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tv   [untitled]    April 27, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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portland doing something on this i was reading i was following the portland registration. >> so i'm hearing from the law enforcement of portland they'll start feinstein if they don't - >> can i ask the gentleman a question question. (laughter). >> welcome. >> so i imagine you can't drive for uber but i don't know if uber has a verify the driver's license what's our take and another field what is our registration number you know in san francisco it comes up in san francisco this is it. >> sure two significant concerns what is a pretty simple
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solution to the problem the first is we have over one million hosts so it's the obligation of companies like ours 0 verify thoseizing is in compliance or registered properly it is simple for a company any platform but more importantly you can lock and see we're here participating ♪ process many other folks in the fold in this marketplace are not here participating in this process when it comes to rolls we'll 0 ignore or sue to take care of that that is the case in other cities we say emigration from our platforms theirs less
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interest in politically this takes folks that are you know ever unwilling to comply and drive underground but not a city's enforcement i'm fascinated former commissioner doug was here itch earlier and had an example he feels is not in compliance with the san francisco and couldn't be in compliance with san francisco law and not taking a lot of effort to find out personal details using internet tools the traditional mechanisms that works the city what avail itself of for today technology in washington, d.c. of all places that opines on policies published an insightful blog on the issues you'll see from the
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companies not in this room they'll tell you they have no intent to comply with anything like this municipality indeed that is the case even randy shaw seemed to agree with small business he wrote it is a simple growth mechanism is simply won't work >> what could work you have a number is the host puts that you wouldn't advance it without that number and leave it up to the city but verifies the number is a legitimate number and you know, i get it - >> sure if there are significant fines and penalties associated with that number if it is listed on a platform it is in the river the number to the
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listed it is onerous on us to look at the law enforcement position of the city some folks might be here having this conversation others are not interested in the conversation wouldn't expect that it won't work we've seen a little bit of practice those press we regularly screen from a quality number of cities around the world trust is important part of the platform and in los angeles this is a press around a number of folks removed and within twenty-four hours it popped up on a platform if the city didn't have an effective enforceability policy i think it does for the private right of action and using the tools for
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investigation and bring folks not in compliances withenforce time. >> will they not put their number in and the city goes after the platforms. >> i can say no evidence whatsoever they'll comply and, in fact, in other cities their fighting particular enforcement you'll see nothing but lawsuit they'll sue to void it and most scholars feel they'll prevail. >> we'll enforce if someone is voigt and we are host a platform we'll work with the district
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attorney's office to make sure it is enforced. >> this is not something we have to comply with. >> that's matter for the court. >> councilmember johnson's. >> this one is difficult it is linked to a recommendation that was not published user picked up when we talked about hosting platforms i'm role challenged by this one probably not going to be supportive i don't feel how would we provide the information that what numbers are in good stand; right? what's the mechanism for it to be the numbers checked on a realtime basis. >> so as the ordinances is crafted it would just is that
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the hosting platform as verified it is on the platform it could contact our department we have to work out a process. >> i'm sure we can work this out so we have have a solution. >> certainly the hosting mrafrpdz knowing the address can plug into the information map and it comes up and shows whether that property as a short-term rental registration number associated with it it will not give you the number but verify that's a unit open the register so for the platforms that have the address. >> for the hosting we think about craigslist what's the city
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plan to enforce there; right? you see great short-term rentals on craigslist and no number on that what happens? then that will be a enforceable matter as well >> my idea for how to work with craigslist platform it could be put in a field you have to do that for the listing to be alive it mobility maybe it is too much to check on the website they'll require the fold if there's a registration number not valid i did. >> what you post there's standards this is something new for them to diesel with and we'll work with them to implement it.
