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tv   [untitled]    April 7, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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neighbor to what kind of of an arrangement we we say no music that's for the public but testing out what is going to work inside the venue as well as her inside here apartment that level of testing the sound is important otherwise if you can't reach an agreement with our neighbors we're at an impasse any other questions from commissioners for the applicant thank you have a seat sfpd is there anybody from here i think from the central station no comments. >> okay officer ma acids submitted the conditions and approved that. >> okay and then that's fantastic anybody here from public comment on this, please come up and
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introduce yourselves and line up as well. >> hi thank you. i'm aaron a musician who has been playing at the square i want to comment that whether or not this is an impasse now because of work that needs to be done or negotiation to be activated it is a good opportunity to keep this on the table because this is one of the few places that has a real acoustic piano in a neighborhood that is basically violent cultural by the city because of live music historically that is something that is changing the dj implication in san francisco so let's keep this on the table and i support this just on that principle so that's all i have
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to say thank you. >> i believe we had someone else. >> hi. >> your name. >> i'm danielle i live above the square i guess i have questions i know that benjamin proposed a specific type of music just being a piano he talked to me about having it to 8 my concerns are if you know i mean, my question can you determine with the permit kind of instrument it is do you have regulations over whether or not they did i one day to add someone else to the piano it becomes louder or allowed to use speakers are the piano by itself and 28 p.m. do you have regulation over time and once he
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get a permit does he have to stop at a southern time and for instance benjamin doesn't work there in two or three months and now another manager i can play live music are those regulations going to be in place and the last concern i know you guys talked about the testing will he have to pass a sound like test he tried to reach me this we understand we kind of didn't connect until today but be a part that have and make sure i'm okay with that and make sure it's tested out. >> duo to kind of answer some of the questions yes, we can and some not like the length of performance time we can say until 8:00 p.m. we can write that into the conditions of the permit yes, we
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won't scripture what type of entertainment but then to the point of sound like testing we can put 3 as a condition of the permit that sound like testing per our staff will be done in our apartment and have to pass a sound test as part of that moving forward. >> okay. >> what about the frequency how many days per week what if i'm concerned if it's every night. >> sure limit the number of evenings it would be as well. >> okay. >> it sound like you still have a vast number of questions and concerns so it sound like there wasn't an opportunity to work through some of this are there any questions from any other commissioners no, thank you.
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>> any other public comment i want to make sure we get everybody on this seeing none okay. is there any discussion. >> i feel like it is the job of this commission to issue those permits whether they moot the criteria so the police signed off on it it is a limited live; right? so we can't actually issue this permit the piano bang there thirty years i mean, we can do that and condition it we can't tell them what kind of music to play or because that's free speech we don't condition foreclose on the other hand, i always think we don't want to negatively impact the neighbor i'm at a losing lost one part go ahead and issue the permit and
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restrict it as much as we possible can and you can come back and in 6 months or a year excusing to overwhelmed it to lift the restrictions that's my only recommendation unless staff has a better recommendation. >> in the past we've sent a technician to check the sound like. >> we can make a condition they have to pass the sound like test this it is can be one of the conditions. >> okay. >> so i think as a commission we should work on the conditions of this permit. >> okay. >> do a motion. >> so- the things had that have been proposed is limiting the number of evenings and the timeframe, and including the sound like test as part of the
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condition the 3 things we're heard if anyone wants to make a proposal i trust. >> we can issue a sound like test before we issue a condition it will have to be part of the condition. >> this is limited live so - pardon me commissioners in addition just knowing the good neighbor policy is part of every permit and the sound like proofing stipulations in there so that's the protection we've had limited live permits that have a sound like test we can make that part of the permits that won't be issued until that is done. >> i'll make the motion and then we'll talk about and amend the motion for the purpose of that so i move to approve this permit of limit live with the
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following conditions that the permit successfully passes our standards of sound like testing, that music during the week will end at 8 o'clock at night, music on the weekend will end at 10, and the explained would abide by every condition of the good neighbor policy including the phone number doing the appropriate sound testing if necessary coping the outdoor space clean all the 13 conditions the good neighbor policy that's my motion. >> okay. can you would you read that back cammy. >> this will be the approval of the conditions a sound like test done by our
