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tv   [untitled]    April 5, 2015 8:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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up wincing violence against family members. my normal is running frathum the police, you didn't talk to police about anything. fast forward to being a supervisor and being at plaza east and having the police aufsers there and the knhunty members are saying to the police we want you here and want a relationship with you. we want to trust you. we want to make sure that our community is safe. and that is what we need to be doing. we need to focus on making sure we have the kind of police officers like yo landa williams and miriam jackson, like the folks that care about making a difference in protecting our communities in our police department. when
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we have a situation like the text messages or officer involved shootings we have to deal with that swiftly. i know there is process, but it is important to explain to the public what that process is. the chief doesn't have the power to fire someone, the commission has that. how do we deal with that swifter than in the past because it isn't moving fast enough. we need to make sure those thingerize clear and dealt with [inaudible] [inaudible] plagued
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our city for far too long. so, i have a couple of things that i want to see happen and a lot of these rementdations have already been made both by the former community police relations board as well at the nacp when reverend brown talked about when we barack
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[inaudible] the 300 new officers we expect on the streets. we need to make sure these officers are coming from the community and san francisco who understand the challenge of communities and how to respect while policing in the communities. the other thing is yes, we need cultural training. we need to make sure we are training people to understand we are all different. we expect you to reexpect those differences. not oppose those differences. if you have a problem with those differences, we are not
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indiana so you can kick rock jz go somewhere else. the point is we need to make sure that training isn't a training that can come and go dependent on budget cuts. it needs to be a required training just like the academy has driving classes and all the other things, this has to be a natural part of the curriculum and need to move for ward in that direction. finally, one of the other recommendations i have been thinging about after meeting with daniel landry and maty scott and a couple other people that brought up the community police relations. i remember christopher mohammed, mareium jackson, reverend brown and others who came up with a very very long plan of over 200 something recommendations from brushing your teeth with your
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right hand-i'm just kidding reverend brown. all these recommendations it was like a dissertation. i want to make sure shat we look at what those recommendations were and what are the ones we implemented, are they working and what can we continue to move forward to implement in the department. i think that we need to basically bring new life to the community police relations board. let me be clear, a community police relations board doesn't need to be created by the mayor. does not need to be created by the board of supervisors. the community police relations board needs to be created by the community and for the community of member thofz police department and the community who come together and meet regularly and who deal with challenges before they come with the department. that is what we need to do and so
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i'm committed to continuing to work with you all to try and implement some of these recommendations and yes, i have gotten [inaudible] recommends. there are all these recommendings being done. we all have a role to play and this is the first step in moving in that direction. it isn't a perfect solution, but if we are committed with rolling occupy our sleeves i'm committed to doing my part to support the folks who are prepared to not only work today, but work tomorrow, work the next day, work the next day because you can never let up with a problem like this. this isn't a ovnight problem. this didn't happen in 1, 2, 3, years. this is embedded sadly
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inl the history of law enforcement and slavery in this country, so it is up to us to be consistent and on top of the issue if we want change and i'm prepared to work with you with that >> thank you president breed. let me say i'll follow up with supervisor cohen and breed and avalos and campus. i think the hearing and the testimony has been valuable, eye opening. i'm in agreement with many from the community speakers that the racism and sexism home phobia and bias is systemic in the police department and other departments as others said. it is embedded in the culture and practices. there are patterns we have known for generation jz many years. suggestions have been brought before. my hope is the 5 of us work with colleague squz the mayor to think about how we dist rupt
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these patterns. it is critical that we insure we have data. whistle blower programs and reporting conduct and racism comment is critical whether the cleef can do that as a directive or whether it happens at the board level, those are questions we'll look at. screenings of officers for red flags of biases and other patterns. trainings when the academy or field training program, how we sustain key antebias and bias free type programs is critical. i like that a number of people said when you do anteoppression and bias trainings you need to involve the affective communities. those are good session versus straight up academing training. i want to thank the officers and justice
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and leadership for being here. reverend brown and others-[inaudible] revealed tremendous antemexican and latino and don't think that is brought out in the press as much as [inaudible] i thipg we are going look closely at the ovlap of the sessions. to daniels suggestion of having the department of justice or outside institutions look closely at san francisco, i think that is long over 37 do like other cities. i want to say this is the first of hopefully a number of hearings that we'll have. my hope is we come back in 2 month sometime in june to follow up, but i think emphasizeing the suggestions that came out of the hearings with the thought that the organizations put into
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are what i hope we can do with the 5 of us >> one of the things i wanted to talk about it is, one of the ways we make our priorities know is through budget. what we fund and what we downtown fund. as weget to the budget season i want remind us of this hearing. there is a series of recommends made to us, some with budget cost and some without any. we need it make sure that these over site departments such as the district attorney office and office of citizen complate have the resources they need in order to conduct fair investigations within the sheriffs department, the police department and the fire department if ever necessary. so i just want to be mindful of that as woe go into the budget season >> i'll work with you and
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president breed on bringing those sessions and others as the budget process moves for would. april and midmay are the time to talk about these key program. let me thank everyone for stay ing long. it is 635:00. can i recommend we continue with the call of the chair? can we do that without objection. is there any other business >> no other items. >> thank you everyone. meeting adjourned.
