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tv   [untitled]    May 1, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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@p everybody. >> ladies and gentlemen if you will please give a round of applause for the honorable mayor edwin lee of the san francisco. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> (clapping.) on behalf of mc governmental of
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at any one city and county of san francisco the san francisco arts commission and the welcome to the u.n. sunnyvale of animal by the 81 wednesday artist. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> we have a number of people that want to pay tribute i'm going to ask the speakers to please speak briefly, of course with the expectation of the mayor he can speak as long as he likes. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so without further ado our honorable guests mayor edwin lee of the city and county of san francisco. >> (speaking foreign language.)
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>> (clapping.) well, everyone welcome to city the san francisco this is very special for me today because the artists one thing yee as pleased us in the front gardener with those wonderful whimsical characteristics playful and dilate full and represents the art contemporary art we want to continue supporting in your city of san francisco and now it has an international appeal let me first. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> let me first of all thing
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director of o the gallery that made in opportunity happen in collaboration with the swin skirts optimistic artists young lee we wouldn't have this ability without the artist himself we're celebrating as well as the national university of artist from taiwan that is here and all of this opportunity happened because of our support for the blending of art and business and cities internationally along with the incredible sport of golf
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> and this is always why we have our celebrated director rec and park phil ginsburg and tom from the artists commission and his wonderful community arts staff and the director from the age and art museum. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and, of course i'm the golfer in the group. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> this nation will be here for the next couple of weeks
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there are 19 whimsical characterize i suspect that the artist how long lee we have whimsical characterize at city hall as well (laughter) >> (speaking foreign language.) >> everyday i get it watch the hundreds of people take pictures whether they're part of wedding or visitor from across the world or local resident right here taking extensive fizz they appreciate this art. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> art is american people
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international language that more and more people appreciate because it brings us together and more and more we want to know what is on the minds of people whether they're in taiwan of other places of the world art can do that. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i always want to appreciate chairman johnson wong of the swinging skirts foundation because he is also been a very supportive of arts and sports and business that's why the artist women's group is here for the actor in the city.
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> i am a golf authenticity so if you know what happened then in the ladies professional government turnout that was is he very exciting to see a ball go over the ward 3 hundred and 50 times into the hole for a win. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> art and golf go along when you see me play golf it is which i am cool as well (laughter) >> (speaking foreign language.) >> let's continue to use the
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art of medium as good communication make sure we invest and support our artist and have beautiful cities like san francisco continue to appreciate the role of art in our international as well as our local lives. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> thank you, again to the national university of artist the gallery and swinging skirts foundation and all the people that came together to produce this incredible art display and let's keep support our arts thank you very much (clapping) any member of the public wish to
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speak on any item speeding i think you can see it is not a bog i didn't the mayor administration is a hole in one thank you very much mr. mayor. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and now i'd like to introduce the head of the san francisco art commission mr. tom. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> well, thank you mr. mayor for the wonderful welcome and all you do to make san francisco an art capital of the world it is my honor to be here to celebrate this art outside of our city hall. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and it is all right we don't have the sun out toy those
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vurpdz are shining. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i want to extend a warm welcome to our guests artist to dr. o and mr. lowell and welcome to san francisco and thank you very much for chu's san francisco for this wonderful installation. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and to the nc gallery for the work to make that a successful display in making oversee works the display is a credible display for a incredibly city like san
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francisco. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> over the years the civic center plaza has been the stink tangible is leading artist like patrick duarte and now wong lee. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> those installations exist local resident and draw tourist as the mayor mentioned draws economic terrorist which in turn helps the local artist and art organizations to thrive in san francisco. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> bringing such high quality
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artwork into the sacred and public spaces send see the message that art is on a essential part of san francisco. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> we look forward to continuing this tradition of showcasing some of the best contemporary art from around the world and making it assessable for everyone to joy. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> while this was a privately funded project we thank our private colleagues thank you inform phil ginsburg is here the
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is zoning administrator, what say you? office and the risk manager peter good afternoon, supervisors and peter perry fire his stewardship and the staff particularly joe who went behind the scenes to make sure the project move forward and all the arts commissioners making aorta assessable in our neighborhood. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so again welcome i look forward to the photos by the artwork later. >> thank you to everyone. have a good day. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> (clapping) thank you tom and now i'd like
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to welcome dr. benjamin the director from the academy in california. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> mr. mayor mr. honking i'm benjamin which we the director of the academy in los angeles on behalf of culture i want to thank you for coming today and present our support for the gentleman and congratulate the success of the skring dancers we opened in october and take care of the west coast americans and in the future other than this public performance and hopefully in the future we'll have more
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opportunity to work with san francisco. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> thank you very much. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> >> thank you dr. ceo i want to recognize the distinguished guests from the economic cultural office in san francisco (clapping) >> (speaking foreign language.) >> also from the stage i'd like to recognize some of the sport in the audience commissioner eric mar is here.
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> and also another great supporter of the art in san francisco ms. carol is here. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and now ass as mayor ed lee said that is about golf we'll welcome to the stage a gentleman from the swinging skirts. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> thank you very much thank you, mayor ed lee and we're very thankful four i allowing us to bring this art work to promote not only the gentleman with his wonderful art and the swinging skirts it is this week get to your tickets online
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online. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'd like to give a special thanks to jill with us behind the scenes really appreciate the person to connect to make it dream come true and also the rec and park depth for stepping up we're thankful everything came together and hopefully coming brown back into the future. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> thank you>> (speaking foreign language.) (clapping) yes. i want to point out mr. march chandler the relations in san francisco what it didn't know about international affairs is not worthy