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tv   [untitled]    May 7, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> any other members of the public that wish to speak item 6. >> seeing none, the public comment is closed >> that was informational. >> item 7. >> introduction of new items. >> this is information. >> any introductions of new items. >> seeing none, this item is closed. >> and item 8, please? >> oh, item eight is i am sorry?
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>> public comment, oit em 7? >> okay, seeing none, public comment is closed on item 7, moving on to item 8 which is general public comment. and all right. >> jonathan rose with the mta and i never do general public comment and so since this will be my last plans and programs meeting as part of it, i have a fantastic team that will be replacing me, thank you to the commissioners and i worked with four plans and committee and more than 60 of these meetings and i think that what often does not happen with a role like mine is that we don't take the time to thank the authority staff and i want to say that david and tilly and maria are awesome and there is often not a day that i do not talk to one of these people over here and there are 7:00 a.m. kitchen calls about the issues and we do work together as a team and i think that there will be great things between the mta and the authority in the
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upcoming years and there is definitely work to do and they are working on improving the allegation process and i know that all of you are work og that and they are committed to making the authority the best organization that can be for san francisco. >> and i wanted to take the opportunity to thank them and they have been a great partner and there is more work to do but it has been a great five years, thanks. >> thank you so much for your service and your refreshing public comment, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> and i am chief deputy and if he comes back and sings the comments to you, and i just wanted to thanks him for for us and he has helped, work with him, and the mta to really transform the finance and administration, section of the mta and we welcome, raphael and the rest of the colleagues who will be stepping in, please. >> thank you, very much. >> thank you, to the outgoing and incoming person for all of your work that you are going to be providing to us through this capacity. >> and any other members of the public now, for general public comment? >> seeing none, public xhept is
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now closed. >> and now, mr. clerk, item 9. >> item 9 adjournment. >> thank you, our meeting is adjourned. >> good morning, today is april 14th, 2015. welcome to the finance committee of the san francisco transportation authority. i am john avalos joined by david campos maliha cohen and we will be joined by other
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colleagues. mr. clerk. do we have any announcements? >> there are no announcements. let's go on to our next item. roll taken. >> we have quorum. >> next item is part of our consent calendar. items two to three comprise the consent calendar. staff is not going to present. >> colleagues changes to the amendments. comments on item 3 of the consent calendar. we will go to public comment. any member that would like to speak come forward.
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we will close public comment. may we have a motion to approve. >> move to approve. >> seconded by commissioner cohen. >> we need a roll call vote for the first one. okay. on the consent calendar. commissioner avalos. aye. >> kim, abcent. maher, absent. >> four, state and federal legislative update. this is an action item. >> good morning, chair and members, mark wats representing sacramento. two items of interest. on the matrix we added
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constitutional amendment number 5 and relates to the voter threshold for local special taxes, not designating a purpose for the tax, but under any tax approved by the voters reduce the threshold to 35%. we are recommending support for that measure. another measure that was brought to my attention by staff to relay to you and ask for your action on is to reconsider ab 779, found on page 7 of the matrix. this measure has been a watch and we're asking for you to reconsider and recategorize it has opposition. essentially, it pertains to the metrics used to measure traffic and greenhouse gas emissions in transportation priority areas. and on further reflection and
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collaboration with local agencies we find it's too flexible and a step backwards from where the city has been moving and recommend oppose. >> we had a discussion about the other items last time. questions or comments? we can go to public comment. public comment is open. >> additional -- >> i was going to give a quick update on the federal transportion project. >> the current bill expires at the end of may and the federal trust fund will be bankrupt by july. so just a little better than the may prediction they had before but still we're looking at deficit and no real way to fund
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it since no one is talking about that. and the president introduced the grow america tax. this would be paid by a tax on earnings in addition to the gas tax. it increases transit programs more than doubles the discretionary tiger grant program, which is very over subscribed at the federal level and increase an $18 billion freight program. we're watching but unfortunately, it would be great for transportation and he introducing he's every year and usually congress doesn't go anywhere. we're looking at another short term >> thank you. bad congress. >> good morning, chair avalos.