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inspectors music allowed thursday through sunday until 8 p.m. and the other nights to 10 p.m. and the good neighbor policy. >> question. >> would you happen to. >> i'll second the motion. >> okay. now discussion on. >> would you consider holiday part of our your weekend. >> if the holiday for the previous sunday is part of weekend. >> are you asking for the amendment. >> would you consider adding holidays to the weekend. >> last week new years eve yes i accept that. >> i accept that amendment. >> one more question should we may be we don't have to get the involved if the sound
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like test and that will need did neighbors coordination so we hope our okay obviously the sound test is done with your cooperation so he see what you hear no, it's okay. but we'll talk after to make sure you're taking care of so related to that motion would you like to accept that amendment. >> which one. >> yes. i accepted it. >> is interest a second to that amended motion. >> seconded he made it. >> i second that. >> okay. >> can't we have two seconds now. >> his was a motion part. >> no, i'm assuming the second when you make an amendment the maker of the motion has to second it and the second has to
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accept it. >> so have you accepted. >> so to accept it. >> so we amend so noted thank you. >> on the motion and this is to do the sound like test with the neighbor neighbor to allow the music on southern days or a holiday in which it will be treated as a weekend date and the good neighbor policy. >> commissioner caminong commissioner perez commissioner joseph commissioner lee commissioner frost commissioner moshoyannis. >> i just want to say you don't have your permit you have to pass the sound like test first okay. >> please interact with our inspectors move our piano (laughter). >> contest it, it's okay. >> the next step is the strand
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item g at 1127 market street the poe permit. >> this is all part of the math the conservativey treat and we've received no opposition at all from the police approval is in our binder i believe the applicants jason is here to give you more information and possibly groovy pictures. >> well. >> i'm jason the director of the theater she can't and yeah. i have a few pictures i can talk about the project hopefully, we didn't buyer you under paper with our applications (laughter). >> it's probably a good thing is it not here is the rendering of the
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theatre i'm sure you're aware of we purchased the strand movie theatre built in 19 tennessee's or 20s we'll got a big rehabilitation and hopefully opening in may pending our approval of this entertainment permit and the existing go thing the two theatre says that a 2 hundred and 85 seat main house running from the prescription shows from the neighborhood and additionally one hundred seats applause black box this is designed by skid our architects here's a picture of the lobby excuse me. with a larger video screen inside and there's also here's the bar space and the original strand no on letters
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from the theatre we've rehabbed and putting back into the theatre and we've gone through a variety of the commissions in san francisco thus far heros the main theatre space here's looking at from the upper balcony space another look at theatre a lot of red i'll show this and this is the actual the black box space in the top of the theatre you can overlook city hall from this space this will be set up as the black hawk theater and the
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conservatory we'll have an actor that will be performing in this main stage house and adding one or two of the prescription shows you from the gary threat to the strand we'll activate the neighborhood with 1 hundred plus folks and additional our applications will be in this area we're excited and mirroring turning the corner and ribbon cutting in mid-may our first show will be the first week of june i'll be happy to answer any questions commissioner perez. >> hello thanks for coming and our prediction i noticed the black box has a lot of windows are they double-paned. >> yes. actually double-paned and there's screens that come down so it will actually be
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blackout screen used for black box we'll run classes for the m f a as well as the education program and do shows there as well. >> thank you. >> thanks. >> any other questions for the applicant? seeing none, thanks very much sfpd >> how are you. >> commissioner moshoyannis and sxhishgsz lieutenant dave with the san francisco police department another example of everything working together to bring something to the city we really need the revitalization of market street obviously abc is known to all of us this is the final phase they've got their liquor license locked up unless you have any questions we'll leave it in our
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trusted hands. >> thanks very much. >> okay any public comment on this item? feel free to come up and introduce yourselves. >> good evening i'm stephano i was strolling down market street i saw the posting for various permits like this is just what the doctor ordered this is exactly what that area needs we're lucky to have it it is totaled san francisco so i hope this thing opens with a great ribbon cutting ceremony. >> thank you. >> is there any additional public comment. >> okay. seeing none commissioners? >> move to approve this application with police department conditions. >> do we have a second. >> second.
