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tv   [untitled]    April 30, 2015 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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issioners i have another recommendation or hostile the topics about which they would liquor to move on. >> indeed. >> if you can help us control that so each the items would be great. >> i'd like to make a general public comment sorry to interrupt and go into. >> show we allow commissioners to make general comments and tackle them. >> very good very good. >> commissioner richards wow. not as much but still enough i sat through the hearing on august i was on the other side of the rally i was a nominee confirmed the board of supervisors voted on the current piece of legislation i called supervisor wiener and said supervisor wiener the proposal is not enforceable it will fail
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i believe it is fail that's why we're here so for the effective date of february 1st specifics i'll get into later i think the a registration that is outstanding 10 percent for the one hundred and 70 licenses and . >> couple more outstanding and the cancelation is one hundred and 47 given there's thousands of rernldz out on the platforms i think we all agree the commission i can't speak from m them i think 95 percent of the people say short-term rentals have a place in the city i'm in agreement they benefit some social and culturally fact short-term rentals benefit businesses both financially and
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krltd fact short-term rentals benefit the city financially through employment and culturally fact businesses exist in the current system and this as an existing to short-term rentals fact everybody agrees a small amount of bad acres are causing those issues i sat with hosts and we agreed on that common area it is the bad acres driving the conversation and we don't want to kill the goose and penalize this is the negative impacts are on north beach and castro the hate and mission fact we're in a housing crisis and nobody can deny that rest of this conversation ought to be about legalizing people that intend to follow the rules
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not about penalizing airbnb but talking about limiting the short-term rentals impact on the housing stock i think one quick question we've tubed the content of the 3 proposals kim and supervisor campos and supervisor mar and mayor ed lee get us in the right direction we're going to strike a balance i think if we get the balance recall right we'll head off a november bottle issue that's my hope. >> commissioner antonini. >> thank you. i'm familiar with this whole system i may have mentioned in 1970 my wife and i took a voj instead of going to hotels it would be too expensive we went sdirm free and that's what we do we stayed in
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people's houses a wonderful experience and economical i'm not o a stranger i think one statement that came in the flier the epic center is san francisco i was impressed by the owners and renter that acknowledged the cost of living in san francisco an innovatively to rent out units to meet their needs they didn't like blame someone yeah. this is what we're doing and this is what we're doing about this is rochelle to hear there are yes, a problem with housing shorthand but it goes beyond short-term rentals it may be a part of it but the housing short term is thirty and
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40 years not building enough housing in san francisco one of the un23i7b9d consequences is people don't move you get a unit you're not leaving increase not as many market unit the ones that are there driven to a high costs everybody is boyd on the ones available and a number of people mentioned this this ties into the thing people keep unit off the market a fear litigation and it's been said by one speaker it is true thirty thousand units being built many thousand units being used inform short-term rentals as we've heard in our report could be among those it doesn't mean we
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shouldn't be doing something but not passing relations that make the situation worse 4 and $69 million is the stated economic benefit of airbnb and airbnb alone and $250 million was payrolling paid for the monies received from the legislation they contributed taxes to the city a couple of things i don't want to support in those legislation pieces i'll bring that out this private right of action a stranger strange it was explained if the city has an ordinance the city has a importing it if someone is breaking the ordinance and the city has to step in it is not for other people people can't sue for something involving a
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city to me is an opportunity for lawsuits it is up the city to enforce the laws and something going on with the neighborhood with short-term rentals if i give the nonprofits the ability to do it they'll through monkey whenever they said home sharing helps local businesses from the downtown areas you shop and eat around that areaways that is close so i think one thing i'm going to have to raise the foe 50 bucks to register you have to get up to 50 or one hundred a year to do the enforcement and
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streamline the process many speakers said i wanted to register it took effort it was decided order parrot of the problem is the registration more extraordinary and if we charge them 2 hundred and year we'll add a lot more revenue or perhaps anchor airbnb a little bit more if dessert we have to get enough money to make it work i'm not in favor of lowering the posted amount per year a lot of people said this is our house we ran out of room it's their business what we do no one is saying we're going are only doing this to free it up for relates it shouldn't be so difficult they've signed a affidavit under penalty of law
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whatever figure to make them full-time residents they have to produce signed affidavits from 3 neighbors and they'll be not lying it is easy enough to prove someone is a recipe not rent it out full-time that will certainly hope the people that are sharing bedrooms within their own house everybody feels that is not problem unit being taken off the market and used as full-time market this should be a hundred and 20 or one hundred get into detail. >> just to be clear we are going to go through each recommendation you'll have a chance to follow up.
