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tv   [untitled]    March 22, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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use month of my career he does asbestos litigation we thought asbestos was not a problem the science and osha know that those are bad stuff and should not be in the meadow approximate it of the park or the school yard when is about a block away thank you very much. >> excuse me. is that the flu from the paint booth. >> siemdz. >> is this the flew from the paint booth. >> i'm not sorry what you're asking. >> right past the railing and past the chimney is that coming out of the spray booth. >> no, that. >> or coming out of the building. >> that flew is from the building between the two. >> in between i see. >> so where you see that window
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i don't know exactly with the property owner is european putting a - here's a better one that photo right here i live right here if i and get notice of that matter i'd have a hard time believing the other residence that live here if the wind blows to the west we get it if it to the west they get a how long have you been a tenant. >> 10 years. >> were you aware of the repair shop. >> i was told there of the a minor auto repair i have no knowledge this was the first time i heard an attempt to put in a paint booth. >> thank you for your question. >> next speaker, please. >> i live stack it right here i
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live right here that's my yellow house when about 10 or 15th years ago this was an tenant in the property address he fired up the painted booth before then it wasn't going - occasion will i begun you know tin minutes an hour i'll it about 10 or 15 years ago green street garage fired up the paint booth i obtained to his name was larry wagner he assured me in the documentation and showed me documents that was legal this was not harmful you know and it
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is permitted so i'm a dummy i couldn't can't believe this of the not permitted i've been living next door for 15 years so, please let's get rid of this in the neighborhood the solution to move it just move it away from me 22 feet away from my bedroom and kitchen to someone else's 22 feet from someone else's kitchen. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening, commissioners i'm michael i'm going to be reading a letter that was signed by 15 of the immediate neighbors of this repair garage and i'll give their names at the
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end if time permits if you could put up on the screen a computer so for a moment we've presented a map that shows in red the properties where a resident has submitted a letter observing to the proposed spray paint booth parcel in yellow is the subject site the auto repair garage and where the park and elementary school is as well so i'll read the letter dear commissioner president lazarus and commissioners i respectfully urge the board of appeals to uphold the denial of the subject permit it lengthening legalized a painting booklet in the middle of our residential neighborhood we live in close prerequisites it to the grandfathered garage
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that is periodically operate despite decades of notice of violation the paint are exhausted into the neighborhood and spraying painting at this location is a public health hazard and fumes are an intolerable nuisance if the owner wants to operate a paint shop please replace our right to breathe clean air don't allow this repair garage to have this in our residential neighborhood please put a stop to this illegal operation. >> thank you. is there any additional public comment seeing none, we'll take rebuttal starting with the appellant you have 3 minutes.
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>> i have to zoo with the x fire marshall or whatever he calls himself i was at the board 3 months ago to update and put in a mandatory alarm system which i did i have no knowledge that the certification the final permit was not on the superstitiously system the question about taxes it was relevant the city of san francisco the air resources board all the business taxes have been collected over the past at least 26 years i'm aware of have been paid number two, of the operation of the body shop the air resources of the board will not allow harmful chemicals you can't go anywhere and buy on illegal can of paint their
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concerns are well found by misguided it's against the law to sell a harm fill sews the few times are harmless they're certified by the body shop for the last 2 of years 15 through ate body and doing the things we're doing to make that booth compliant is something i'm doing that's what i show do when i buthd or bought the building the booth was there and again the city certified that booth the last 26 years i can't imagine why the hysteria and everybody knows the body shop and half the people got they're doing cars painted there picture that they were showing we talked about
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that car is parked outside the booth i'll actual right now that painter will not paint a car on a saturday night i'll guarantee you that. >> sir. >> mr. sanchez. >> scott sanchez adapting the record is clear we have a non-conforming use the zoning administrator loud this to continue knowing it was a garage for any reason repairs minor in the domestic violence of the planning code and major will complied the spray booth they're seeking to legalize this is a residential zoning district the zone explicit allow for major auto repair we're denied the permit the record is clear the planning department may not have the complaints but there's a long history of compliments on