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>> i would half hour disagree what's the address you'll add another fold if they do want to put their number they can audio that listing as some other type i feel like airbnb and home away and other sites are endeared towards did use and list anything to who is going and checking this this gets to i don't want to prolong this who - what is we're trying to get them to do and what's the universe there how are the new rules applied and we're getting them to not post units on the
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register to be a partner we're not foreboding them requiring them to ask them for a hosting number. >> to not facility violations. >> okay. thank you. >> commissioner richards. >> im- when a host puts in the registration number there's a easy way whatever platform we popularity we can say comes back aboard do not we change every jurisdiction particle around the world that is not hard stuff everyone goes to this address this is a $20 million technology company we havealities
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associations let's agree other than the concept and move forward i know regarding platforms you, mr. owen awhile a couple of quick cases and fines we'll see where this goes i will think the word is essential it is the key to any type of enforcement or we're back to the february 1st legislation. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. i don't have a problem with pitt a fold in there to allow the number to be entered but if there's a number wrong or absent it should be up to the city to go over after the host the violator of the platform open the listings i understand the logics i don't believe this
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was part of farrell's. >> this was only in the supervisor campos legislation. >> i'm against this i understand it is only a fold required that's one thing but when we start to get into problems it's the host that should be the one that bears the burden of the fines they're operating without listing without a license. >> commissioner moore. >> i agree with the staff of verifying someone's professional business license you put in the number and if the number is verified are not a click of a bottom there's a mature responsibility between the hosting platform and the one who looking at room and there's a business transaction and the
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city should be able to see that and make sure who is within the rules that the city is operating by. >> commissioner hillis. >> yeah. can i require a field is different than who is responsible for the actual validation of the valid registration i mean we get plans to market we don't check to make sure they're currently you know valid it says the number but again nobody goes and checks. >> to which hair registration holds they can't there's a seal. >> they can't. >> oh i think we're a little bit saying we're not somehow going to have the platforms
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enforce the law we have to commit to enforcing the law i'm for the fold for the registration number to make sure it is valid or no point revoked we can easily do that to check to make sure you know i think it is too easy we're going to have airbnb give us this information when we know others other platforms are going to have the information someone can put the registration and move their registration it is no longer valid who is keeping up with the registration numbers to make sure their valid it is going to be a constant enforcement effort. >> this will be a enforcement
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and for our staff to look at the listing to see which ones are the registries and which ones don't the listing is up in violations of the code and not effectively enforce that because of the information we can't get so i think this is an important part of our enforcement program. >> i'll go one step farther this is the link pin of our program many of the public xherpts think they're a small person trying to abide by the law we're clear we're expecting those small
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players to abide by the law we are asking for companies to make a significant amount of money off of that to demonstrate they're interested in self-policing the market they want to self-police the market there are thousands of listing on single website hosting platforms and as you've heard from the gentleman earlier those valid listing is significant they're removed not a valid registration right now we would have a few hundred available for listing. >> i'd like to say i like the zircon and throughout this effort we're trying to have a leveled but the platforms are different i think this is one
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that there create a level the playing field. >> anytime you land a site and put in a credit card this is exactly you put many the sfoeld fold is shots it out to the credit card company and you just bought this is exactly what we are talking about it is the city responsibility to maintain the database and if the shift is to the credit card it is the credit cards company we've got to make sure we have the current database if there is detail and hourly workshops this is a first step in many years of having home sharers the tim from the
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70s i don't feel like we're pitting them in danger and if we're not updating our database we're not accountable. >> it exists today. >> commissioner johnson. >> i know my point originally sounded like you get your point i think the problem again right now is just we're a little bit behind the times this will effective tomorrow our database is not realtime so who is- if you're credit card inspires on one, 2015 a database updates somewhere a recommendation we find ways to make this realtime updates and possible i'm
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struggling again commissioner richards you jimbo bob jog my mind i don't like the idea of it to what we have we've its way to the court i want to see nor direction but generally speaking i agree with the requirement and i think there could be more detail around the penalty that number being wrong and those numbers in all places that's not what this recommendation so i'm struggling because this recommendation it basically is assuming those other things are in place. >> commissioner moore. >> commissioner richards stole the thunder i thought about the anything else the credit card at the same moment in the interest