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>> i'll state those are my general comments i'll stop right now to go into the individuals ones then i'll tell you what i like and not. >> commissioner hillis. >> i've specific questions on the recommendations i'll hold off. >> on the general. >> commissioner johnson. >> i will hold off as well i have questions of private right. okay i realized i'll. >> commissioner moore. >> i'll hold off to the general discussion. >> question sorry. >> commissioner johnson i know we're going to do the round eastbound robin is there an opportunity to add comments. >> yes. add to others very end more suggestions possibly make a
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motion for whatever we president of considerations of additional thoughts. >> okay with that structure jonas stepped outs now the difference between hosted and non- >> this is in supervisor campos and the mayor ordinances so right now unhosted rental can be rented for 90 days and an unhosted has no limitations so whatever cap through this process applied to both the reason the department is recommending it is difficult to determine if something is hosted or not hosted.
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>> if you don't mind staying available commissioner hillis. >> so we are going to i mean, i think it maybe difficult it is himself on enforceable ability questions for me to make a recommendation i'll ask some questions first of all, this is one where we made a recommendation last time that a hosted rentals be capped and noted taken by the board of supervisors was a mistake but i'm troubled but removing the distinction between hosted and non-hosted airbnb is aware if it is hosted or not hosted you have to put in where your listing the
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entire unit or not we get additional information that makes it easier to look at this issue the trouble with the nuances we see a lot of folks when we locked this people coming down and saying their hosts and ben from airbnb is hosted rentals we don't see a lot of folks come forward and saying i'm taking the unit off the market and leasing i think that testimony was compelling the first time we're punishing the obligate acres because of the bad arcs between hosted and
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non-hosted and we're trying to come up with that number without that framework. >> first of all, we don't get that information from the hosting platforms whether or not something was hosted or non-hosted but oftentimes more than one posting we don't get feedback from hosting platforms and second we have a provision that allows someone to have an unlimited nights of hosted up to 5 romance in rh districts what the ordinance does it created a loophole not needing a registration for the bed-and-breakfast we want to close that will that.
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>> i think the one to one on the miser owners is two low for hosted rentals and giving the testimony kind of you know looking at the testimony but maybe two it is too high for non-hosted those are the people trying to get at the bad acres that are taking the rentals off the markets and leasing. >> we could keep the cap for number one hosted maybe scott want to talk about that. >> anytime we make that distinction as mr. star pointed out we don't get that information if you're going to ask us our information needs to go up in terms of being able to enforce that perhaps it is a
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great decision about the appropriate number of nights but the question is between hosted and unhosted we need to have that be no distinction only a separate discussion about the recommendation of number of nights perhaps it is a higher number and there could be a separate discussion. >> from a policy prospective different nights we're relying on love of this you know a lot of the planning code is difficult to enforce is not enforceable i mean we have provisions that the bona fide establishment based on sales of liquor granted you can audit and get f that information and the same thing for hosts get some of the information that's how taxes work you foil taxes and audit
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selected you know, i i don't want to make bad policy it is hard to enforce but a lot of the planning code is hard to enforce i think if we want a number you want to put a number to deter the hosted versus non-hosted we have a few people that are doing non-hosted and commissioner richards i agree with the recommendation do away with the distinction of short-term rentals whether hosted or non-hosted one the xherpts said how do you know if so it hosted a or non-hosted put a chip if you know how to do that i'm going to invest in your company but i was going to propose that
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all being said i agree w at testimony from the people with single-family homes with one bedroom or two it helps to create costs we should add this to the list when you apply for short-term rentals with you, check the box i want to a be a bed-and-breakfast one stop shopping gets it i'll support someplace but on the shrz i think this is impossible bed-and-breakfast you have to list it. >> commission on recommendation number one well commissioner hillis is city of chicago around and left a (laughter). >> i'm supportive of the limited distinction the crux of not being able to enforce is on
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this matter whichever there's an a lenscy towards the hosted being more number of days by default this is the number of days is right everyone is going to say their host we can't tell if someone is there for people that want to rent out longer bed-and-breakfast is an option there is a option to enter into a lease with someone for three or four months you can represent be all those other things to commissioner hilliss point that there are principle planning code that are difficult to enforce. >> i'll add my $0.02 i'm some or in support of this and to define if it is hosted or
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unhosted i like your idea of two separate numbers but i don't know commissioner antonini. >> yeah. i still stand by what i said a good analogy you fill out our form and report your income and send our w 23 and they make selective audit you tell them why they audit you i like the fact that is this full-time resident imthat is a way to allow the people to continue to make the necessary income they need to keep their units and if i can't get that passed i hope those who are registered will get a benefit and the bed-and-breakfast is not
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a bad idea by hope to go through a cu and an certain amount of expense i guess they can use their airbnb just have to priority i provide the breakfast. >> laughter. >> if i may there seems we can't get information from the tax collectors office how many how much they pie that's a clear line. >> i'm not talking about taxes i'm urging the anything else of the irs as a safe kind of system you thought you had people sign an affidavit their full-time residents the majority of the time. >> we do we just can't verify that with tax information.
