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tv   [untitled]    March 30, 2015 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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. >> it sfgov ready? sfgovtv we're starting the meeting in a couple of minutes
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>> good afternoon it's monday march 23, 2015, and it is 2:02 p.m. that is the sxhauks meeting and before we start the agenda please silence all electronic devices. that ring and if you do plan to make public comment we appreciate a speaker card you can fill out a speaker card but not necessary and with that mr. president we'll move on to item number one call to order and roll call. >> commissioner adams commissioner dooley commissioner president dwight
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commissioner ortiz-cartagena commissioner l. riley commissioner white commissioner tour-sarkissian mr. president, we have quorum. >> all right. so first order of business is general public comment the commission except agenda items. the item is reached in the meeting. each member of the public may address the commission for up to 3 minutes. for items not going to be discussed today month by month anybody have new items for consideration seeing none item 3 >> public comment is closed. >> item number 3 a presentation on google small business engagement today commissioners your receiving a presentation from rebecca the public affairs manager google and joe global
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business with google and adriana the person that oversees the diversity with google and alison is with the diversity section of google sfgovtv i believe we have a power point presentation. >> probably google dots actually (laughter) exactly. >> it is up on the computer not on the screen is that how it - . >> there you go. >> great. >> good afternoon commissioner thank you very much for hosting us today as i was introduced i'm rebecca respect started with google about 6 months ago that is your broader program to explain to the partners and city how google participants in helping small business so a few things i wanted to
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point out number one google has an office in san francisco since 2007 at fulsome and spear one of the things number one was to make on appointment with our director to talk about how we could infuse more san francisco businesses into google we support a lot of local san francisco business within google some examples for barrel coffee and t h o we have produce but obviously want to expand and there's room to grow that's why we're here we're going to it only a grander level to help small businesses thrive locally i want to introduce joe who runs the global streams for us. >> thank you, commissioners it's an honor to be here he want to talk about how google is hard working for the love of our
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consumers especially our small businesses they have a lot of challenges that large business don't have they can hire specialists with people with skill sets when it comes to matthew or h.r. mathing opportunity we're trying to make our products easy and understand when small businesses can handle using technology and making it simple on the front end our guiding anyone a hydratraffic to win the moments that the small businesses interact with the community to make better decisions giving them represents for the success of their business and to constantly innovative that are
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things in the business community to improve the life of the business owner those are the areas we focus on i'll show you our larger and other programs to help small businesses and the focus primarily in community like san francisco so first off the google small business community this community is available online to all small businesses but we do market it in focused areas around the country especially in areas that struggle with technology or under developed areas or minority business owners or english is a second language we offer it in english and spanish first of all, for the hours for the folks in addition to calling google on the phone i'll show you later people can go online to enter a video call with us and other
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business owners and ask questions about using technology with their business we'll help them through accommodating those programs and we teach them complex things about online marketing and make them simple for example, we can explain with minimum community is it is a term that maybe unknown to business owners we provide a video program in san francisco that gives business owners tips on how to improve their presence on the web in this case to ask questions that way your telephone is more of a support tool and finally connect business owners with other brvrnz to link to others
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business owners give each other advise you'll talk about california get our business opening online it is helped nearly half a million businesses it looks at businesses that are not online at all we provide a free website and free classes for business owners both in english and spanish in order to get them started with a website we don't do this year for profit but it is the right thing to do and want better search results for bob's. >> next google for entrepreneurs so as opposed to get our business on line this focuses on embraces that want to startup companies a great way to get jobs we support businesses with money that goes towards
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office space and counseling, etc. as you can see one great example is philanthropic hudson frederick himself was a counted felon that started up a company and it is doing well in san francisco so i run the google c x web what we do with the c x lab to bridge the gap between technical online products so we provide face to face around the community and we also have invited businesses from san francisco to come into the office where we interact in order to help with the products for small businesses to use your goal not-for-profit for google but profit for the small businesses if we can make small
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businesses successful google will be eventually success the flablg flagship product that allows small businesses to knot with larger businesses they have keywords and advertise the is that you a large birs business large business has dominated advertising but now people are able to get involved with a much better entry this is a platform that allows business owners to pubically broadcasted broadcast video messages to tens of thousands of folks at any time it gives small business owners a voice they advertise their products it is completely free google for work a based application tool that provides
