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tv   [untitled]    May 3, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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enewable generation and this those will be coming online in the years two to three plus timeframe as their developed under the default product that competes with the routine pg&e customer what about our dark green equivalent or our clean start equivalent excuse me. our evergreen sonoma laupgs it is one hundred percent renewable green house free supply we'll envision the rate and cost to be set to say a margin to fund building new local and regional projects renewable projects at a
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price eventual to penguin tariff offering targeted to be 3wu7bd in state local rpr compliant resources and really be able to lock to this part of the product offering to where we'll build the revenue stream to build local renewables that doesn't maple we have to wait for 80
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that will have purchase electrical in locally constructed renewable contract and have it a standard oh. okay yes i'm going to do this this is the contract i'll sign for it we're envisioning go solar to encourage the customers and issuing rfps for controlled property we envision those as program compliant with annually going out to bid for additional supply so so routine and procured cycle in order to support the program we also expect to have energy efficiency as part of the
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program launched they'll be matured as the program engross initially focusing on the energy watch and bay run programs that are offered here in san francisco by the vice president of investment and the other existing repair funded programs programs pg&e is offering to the pg&e customers meanwhile we're developing programs with the department of environment targeted towards the customers that sign up for our program we saw in sonoma they marketed in the early part of their program an energy program the amount of dollars you seek from the california puc can
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supportive of those pilot that's an attractive approach for us. >> again, our housing trust fund that was pass by the voter in 2012 has a section of that where funds can be allocated up to $15 million by the year 2018 july first 2018 and some of the funds can be used for energy efficiency in the homes i told the department those funds can be available but has to be concrete created in the mayor's office of housing i know that. >> they're working together. >> so. >> excellent. >> so moving on the customers who are reproposing to offer this program to we're planning
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to start small to minimize risks to perform well, that's the same thirty megawatt we're proposing to severing a mix of residential and commercial customers to phase in overtime we want to make sure we don't add load in the next round until we've stable highlighted with our first round and hit a stable point and be able to say all right. let's do our next round of solicitations to increase the supply to increase the number of customers we serve those build out levels region levels is on market growth and conditions i want to remind you that is a ever present factor for us those
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are the customers we'll be serving who what sort of rates are we proposing to which are charge we went to the board with the not to exceed our goal is affordability and having a program that is conceive and maximize participation in san francisco we've gone forward with the default product between the current pg&e rates we're proposing to set the not to exceed rate based on the projected pg&e green tariff rate we have our basically r basic product competing with their products and we're also asked the rate fairness board to provide us with a limited authorization to modify rates we're looking to have the supply prices allowing us to stay
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within the not to exceed rate and the next step will be to go out to the market your mentioning supervisor avalos to procure supply and see if our expectation is realistic in the marketplace and we'll present what are the final rates that will be charged to customers assuming those rates come in not to exceed below rate. >> i'm assuming the green rate is below or are we doing apples to apples. >> yes. >> great. >> do you want some water. >> yes. please and respect to the default product the specific rate we're looking at will taking into account the power adjustment and we're estimating it today at
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approximately 9 point 7 cents a unskilled what the hour for a non-residential consumer when you take that 89 point 7 cents an hour for puc and subcontract out it we're proposing as a result the 8 point 7 cents killing wait to the residents that is participate in our product offering singularly for our product we're looking their green tariff it is $0.02 above their standard product taking into account the p country i a we arrive others rates 10 point
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7 cents per killing wait hours those were the rates we present to the rate fairness board and got the approval for the not to exceed rates so charging those rates for the thirty megawatt program the estimation of the program on the right hand chart of this slide the dark green the top first of all the top slide shows gross receive revenue and the bottom is not necessary revenues for build out and stabilization the horizon access shows you percentages of participation so it goes from zero percent participation over to thirty percent participation that is representing what is the participation in the light
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versus the default versus preemptor prominent the yellowish on the screen that default product if you have zero excuse me. zero green participation to the left you'll see all the gross revenues and the all the net revenues cynicism from customers participating in the light green as you move to the right you're seeing more uptake in the premium offering and you see a slight increase in the overall gross revenues they go from $22 million up to $24 million at a thirty megawatt total when you look at the slide at the bottom you're looking at the net revenues with the zero participation in the premium product that is the extreme left
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it is difficult to see open this picture it comes out at about $200000 a year in right side collected above our costs as you move out to greater participation in the dark or premium provided offering you see the net revenues available for local build for rate stabilization going up and scenario they cap out about one million dollar that give us a sense of our grow and revenue opportunity the purpose the thirty megawatt initial launch those are don't think the market prices we'll get when we go out to the market and solicit supply depending on the customer mixtures participation in the program intended to give you a picture of what is possible.
