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tv   [untitled]    May 7, 2015 10:30pm-11:01pm PDT

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can't afford 3500 one bedrooms so now is the time to continue to pressure those making decisions at the college to invest in the students and teachers. >> thank you. next speaker. >> my name is surge row lopez [inaudible] i want to apologize to a coworker [inaudible] she isn't here. i came here to talk about how city college is efoketing our community [inaudible] taking class at city college and i just want to say please stay with us and keep an eye on that and [inaudible] keep working on that. the job isn't done and we will [inaudible] ccsf [inaudible] i know we can do it
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so thank you and good afternoon. >> thank you. ilean wall, robert fitch, [inaudible] roma, dewane sears. next speaker >> hello there. i would like to thank you for your support. as a student at city college it doesn't feel all are always people on the side and feels good there are people here supported crrkts csf. ime rrb a after school teacher and [inaudible] i have been at city college for 5 years and for 4 of the years i was without directions and 4 of the years i was without ambition [inaudible] before i entered the puente [inaudible] as the aura of ccsf thmpt news would
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tell me as a graduate i would fwee without a job and student would tell me aspirations for higher education would leave me in debt. the accjc [inaudible] feeling powerless. puent aerks allowed me to see i have control over my college experience and my future is worth the erfbt. the individual attention available helped me to open my eyes to the limit i place on myselfism programs like [inaudible] ignite the droiv that are bam barded with message of hopelessness [inaudible] considering sth campus closeier and class cancelation and [inaudible] i have drive. i have ambition and i'm part of a empowered community that seeks to make san francisco very proud. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker.
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good afternoon. supervise rbs we are so very grateful to you and city attorney ararea for your support. i'm susan lopez and a ccsfes teacher. the enrollment campaign from 2012-2015 is a all volunteer campaign primarily faculty and student volunteer to address credit and non credit enrollment through on the ground efforts. while most or all zip codes in san francisco receive the attention of the volunteer, this study compared the zip codes that were strusteejicly selected in advance >> student receive the highest focus of those that were not so targeted. many criteria were used to indicate enrollment
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putension. for example house hold income was one. the data shows areas we targeted showed better result said. we were targeting some of the poorest areas in san francisco. the areas outper formed for the college as a hole. volunteers went to small business and, non profit and government agency. it is our hope that going forward into a enrollment challenge in the post [inaudible] era, ccsf will learn from the experience we have gained and will take on officially with funding some of the critical functions we fulfilled as volunteers during the colleges time of greatest crisis. >> thank you so much. next speaker. >> good afternoon my name is ann [inaudible] instructor at city college and teach english
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to speakers of other languages and have been a instructor at city for 20 years. our department over 20 thousand students throughout the city and provides vital services. our services make a important difference in the lives of our students and our department makes a huge impact in multiple communities throughout the city and these multiple communities make a huge impact in our city state and nation. today i'm acompnied by student who represent diverse culture, background experience and future. student with me today are standed here today and i'm standed with them, they are from france, china, burma, yemen and ven swalea. i would like to have oscar from ven swalea say few words >> [inaudible] city college.
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i'm here to say that city college program changed the peoples lives. in regards to language skills employment and citizenship. we are commit today this city and to the the united states of american and the city college gives us every day the skills to make this commitment strongerment we hope the school will always keepope toon help the community and help us. thank you very much for your support. >> thank you. i'll call a few more names. windy air gone, gabriel taumption, howard shiman from performing arts education center, mu hauny clay from harvey milk club. perruke
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fur ar. jaermen nolland and [inaudible] hawj >> [inaudible] pleny of our members take non credit esl classes and [inaudible] we talk about the work place rights and we used to go to the tenderloin campus. we are glad to hear that they will have a location at the art institute is accessible to them. we also want to put pressure to stat we'll continue putting presser and want to see the eddy campus opened and hope to have access to the esl students get them informed on their rights. thank you >> sir, next speaker >> peter mendoza.