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the property and the brief that was submitted by itself neighbors exhibit e the fire department in 1994 stating that they were no permits for operation of that during the routine inspection the inspection was seeing that was used a second violation was issued and ordered them to stop that's an explanation why they've not been a long history of the planning department over the years there's been orders to not operate that spray booth without permits the complaint are appearing on our record in 2012 there was a change in the operation that was a complaint and a year ago another complaint saying a new tenant was operating a spray booth so doesn't there is no priority that allows the spray booth that's why they're being so i get to legalize it we cannot
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because it represents a non-conforming use it doesn't meet the standards we cannot prove the use we denied it and it is on appeal we respectfully request i uphold the appeal and prevent the densification and. >> there was a fair amount of neighborhood option in 1994. >> you going to enlighten us what happened. >> i was on planning code. >> thank you for correcting the record. >> thank you commissioners the matter is submitted. >> i'm sorry may i ask more questions of inspector kern. >> are you aware of any notice of violations that have obey issued would that come before the board. >> i never legalized the facts there's no permits on it we
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don't know what complaints have come in yet maybe through the fire department or another agencies i've not seen complaint. >> so the history from the building inspection. >> it indicates that was never permitted. >> that's what you're history says thank you. >> mr. sanchez this seems to be reasonably sfraurld not to do with the fumes or air issues that is about the non common use so to me it's clear-cut. >> i'm having a harder time it's been there since 1976 so the permitting and complaints if it's not been supported to be there for 40 years. >> i'm sorry your time is up. >> and a lot of the uses in san francisco are 2k3wr5rgd in and
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not prevail we'll not be able to have those services here so at this point we'll go to south san francisco to do our repair work. >> agreed but you know the documentation here is extremely clear in terms of was what or not allowed more than one time that's what i normally would agree that you know when one has an operation that perhaps as zoning laws change non-conforming there wish use not allows but still in operation because they were in operation prior to zoning changes and neighborhood changes but neighborhood not necessarily but that in this issue i think the the allowable use was quite
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clearly state went through multiple seegsz especially at the last one in the 4 so therefore i don't find it is permitted. >> i'll move to deny the appeal and uphold the planning department decision. >> on the basis. >> on the basis that the use being sought is not in conformity with the planning code. >> thank you mr. pacheco. >> there's a motion on the floor from the president to uphold the denial of the permit on the basis that the use being sought in conformity with the planning code. >> obtain that motion to uphold
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this march 18, 2015. >> commissioner fung and commissioner vice president honda. >> no commissioner wilson thank you. the vote is 3 to one this denial is uphold open that basis thank you. >> commissioner president lazarus no further business we're adjourned. >> okay >> can everybody hear me thank you for hosting us all i'm john the councilmember gloria vice
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president and along with my much nor talented colleagues and megan our program managers i offer see the responsibility of zen detect when we they moved no inviting one of the things we've heard loud and clear was the importance of the hiring locally and many technology growing companies we're distancing in search of specific talents those are hard to find in the bay area in the neighborhood of san francisco but as you sit here now detection has a great relationship with the office of economic workforce development and currently sits on the investment board this is where
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we learned ambassador tech sf graduation and the local jobs training program to provide relevant skills several conversations led us to the realized the faster way to create zen dick technology to train the san franciscans on our product that will fast track them to an important job in as you sit here now deck some of the tens of thousands of people that use as you sit here now deck if not employed while having still have a foundation in customer support and experience as well as the state of the art i'm to introduce mayor ed lee that as you sit
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here now deck has a terrific relationship the mayor ed lee has impressed on the importance of job creation like the opening up pathways in the tech industry so welcome mayor ed lee (clapping) john thank you for that introduction and i'm glad to be here and this is great to see this is the third cohort of our folks coming through tech sf he want to go through the boat came but jonas passionate as i am i've not had to work that hard as you sit here now deck and it is a lot of passion for the building
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of strong neighborhoods thank you to the leadership give my best to the entire staff there because as strons as passionate in the job training for the 21st century jobs we need partners that are more experienced as you that kind of citizens of volunteerism is takes the hours and weekends and the attitude to folks that are in the community looking to see if they can gain skill sets with the new jobs and what they're doing in the clooks with tech sf starbucks a good training for people to see i have the confidence i don't have to be at the best engineering schools to get a job and we've often said the tonnage industry
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establishments 4 or 5 jobs in their applications or establishing all the technology kinds of industries we're also seeing happen in middle school middle market and throughout the city it is one of the many what did you say and he know that as you sit here now deck is not only focused on job training a huge amount of philanthropic work for the lowest incomes and the institutions allowing for the use of community space as a reflection of they're very strong volunteerism within the community agreement and their work is great because along with my again friend benny hoff set