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>> and with that, i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> so just i guess the big question is what we're seeing in terms of net revenues are revenues we're able to really build off of and grow the program and right. right and it will be a policy choice open the part of the commission as to whether those revenues are spent fully on local build or set some aside to address rate adjustments that might have to happen pg&e rates hemisphere during the course of the year dollars set aside to continue to fund ourselves and stay competitive with pg&e i suppose investing in those kind of things. >> i you know the thirty
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megawatts we're looking at in launching the program is that the model or looking to launch bigger or launch when we launch early next year. >> we're planning to isolate thirty megawatts but for some reason the market is in our favor we could come to the commission wow. we've got great opportunity but we're going with the expectation it will be a thirty megawatt program. >> we've seen revenues from 2 hundred thousand to a million. >> yes. >> that's the net revenues that's what we'd be collecting at these rates in excess of our actual costs to operate the program. >> i'm just wondering if it is significant enough for us to have a robust program it seems
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really small. >> well thirty megawatts is a small program the margins formal a cca program are tight this will as those slides dpeement the net revenue opportunities are greener we're going to see how to maximize participation in that part of the program. >> i think we have data we looked at our market research from before it shows that are part of the city that are going to be more amenable to the one hundred percent renewable we haven't had a robust outreach to make that happen but the thirty megawatts i'd like to start as possible even bigger. >> remember part of what we're trying to do by starting smaller
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work out the kings and also be able to continue to enroll more customers at the level of president obama out from the program is greater than we expected so room to reach a stable thirty megawatts by opting if we find ourselves in a situation there is really a strong campaign and we need to do more enrollment so that helps to achieve the stability it helps us mitigate some of the risks and uncertainty around opt out and i'll state i agree with what ms. hale as present we're going
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to launch to a service part of the city for the deep green i actually get the broad portion of where you can get most of your money and do something that statewide as planned for small what merry run did they planned for a small deep green and got more people signing up so the first x number of people will opt in and they immediately went out and got for energy for the customers for more revenue this is a way to mitigate the risks i present what the port commission wants to do that but quickly grow the deep green if you don't a citywide campaign anyone can say opt up that's what merry run did they 25r7g9d certain customers anyone that is not ♪
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category you if not to join the deep green anyone in the service territory of merry run having can join we can do that anyone that lives in san francisco, california go deep green maybe not day one you can bring in more people to allow to get it number up >> can we do that with our energy providers start with thirty and rfp and gotten hooked. >> yes. nothing that constrains as you so certainly neglects up on the supply that are interested in the program out stripping our current supply. >> i was thinking we get the additional energy we get professionals for 60 megawatts and put many of the people that
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respond to the original rfp on a water list. >> potentially we could the chang's chances are they'll have to go through a price refresher we might as well as go through other solicitation. >> i want to see if we can do it devil. >> as soon as the prices they're dead the next day so they agreed to something with our contract period but you're going to have to go out and get more prices from everyone so do a brand new refresher for the rfp. >> that's why you have lafco do it. >> commissioner crews. >> thank you, ms. hale and mr. freed you cannot couldn't have
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set me up for 0 any question better what about the updates. >> i'll get back. >> can you e-mail me. >> absolutely you asked for that and i neglected to do that. >> supervisor breed. >> can you e-mail us the presentation i can take a closer look at it even with my glasses it's hard to see on the screen. >> i'll do that any other questions by the way the regulatory i didn't want i wanted to rim you ear expecting pg&e to have their green option letter this is the filing they're planning to do in program roll out and price that's an anticipated filing we'll report when we see that
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and had the chance to summarize it other than that there is no other activity to report at this time. >> thank you for your presentation that was useful information today earth day so happy earth day to everyone it was to the be considered that was earth day and i forgot all about it now i'm wondering if there's been i guess any you know april 22nd is earth day and this month has the puc done outreach in terms of the website p this is informing people of our programs i think if we don't it will be great to get handouts it looks like it was done in the 80s but i did not it was and
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that was produced by the pg&e and. >> the sierra club oh, their stuck in the 80s did i say that. >> (laughter). >> we have materials they need to be updated just this week and last week an agreement 101 on the program report and the fairness board we've got information that is solid we'll develop the materials that xhupz that. >> i do love the 80's i'm stuck in that we are are a okay. anything else to add to lafco staff. >> i think i did my comments at the beginning we'll have a lot of great movement so i'm looking forward to see that moving forward i've been working with supervisor breed's to get the information to the committee and getting the hearing set up and assign to the budget committee working with the staff to get a
