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tv   [untitled]    March 20, 2015 8:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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hello commissioners. i'm amy the founder of neighbors with the divisadero it is women's histories month i hope you'll join me in making history as someone born as a abstain woman and cares about the historical improvements not to be wiped away i came here and started to speak about the harding theatre i heard from shelly her last name i can't say who is talking about the historic resources of san francisco she's determined that the new proposal for the harding theatre to put 9 condos adjacent to the stage and destroy the
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mechanic room is not w5e6r79d an environmental review you have to know the history of what's been going on at the harding theatre that is a collection of photographs of all the actions that have hadn't in 2011 in support of increasing and enriching the 127b8 development if any neighborhood it was in 2003 the property owners purchased that for $1.3 million they wanted to destroy it was pushed back and the neighborhood actism and wanted to destroy the stage that got pushed back and they let it sit there this is person i didn't want to be saying no, not in my backyard to the condo i want to come up with
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a enrichment for the neighborhood in a sixth way so i started a nonprofit neighbors for divisadero and i worked with the property owner to come up with solutions and investigated the tax credits and talked to the committee and proposed that i came up with a plan with neighbors to purchase that for $6.2 million the property owners took it off the market and pushed back against a $4 million offer that turns it into a book store that's exactly with the neighbors said over 3 hundred neighbors said they wanted it and now the planning department is seeing this is not going to have an impact on the theatre that will preincluding exclude is it will have the condos next to it we have to be willing to consider eminent domain this is
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since 2003 this property owner has left it blighted we have to consider the tools and eye them if necessary to save the harding theatre from bright to opening night thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm jim last week during general public comment i introduced the subject how many steroids i fit into certain building heights a particular interest to those of us in western selma a certain develop seems to have found a way to give himself an entire extra floor beyond the community plan vision and the planning department is hesitant to directly address the issue we wrote the community plan had
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certain exceptions what we were trying to accomplish building a complete neighborhood was the sub title of the plan we worked with the planning department staff and trusted that they would put our intentions into the code planning department introduced the idea of adding 5 more feet into the zoning tables in order to allow in their words a more gracious ground floor this is how it was sold to the neighbors in market octavia and eastern neighborhoods to western selma and to this commission somehow along the way the extra 5 feet got added into the buildable envelope suld we interestenter have projects 9 stories and 7 stories in the 65 foot zone and 6 stories in 55 feet developers have la guardia
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airport and the planning staff is complexity in this will that we have a development on fillmore street the developer can't say no let me suggest last thing for him sponsors attempt to fit 7 stories into a 65 foot building does produce adequate ground floor commercial space for a building on such an important neighborhood corridor next sufficient raised and set back residential entries with direct assess from the street doesn't reflect the existing neighborhood character and runs contrary to the intent of the western selma plan we recommend that the project be reduced to 6 stories in order to provide a more gracious ground floor now that would be consistent
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with our values thank you. >> thank you excuse me. commissioners for those people that entered the room and sort of huddled around the doorway you're going to have to leave that free for fire exits there are a few seats free or move to the other side of the room is there any additional public comment general comment is closed. >> commissioner johnck's ma'am you're going to need to move away from the handicap bottom and those of you huddled around the doorway move to the other side of the room or find a seat. >> two comments in response directly to the comments made by the public i guess to the director is there an active project on file for the hoorgd theatre complex. >> there's not maybe by way of history the project came before
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the commission six or seven years ago as an appeal of a night deck with the development behind the theatre for housing project the commission upheld the appeal the project sponsor if we wanted to continue to have done an eir project sponsor choose not to move forward that was probably six or seven 4 yooshgz we were dealing with a project manager that started the process and again stopped it. >> so. >> there's been no action. >> i apologize this is under public general public comment it's not a matter to discuss we can certainly calendar this for another time but right now you're limited to responding to statements requesting the staff to report back. >> i have another request to
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report book having gone through the market octavia with the 5 additional feet to the ground floor i'm hoping you can spend a couple of minutes how this is actually being applied to the other projects. >> commissioner antonini. >> i'd like to have a report on the harding theatre sometime in the theatre informational i remember going through those hearings but have a background for all the commissioners and where we are now. >> next item, please. >> very good commissioners under our regular calendar item 2 was continued that will place you on item 10 noise regulations relating to residential uses of entertainment a building mosaic
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active and police code amendment. >> today, i'm going to present a mosaic active code between the developers of certain residential projects that are in close approximate it to place of entertainment, however before i provide foster details i'm to allow connor johnson of senator edwards office and another colleague to present to you. >> good afternoon, commissioners connor johnson elective aid to board president london breed there's a a long time local music venue called the vicinity a building next door for the rad major shop ignoring the process of being converted that will directly on the side and behind the
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proprieties of independent search warrants supervisor breed were nervous this into present problems with the income tax people will claim about this and could be in the position to spend thousand of dollars on the noise sound limits or shutting do you think that's skerpt it raises a larger issue as the city pushes for more residential development both in fill and mixed use neighborhoods that were previously primarily commercial he or light industrial their in conflicte or light industrial their in conflict their in conflictor light industrial their in conflict - or expense or forced to shut down i'll list