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of the gentleman representing airbnb to be the leader in how to do it properly and create indeed the mechanisms but of all other companies follow suit then a bigger incentive like competently recognize we're expecting everything else why not this company the leader of the only technology it is able to address specific local concerns you've started here and might as well fine town. >> commissioner richards. >> it is not fair to ask any host to be held to a standard we can't help them with if we need to recommend a phasing period of one or issue this is not a black
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and white issue having the desire to get to an end point i agree that is a pin. >> commissioner moore. >> what we're discussing it what is in front of of us the footnote statement that commissioner richards said we define primarily asked to comment on the recommendation 6 right now yes or no vote. >> commissioner hillis. >> could you clarify what we are voting on i'm hearing to things we're required to have a field and that field no matter who is responsible maintaining the accuracy is that a valid is that the concern. >> i think the recommendations
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concludes the short-term rental hosting platform validating the number and also requiring the number to be put on it. >> the reminded already is that the person who is hosting all their listing list their certification number their certificate number this goes foster the hosting platform shouldn't list anything that if have a hosting number and they're required to valid data that number. >> maybe open to interpretation but the listing at the time the listing is posted it is a valid number. >> mentioned they need to be monitoring the unite in compliance is not really what the ordinance says it says the
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hosting platform should not providing provide the listing unless the listing includes the number and it is valid. >> deputy city attorney those are two separate issues in the recommendations it not called out i recommend you consider it it creates a new going on the host mrafrpdz and the obligation the hosting platform has to verify the fabulous is valid this is included in supervisor campos ordinance his ordinance also amended chapter 41 a for 0 right of private action against the platforms the private right of action against people that are legal representing the unit out not against the hosting platform that is a change you
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can consider as part of that recommendation a do you want to make it an obligation of the hosting platform to verify that the registration number is valid and b do you want there to be a private right of action that can be brought against hosting platforms or only the city to be able to - >> i'll recommend stick to this issue and adding that at the end. >> commissioner antonini. >> i was clarifying the private right of action is not included in what we're voting on now but as we've horde a lot of people in the cue that are trying to registered. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further shawl a call the question on item 6.
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>> on recommendation 6 to prohibited hosting platforms - commissioner antonini nor arrest commissioner hillis no commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards commissioner wu and commissioner president fong no that recommendation will move forward where a vote of 4 to 3 with commissioner hillis and commissioner antonini and others against. >> we're making good progress we've been here over 8 hours let's take a 5 minute break. >> thursday, april 23, 2015, commissioner we left off discussing item 16 abc.
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>> sorry all right. commissioner we're on recommendation number 7 is it or is to add a provision directing the mayor to set up an officer for the tax collects office we think this will provide a better experience for people wanting to think opposed the should recall registry all the offices in one stop and help with enforcement efforts. >> commissioner antonini. >> sounds like a move targeted efficiency a good step. >> commissioner wu. >> i know that to me i think
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there should be cross departmental help but i want to attaining the department for what they've done they've set up operations and this is in february so i maybe i don't want to prolong there's a stipulation between setting up a new office instead of asking us to work together i'm going to vote no commissioner moore. >> at this moment i'll vote 92 no, because i want to see the techniques should there a branch auto what the department does
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i'll support that but i'd like to first see that work on its own. >> commissioner hillis. >> all to yes, but it should be lead by the task force the idea of working collectively together i'll support it will serve us well. >> commissioner richards. >> i think i agree with everything that was said i'm going to vote no actually commissioner hillis made the point i'm sorry. i'm tired. >> commissioners recommendation 207 set u a short-term rental office staffed by planning and dbi and the tax collects commissioner antonini commissioner hillis
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commissioner johnson commissioner moore no a commissioner richards no. >> commissioner wu no and commissioner president fong that recommendation will be forwarded to by a vote of 4 to 3 by commissioner moore commissioner richards and commissioner wu voting against. >> recommendation 8 make the number of nights a unit can be used as a hosted or non-hosted at one hundred and 20 days further study can have an illegal conversion to full-time use in the mayoral ordinance. >> commissioner antonini. >> based on our study i forget the gentleman's name the - mark
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he said the break even point is 270 i can go to one hundred 80 that is more realistic we're squeezing the hosted guys down to the lower number but i'll be supportive of a number of one hundred 20. >> here's where i have one concern about not only the fact you have a vacant unit who you want to rent it out short-term and a or long-term there's a discussion i have a unit with someone in it if i have to get them out and i'm not for increasing this is where i'll recommend at the end of the bucket list to


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