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tv   [untitled]    March 28, 2015 1:00am-1:31am PDT

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owner has owned this since 2001 they opinioned it when it feels a implies bar it is disjen us we have 90 objections to music we don't want it a.m. if i had and to 2:00 a.m. we can compromise how about music stops at midnight if the music stops at 2:00 p.m. you can put all you want when those people walk out loud and drunk a huge amount of noise in the neighborhood that's residential i love evolution but noah valley
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is all apartments on 24th street above retail and bipt elizabeth is you'll residential with families and we would like to see a bar restaurant but bike to see a bar restaurant that fits in with noah valley. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> bruce i live on elizabeth street with my wife you've heard from any won't reiterate only to say i agree with every word she says especially now i really go agree i want to add one other thing it smells this project is underway for quite a while and our position if the back street neighbors is rather late wisp not aware of what was happening until less than two weeks ago i want to make a note as a citizen
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a protest i think we that's to express my concern this was the hearing that was supposed to come into the mail and posted on the front of the bliss bar when i made my way down here it says the sponsor seeks to amend the conditions on motion 8778 okay i don't know what that means it didn't disclose much to me not until not last friday but the friday before when it was continued on the item on the agenda i found it open the website i peeled back the layers to learn it was proposed for
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a.m. if i did entertainment expend hours on weekends and as my wife piloted will have a bad effect on the neighborhood i don't believe this is - the mixed use that was set up by it should be maintained thank you. >> hi, i'm amy kennedy i'm the homeowner on elizabeth street i've owned that home since 2004 i'm a working mom of two kids our basement faces the back of the house i'm in strong opposition for the changes proposed here i feel that this bar was definitely noisy the
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owners of the boar own the project it is concerting i think there is a lot that what about done there are united that don't require a parking space and a bar in existence that can operate as a bar i'm a big believer in a noah valley neighborhood but i'm not in favor of changing the family friendly character of our neighborhood by amending the motion by spending hours by allowing a.m. if i had music we stated there we have tons of neighbors with kids that's a family friendly neighborhood my kids may hopscotch on the neighborhood i want to keep the
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family friendly neighborhood and not allow the variance asked for by this project thank you. >> is there any additional public comment i do have a couple of cards sorry. >> (calling names). >> i spoke with susan who had to leave she left a video i don't know how to play a short video she recorded in the hallway. >> do you have it on a memory stick. >> no. >> this is a first. >> (laughter). if you want to try to put it in the overhead >> in the meantime mine is on the screen.
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>> the sound may not work. >> make sure is it so facing towards the ceiling right here. >> yeah. sound wise that's not going to work. >> i live on elizabeth. >> it's not loud enough. >> it you want to e-mail. >> sure hi thank you for your time thank you to michael smith and jerry any and tom for being in communication with us and
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receptor to our comments i live in noah valley adjacent to the proposed construction site my bedroom and housemates walls share walls with the site i talked about with the tenants of noah valley who work and reside month of whom can't come bogging because of work and family retranscript i've got several signatures if you're interested in viewing them i received universal support from the neighbors we're welcoming of new businesses and growth in noah valley we know that concessions have to be made and tolerance we would like to be considered as well considering the project will emancipation proclamation tail a year or more of loud just a second hammering and
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restoration and construction and co-habilitation along the business years after the conception we would like to ask the city to help us maintain peace health and sanctity that it will restricted to week days only i know about speaking about the schedules love of the businesses require tranquility open weekends no is that a owners they're first language is not english they were afraid to come but they rely on weekend for their income and may want be able to survive there are folks like myself that need morning hours to consultation business and tenants that rely on a few
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hours of respite so we may sub let rooms and hopefully pay rent and all the nearby business owners and residents supported the week day only construction so we can have breaks during the long building process ahead and when the noah valley block recipe also asked that hours of operation not steady 10:00 p.m. or at least the entertainment i had a lot of fun issues on other exciting things and lastly well, the higher acquisition and noise in the tenant dwellings i don't think they have a lot of noise containment but hearing tenants
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laughing and shouting thank you for your time. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm pedro mime family has owned the building next door to the bliss bar for quite a while i am in favor of the project it is a great restaurant going to go in i share concerns about the construction and maybe keeping the construction on a weekly basis or keeping well-informed of exceptions that took place my other major concerns for the is that a hot tubs the extension of the building is going to go to the back and the fence there is not we enjoy a lot of privacy but i'm concerned with the extension of the building and
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the new resident having access that a higher fence or other barrier protect sound used to be put there so the is that a. >> my name is charles i've been an awecoustic engineer i've dealt with noise problems people complaining about noise in my comparisons the noise problems could have been addressed when the start of the project when they're not and have neighborhood complaints it could
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take years to fix the problems businesses have gone into bankruptcy because of important planning this project we're planning on doing it in a pro-active way i think you have copies of my letter i sent to the city weeks ago that stat march 12 i stated the acutely planning and what needs to be addressed my proposal for this project the acoustic engineer to provide the information to the city because at the end after the project is completed i obviously need to meet the awe can you feel standards everyone has add to i'm excited to be involved ♪ project mitigate the noise as
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part of the planning process rather than as they say having to respond as a result of neighboring complaint i'll be happy to answer my questions now or later thank you for your time >> good afternoon. i'm vince i've been a restaurant interpret if the city for thirty years currently a instructor at city college i've been asked to come on board to talk about the cost factors related to a change over from the current situation of the bar that existed to the planned restaurant coming forward. >> are you employed by the project sponsor. >> yes.