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>> (clapping.) all right. everybody ready runners to the starting line no, not yet let's say roosevelt middle school in the house? yeah. >> is rolth middle school in the house is right now cap in the house do question have the san francisco community in the house all right. well, good afternoon everybody had a friday i'm facebook's the jlgd of the rec and park
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department and have the great pleasure of inviting you to the kezar track reopening (clapping) so there are 3 dates for us to keep in mind about this amazing facility 1925 it used to be governor jerry brown ma cleaners nurses in 1924 from 1925 to 1989 hosting all kinds of things like motor cross and it hosted obviously football and it host did lacrosse and auto racing and baseball and cricket and, of course, go football the warriors and the oakland raiders played here now let's go to 1989 in that year that becomes the people's track
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the 49ers are at candle stick but in 1989 this facility reopened as the people's track the home of over 20 mid-markets and amateur runners and competitive runser and high school court we get a special event like the barcelona and staifrd played football and one lacrosse for the last let's see 24 years it has been the people's track and the people's complex we flash-forward to 2014 after this incredible track that lasted 22 years got a facelift you'll hear from them in are a second but thank you mar and london breed and our board of supervisors this was done through the city capital planning committee
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program over $3.2 million to roommate this beautiful site some things you'll notice for those of you paying attention is the now 9 lanes a track that is a track you'll not find anywhere in the world and on top of that you'll see some other beautiful elements to this kezar many of you are sitting in where did those seats could from candle stick over one thousand seats those goalposts those are one of the best brass fields in the city a new perimeter walkway and paving to 88 sentence ability improvements but because we're talking about sports today those things don't happen alone i've got a lot and
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a lot and a lot of thank you's so is special recognize to the track and fields community that pushed see how many met norz they've helped us to get this done i want to thank the kezar track visas and the san francisco unified school district all of their athletic teams the special recognize to our san francisco unified school district director who supported in renovation for this event (clapping.) where's donny where is he hiding and mark christen from the citizens advisory committee who 0ergd students letters of support and renée the president of the citizens advisory committee and (clapping.) so thank you's to my staff and
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our capital project manager steve ca steel his incredible team our running around the track but i want to be playing soccer and this includes others our permits and reservation team and michelle is here and peter and eric chu (clapping) this doesn't get done would you mohammed nuru our director robert and albert thank you. the design who helps us design this facility and a lot of our supports and athletic activities i don't know in tony it is here
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a big round of applause for march and boston and john and others bruce if i'm that - a special guest letting start with our fabulous mayor who is running this city like a first class markuper mayor ed lee >> i'll give the inside track laughing and i'm really happy to be here with supervisor london breed and supervisor katie tang and school member hydra mendosa i know we all ago if you're going to be an elected official in san francisco you ought to run here first; right?