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[inaudible] i appreciate you having this hearing today. i am going to speak you to as a former student of city college. city college is very important to people with disabilities in san francisco and throughout the bay area and to [inaudible] i was also client of department of rehabilitation [inaudible] people with disabilities in order to become employed. they help with education, training, adaptive equipment in the work place and a number of services for people with disabilities so we can achieve economic self sufficientancy. title 9 of california code [inaudible] to work at education and training
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first community colleges then state colleges, then california campuses, then private colleges. if people with disabilities don't have the services of city college here we will have a barrier that will prevent people with disabilities from being able to achieve their dreams of economic opportunities. it is very important as we go through this process that we mind the people that are making decisions how important the services are to our community. and especially those of people with disabilities who have no other alternative. thank you >> thank you, next speakers >> thank you supervisors [inaudible] former student of city college and [inaudible] i want to talk about a tragied we
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discussed this afternoon. the tragied of board of trustees that is displayed. this is a democratly elected board. the people gave them the authority and don't center the authority to act that they were granted. we talked about the mile stones of the board of trustees need to earn to gain more and more authority to make decisions, yet the mile stone squz the training is a situation that isn't seen at any other college. we are being a standard is applied to city college not applied anywhere throughout the state and it is unfair. not only as was spoken earlier will they get full power to act on decisions in july, but the special trustee
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with extraordinary powers has power at this point. there is no end date to when the special trustee goes away. the special trustee we discussed at the press conference makes 216 thousand. if it has been gone up it hasn't been share would the community. some of the decisions that happen under the tustee are decision to close civic center campus and implement a payment policy that pushes out student. these decisions that are made without transparency and without the authority that the will of the people in san francisco gave them is a decision making process that is non inclusive and denies the power of students and the communities. >> thank you. next speaker
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>> good afternoon supervisors and administrators and community college supporters. it is wonderful [inaudible] esl faculty at the civic sentser campus working at the mission campus. it is wonderful to meet james. i love his statement we are multilingual and ready to mingle. there are 14 languages in the classroom but we make learning happen and build bridges where people see walls. president mandalman talked about rebuilding trust and equity at city college and assure you the student felt a lack of trust and equity when the campus was closed. i work with freds sterner on the task
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force to figure where we'll be in the future. we have concerns because we are concerned about getting it done in time. we need someone who is designated to be in charge of everything. everything needs to be ready earlier than august 17. we don't want to move in on august 16 on the weekend to be ready to school monday so that is a big concern. we appreciate freds hard work but need this to be managed well. wewould like the community to get involved it [inaudible] we injoid meeting with them and look forward to having more relationship with that community. i like it, multilingual and ready to mingle just like all of san francisco. that is why we need
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city college to be in the tenderloin and build enrollment back up. we are a vital force of this wonderful cities multilingual and multinational and multicultural realty that is part of the world today. thank you >> thank you >> good afternoon supervirez campus, mar, christensen, accjc, special trustee if you are watching from home, city college board of dreblther [inaudible] 2009 valedictorian. i have a question for the people in this room. people watching television, where do you have provided the support for a transgender wom toon go to school in this environment? the area we are talking about, the tenderloin is a spiritual
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home to transgender people rkts people of colors-i have relative white prevolog but i'm homeless. there are lots of people that don't have a voice and don't live in tuhoe and have a fancy car. i used to be that person. i went on to get a masters degree. the students i want you to consider when you make these decisionerize the ones who can't make it. we can make it so why can't the people that worry about funding and [inaudible] and reducing and cutting worrying about paying and supporting and helping. what we need is not less, but more. what we need is less people who have privilege and more people who be helped who don't. i just ask you to think about who gets the benefit of city college. that is what makes our teacher incredible
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and what makes city college so incredible and that is what always made san francisco incredible because we are the city that can. thank you >> thank you. >> my name is a[inaudible] part time instructor at city college and thank you for holding this hearing and passing a resolution calling for the full resilation of the board no layer than july on 2014. no surprise the trustee isn't here. [inaudible] his attitude is i'm not going to pay attention to you. i think today we had a lot of [inaudible] about things being said so i want to make direct comments and hopefully i can cover everything i would like. i would like to raise the question about the closing of the civic campus. the grounds for doing so in the letter we
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received from the president of the college is-they closed because of siz metic defeshancy that jeopardize the safety. that is a good reason. what we learned is they knew about this for 2 months. i have to ask if the campus posed a dangerous how on earth could they not have moved them out sooner? it raises a quigz, i'm not a attorney, but is this a form of crimial negligent they allow the student to into into a place for more that 2 months they know about. it also raises questions about the enrollment and this added to the enrollment crisis. this is on going. i would thrike bring to your attention when we got the closeier anousment in july
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2013 the next day the chancellor sent out an e-mail to student that said city college is closing as of july 2014. you have to ask if you were a student and received a message like that from the chancellor of the college would you continue to go to city college? this is on going and even the accjc when they announced the closeier didn't say the college is closer of july 2014. a big problem is with administration and policies >> thank you. next speaker >> my name is robert fitch and i'm a teercher at city college disaiblted student service and a student. i have the pleasure of speaking to you before. i just want to quickly
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change the focus a little bit. my fear is that we could win the battle in regards to accredation here in san francisco and lose the war, which is a larger moverment going on state and nationally about rationing education and decided who the priority student should be and creating a myth of a traditional student that is a 18-25 year old who has time money and resources to go to school for time and everyone else is a non traditional student which would include everyone in the room. our dem graphics show like the majority of people who take non credit classes are over 40 years old. we have to recognize life long learning is very important and that we are going to have to study up on things that happened like the student success task force, sb
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1 sev 3, ab 86 and other state wide efforts to decide who should be educated and who should not. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> my name is howard shimeen. i had am the president of performing arts and education center at city college. i'm also a voice student. the board that jennifer is gibbon are architectural rendering that we made copies of. there is a broacher. i want to talk very briefly, twice one once in 2001 and 05 rfx the voters in san francisco voted to have a puforming arts center built.
