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tv   [untitled]    April 15, 2015 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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>> good morning everybody, welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors budget and finance subcommittee feeth mooekt for. wednesday april 15, 2015. my name is mark farrell and i will be charg this committee and i am joined by linda. i want to thank linda cain for covering this meeting. do we have any minutes today?
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>> yes, sir, all items will appear april 21st unless otherwise stated. >> okay. thank you, can you call item number one. >> will be authorizing the recreation and park department for the amount of approximately 800,000. >> thanks for coming. >> good morning committee members and chairman. my name is tony ma ran, i am the joint manager for the rex and parks department. the item we have before you is an item itemizing the parks department to accept and sieve a grant to the community for the amount of
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800; $054. i put a little over slide just to give a -- if you're interested in seeing this part of the concept. so basically what we have is the project is located between university avenue and dublin avenue on man cell street. it's completely in the parks and recs department property and we're responsible for operating and maintaining that facility. back in 2008, the recs and parks department had a series of community workshops to discuss issues with mcclarn park and ways we could improve it. from that process, this project will turn a quarter which was identified as a problematic street along with other streets in the park. it was prioritized by the community. it was something they wanted to have action taken on and later between 2011 and 2012, our department started working with the
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transportation authority to identify transport funding that could be used to improve this road. we were successful at collaborating on a construction planning grant from the program prop k and prop double a to fund improvements to the street. however, those fundings are only for funding road way improvements like as fault, sidewalk and striepg. it would not fund things that the community desired. then later in 2012, our department submitted an application to the natural resource agency for the 848,000 dollars to fund the green infrastructure improvements such as bio soil and community pavement as well as trees. so at this time, the project is going to be advertised on may 1st. we have not actually
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extended any funds. however, the grant performance period did start a little bit earlier and that's why it's stating retro active accepted. i do have a project manager on hand to answer any questions you may have about the project. i'm just asking for your recommendation to the board of supervisors to accept and extend this grant >> great. thank you very much. supervisor tang. >> thank you very much. i'm very excited to see this project completed. when is it expected to the complete? >> i believe it's in march of 2017. >> great. overall, i see there's no matching funds. you've got a great array of funding sources and again, i think all the improvements look like something that would really add to the neighborhood so we're really excited about that. >> thank you. >> i couldn't agree more.
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so public comment, anybody wish to comment on item one? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> i would like to make a motion to extend the full board without recommendation. >> okay. madam clerk, call item number 2. >> item number 2 is the department of youth and family to accept from the u.s. department of justice in providing the framework of school to prison pipeline through march 2015 to december 31st, 2015. >> welcome back. >> thank you. >> i'm leo and i'm with the children's youth and families, i am excited to speak about youth program on behalf of our
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partners. we're asking for one million, 635,000 and $600 for the california board of state and community corrections, the b fcc, they are the state agency administering fund of justice of justice cyst affects. we've been awarded the firt year of funding for a 3-year strategy which is subject to non-competitive renew if the city notes improvement standards. it was made in february and san francisco was awarded a maximum award for the city the size of ours for these proposed new programs. we're very excited that the fcc has seen that our programs are equivalent to their areas in the law enforcement and prosecution defense. this funding will support the
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sheriff's department, the juvenile department, the police department, we will also be working closely with the school district and community health and community based organizations. we know the board has the full detail but i have the planning and programming manager with me and she's going to take a few minutes to highlight the key elements of our program. so we'll keep the presentation short but we're happy to answer any questions in detail. thank you. >> thank you so much for hearing our resolution. so today, i just want to highlight some of the other key components that came out of our direction from the board of state. they were really interested in our san francisco working with us because we are doing some of the innovative projects around the city. and so while both of these two
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innovative pilot projects are innovative as well and target our k through 16 youth. one of the things i'm definitely highlight as we're in our early, early planning stages is that we have an evaluation that will be done on the actual project and that's going to be done in several phases. so another thing that we are exciting about is that we're going to be able to make an impact on this collaboration through our work and partnership. another thing i can point out is we're in the planning and we're looking at determining eligibility and suit absent through the eligibility of graduation and criteria. we're looking at protocol and ways to use city funds and partnership. we are also targeting certain school sites. we're still in the
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planning stages so we look to flush out as we round off the firt year >> great. thank you very much. anything else? >> no, just ready for any questions you might have. >> okay. thaufrngs. supervisor tang. >> thank you. i'm really glad we have this grant to carry out a really great population. but also, i'm have he interested in the pilot, the young adults collaborative course that will handle the cases for 18 to 25. are there other cities or jurisdictions that have such a type of court? >> let me hand it over to one of our partners who is more of an expert on that topic area. >> good morning supervisors. katie miller from the district attorney's office. i can answer that question. so what's actually really exciting about this grant is that there really aren't other models out there quite like what we're trying to do. there are two
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other places in the country that are doing some kind of young adult court for parts of this age group. one is in nebraska and it's for all young adults who are on probation. we're looking at it as a mix for our courts. probation cases and young adults who haven't yet entered a plea in their case. the other model that we're aware of is in new york city and it's for much lower level expenses like jumping the train or the subway. their justice system starts at 16 in new york city. so they're focused on 16 to 18. our focus here will be on 16 to 25. i will note around the world, there's an increasing movement for trying out different court models for this unique age group. we're following international trends but hopefully we can be a real leader nationally >> i think it's a great effort. so when do we think this court will be off the ground then?