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(clapping.) in almost two years ago activist visited me and gave me picture calvin you handed me those pictures he said you've got to get that done mayor it will only cost $2 million and so $2.7 million later we wanted to do it right and rec and park and their contractors said this a unique track over the decades it was out of whack with funding and unevenness we had to get this right because those kids we want to make sure they grew up with a world-class track because their world-class students in san francisco (clapping) >> you mention my appreciation for our middle school kids you know you're our future i'm not to see you grew up and have
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the best city ever you ever appreciated whatever your future is here or elsewhere you'll realize the city did everybody for you if you're ellis acted i presiding ride muni for free all the way until your seniors if you had an opportunity happen to meet up with 12k5ig9d you'll ride for free and a lot of parks and open space, in fact we have 15 and a half million dollars to spend on 6 more open space mraurlgdz we've looked forward to do with those kinds of investment parks track and field and playground they're the great especiallyers along with with transportation we want kids to
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grow up healthy and successful and begin with those types of investment i'm happy to work with the board of education with our board of supervisors together to deteriorate those opportunities to you make sure we make world-class standards our standards in everything we do as those kooidz kids grew up and the parents and activists this is history-making at kezar stadium we continue the very story that they started us a lot of great teams starting yeah, the 49ers and did cricket and rugby all those sports started another kezar he wanted to continue the history with the seats of candle stick in the middle as we reinvent and strategize our public facilities
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i know i'm not looking like i'm dressed for the 4 hundred meter race today but i'm going to do a little bit of that pro tem that i will be out here even more with all of you and be watching the competition because today, we're going to see some great practice sessions but i'm looking forward to national competition as you can see this happening with this national if not international all the competitors about feel like me and say gosh how how can a public facility have this kind of world-class condition it is because we have a fantastic conversation going on with everyone this is the kind of facility and reflected in everything we do in our parks and open spaces but in our treatment of our public education alu ugly to get
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students out of world-class standards to compliment the experience and the competition that going on here i'm very glad to be here let the show and the ribbon cutting begin and the 1 hundred yard dash beginning i was going to do that because the ambulance showed up and are here. >> we have a couple of people we're not going to cut everything but just to continue sheets been since elected to office adjoin 13 she said she's been pushing hard i don't care what hurdle come your way ladies and gentlemen, the president of the board of supervisors london breed (clapping) i want to start off with a message that are behind me razz
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the mayor don't beat him, too bad on the track let him are a head start we don't want you to ludicrous any razes mr. mayor or the malia cohen. >> this is a great day i know that folks have worked on this this is a labor of love for the young people who are here who are patiently waiting for us to get out you thought way i grew up in the city i watched fwlooel beat so many high school teams in the city including laurel and so great football games and track meet this place has never looked better i'm thankfully to you all the folks been involved not only pushed u pushing the mayor and phil ginsburg but the
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folks from the kezar track advisory committee the hate ashbury neighborhood council so many people care about making sure we have a world-class facility now we have it let's use it thank you (clapping) thank you london i want to knowledge probably the fastest elected official she ran track katie tang from district 4 and before we do our race i'm going to bring up a couple more folks hydra mendosa to come up and say a few word and vice president of the rec and park allen leo and his colleague mcdonald. >> i want to say a big, big thank you on behalf of the san francisco unified school district your schools don't have tracks most schools don't have track thank you for making sure our schools are getting what wee
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necessary need on behalf of the this mayor ed lee and london breed thank you for not staying in our lanes to make our kids have one of the best tracks in san francisco thank you. >> (clapping) >> another rec and park we dress the part. >> supervisor breed that is the only race the mayor is running in so i think you all have to let him win if he walked walk slower i want to recognize mark christen and another gentleman for coaching this track (clapping.) quiche ray was my coach at the high school when i came up with
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lame xoousz excuses not to republic he said allen everyone can run when you're doing time trials or walking a apartment or 23ri7bd helping this is for everyone and thank you kezar advisory committee you know sometimes, we don't listen but calvin this time i heard you thank you very much let's go out and run (clapping.) all right. a couple more thank you's san francisco police department parked captain roger thank you sfpd thank you our san francisco parkinson's as well and one celebratey he is the rec and park department greatest track coach and that's coach ken
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a big shout out who teaches track and fields all right. mar i'm going to ask anyone to join we've got - we are starting another that end >> (shouting and screaming.)enough?
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good afternoon, everyone and welcome to the sxhvrdz of march 31, 2015, and if you can't find a seat in the chamber we have an overflow room in room 263 timed madam clerk call the roll >> thank you supervisor avalos