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date calendar. >> it was really great to see the introduction yesterday we're moving forward in unso that so great to see so this item is up for public comment are there any members of the public who wish to speak please come forward. >> okay. good afternoon, commissioners eric brooks san francisco ground floor party and san francisco clean energy advocates once again thank you to sfpuc for getting keeping to the timeline pretty much for moving forward with more rennet when the public asked for it and speeding up the not to exceed rate i want to touch on the item how spoke about at the end which was yes if we do not roll out
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decide we can roll out a 60 or one hundred megawatts and don't do that we have to wait for oath rfp round so we should be careful to launch at the highest size to launch at sonoma county just got their leathern it was beating pg&e prices from the gina 10 percent opt out rate not expected to go above 15 on the rate issue we need puc to approve the riots ratings on the 28 because may pg&e is going to put out it's rates it is really important we beat them to the punch and go to the newspapers hey cleaner sf is better rates
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than pg&e and one last thing not in the timeline advocacy is miguel's we have to get the department of investment and lafco staff all working together to start right now to design and sfwrathd a build out research is planning for local resources not flushed out and it needs to be thanks. >> hello commissioner avalos jed from 350 san francisco happy earth day i'm wearing any no fossil fuel the elk club invited us 80 it to be part of earth day event i was talking with the kids it occurred they're really the ones i'm
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thinking of and speaking from and for they railway get to appear in front of you i told them i'll speak for them we're trying to get to clean energy so those kooidz kids can have a safe future i want to thank sfpuc staff i've seen that presentation a couple of times this is basically better than in every way in 2013 this is a lower invited rate for the one hundred percent then we were looking at before and before lots of peck i didn't r50u7b8 certificates now no one we've been doing the sierra club and 350 and other organizations are starting to do a lot of outreach at the events we met that the women's political committee i said to mention from the budget
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item i would agree i think we need lafco to stay very on top of the community choice program most cca come from scratch an elected pubically account board because of our in this case chart sidewalks we're forming inside of an existing agency that is not pubically open so lafco severs a critical mediating role just want to support wavering the thirty day rolling rule and the perspective process we've heard from the lafco and puc staff to speed up the process we support that and lastly i think thinking about alternative financing is really important we saw the finance the
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net revenue available but that is a revenue stream that would be leveraged into bonds into finance streams i'm not educated about i hope we'll look beyond the simple net right side in terms have to fund the massive generation built out we all want to see that's all thanks very much and ms. hale thank you for the indulgence we'll have 98 sign up to date on our online portal to respond to our questions and echo that's great to hear and anyone in the listening outside audience that wants to celebrate earth day sign up on the website we'll public comment is closed. and thank you for commenting and
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this is information called an action item we've all heard we're wavering the thirty day rule and start drafting the request for proposals 0 that those can go out the door and we'll finalize the ordinance and we urge expedition throughout the efforts so thank you and with that we'll go on the next item which is item 5. >> item 5 status update for the implementations and opportunity for floung wires for san francisco francisco. >> jason fried lafco staff i sent an e-mail we've realized the draft version of the report i've given it to you and the short-term rentals stakeholders it are interested from side board of supervisors it is out
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there for review i'm planning oncoming badgering bank on may to give the whole presentation may 15 is the deadline to get comments back i'm looking at a presentation on the draft and any february i've gotten up to that point and come back with a final reverberation at the june meeting for final filing of the report there is a lot of information on the fiber suicides side that is operate is from the under grounding that is happening last week at the board of supervisors supervisor mar and supervisor mar here has a is the digital divide it coincides with the report and supervisor farrell introduced an extension of that looking at other option there's a lot of movement on that side going on i'll keep my report up to date but with so thavg so
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i'll continue to add as much as i can this report kwoos meant to be a collaboration of various reports that are done over time within itself city and county i'll do my best to incorporate those reports and getting to a final version we've not gotten a lot of comments i'll be going to the capitol planning committee in early may to acid and have a discussions which is in that if with respect to agenda items your opportunity to address the commission to do under grounding for the fiber network capital planning plays a role i'll be sitting down to give them an understand we're looking for suggestions how to move forward i was not able to find new funding sources as well as the utility