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>> so we started having our meetings and we're working towards a start day of july? >> of this year? >> yes. >> oh, great. >> thank you for the presentation. at this point, we're open to public comment. anybody wish to comment on item number two? seeing none, public comment is now closed. >> all right. through the chair, i see there's a lot of details here and it was very informative. i'm really glad we're doing this in san francisco so i would like to make a motion to forward out this item two to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> great. we have a motion? we can take that without objection. thanks everyone. madam clerk item number 3, please. >> item number 3 is approximately 6 million for improvements to better prepare for natural disaster and for
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earthquakes and emergencies response time and obligation for reproperation. >> thank you. good morning supervisors. my name is charles and i'm with the project management here on the matter of the public safety building at the new police headquarters and fire station. being inaugurated this week april 16th at 11:00 a.m. so hopefully you all received a notice and will be participating in that nation ceremony. so what we have is a request for aproperations. we have money from the initial bay for this prosecutes of the public safety building. the next process is to take the sum of money what we think is beyond what we need to complete this
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project approximately 2 million 238,000 into your reserve for a subsequent appropriation as what we decide. so hopefully the audience can see the entirety of this. so the developer of mission bay was in agreement with the city to provide certain improvements. and among them, certainly was the dedication of a particular site and funds to delay the cost of the new policing and fire station serving mission bay. in that regard, we have made full use of that site by not only installing the police and fair fire station but as well the new police headquarters. the site was 3.9 million but there was an agreement that would increase the sum upon a moment
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of time when there were an indicated or sufficient number of units constructed. that brought the sum of calculation to 6.2 million. the additional sum of 116,000 dollars was a reimbursement of the developer to the city for the work that we did on their behalf that they otherwise would have performed. so that total to the 6.3 i mentioned to you. the 6.3 is effectively the sum available to the reserve of virtual of not needing the entirety of the sum. so that is the sum of money that would come from the funds available. those are the two related actions here. happy to answer any questions you have >> thanks. supervisors, any comments? why don't we move on to the budget answer port and see if we have any additional
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questions? >> yes. mr. chairman, on page 4, you see the budget aappropriated $200 million for the proceeds for this public safety building project and that is showing on table 2 on page 3 of our report. it's 240 million which is an increase of 16, 464. as the department indicated, the 2 million 238 and $24 in the essure reserved funds will be planned by the capital reserve committee and of course, by the budget finance chit. we do recommend that you approve this ordinance. >> thank you. if there's no
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other questions at this time, why don't we open it up to public comment. anybody wish to comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> okay. all right. through the chair, since i brought this item and it was part of an agreement, i would like to forward out this ordinance to the bull board of recommendation. >> okay. supervisors tang, we also take that without objection. >> madam clerk, item 4, please. >> item 4 is a agreement with contact and specific air fees with the city and combined rent for approximately 30 million for the remainder of the lease expiring in 2021. the use agreement between delta airlines and the city for the rent of 74 million
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approximately and expired on june 30, 2021. >> all right. hearing from our public. >> thank you. tang from the airport. as we -- so while there are two budget analyst reports, i think it would know easier if we address them together. with the air france and catholic specific with the airlines need to shift space the for the airlines for new line space to better meet the passengers. for delta, we're looking at the modification number one to the airport. modification one seeks your improve to expand delta's current lounge space by relocating to a 2012 clutive use space internal one boarding
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area c. once the new lounge is complete, the modification also allows for delta to relinquish its current lounge of approximately 4, 495 square feet. and fortunately, delta would like to relinquish their lounge due to the international flight operations. they no longer have need for the internal terminal. these would result in the net increase of 2, 048 in the use space. when delta relinquishes its lounge space, air france has the opportunity to expand its lounge by taking over the space by delta which in turn will specific will take over the lounge to be vacated by air france. air france's current
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lounge space in the international terminal is approximately 2, 510 square feet. due to the current terminal, they would like to return the small space they're currently using to the airport which would result in a net use of 2, 758 square feet for the air france. air france will vacate. so if you take all three of them together, i think it's important to note that all three of these modifications will result in increased rent to the airport. under the modifications before you today, air france will pay the airport an estimated $12 million for a suggested exclusive square feet of 10, 844 through june of 2021. cafe specific will pay the airport an estimate $18
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million for rent for its adjusted square footage of 12, 470 square feet through june 21. and delta will pay an estimated $4 million for its adjusted square feet through june of 2021. the budget analyst office has gone into a little bit more detail and has recommended approval but i'm happy to answer questions if it's a little bit confusing. >> thanks. those details were actually great. >> thank you. (laughter) >> why don't we combo to the reports, please? >> yes, mr. chairman and supervisors tang, regarding item 4 of our report. the estimated rent of the airport of 11.8 million for a total of 10, 844 square feet. this is exclusive space for the remainder of the term and that
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is may of 2015 through june 21, 2021. that is shown on page nine of our report. regarding cafe specific for the same item, they're projected to pay to the airport 17.8 million for a total of 12, 070 square feet over the exclusive space for the remainder of the term through june 21, 2021. that's on page 5 of our report. regarding item five, on page five of our report, delta is to pay an estimated rent of 74.2 million of exclusive space for the remainder of the lease term through may 1st, i mean through june 30, 2021. we do recommend that you approve both resolutions
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>> thank you. mr. rose. no questions at this time. we will open it up to public comment. anybody wish to comment on items 4 or 5? >> (indiscernible).
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>> okay. thank you. anybody else wish to comment on items 4 or 5? okay. seeing none, public comment is closed. we have both items in front of us. >> all right. through the chair, i would like to make a motion then to forward out items four and five to the full board with a positive recommends. >> okay. great. supervisor tang, we can take that without only. madam clerk, item number 6. >> item are is the pass 700 development project. >> okay. thank you. welcome back. we got them together this week. >> yes. thank you. i appreciate that. >> supervisors farrell and tang, this item


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