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i was proud to join with agencies around the region to rally and call on congress to pass a long-term bill. our delegation in california is fantastic. it's the other folks in the nation that need to come toward. what we heard interestingly from the director of cal trans, malcolm dougherty, in other parts of nation where we don't have voter approved bill. both at the local and state level, they are really facing tough choices. they can't enter into construction projects. that i need to demobilize once there's a federal long-term bill. this is so disruptive and we are fortunate to be cushioned from that or protected from that because of our ability for self help at the local level as well as state level. >> thank you.
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okay. and no comments from the committee here. thank you for the presentation and the updates. this is open for public comment. any member of the public who would like to comment? seeing none, we will close public comment and can we do the same inhouse call. >> we need to amend the item first. >> so colleagues we need to make an amendment to move from watch to oppose for ab 77 and can we have a motion. >> so moved. >> second. >> and we will take that without objection. and on the item underlying item we can take the same inhouse >> okay. gavel. >> we will approve that. next item please. item number five, recommend awarding an 18 month contract for planning and environmental at a-280 at balboa park and
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negotiate terms and conditions. >> good morning i am liz rutman. i am senior engineer for capitol projects transportation authority. as you may recall last june we came to the plan and program committees for the adoption of the balboa park study we completed in the spring. at that time the board adopted the staff-recommended petition for bicycle safety and minimize traffic going from i-280. out of the study came recommendations for several project elements. element one is to close the northbound on ramp from geneva
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avenue. element two is reassign the southbound lane and the third is a potential kiss and rider access. this past february we came before the board for an appropriation of $750,000 to advance the next steps in the study and that would found the transportation staff and the interagency agreements with cal-trans and a consultance report. i am here asking for an amount not to exceed $450,000. the consultant scope of work for the next steps include a traffic analysis for both ramp modifications and the precurser to the subscent project approvals. this analysis would be presented
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to fhwa for approval since it changes access for an interstate highway. the southbound off ramp realignment to ocean avenue we hope to have completed for next year and the consultant would support our community outreach in helping with a funding and implementation plan for the projects. we released the proposals in every february. we set an sbe dbe goal. any one would work for 28%. we received two proposals in early march. both competed the 28% goal. we interviewed both firms and the unanimous, the panel selected ae com as the most qualified team with the best relevant services. chs consulting and recco, three
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of the four firms are of the dbe, slb firms. >> thank you. that's the end. i think there's one part of the study that i'm concerned that should be addressed and i'm not clear if it's being planned. there are a lot of people in district 11 and probably close around district 11 who are concerned about the meeting forward program, in particular the 29, 54 and 52 that have been dropping off on geneva and will pick up on ocean avenue. the plans to access the change were done in 2007 2006 when the
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tep was put forward. we have seen changes dramatic in terms of traffic patterns around there and often and certain times of the day you see that ocean avenue is at a stand still and whether it makes a lot of sense to actually move these bus lines to ocean avenue is you know one that i think is worth considering. as we're adding in these other changes where we're closing down an on ramp going north from geneva geneva, that's going to move traffic to ocean avenue as well. i think we should be being lewing at in this -- looking at this in the ways we're changing to getting on and getting off of the 280. is that something that's being proposed? >> when the circulation study was done, we assumed that the
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changes to the routing proposed by the tep was in place. the analysis done already included those. we will continue to include those and coordinate with mta on which elements are moving forward versus which have changed since the tep was written to ensure we're including the changes correctly in the traffic analysis. this would be more detailed and we will include those improvements to make sure it's holistically evaluated. >> great, i'm concerned that we're diverting more congestion into ocean avenue that will lead to huge impacts to the speed which we're trying to address with our changes to on ramp -- >> it's a valid concern. it's the first thing we will do to make sure these projects can continue to move >> great. thank you. >> colleagues any other questions?
