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tv   [untitled]    April 27, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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>> all right, madame clerk, could you please call item 3. >> item no. 3 is the ordinance amending the planning code to change the designation of 149-155-9th street also known as the western manufacturing company building. >> okay >> supervisor kim is the maker of this item and we'll hear from her first. >> thank you. i just wanted to make a motion to continue this item to two weeks to may 11th. there was something that was discovered by the project sponsor thursday of last week. we need to insert that amendment into this ordinance and we did reach out to both the project sponsor and the planning department. and they have already agreed to a recontinuance. >> thank you.
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jonathan lammers is here to make the presentation. >> the department supports the continuance. >> thank you very much. let's take public comment on this item. seeing no public comment, public comment is closed [ gavel ] the chair will entertain a motion to continue the item to may 11th without objection, this motion passes. thank you. [ gavel ] madame clerk is there anything else on the agenda. >> there is no further business. >> thank you, this meeting is adjourned [ gavel ] good afternoon well quh
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to the april 24 special meelting of vision zero. i'm your chair
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kim and joined by commissioner uas well as mar and wiener and believe that commissioner farrell will be joining us shortly. thanks to s [inaudible] i want to recognize josh alexander for doing that and the clerk steve stamose >> roll call commissioner farrell, absent mptd kim, present, mar, present. wienerprint, u, present. >> thank you. mr. clerk can you iletm number 2 >> iletm proapprove minutes of march 12 >> colleagueerize there comments on item number 2. do weed nee to do roll call? at this time we'll talk public
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comment on item 2. seeing none public comment is closed. okay. relevant to the item? absolutely. >> [inaudible] good people together. if you imagine something like [inaudible]
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>> thank you. is there any other public comment on item number 2? seeing none public comment is clezed. colleagues we vamotion. can we do that without objection? >> roll call vote >> item 2 commissioner farrell. absent. kim, aye. commissioner mar, aye.
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commissioner uaye. item passes >> item 3 vision zero update this sooinformation item >> thank you. at theb last vision zero committee meeting it came up in committee that the board wanted to have a understanding of how new revenue but also existing ruv new are being spent specifically for vision zero projects and we know there is new revenue that has come in. one that is largely been programmed which is prop a capital bond, but also prop b set aside for population growth authored by dmigzer wiener. i think this committee as we push forward on vision zero project jz efforts throughout the sit a would like a understanding oaf how new revenue is spent to support the board and city
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policy priority. we have staff from sfmta who will provide highlights for 2015 and 16 budget. we also do have staff from sfcta who will describe how the fiscal year 2015 and 16 work program also supports vision zero. there was a strong interest in get agdetailed budget so the board could provide feedback before this finally comes before the budget committee and at the last meeting it was clear we need a separate meeting dedicated to this item so i want to recognize tom mu gire to present and candous sue [inaudible] we'll have ana [inaudible] present on behalf of the county pranz
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transportation. >> good afternoon. that you can chair kim and supervisors. as you said we wanted to give a company hence chb picture of the funding sources for vision zero and give a sense what we believe we have funded and where we have funding gaps that may be of interest of you as we enter the budget season. i'll start by reflecting back on the 2 year action strategy that all the agencies came to agreement on released in february of this year and that is guiding our action over the 2015 and 16. i'll talk about how the 2030 family sources prop a and b fit
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into supporting vision zero. i'll go through all the e, engine oaring enforcement, education evaluation and talk about what is funded in 2015 and 16 and go and talk about-we have a couple funding gaps and finally we'll rap up with a summary of fiscal year 2015 of vision zero content. to go through the funded program jz gaps, i'll draw attention to had education and communication. that is why candous sue is here to talk about the needs look like in that area and what we as the vision zero team would like to accomplish. so we said in the 2 year action tratagy by the end of 2016 we want to institutionalize all the vision
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zero. all the stuff in 2014 and 15 should be institutionalized and put on a funded basis and by the standard way of doing things. a porntd erpart of the vision zero is the t 20/30 family of [inaudible] prop prop aism prop a will generate 500 million dollars for transportation improvement and that breaks down into 200 million dollars over 10 years for transreliability and then 300 million dollars for straight safety and vision zero. many nof investments we make [inaudible] are doing thing tooz the street like adding signals and bulbs and improving cross walks, basically double bang for the buck. it improves
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things for you and makes it safer for pud dustrens and all users. there is also 26 million dollars annually created by prop b, which is by broken out 75 percent transit reliability and 25 percent for street safety improvements. when we talk about the overlap between prop a funded work and prop b work and vision zero scope, this is a map overlaying the mune irapid network with vision zero hi injury corridors. it is hard to seethen screen. that is 7 and a half miles of the high injury network overlaps with streets making investments. streets like mission and van nes and
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19th avenue new, when we do the muni projects will get the pedestrian and traffic safety investment. prop a and b fundsing i have broketen out what we plan to spend in fiscal year 2016 for these fwo funding sources. it breaks down to 9 million for [inaudible] and 6 and a half for prop b money. those amounts are important and want to [inaudible] the 9 million dollars we are asking for and planning on spending from prop a is probably the lowest the number will be. we use the prop a money to fund ready to go capital improvements to the streets that were not already funded to do the 2014 projuctsism
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projects. we found 9 million dollars [inaudible] when i come back and give this presentation in future years that number will only go up. on the prop b side the 6 and a half million dollars is going to fund previously unfunded [inaudible] projects, bike projects and signal work that we are able to get done in fiscal year 16 rather than waiting for the other funds that might support that work in the future. in both cases we are accelerating deliverry of the projects by using t 20/30 project >> can you explain more about positiveing and red light camera for school and cameras >> follow the paving is the practice where be mta staff
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will work in coordination with public work. when it is repaved we want to make sure it isn't rebuilt in kind if it can make a more complete street. it follows the [inaudible] these are opportunities that would not exist but for the paving commitment by public works. the red light camera upgrade, this is moving forward with something that we had planned for a while, which is to move our red light camera program to a dijical platform which is industry standard at this point. we are still using wet film which is a older way of doing red light camera >> chairperson kim can i ask
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a question >> mr. mar >> i know you have 28 slides to get through. walk first project at 1 million dollars at the top of prop b list, doia have a list of the walk first projects and it is that accessible to people because i know my staff is trying to find those projects >> we can provide that list >> thank you. >> school related, did you mention that? the 500 thousand? >> yes. did you mention what that was? >> these are again street safety improvements and thinks that came up through the san francisco school program we are funding with prop b money. they are pudustren safety improvements near schools >> do you know which projects? >> yawould have to get a list and circulate it. prop a qu b
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are very important and going forward will be the funding sources, but are not the only funding sources. what and on the slide is the whole compilation of funding pots we are draying from. the large number of funding sources on the page reflects the hard work mta and agency staff have done on the fiscal side to any dollar oo accelerate the 24 and 24 or education enforcement parts in the calendar year 2014 and 15. you have grant programs administered from federal and state government and prop a sales tax, revenue bonds, supervisor add backs that are helpful in getting us some of the hard to fund projects. all these funding sources are in play and as i know through what is funded in 2015 and 16 i'll point


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