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tv   [untitled]    May 6, 2015 10:30am-11:01am PDT

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>> mr. chairman and super survivor tang. on page 50 of the report we know the san francisco public utilities commission would enter into contract for renewable and greenhouse gas resources up to one 125 million which exceeds the board approval contracts exceeding ten years and ten million $10 million we also
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report the ordinance on page 15 of our report of various contract provisions provides that the general manager finds in writing both of the transaction presents the best opportunity available for services and products expose of excess power that is inefetched to the city. we propose. the annual report
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to the board of supervisors and the duration of power purchase contracts enintered by the fpic on the contracts on page 16 of our report we note that -- let me correct that -- on our recommendation number two we're advised by t ci at's there is various languae t leg whi would indc t t us we should withdrawal reco it is ce we sat bad o vi o t c an mbib n so reco ar we recommen yo pp t
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oe i t rep sot t inclu pro rat cr to cca to reco c a copariso o fsb to pg and e rates we recommend yo c ap o as rto boar s > k y> mr. rose pu krchl u i agree t re rec? y we e thak y> oka n ot any public comment? >> jason i sat in on two ah ken w t pu krc h ne g for cot pcms
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cot i th i a imp a ne t i se a yo d get m ped o t contr whi legi all u to d the ot t i tain so o larr commerci ms ont s they' li f a wo l t s p they to join a cca progr a price stability and th one t t go ou ge loe te cots in th lo ruso last would be recommendning mo to full board thank you. >> any other com p cs? s public comms close> supero ta? > tk yo v i know my o sha th
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goal y a chieve th ts so i would be happ t ask t we men al to ta ra c bac u w a rp w t i infor t t bu lis woul l t us an a mai rthe pos rg p ree to bo i al t a tk y bi t forw an mr. lro t dis e we c take th objectio number four mrs.clerk? > ai @ hundred thousand [inaude univei o cali san fr to a
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progr entigd. l> th may th 20 t an e he dr. chan? >> good morning my name is kurtis chan for th dep o pu he> i w ly sma ans a s t is t -yea f thi a bi d the complications of preterm birth six districts three in california three __ for the planni y starting july
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ing june 30th th of th any qu > n thk yo v> great issue. we will open t pu cme o it 4? no p p coth t closd. > e s t f i l mak re to for > tan w c ta t wi objection man cl c yo cal item 5? >> f et lease with rc pfo pace of 30 tee mat ro $ hu *) tho i ini a for t depa youth and th > >> o mrs. d tks for bei. > my pl john diro o es t rekne
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f e pla for youth and their has been in th sp since 200 #2350i6 in the building since 1995. the budget report goes into t abou t t occupa in ont r fr rnew wh ive dm ! @) fi
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stun no h t m oe in. this par tract wo u ing 57 dolla20
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or 3 de " ma rate . s w p hap t p tranac a t mrs it ics ne cp a pai f h ti sw at t llor"s exn @p
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>> welcome to the cinco de mayo meeting of the san francisco entertainment commission. my name is brian tan and i am the commission president, thank you all for being here tonight, our few housekeeping items that we do every time are to one make sure that your cell phones are on vibrate or off, and two, if you are a member of the public, if you fill out a card and hand it to the staff and they will get it up to me and i will also call the public comment at any other time and feel free to come up and speak then, thank you to sfgov, tv and media services for broadcasting live to the public
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>> lee. >> here. >> joseph. >> lee. >> here >> we have excused absences for commissioner frost and caminong. >> all right. >> the first item is public comment, any issues that relate to the entertainment commission but are not currently on the agenda, is there any public comment is it on an item later or something else. >> come up later when i ask for the public comment during it i don't see any and so i will close this part of public comment and move on to item two, which is review and approval of minutes of april, 21,.