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around 25 million dollars has been spent in substructure in a building we call the mub billing. this is a award winning design and it is a very important building and something the taxpayers continue to pay. i want to thank you for making an effort while the elected board of trustees isn't fully functioning. that is the board of supervisors takes this as a interest. we need your help. i cannot emphasis that and thank you enough. sunel williams said it beps, we need you to watch. without you we are nothing. the regular people have a hard time so thank you very much. some of the issues that are making it difficult to get the performing
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arts to get build or what it will increase, i think it will increase student enrollment and build up community in that neighborhood. i think some of the problems we probably run into with getting the building built is the accjc. i think the new administration is so overwhelmed. i thank you very much and thank you for looking into this >> thank you. next speaker >> my name is elen call and retired from the english department. i wanted-i passed out to you somewhere in your paper work you have a light green sheet that gives the history that we were just heard. if we want to increase enrollment this is one of the big places to do it is build a
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performing arts education center. there are thousands of jobs available in this area and they are good jobs. many union jobs, but we need the mayor not to build housing on what needs to be parking for city college and performing arts center. one of the saddest things i heard is the san francisco scottish fiddlers are playing no concerts in san francisco where they started about 30 years ago but are playing at the brass terrace in folsome. it is just wrong and this is a organization that gibs so much back to the community and helps educate so many people and we-the performing arts are
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something the student want to do and should be allowed to do. as howard said we need your help to do this. thank you >> thank you mr. hall. mr. [inaudible] >> president of [inaudible] chair of the public utility commission [inaudible] the public [inaudible] i ran last year for board orphtrustees on a plat form i wherea lot of people are talking about accredidation on what the role of the community college was. for me it was personal because i saw myself in the [inaudible] as many know i came from blue caller family and father didn't graduate from high school and i was the first to go to college. i struggled until i got to community college and went to 4
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year university and graduate with a degree and make my parent proud. for me this college is about elevating people out of poverty and chaifging peoples live and giving second chances and most vulnerable students are at stack now and they are being treated as pawn on a chess board. it is why we need to restore the board of trustees and take bay local control. when i hear undocumented student who don't qualify for federal aid are paying thousandoffs dollars in tuition every semester only to go fl to debt for the next semester and can't register again that is heart breaking. when i read in the paper guardian scholars wasn't funded and foster children that have been through the worst of the worst cannot register for classes or buy books that breaks my heart. when i see we have building trade who want to do
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apprenticeships at evans campus and that is stalled. it is give-we talk about local hiring in construction. i work in construction and that is important. i feel wlee setting up student to fail. with the issue of enrollment we also keep student from enrolling with the debt cycles we put them in and canceling the classes so we can't complain we don't have enrollment when we don't have the classes and cut them back. thank you so much for paying attention to the issue. i means a lot to me personly and the stud thont school and faculty who are amazing, but i feel this process needs to happen a lot faster than it has >> thank you mr. air gone. next speaker. >> good afternoon, my name is gab rial taumps is residence organizer for community housing partnership. inel rr a direct
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neighbor to the eddy campus. nigh address is 650 eddy. i'm upset about the statement that was made that if the people were in danger they were going to move them out so who moved us out i live on this block. i'm their direct neighbor so that is disheartening to me. as i work as a resident leader we decided to take upon ourselves to start something called take back the block so the neighborhood can be safer. bringing back the campus is important to my neighborhood and family and very important to the community. as low income housing people and we have spanish speakers in my building this was a source and actual step up for them so that could move on with their education. sometimes you need to start at a school that is closest to the house before you brounch out of your community
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so in order to do that we need to the eddy street campus. we appreciate the victory had today but this is something that we need. let me leave you with what a child in the building, if they close down that school will they close down my school? >> thank you. >> my name is jermy and student at ccsf and a organizer of yesterdays demonstration. you asked the president of trustees what we depended and he sfrgot to answer that even though we had multipm demonstration. we asked for removal of special trustees and cuts to classes and resource centers and end of the payment policy implemented last semester who kicked out new students before they had a chance to take the classes. there is so much i would like to say about city college and how it helped me and families.
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[inaudible] i didn't expect to see her here and i'm so proud to see what it has done for her. it is a festment to what city college does. my mother went to city call blg for child development. a liteena woman and house painter were able to buy a home because of resources provided because of city college and public institutions. the studsants organizations i belong to we are not demanding these be cut, we have ideas to rectify the issues. we know there is work to be done and we would love to have open communication with these people so we can make the a change and love the students center to a opportunity to do that. there is so much more i would like to say. we spent a million in advertising this
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year and that is great. what if we put a million in the school to give more resources? why not give studsants free rides on bart and muni and give them all tickets. why not advertise to kudants that can't live in the city. can we just talk about it? >> thanks jermy. next speakers >> hello, my name is albert hawj. i'm also a student at city college and was at the protest yesterday that we taij staged. i am a life long learner because of a number of issues. when i first moved to san francisco in 2001 i found or 2002, i moved into the accessier neighborhood just a ways from city college and