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a couple the rid devil lounge the lexington club slated to close next month now the elbow room and others and the bottom of hill is also facing pressures from a pending housing development this is a problem and i should point out all those venues face unique circumstances but the rise and the spread of housing production is one of the risks and this is a problem not only culturally and socially but economically figure we look at the controllers report from three years ago venues and night clubs and bars attract $800 million in spending on the other hand, 43 resident from the sourlgd bay area county that visit san francisco do so to visit one the venues that is an
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important social and cultural conversation and london breed was concerned that our existing venues can co-accost with residents so we began a process to meet with the venues and residential developers with the police department the department of public health the department of building inspection and the entertainment commission and then van hot you think and about half of our color coordinator staff profiles i'll briefing thank diego sanchez and aaron star and i believe ann mare so thank you for lending our staff they were very helpful from day one the result of all u you'll those meetings and conversations with the stakeholders is the legislation you say before you i'll briefing walk you though the legislation first most important element is that the entertainment
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commission and the planning department will create and occur rat pa map of the existing permanent places of entertainment about 3 hundred and 50 when a developer summits or starts the application for residential development within 3 hundred feet of one of the places of entertainment the planning department novices the developer and the entertainment commission there's a potential conflict between the new development and the existing venue the entertainment commission will then van to have a hearing with the developer and the venue will be invited and present their plans on how to co-exist the developer can present sound issues and the neighboring venue to mitigate the conflicts the traefkts will do the sound testing and help to inform that conversation and provide re78g9s to the planning department and the department of building inspection i want to point out
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here the entertainment commission expertise is not approval decision that'll that's yourself and the department of building inspection they hold the conversation that's what we're asking to start the process and work with the two parties to preempt problems and the second pardon it stipulates in a venue operating within the permit it can't be deemed a leg nuance if we are asking them to ply with the terms the city should live up to their end of the bargain and not require them to spend thousands of dollars and third the most important element is that when a purchaser or renter choose is moving towards the process of moving into a venue the seller or the
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leaser will be ironing responsible to notify that person there maybe sound or inconveniences so if the person knows if this is important the entertainment commission deals s with cases a person visits a condo and buy it and friday night it is a different story and all of a sudden to they're calling side plod that lastly i want to mention the one element it specifically impacts the planning code we've added last thing 314 that directs the planning department to look at the compatibility of uses fine a residential development and american people existing nearby venue and also to heed or at least a long time any input that the entertainment commission may have provided on that particular topic those are the 4 high elements of we want to start the
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communication on the front end and k existing in the mixed use whether in south of market or los angeles divisadero and want to make sure that people are happy in their homes as we build homes we want to protect why hoping people want to live here this is why san francisco is san francisco the night life and in the upper hate in the 70s and 80s throughout but city this is the reason why people want to be here it is unk3wu7b9 to make sure they co-exist in the city as well i want to briefing talk about the staffs recommendation and thank you mr. sanchez for your help in the process yo dwell on the 3 recommendations their incorporated into the
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legislation you have in front of you i'll be happy to answer any questions i want to note we'll discuss we may possibly have an amendment to section 8 b with the grandfathering clauses with nuance with respect to the new permit a cu application or a construction application there maybe an amendment i want to flag that and lastly i want to thank the diverse coalition of speefrts have assembled in favor of senator edwards the department of building inspection unanimously enforce the legislation the small business commission endorse if supervisor wiener signed on and my colleague adam taylor is here and ben with us today an owner of several venues 7 online petitions has over 32
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significant terrors and the entertainment commission unanimously enforced it on tuesday and yesterday the building inspection unanimously endorse it if you indulge me i'll ask the supporters who are here today could you briefing stand up or wave our hand (clapping.) so jocelyn your supposed to stand up there too jocelyn thank you for all being here this is a small fraction of the 32 hundred people that ben radical on line i'll be happy to answer any questions i want to again, thank you yourself staff for the effort and look forward to our questions and hopefully support. >> very good thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners adam taylor i apologize he wasn't able to be
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here i apologize i'm losing my voice as a strong advocate for embarrassing san francisco night time i'll troud proud to be here and thank you to supervisor breed and her staff as a result of an impact study the night life entertainment business generates $4.2 billion annually this is critical we create much needed housing not to undermine night life in the city when our building housing we need to understand that means moving into 0 community where 09 venues we can't have people moving next to a night life entertainment place and examining we have to find a critical way for both to survive thank you. >> ms. cuisine and jocelyn cane
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entertainment commission i'm going to be really brief i want to thank supervisor breed and supervisor wiener so for their serious praeshths appreciation of the night life industry in the form of this legislation this is groerg stuff that recognizes the value and the economic venue called night life in san francisco it's been my idealogy and the goal of the commission to shepherd the hospitality and be entertainment this will allow us to say we have a healthy industry because of government not in spite of it we intend to use our consumer in mitigating neighborhood concerns with the night life operators to create meaningful conversations in the process i want to recognize my commissioners commissioner tan to come up so say a couple of words since he's