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commissioners i would like to entertain a motion where you are ready. >> motion to approve. >> second. >> motion from commissioner perez and second from commissioner moshoyannis. and is there any changes, or discussions? all right, let's take a vote. >> and commissioner lee. >> yes. >> joseph. >> aye. >> moshoyannis. >> aye. >> perez. >> yes. >> and i am going to abstain since i was not here. >> got it. >> and so move. >> the motion passes. >> all right. >> it says that you are present. >> are you present or part of the meeting, were you not? >> oh, right, story. >> permission to take that vote? >> yes, we can. so we are going to going to redo a do over, commissioner
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lee? >> aye. >> commissioner joseph. >> aye. >> commissioner moshoyannis. >> aye. >> commissioner perez. >> yes. >> president tan. >> yes. >> got it. apologis for that error. >> item three, report from the executive director and our staff. >> and good evening, commissioners i will be brief, and i was out of the office last week. but, i did want to let you know that today at the full board legislation regarding residence sal development and entertainment venues passed the first read and so what that means is that the full board will do a second read on the 12th, is that right? >> yeah. and next tuesday, and that is the final passage. and then we will go to the mayor for the signature and, we do expect that to be fairly quick process. so i have spoken to the president about moving forward on creating some guidelines
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around how to hold these hearings, since it is imminent the legislation, does speak to residential development in the pipeline as well as news. >> okay. >> we don't have a lot of time. >> okay. >> that was going to be my question, if this goes into effect within a few weeks time who, sefked as of when? like which developments? >> everything in the pipeline. >> okay. >> interesting. >> yeah. >> it is going to be interesting. >> from that day forward? >> from that day forward. >> so we don't have a waiting period, it is not going to go until july 1? >> no. very good. >> lovely. >> so, again, that means that we will be coming to you here on the 19th, depending on what to do and you might discuss it as a whole and you might discuss it as a subcommittee but we will need to promulgate at least some bear bones guidelines about how to hold these hearings so that they are
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transparent and fair and consistent and we will learn as we go, of course but we want to have some guidelines so people are aware of what they they will be asked. >> and then the second thing that was introduced at the full board were the changes to the llt, and in the western soma area, that we had discussed some time ago and took a while but those changes in the legislative form were presented to the full board, and so, a committee assignment shortly, and land use, and it will take some time and so we are hopeful that with those changes, those areas that were identified as needing to have -- and we are looking forward to and be able to permit some places that just have no way to come into compliance and so the fingers crossed. in addition, as the commissioner moshoyannis says, the hearing for the outdoor
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events study was supposed to be yesterday but was postponed to the 20th of may and, moved the committees from the land use to budget and so it will be for the budget on the 20th of may which is a monday >> a wednesday, sorry it will be at ten a.m., as a first item. and which, is i think, primarily, why they changed committee, in order to facilitate it, like the times specific hearing, which is much better for everybody who is inclined to attend and speak to the items so the controller will do a presentation, and some of the presentation and probably commissioner moshoyannis will speak on behalf of the entertainment commission, and then, maybe put your other hat on and speak on behalf of fulson street and again, you know, present something that we have discussed in the passed around, and based on what we now know is the value of the outdoor entertainment in san francisco.
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and so we are, super psychd for that and if you want to attend, it is going to show please, and put that on your calendar. >> i don't think that i have anything else again and i will turn it over unless you have some questions. >> can i just think this commission has done amazing and all of the legislation and all of stuft that you have broad forward in the recent past, great job. >> thank you. >> ditto. >> all right, we can take the public comment later and do the inspector reports. >> good evening, commissioners, shawn burke here and item inspector. and just a couple of quick notes. we had a few new complaints come in, one was investigated at 5571, and it was a one time event that they rented out for a wedding and i have spoken to both the property manager and the resident and it seems to be resolved at this point, and the cathedral just came across the
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desk and we will be investigating that over the course of this week and this week expend then the village at 969 market, we received a complaint as of last week, from the neighbor next door and that was investigated last weekend and we are working to resolve that over the course of the next week. the notice violation at 2801 levenworth and they are still waiting to get the sign-offs for a couple of the permits and so they were given notice of the violation and then, did get temporary permits for the past weekend events and for the club malibu and for the weekend before, the multiple good neighbor policy violations and two violations of the conditions that we put on their permit, and a few months back. >> commissioner joseph?
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>> club malibu, so to the best of my memory we have been working on this for two years minimum, and no matter what happens they tend to violate, and so in what you are saying is okay, there is no security at the front door, and the door was opened, they were unresponsive to their cell phone, did you go inside and talk to them? what did they say? >> the conversations we have are very brief. there is not a whole lot of direct communication when given instructions and we have questions, not a whole lot of answers. >> who did you talk to? >> i speak to nadia. and the manager, and i also interact with the dj/sound engineer from time-to-time. just seeing that i question occasionally is their ability to rectify the situation when
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they are approached and when i do show up they are able to bring the levels down and i think that it is a matter of them not, monitoring and managing that process. to the best of their ability. >> yeah, but the last i looked you were not their daddy and you can't hold their hand and they have not been managing and they have been before this commission and they have been in the office and i made two or three visits out there, former commissioner hyde made visits out there and tried to work with the neighbors and tried to help them out. and keeping the door open is a blai tant violation, not having security and not responding to the cell phone is a violation and they keep doing that and so do you have any discussions on how we proceed? >> i don't yet. i am, i am anticipating very soon to know whether or not
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they will be paying this fine or appealing this citation and at that point, i think we should form a plan for the next steps. and i still have to hear back from them based on an e-mail with the citation that i sent and following this weekend to see if they are in receipt of the citation and what their plan is moving forward. and regardless of whether or not they will appeal or pay the fine, i think that other than that, i am not sure at this point if the meeting is in order or or further reconditioning. >> were you there because there was a complaint by a neighbor? >> yes. >> okay, thank you. >> you say that there are more questions than answers, is it that they are asking you more questions than providing you answers? >> yeah along the lines of what do you want us to do? what should we do? i am not sure, what we can do. >> interesting. >> yeah.
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>> it sounds like at some point we may need to bring them in, but, let us know how they respond. >> i will. >> or if they respond, i guess. >> commissioners any questions? no. >> and does jar don have a report. >> yes. >> good evening, commissioners i was on vacation this past weekend i don't have much to report. >> how was your vacation? >> it was great, it was great. another story. just one compliance issue that i dealt with and it was bruno's pizza and a complaint about them staying open past 2 a.m. and having entertainment and i talked to the owner and he said that they closed at 2:00 a.m. but it sounds to me like a soft close, but i told him i have talked to you and be aware that i am probably going to stop by and figuring out the entertainment i am going to let it cool off and