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>> i'm sorry your comments should have been part of the project sponsor. >> can i continue. >> no. your part of the project sponsor team. >> very good sorry thank you. >> is there any additional public comment. >> commissioners, thank you i'm terrence allen not employed by the project sponsor i'm here as a follow-up to last thursday meetings when unanimous, you voted recommendations to the board of supervisors to do you want legislation that was drafted by president london breed to constitute a planning process in resistance of construction of residential housing around existing places of entertainment in this particular situation we had the reverse an opportunity
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for a place of entertainment to respect the built environment and the residential unit i think we can taco take the application of the theory and flip it on its head where we have relying owners and capable designers and more than capable engineers that are coming forward to have an exciting built environment not disturbed by the new project that's an ideal situation and should be embraced and we could a have resident coming into existing places of entertainment neighborhood that the use go on
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within the building and build that building in a way to make it sound proof this is how it can be flipped open its head how to move forward and allow for our evolution of uses in the city that has to happen for the city to remain vibrant we can't ask the new businesses to make the rent and pay the wages the city requires we can't ask it that to happen without asking for them to have time to evolve and asking for change i believe is an opportunity for us to see how that works going forward and makes everyone happy as a result thank you for letting me make the parallel comparison what's before you today and last week.
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>> is there any additional public comment. >> okay public comment is closed. and opening up to commissioners commissioner richards. >> glad to speak first mr. paul and mr. allen have experience from the upper market where the cafe trigger there's more than i can remember the question for the nightclubs have you called the planning department to ask the conditions enforced of the motion purpose referenced in 1980 any neighbor can come up and let me know what their experience has been. >> i've lived there 11 years i'll call the non-emergency number. >> that's the police. >> the police come and 20 minutes later i didn't know the action 8778 excited i got the
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letter i had - >> right. >> so i don't know that. >> if we grant this the project sponsor will be the first point out of contact and liaison and phone number for someone i want to make sure you have that right everybody on that street gets effected as a result of us granting cu should exercise that right. >> one i guess a question to the zoning administrator the type 47 license we have a change in the alcohol versus food can you help me there and the type 47 is the r5u7b9 use the type 41 public comment is the beer and wine bona fide and type 47 is going to have liquor bore and
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wine. >> is there a requirement to the combination of food and alcohol what's the benchmark. >> the the bona fide eating place must have 50 percent from food. >> to off on a tangent i spend more on alcohol 0 than food and the alcohol could be $30 on my bill of $50 i get the fact of patrons if you're open until 2 people go back thirty to their cars i lived on beaver street i get the same thing happening you can sell food but it is actually hard to do anything about what
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they might be able to do if we allow the extend hours what manufacture would you take. >> the reputation of the gentleman is impeccable you're the light force saving the day you're involved with its a good thing and mr. allen our comments are well-taken i'll support the project i'm a little bit more advance and do pass, consent to go slower they have the restaurant build up a reputation and come back and expend the hours more than they what i want the neighbors involved in the sound like progressively to make sure they can not here hear it and report back to the commission after a year to see
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how things are going. >> commissioner hillis. >> per the zoning administrator so the variance on the rear yard is for how much of that kind of is it only for the one story addition or the two story and three story. >> in the zoning district rear yard 25 percent is required for all levels even though the below grades the code prohibits that structure going to the rear yard line so at the ground level they will have the coverage and the floors residential is only at the lowest level the variance is being sought. >> it is the one story. >> about 28 and a half feet that's approximately where that building will be.