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my boss. >> good afternoon, commissioners thank you for hearing this legislation out today, i want to thank supervisor breed and connecticut nor and supervisor wiener where else the planning staff and the entertainment commission that led the effort most of it was said to the point it was important i want to highlighted we live in a special city ems we have the entertainment commission and every week that we meet and work we come together to negotiate between entertainment businesses and night life and their neighbors most often they try to get along i think this particular legislation gives us a tool to figure out how to help them get along we have complaints about noise and people in the streets and complaints about people vomiting on their doorsteps we
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mitigate those at the commission and try to condition those permits for entertainment to mitigate those effects of people coming to the city and neighbors president to have peace and quiet one other thing i want to say as our city grows we've you know housing is obviously a priority for the city and oftentimes entertainment is afterthought and the businesses how they're impacted establishing and managing our night life entertainment business is not easy costs a lot of money and costs goodwill efforts between the businesses and neighbors if we look at the people in the room and people that come before us as we scotland for the permits they are good players and want to be good neighbors unfortunately buildings get built and people don't get to come to the at the
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other end of the table until after announces and things e things hope we hope to get the support for that and as at entertainment commission to refer those issues outside of the permitting and development process so thank you very much. >> thank you. >> commissioners i'd like to speak to you about how the legislation before you effects the planning department procedures and planning code ferries it requires the planning department as mentioned the entertainment commission of the proposed projects within 3 hundred feet of the entertainment and required to notice the sdwrant places of entertainment ordinance creates a form placing plo's process to consider the concerns and the process includes those two steps first, the 14 days application period
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where the planning department awaits the notice from the entertainment commission to hold an outreach meeting with the developer and second a thirty day hold waiting for the outcome of the hearing 23 one is held and the proposed amends planning code 314 mentioned the planning department and planning commission to consider comments and recommendations from the entertainment commission about those identifiable remain projects and lastly it requires the planning department to require the record of a notice of special restrictions subtract i subject to the ordinance this s r is the residential property to disclose to perspireers or lease he's as stayed in the case report the staff represents first to define the owners to
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the following types of projects to the pta process and projects for the preapplication media requirement and projects converting from a non-remain use to a residential use the second recommendation to have the sponsors subject is to the ordinance to conjectural the outreach process prior to submitting a application and the time from the entertainment commission recommendation is bans the following one politically the 234iz process to larger project with the mayor ed lee's derivative on all housing with the small-scale renting use and prior to the entertainment commission it requires the time to address concerns and reduced the time
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for very well review and to provide the planning department with comments and remits o recommendations reduce the timeframe between the time of this case report i've seen two letters of support for those and i'm providing them to you now. >> that concludes my presentation. and i'm happy to answer any questions you may have. >> we have a lot of speaker cards and we're excited to hear them (calling names) i apologize for any miss proumgz if i've called your name feel free to come to the podium. >> hi, i'm michael with the recording chapter we represent over 15 hundred music makers in
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the bay area and northern california music venues have long been one of the positive important aspects of the music destroys food chain they're the plank by which all the larger artist you get to love and know begin they're crazy this city has a history of creating amazing artists and amazing music, however as the city grows and the demand on our land and our businesses and our neighborhoods grows it becomes an flarg hostile environment to the music arts community this legislation does one important thing i think many people are shocked it has not been in place before it requires people who are deciding to move into those important vital arteries it
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requires the people that move into the neighborhoods are build to know what they're getting into the microscopic venue needs to be loud it is important if you deal with popular music to create the next super stars another grateful dead or janice joplin you need to have a venue that supports the venues like the fillmore or the park it is important that you consider making those venues a viable place to continue to exist as you look at the vital needs for additional housing in this town thank you very much. >> thank you. >> commissioners thank you for your time from the d n a lodge as resident and venue operator
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in mixed use neighborhoods i understand that having housing is vital to this city and having entertainment is virtually to the city it i think we can certainly co-exist and as a venue operator i have all too many times had to bridge a difficult confusions with someone that has moved near my venue and been shocked as the conditions they didn't see on a tuesday afternoon this is a fantastic piece of legislation that gets the conversation started early and helps us to live together time. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'll call a few more names
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(calling names). >> good afternoon, commissioners commissioner president fong i'm guy carson a founder member of the california music association and former member of the swishing hall on market street speaking about the supervisor breed night life ordinance that offers protection for the venues currently threatened the fact is the venues are at a disadvantage that will disrupt or destroy their business they have no voice in the planning and no norwalk power any chips to play requires a level of sophistication that few small business owners possess and in this case, the cafe


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