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tools for businesses at a pay per user pricing it is a very great option for small businesses who only have a few people it let's them spend a little bit to get great technology they'll audio have to spend a future so for $5 a month per user they assess those tools okay. i'll be followed by any colleague that will talk about the diversity programs thank you. >> hello commissioners pleasure to meet you i am a program manager on our diversity markets team and alice mr. be leading a piece of the presentation as well he gave you a great explanation what google t is doing we focus on building programs towards diverse
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communities to make sure there're equal assess for online tools as well as access to opportunities we're trying to equalize that field we described this is a digital devices we have 3 key fireman's in the past year the first one is a program i'm lead for the small business fists program we launched this in november of last year and i'll go into more details to accelerate with the google academy alison will go into detail the education a piece and the last with the community partners we understand p as joe described a lot of the businesses are wearing so many hats we understood by a lot of research coming if the communities that sdpichs small businesses face many other difficulties in terms of
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reaching capital and getting their foot into the door we're trying to utility this obstacle so the small business diversity program i mentioned launched in november to make sure that google is not utilizing the same vendors but findings the best vendor to continue to innovative and find a broad set of vendor that have tactical ways to get into google whether the food we're buying or the fortune, etc. so again in order to continue to grow innovative we need small businesses to thrive wire only focused on the buildings of the capacity what we do was build a hybrid of diversity programs a non-traditional programs we have
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two polarized one getting inside of google and the second one building their capacity that is specifically through the accelerate with google academy we're going to go into detail the entire mission to insure that women veterans and lgbtq businesses have an opportunity to gain contract with google and you know the last thing we help them good online not as doing the right thing as joe mentioned. >> i want to highlight so i want to highlight the founder of great great oil that makes business similar to google we started in a garage about a year ago she thought that was a hobby and at faerments selling her grain oil one of the employees found her but product and wanted
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to feature the micro kitchen all the google's employees try the product she moved into a large facility and features in hundreds of micro kitchens throughout the kitchen and google offices she was previously actually in a tech company and left the tech company and we're proud of you know the dream she's built for herself i am sorry to alison better known at the scene that will talk about the academy and how we're trying to build the capacity of small businesses. >> everyone good afternoon so i want to talk about a program we've started about a i can't remember and quarter ago called the accelerate with google academy a 12 a class we host over a session to help educate business owners on two things
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one to use their website to be found online and to grow in their business in the scope of google in a business sense that business is not online your got going to show up in any of google's or celebrity systems so we built a program to help to increase the website for businesses across the united states we focus on in bound search engine option and lower s e n to search the engine to introduce the consumers to add words and educating them about what our tool is and how to build their campaign for their customers if you - we have our small business enrollment program a benefit of the program last year businesses that don't feel like they need to have the
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diversity program and it is live on so you can check out the application and apply to the program and then i wanted to mention two other pieces that tie into the previous offensive around the exit there was a mention of efficiency and the google app pay per user we insure that we bring the value to the small businesses to give them a discounted rate you're only paying per user if you have 5 employees you get a 25 percent discount and those businesses can't wait thirty or 60 net days for the larger corporations so our payment cycle is 5 to 10 days we're committed to paying them on time so this is all we had today i'll
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allow rebecca to make another remarks or passing materials out as it relates to what we're doing for small businesses. >> madam director. >> i do have some google in san francisco fact sheets for northern california business sheets thank you for your time today. >> okay great. >> we might have questions from fellow commissioners. >> commissioner adams. >> thank you. this was a great presentation and i really liked what you're doing with minority marnlts i love the story with the granola sitting in a garage and it took the tech industry those are the kinds of stories i
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want to thank google for doing the right thing for the communities and the small business community i know that you guys are involved with small businesses thank you very much for that that's important so this is a good presentation i liked it enjoyed it. >> commissioner adams we've been involved that small businesses for this is our - >> what year. >> i got involved last year. >> thank you as someone that got involved in that myself this year. >> commissioner white. >> yes. tutor giving this presentation even myself was up still recently what do you mean if you put in 5 chickens and they don't come up so i have two questions though because i've hearing this is great what other outreach has been dysfunction in
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the small business community there's a network and chatting online who you u how did you reach those small businesses and in the future is there another languages 24 will be in. >> well first of all, we have something called google my business our localizing our free product but if you search for a business on a map that's - that's the experience you see for all the businesses and from there a list of businesses across the country almost every business in san francisco is listed on the google maps those are the maps to do the outreach to businesses that's primarily where we find the businesses and do classes wisconsin i taught one this morning through the chamber. >> the first thing through the chamber and the golden state association we're doing those every other month for the