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>> not with tax information but fidget other way to find out if someone is not residing in house and steep penalty maybe a criminal penalty if they state on the don't find their residents all year round i guess my next guess is the around option to a cu process that adds significant expense but once they're there they'll be allowed to sub let as much as they want to. >> so those are the two things either way i'll support it but i've heard testimony from many people that rely on this whole thing it works well and you know, i think you're going to
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have a lot better those are not the people you're trying to - you want to make sure their telling the truth. >> there must be a way to verify they're there and supervisor kim brought up the instance of someone that was not a resident of san francisco was trying to get their kids in san francisco public schools usually, it's the other way around but i think there might be a way to do it. >> commissioner johnson. >> i'm supportive or recommendation 8. >> commissioner moore. >> i'm supportive of the distinction between hosted and non-hosted because i believe there is a right full place for
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how this type of rental but i have to building the support of making it requires the department. >> commissioner richards. >> i think commissioner antonini's the irs requires rigorous reporting if you're not reporting you're out of compliance and can be criminally charged we don't have that what this reporting it is still hard to be able to figure out brown where someone is at. >> commissioner moore. >> this is a private transaction and not fully monitoring business traction we don't know how the money is being chaemd is it a cash basis
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or so credit card. >> commissioner antonini. >> maybe the mrafrpdz agree on the forms they send in along with the payment and stuff which attach rental this is hosted or not hosted i carton speak for them. >> should we call a role on recommendation number one. >> yeah. >> commissioners recommendation number one. >> so if we're kind of voting on the recommendation are the finding votes normally when we voted. >> retake a - vote.
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>> that could put if i don't agree with 15 i'll have to vote no on the whole 15. >> we moved it forward. >> you could also so on each of item vote on it separately that's the end of it combined into a motion. >> so each recommendation will - >> you could vote on each one separately and that being the will of the commission vote on all altogether. >> that's the staff we'll handle topic to topic and the topic you can weigh in any additional tophic you feel should be considered and no further vote will be needed.
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>> you're making a recommendation to the board. >> okay commissioner hillis. >> i want to make a comment you may not like this distinction but i think there maybe things later on how you it shouldn't be abstained we'll do a final vote. >> sure. >> i think we should take an overall vote. >> i suggest we try to get to a package let's take those votes and put together a package if we can't we'll reduce that to a single vote. >> if you feel liquor you need to change our vote, vote
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separately and at the end we'll say we want to add or subtract. >> so it sounds like we're going to have an unofficial vote and recap and try to get one single motion and if need be back to each line item. >> let's streetcar this complicated process recommendation number one and maybe initially we need to show a show of hands which commissioners are in favor of recommendation number one. >> you can't be choice didn't. >> (laughter) commissioner moore has a quick question. >> if at all possible a commentary shading for the board of supervisors seeing the
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premeditate and deliberate of vote there is a spectrum of opinions and the public should have the benefit of seeing we represent that boarder kind of in favor. >> i'd like to roll call. >> on recommendation number one. >> commissioner antonini. >> no commissioner hillis san francisco commissioner johnson by commissioner moore commissioner richards commissioner wu and commissioner fong so that recommendation theoretically will get added to the represents to the board of supervisors by a vote of 5 to 2 with commissioner antonini and commissioner hillis voting against recommendation two is to rehabilitate unit that have been subject to an ellis act from registering on the short-term rental registry the department buildings this will add another
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disincentive it allows someone to do a short-term rental after the period of 5 years it didn't cut them out of the market. >> commissioner johnson i'm supportive of this supervisor kim and supervisor breed decided to eliminate this amendment. >> mined was that supervisor breed want to take out her private right of action provision for units that have been subject to the ellis act violation. >> if i can jump in if those are were added by the board of supervisors to the full board you can't take it out she can't take it out herself it has to be forming


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