get that rolling and the san francisco department
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environment a big role in the whole idea of the behind the meter and part of this and the behind the meter to be cooked up in a plan and we need to start planning these things now and that gets back to the mantra to get to the rate fairness board immediately so the board can vote for them as quick and possible and that gives us the framework to do all this. >> thank you very much. >> commissioner crews? >>cynthia crews: i definitely don't want to steal mr. broom head's thunder but he has some pretty fantastic idea. i met with him and he walked me through that cleanpowersf showed much greater than that then ever provide right now pg & e. i think it's exciting and would love for it to be broadcast so members of the public can see that as well. thank you.
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>>supervisor john avalos: that sounds great. thank you for your work on that. so we go on to our next item. city clerk: item 8. adjournment. >>supervisor john avalos: colleagues we are adjourned, thank you. [ meeting is adjourned ] >> >>. >> good morning today is february 10, 2015 welcome to the san francisco transportation authority finance committee of
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the transportation authority i'm supervisor avalos and the clerk is steve item one roll call vote. >> supervisor avalos supervisor campos supervisor cohen supervisor kim supervisor mar absent we have quorum. >> great we have quorum on to the next item. >> consent calendar items 2 to 3 those items are considered route and staff is to the required to present if anyone objects they can be removed. >> colleagues questions or comments on item two to three arrest public comment for those two items public comment is on on the consent calendar and seeing no members of the public come forward we'll close public comment and have a roll call vote for our meeting minutes. >>