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the standard for what we want to happy in the city and we need it technology for many years and i think people in the room remember those are room we talked about the digital divide how we'll be able to catch with tomcast or those internet essentials they're providing or 12 companies they're going so fast he didn't think the jobs were going to be driver's license we need this link if you will, so those jobs i emphasis your programmers you can be folks helping with customer service center to be of great support and those days more and more as companies
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establish their companies they need the mechanism and this is why the third and i hope tenth cohorts of trainers that come out with the skill sets to repeating really join in a comfortable way the movement towards the digital jobs that are present here in the city and that we also will signal to the companies that i look forward to their literally going through tech sf and hiring the folks that are out the basic training i'm all for a what he can excitingly see those weeks of boat camping is allotting a truly a boat camp you're going right into job opportunity there and our tech companies don't
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have to be looking across the water but right here in san francisco and be part the promise that the prosperity in the city can be shared with those basic things we're doing honoring training and having an open door policy and having a good neighbor policy and go benefits as forefront as the success of a company as getting their points out and designed and engineered and sold i can't thank supervisor kim enough she's a strong advocate we start this confidence about mid-market and seeking strong, strong indications coming to fruition not everything is there it takes time we have a lot of folks on line their k59 their support i love the fact we're beginning to focus on the staff
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black women and other different groups that we know have gaps in their ability to connect up with our technology industry and with other jobs more and more we're seeing the technology into the health care industry the hospitality address the local manufacturers you can't see a line of manufacturers without the ipad overlay and censoring autopsying all the aspects of merchandising so this is a great year to embrace those kinds of programs and thankful to the bay area coalition as well as tech sf for joining us as a city and partnering up with as you sit here now deck so provide support and congratulations
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(clapping.) >> thank you mayor ed lee for being here today. >> thank you to your staff and as you sit here now deck and especially to all the students who are graduating today from the zen deck train and i'm the executive director it is a pleasure to see you when we partnered with czechoslovakia deck with the employer driven training it makes sense because not only because we're the coordinator for the city of san francisco but because they've actually been providing employer driven technically e tech and media industry for more than 15 years i was chatting with the folks and we trained folks from places like mother jones and all kinds of tech and media companies other than the city and we've been doing this for many years in many, many ways
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and another thing offering networking event like gloun this is something we came up with to provide opportunity for contract workers or who are newly trained to meet people that are hiring and zen deck is generous for two of the flounz so for so so thank you to zen deck i want to mention little initiative through the sf tech program for the contractor workers and helping folk up their skills and help them with their taxes and with the full union in new york we have more than 5 hundred members are eligible to get health care and other kinds of
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insurance next year it the amazing program i feel like our mission of hoping folks to tell their stories has been happening for 39 years it is important to be a technology organization that's been around for that long the reason we've been around that along bus of the as you sit here now deck train so thank you, again, for zen deck go with that i'm going to turn it over to the trainer from zen deck to start the graduation (clapping) and thanks i'm joe i work as zen deck about 3 years i'm going to present the certificates to the graduates
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first up patrick (clapping). rose marie (clapping) gary (clapping) there's gary michael >> winston (clapping) sorry winston. (clapping.) >> now (clapping) kit (clapping)
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emmanuel (clapping) marseille (clapping) thank you, everyone all right. >> (clapping) photo op. >> ready everyone here congratulations
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>> commissioner low -here. >> commissioner harrison? >> >> here. >> commissioner levitan has an excused absence. just real quickly a reminder, we would welcome everyone, but ask that you turn off any electronic-sounding devices that could go off during the proceedings. if you are having secondary conversations, we would ask that you take them outside to allow the meeting to run as efficiently as possible. if you would like to speak on any item, we request that you complete a blue card. you do not have to fill out a blue card, but we go through these cards first and will call for additional public comment after we go through the cards. each person -- commissioner, three minutes? >> three minutes. >> on each item under "public comment." if you would like to address the commission on an item that is not on the calendar, but is under


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