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>> second. >> i think commissioner caminong. >> yep. >> on that motion to approve with the police conditions. >> commissioner caminong commissioner perez commissioner joseph commissioner lee commissioner frost commissioner moshoyannis. >> congratulations. >> okay. that was fast we love fast okay. next up we have gray area item h at 2065 mission platt place an entertainment permit. >> this is a gray area that is a nonprofit art sort of group that has taken over the older movie theatre they've been opts with us and want to have a full entertainment we got a petition from a neighbor in a letter with concerns why the neighborhood and received some letters of support so you have kind of both sides there maybe full comment
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as well as this is joseph to talk about that. >> hi, i'm super thrilled to be here i've been working with the city revitalization and collaborated with the commission i'm happy to finally be here we run one events and events without permits and all sorts of events it is really important to have it permit as we grow and expand through this theatre i have a presentation about gray area and brought letters of support from the neighborhood organizations from accident outreach with the local nonprofits and local neighboring businesses so i'll skip this i wasn't sure how this was going to work
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so gar area we produce education and computer programming to low income artists we teach people how to make artwork and collaborations we parked for many years with the city of san francisco if you're familiar with the festival that happened no 2012 we got an outdoor speaker permit for this and had 5 thousand people attend that show case now to the whole market street we produce public programming we've appraise over 2 hundred and thirty programs in san francisco but we've been in san francisco since 2006 we turned into nonprofit this is just a timeframe of a bunch of calculations with the city and county of san francisco we moved to mexican-american in
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2008 we produced the city festival a community festival with month partnered with with 10 local services we do a lot of community outreach the grand theatre is the best we didn't do such public outreach we're close to reaching our money we're in the final four days of our crowd campaign we've worked with the department of technology to produce the smart around the mayoral elections we're a good city partner we've done many, many collaborations with the mayor's office with the department of technology and the long, long list of the planning department turning into the market street festival a selection of past events we do everything from artist lecturers
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to programs to exhibitions this is one chunk of programming into the theatre but on a important revenue to sell the tickets to sustain the theatre so some of the projects we're would be he concreting creating by the work i don't know if you are following the projects but we support projects that activate public space on the top left a heart rate monitor that allows music to be played back when the heart rate is is escalated boston in 5 locates scaled to other cities we have a theater during the way a incubator program where 50 to one hundred artists working in
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the day a low income cost for the artists needing a place to work in the mission so this is kind of a background some of the work we've done if everything is familiar with the grand theatre on 23rd and mission we were able to sign a 10 year lease in april of 2012 raising money since then and trying to get our a-1 permit which finally has been approved as soon as we finish our construction we're about a couple of weeks away from finishing all that we'll be permitted for classrooms of seven hundred plus people that's 9 thousand square feet anyone is familiar from 2007 to 2009 we
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have a performance spaces we have a motion and a second we'll be recess instructing a 10 screen theatre that will have a sound like system surrounding those screens we've taught over seven hundred adults and teenagers creative programming we call it creative programming arts education at super low costs thirty there's and free for teenagers this happens on tuesday and thursday and saturdays we're also activating the retail space on top of us having the workspace we want it open to the community to have activate retail space we're going through the nonprofit theater license currently not sure where that's going ore waiting on the board
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of supervisors supervisor approval for the convenience letters but he everything else looks at good for the sustainability of the arts organization we have done steven outreach with the mission cultural center and the agency those are the art exchanges we are partnering with them on accessible partnership we have a local organization that does work their thrilled for us to be in the neighborhood we've provided support letters and the city of san francisco through the community arts stabilization trust gar g gray area was decide placed we were evicted from the parcel building
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and it was sort of an arts organization that is rising out of the real estate development that is happening it's important to have the refer extreme to sell tickets to sustain gray area i think that's it. >> okay are there any questions of the applicant from the commissioner. >> i have questions if you don't mind i love you're going to be a cultural incubator our doing art and music. >> art music and technology yeah, we teach. >> technology okay. >> a couple of questions you've hired the security but it says outside we're only doing security outside the building not inside the building. >> as part of the permit we had a diagram of how we placed security guards so we're doing it inside as well depended on the number of guests but, yes
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we'll also have a guard placed in the theater. >> okay. so all right. so for the theater this sound like system spreadsheet you've included is for the theatres and even though theatres alone that's right. >> yes. >> and the kinds of things you're going to be doing in the theatre are tell me again. >> the main programming is the cinema i've shared a picture of 10 screens that was 8 point sound like system the acoustics will be figured in the 8 point sound like system and beyond that smaller more ambient external shows we can't do those shows without a permit that allows us not to pay the city every time we had an fetter some
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of the neighbors that spoken up we've meet with them directly they've voiced their concerns all this has been a learning experience we are trying to figure out who gives sound proofing we need and hours people are comfortable with and we're also trying to figure out how the sound like system works in the theatres any neighbors we've tried to voice the thing that the system was not calibrated so it is really, really important to go through the process with you guys and get the sound like test and go through the neighbors we are all working together we see the value. >> it's not our job of our sound like technicians to sound set of the until you get in the speakers that's your job the reason i ask the question i see
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you have 8 sound speakers and 16 full range speakers i'm assuming your couple of them with ones so what are the two dual 18. >> i think they're for the artist monitors. >> dual 18 for the artist monitors. >> see i'm the wrong person to ask about - the sound like system but i'm assuming. >> i don't think those are for other speakers but i don't think that's what they are and if the sound like tests doesn't workout for you will you reduce the amount of speakers is that an option for you. >> we prefer to increase sound like proofing just because of the experience we're trying to make this is more of a about the
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sound like experience. >> you had someone voicing you on sound like progressively. >> we don't have technicians but we haven't gone into the neighbors homes to figure out the decimal level. >> are those sound like technicians from an acoustic sound like company or the guys that run your sounds. >> the guys that run our sound system. >> they could or not be awe couric certified or astute they want to be the best from the inside not necessarily so okay i love the idea of our place i'm a little bit concerned about the amount of sounds you have for your room and i could see if you have one screen in the center maybe those two