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thank you for the presentation. this item is open for public comment. any member of the public who would like to comment. please come forward. seeing none, we will close public comment and this item we can take same call, colleagues. the item passes. our next item. >> item next 6 introduction of new items. this is an introduction item. any new issues? colleagues discussions? okay. we will open this up for public comment? and seeing no member come forward. we will close public item. we will go on to general public comment. any member of the public that would like to comment? count down from five to one in my head. we will close public comment and our next item. >> item 8 is adjournment. i would like to thank sfg tv staff for their presentation. we you at the full ta meeting
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next week. we're adjourned. do we have any announcements? >> yes mr. chair documents to be included. submitted to the
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clerk will appear on the may 12th. board of supervisor's agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you please call item number 1. >> for exclusive use in west cargo video 632 on plot nine with annest maded 6.4 million to 31 -year options to extend. >> ks very much. >> first i would like to apoll scombriez for the confusion on these items last week thank you for continuing so i could be here today. the idem before you seeks your approval with a new
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3 three-year lease for 50 thousand 3 hundred 19 square foot in the cargo building as well as related buildings on plot nine for cargo services for operating sayss for sfo the proposed lease has three options to extend payable to the airport of 7.5 million $7.5 million of the entire lease term they approvaled a new agreement. in october of 2014 for 36 thousand and 12 square foot mense subsequently requested for the extended square faith of 50 thousand 3 hundred square feet before i
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today the budget annual lis recommends correction of the lease and the resolution we submit has a rent total that is not accurate if you should approval this item today i will submit an amended resolution to the clerk with the reflected corrected term amount for 5 million 7 hundred 40 thousand 80 $5,740,080 for the term of the lease i will be happy to answer questions you may have. >> thanks i want to get your
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report by the way. >> mr. chairman super visor tang on page 3 of our report we report this resolution 7 hundred 5 million 86 $705,000,086 in rent for 15 thousand 9 square feet that is the over the 6 six-year lease term ending on april 30th , 2021, that table that on page 2 of our report as mrs. widener has stated we are recommending a correction be made for the amount of the rent we state that on page 5 of the report rerecommend that you proposed the resolution for the correctable rent to the airport
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of lease term ending april 30 , 2021. is 7 million 6 million 8 rather than 7 million 4037 we recommend you approve this amendment add read. >> okay thank you anyone wish a gammopathy on item 1? seek no public comments close. supervisor tang? >> so i think this lease agreement makes sense and they're in agreement with the budget. so i make a motion to accept -- so take harvey's amendments and approve the resolution with a possible
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recommendation to the full board. >> we can take that without objection madame clerk call item 2. >> between the body shop and the city for the boarding area acting body and airport condition following murder of the ing board approval. >> thannings welcome back mrs. wang. >> cathy widener with the san francisco airport seeks approval for the early termination with the lease with the body shop retro active to march first 2015 located in
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terminal three boreding area has has seen a 24% decrease in as pass engers boarding area e in january of 2014 the body shop requested early termination of their lease which is set to expire in 2013 because of declining saleses and proposed payment of 196 $196 which is the equivalent of the lease's minimum guarantee rent amount the airports lease
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of the body shop carries the formula you see with our concession leases cricks is the minimum annual percentage rent based on gross revenue whichever is bigger in this case the body shop paid on a rent basis their percentage never exceeded their guaranteed minimum amount of rent. the projected loss in revenues to the airport for this early termination is estimated approximately 71 $71,000 cricks
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is the difference between the rent 2 hundred 69 thousand and the termination fee proposed of 198 thousand. however airport does not anticipate overall loss in revenue as we have lined up a replacement ten innocent that will come to you in the form of modification to the current lease of the hudson group you will see that in the couple weeks the budget analysis dots recommend approval i will go to questions . >> thank you why don't we go to your repo
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