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nonprofits we don't have small businesses to if you have suggested or want to come or organize one reach out to us i'd love to add anyone else ever you thank you. >> commissioner ortiz-cartagena. >> on the languages i need to get back you with on the answer by the way if not we should be. >> okay. >> commissioner ortiz-cartagena. >> yeah. i want to express i'm excited i'm from the mission district i know that rebecca you've reached out to our community i'm excited what you'll bring thank you for your presentation and the work in the future. >> all right. thank you all for coming out tonight. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> commissioners supervisor tang wants to present - did you
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want to start off we can move on to another item? >> good afternoon. i'm here on behalf of kaing she'll be up shortly we've started with the department of public health we have a representative so we can start with cindys presentation and the inspires will be here shortly. >> okay. >> so mr. president commissioners, i had forgot to put your written public comment in your packet that was brought up and distributed so what's
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best to call item 4 and 6 together and so shall i do that mr. president. >> yes, please. >> okay. so item 4 discussion and possible action to make recommendations to the board of supervisors on file number 141302 the health code practitioners establishment and associated fees making amendments to the health code to make changes to the massage ordinance i'm not going to read through the details summary and then item 4 is discussion and possible action to make recommendations to the board of supervisors on file number 141303 the planning code amending the planning code regarding the massage establishments to make sure that you are aware so cindy comfort has worked in the legislation
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section with the department of public health and diego sanchez is here from the planning department here and supervisor tang will be presenting awhile we're waiting for her we'll start off with cindy. >> those are items 4 to 5 together. >> good afternoon commissioners i'm cindy work at the san francisco health department managing planning and policy and for those of you not amount with the environmental health grant we're happy new year of regulatory oversight for the natural built environment that pertains to health in the environmental health branch we have 14 regulatory programs and some of the regulatory regulations are making sure that hotels are held to a certain standard of cleanness and
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sanction and taxicab are aimed at the public good and regulate restaurants to make sure that people are safe and one of the other programs is the massage program in that program we also the imagine age we conjectural routine appointments to make sure the place is well ventilated and we respond to complaint and issue permits and licenses so today i'll talk about the overview why we need the changes and specifically the health code and diego sanchez is here to answer the questions about the hunting and supervisor tang will talk about the outreach and some of the changes
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to the legislation for the legislation that was committed through our stakeholders. >> so kind of give a broad overview there are 3 things to accomplish with the legislation one is to conform local law to state law and two the improve the regulation of our massage establishments and 3 to increase the healthy neighborhoods so our goal through changes and our ordinance and health codes to improve the worker safety and provided a safe establishment within the massage industry so in order to understand the need for the legislation changes i'm going to spend a couple of minutes about the background of massage in 2006 the san francisco health department started regulating the
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practitioners and massage establishments and prior was from the police department we want to see the massage towards a healthy industry it was more towards difficulty entertainment so the health department believed in the therapy with the stress and reducing blood pressure so the department of public health regulates the massage permit for establishment for locations and for practitioners so in order to do get to open a massage place you'll have to get a permit from the distributing and have practitioners that are licensed by the department of public health in 2008, the state passed an intersection intersection ordinance it shifted control if massage therapist to a newly
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formed entity called the massage council is creates a volunteer program for massage certified through this entity but unfortunately, it also created a lot of loopholes that restricted local establishments so in a nut shortfall they had hundreds certified you're exempt from local permitting which medians you didn't have to get a permit from the department of public health or go through land use planning over the last several years we've seen many establishments under the prevents exemption and seen a lot of proliferation of establishments in san francisco it is fine but those lack
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oversight for the cleanliness and were established with illegal activity we hope this prevents illegal places if opening and close those in existence and provides services in need and robust permitting and listening program for all massage establishment to flourish in san francisco as i alludes two parts to the legislation two amendments one to the health code 3 things in the health code we want to codify simulating that losses local jurisdictions we're adding additional amendments to improve enforcement and transparency and through this legislation we're going to partner with our community health and promptal grant to have a better
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educational outreach to workers and provide linkages and services and health care and other social purposes for workers so a little bit about the connection massage recollection and the public health it is seen as positive by the department of public health but unfortunately the regulatory environment created by the state impede the ability to have a healthy community i spoke about the loopholes of the unregulated businesses and those businesses don't have the same permitting of the hygiene of equipment and proper sanitation all have a health impact we recognize the many massage parlors are