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>> we had a similar project on 18th street in the castro i can't remember what we do they were asking they were allowed to go. >> yeah. it was slithering different a new construction of a vacant lot we worked with the neighbors who had concerns about that rear yard encroachment and slightly different they were seeking rear yard notification that is not meeting the rear yard notification the difference between the two the notification not the same scrutiny your eligible for that if if in one the previous cases you take the amount of open space and have it relocated they have a deck for the unit above but not equals it is 8 hundred square feet if they
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have more open space that on the property it wouldn't be a variance but a rear yard notification to the rear yard variance request i have concerns there is a pattern of buildings encroaching to the rear yard and seeking justification you there, however, would like to see more efforts for a soft ening presence with the so they were to increase some of the open space so they qualified for the notification but the roof deck will help. >> you have to bring the building back. >> they'll not have to change the building only above so potentially extend to the rear yard property line with a green roof or more open space something less than a roof in the rear yard what is there i
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agree with the neighbors is quite attractive there's i've i didn't and the interact between the commercial that buildings on 24th street so i think there needed 80 needs to be more effort in minimizing the impact. >> can you ask you a question mr. paul you're asking for a lot it is the size of the statement rear yard variance hours the unit without parking i mean most of it i think it fine but i have trouble with the rear yard kind of a deck with a roof whet that itch space only the ground floor could it cut off where the patio is the
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two story and keep outside green space and hours probably - >> one question thank you commissioner hillis i appreciate the opportunity to address those questions arrest unfortunately mr. the gentleman notable to complete his remarks were going to speak about the bar versus the restaurant use net result of the increase in assembly space increase in space used by the public is going to be a net reduction this rear extension to create the back of the house as a restaurant if we don't have that space we can't do it in that dark space that allows us to perform several functions we get to contain the sound completely
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and have a rear retaining wall that is failing we're going to get to insure the safety i have that slope behind us i understand your point will the landscaping on top of that i know we have not got a plan and amenable to work with the planning department to develop a better approach to what it becomes we want to make sure it was not open to the patrons of the bar that will be no physical assess from the physical general public and hoping to create a barrier between the residential terrace and the rear yard so we kind of will have a terrace adjacent to the unit and then space is now just a roof which we'll be amenable to further landscaping to making it
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more attractive and appropriate. >> did you sit down with the neighbors and talk about the hours. >> we have and the question really come down to one of sound and the kind of the disturbance they've experienced from the past as a bar and restaurant we could be open until 2:00 a.m. the question of hours really is was will the neighborhood support economically and frankly i don't see future business or future business that might be there at some time in the distant future wednesday and thursday is not going to happen in that part of noah valley we could open up for holidays and someone in the neighborhood
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wants a wedding or registration permit to go to late hours i don't foresee this as a heavy drinking bar a bar restaurant the kind of music likely to have is not music to attract in the element that is not already in noah valley there are a couple of bars up the block there's twin peaks and noah valley tavern they are up late night because they have a high employment profile. >> have you made concessions you mention to the neighbors about hours of a.m. if i had music. >> through my michael smith we've discussed that and asked for entertainment every night of the week until all hours he
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suggested we agree to limits on monday, tuesday, and wednesday and slightly later on thursday, friday and saturday i'll asking you to allow us for earlier hours the daytime use for live entertainment is very appropriate. >> commissioner moore. >> mr. sanchez i was interested in the suggestion of the at all effectiveness i'll strongly object i want to see it is effected by the proposed sect for a balcony for this particular deck to pull in further and stay away from the property line theirs complaints about people looking into joining yards i don't see a necessity for the decks patio whatever it is called i'd like
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to see together with the slaptd treatment of the roof potentially landscaping in the building rather than the patio coming dribble to the property line on both sides that allows screening for everyone including a more pleasant view from elizabeth street to the back of their homes looking at something that could be a green roof in constructing green roof i know you're familiar with the roof and maybe that will be the minimum we'll expect for this is the conflicting use i'm not saying it is but the responsibility is on the mr. president, creating the maximum


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